Dublin Assembly Rolls, 1741

The Dublin City Assembly Rolls record the Minutes of the Dublin City Assembly (council) from 1441 to 1841. Transcriptions of these rolls exist as the ‘Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin’. The calendars record a lot of the history of Dublin city, construction of the Bull Wall, the various prisons. Names given are not just those of the councilmen (aldermen, Sheriffs etc) but of ordinary people. Petitions were made to the council for monetary support. The index on this page lists the surnames found on the various abstracts on this web site and the manuscript number as given in the calendar transcription. Abstracts from a number of years are covered and it is hoped that more will be added to this web site.

Article: “January 19th, 4th Friday after the 25th December
Samuel Cooke – James Dunn – Benjamin Hunt – Daniel Falkiner – Thomas How – David Tew – Percival Hunt – William Aldrich – John Walker – Daniel Cooke – Robert Ross. EH

Alderman Percivall Hunt
Alderman Nuttall
Alsderman How
Alderman Kane

alderman Aldrich
alderman Gilbert King
alderman Hart
alderman Tew
alderman Daniel Cooke

The eighteen of the Commons
Richard Norton – Thomas Baker – George Ribton – William Delap – Daniel Walker – Thomas Finley – Quayle Somerville – John Gaven – Thomas Broughton – Daniel Latouche, junior – William Grattan – Mathew Weld – Daniel Molyneux – Patrick Ewing – John Misset – Thomas Read – Thomas Taylor – Joseph West.

Mssrs John Bernard Hoffshleger & John Adamson, late sheriffs, appointed Masters of the city works for next year.

Sarah Carroll, a poor woman, a prisoner in the Marshalsea
Cornelius M’Loughlin, sergeant at mace
Margaret Hopkins, arrested for debt

Cornelius M’Loughlin, suspended
Margaret Hopkins
Sarah Carroll
Alderman How, alderman Tew, alderman Aldrich

Joseph Brookes
Joseph West
Henry Rainsford
Richard Richardson
Thomas Read
George Ribton
6 of the commons

John Cooke, city marshall

William Green, gentleman, freeman, attorney
Thomas Mills, gentleman, freman, attorney
Mr. Edward Morton, supervisor, Ballast Office

Mr. Peter Martin Verdoen, son of Sir Peter Verdon
Mr. Peter Verdoen

alderman Joseph Nuttall, receiver of the tolls

William Wilde, merchant,
Mr. William Wilde
Mr. Wilde
William Wilde
Sarah carroll
Cornelius M’Laughlin
Margaret Hopkins

Edmond Hacket, prisoner city marshalsea
Charles Simcox (fictitious person)

Mary Ward
Sarah Carroll
Thomas Vice, clerk Tholsel
Mr. Castle & Mr. Stokes

Thomas Vice
John Stones, surgeon
Anthony M’Nally, a constable

John Pilkington, gentleman, freeman, attorney
Mary Bolton, dau alderman Thomas Bolton, deceased
Anthony M’Nally, constable
James M’Daniell, prisoner to Newgate
Alderman William Walker

Mr. Edward Morton
Gilbert King, Edward Dudgeon – John Macarell – Robert King – Daniel Cooke

James Morrin

Alderman Nathaniel Pearson

death of Sir Richard grattan
Christopher Usher, esq – fine on death of William Usher

James Walker office at mace
Mr. Thomas Holt, fines
Daniell, John
William Brabing
Alderman Falkiner
Revd. John Grattan
Mr. John Adamson
Alderman Nathaniel Pearson

Luke Gardiner, esq.
Grace Mercer,, widow
John Mercer, deceased
Mary, Jemima & Elizabeth mercer, other children of said John Mercer
Mary Kemmysh, widow
Mary Kemys
Diana Kemys,
John Mercer, Joseph Mercers

William Alcock
Diana Kemys
Joseph Mercer
George Robinson
William Court
James Butler, Rahell, co. Carlow, esq.
Sackville Gardiner
Richard Ashburner

Mr. Richard Ashburner
William Jackson, the younger
George Nagle, his death resulted in a vacancy in the band of the city music (correction Nangle!)

Alderman Joseph Nuttall, receive & collector of the toll corn

John Carmichael, freeman, served as master of corporation of hosiers
Cornelius M’Loughlin

John Thompson, freeman, attorney
Anthony M’Nally, constable

alderman William Walker
Henry Jackson, constable
Samuel Morgan, officer of commons

Mr. Scanlan
Mr. Jonathan Darby

Mr. Darby

1741, October 16 – Third Friday after the 29th September

Lord Mayor: William Aldrich; Sheriffs: William Grattan and Quayle Sommervell

William Scriven, clerk to right hon. Lord Mayor

Mary Pepyat, city printer & stationer
Mrs. Mary Pepyat

John Temple of Moore Park, Surrey Great Britain, esq.
William, lord Berekeley, baron of Stratton

Lord Duncannon, freedom of city
Thomas Gillam, gentleman, inhabitant of this city intendes to reside her
Alfred Howard, gentleman, clerk of the commons
Lewis Jones

William Shaw in care of pavements since Michaelmas 1740
John Betagh, freeman, attorney
Rose Whittell & Ellen WHittell
Anthony M’NAlly

James Pinny
Richard Lyneall, sergeant at Mace
Alderman Baker
Alderman Twigg deceased
James Dunn (One of the commons)

Robert Calderwood, goldsmith
Mr. Harman, commenced action against above
Arthur O’Neill, sergeant at mace
WA –Quayle Somervell – TH – RW – WW – Thomas Baker – DT – PH – DF – RK

James Walker, sergeant at mace”

Comment: Taken from “The Calendar of the Assembly Rolls of the Corporation of the City of Dublin, is continued, in this ninth volume from October 1740 to October 1751 inclusive. ”

Names mentioned 1740-1741