Dublin Assembly Rolls, 1718

Taken from “The Calendar of the Assembly Rolls of the Corporation of the City of Dublin”. The Dublin City Assembly Rolls record the Minutes of the Dublin City Assembly (council) from 1441 to 1841. Transcriptions of these rolls exist as the ‘Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin’. The calendars record a lot of the history of Dublin city, construction of the Bull Wall, the various prisons. Names given are not just those of the councilmen (aldermen, Sheriffs etc) but of ordinary people. Petitions were made to the council for monetary support. The index on this page lists the surnames found on the various abstracts on this web site and the manuscript number as given in the calendar transcription. Abstracts from a number of years are covered and it is hoped that more will be added to this web site.

Article: “[13.] The report of the committee of directors for the Ballast Office to the general assembly of the 17th January, 1717[-18] :
“In the last report we acquainted your honours with the progress that was made in piling on the South Bull, since which the season of the year would only permit us to secure the works after the best manner we could, which has had so good an effect already, that the bank on each side the said piles is considerably risen, notwithstanding the violence of this winter storms has forced out some few of the piles and tumbled out some of the filling-
(m. 65) ‘We have five hundred ninety and five piles by us, which are proper for carrying on the said piling, and do expect a considerable quantity more by the 25th of
March next, which we have contracted for, as reported to last assembly; therefore desire to have your honours directions in relation to the said work when the season
of the year will permit :’Ordered to proceed to the west-ward as money shall come in, and as the season will permit :-Allowed.
“That we have laid down and filled with stones three hundred forty eight kishes on the north side the

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channel since our last report, and there will be wanting (Roll xix. M. 65) a considerable number more, if your honours think fit that the said work should be carried on as the season will permit:’ proceed as aforesaid :- Allowed.
‘ The violence of storms and floods has done great damage to the City Key; but we are now filling up the same as fast as the gabbards can be spared from the necessary business of the Office, and we think it our duty to acquaint your honours that it will be impossible to fill up the said Key completely till the city builds up the breach now in the back wall, and to raise all the said wall to a proper height; there is likewise a great
breach in the wall between sir John Rogersons ground and the citys, which we are of opinion ought to be considered’ ordered that the breaches in the said walls be repaired by the city, and raised to a proper height.- Allowed.
‘Pursuant to your honours order of the last assembly to us directed, on Mr. Thomas Hoults petition relating to arrears due from sixteen gabbards and three wherrys to the Ballast Office, wherein he is concerned, we have examined the said petition and do find only, as Mr. Hoult alledges, that one half part of the said gabbards so in arrears belongs to Mr. John Marney, a quarter part to Mr. Thomas Hoult, and the other quarter to Mr.John Mercer, and are of opinion that all or any of them may be sued for the said arrears amounting to forty three pounds, fifteen shillings, ending May, 1717’
Ordered that the said persons be sued as Mr. Recorder shall advise :-Allowed.
‘An abstract of the cash now in the Office is hereunto annexed: all which is humbly submitted to this honourable assembly:
Thomas Bolton.- Mathew Pearson.- Thomas Curtis. -John Porter – Thomas Somerville- William Empson – Henry Glegg – Joseph Kane.-Thomas Stringer.-
Peter Verdoen – James King – Percival Hunt.’

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‘Whereas there are six aldermen on this committee, and now but seven commons, we pray that the number commons may be filled in proportion to the Aldermen:’ – ordered accordingly: Charles Hendrick, James Somerville, James Stevenson,~ Thomas Gledstaines, Daniel Faulkiner:-Allowed.

m. 65b
An abstract of the Ballast Office accounts from the 17th day of October, 1717, exclusive, to the 16th day of January, 1717[18], inclusive ,
Ballast Office, Dr.
To balance of accounts given in to the 17th of October,
1717, inclusive £29-13s- 4d.
To cash received from ships, etc., from 17th October, exclusive,
To 16th January inclusive 1717[18] £487-7s-10d

Total £517 –1s-2d .
Deduct £485-13s.- 8 ½ d.
Balance: £31-7s.-5 ½ d

Besides in Messrs Byurton & Harrisons hands: £350-0s-0d.

Total in Cash: £381-7s. – 5 ½ d.

There are several debts now due from the Office which, when paid, will considerably sink the above cash.

Per Contra, Cred.
By several disbursements on the Office account,
From the 17th October 1717 inclusive to the 16t h day of January 1717(18) exclusive £406-10s-9d
By money expended since the 17th October 1717 in filling and backing the city wall on the city account as per account. £79-2s-11d.
Total: £485-13s-8 ½ d.

m.67. Admissions to franchise.