Dublin Assembly Rolls, 1742

The Dublin City Assembly Rolls record the Minutes of the Dublin City Assembly (council) from 1441 to 1841. Transcriptions of these rolls exist as the ‘Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin’. The calendars record a lot of the history of Dublin city, construction of the Bull Wall, the various prisons. Names given are not just those of the councilmen (aldermen, Sheriffs etc) but of ordinary people. Petitions were made to the council for monetary support. The index on this page lists the surnames found on the various abstracts on this web site and the manuscript number as given in the calendar transcription. Abstracts from a number of years are covered and it is hoped that more will be added to this web site.

Article: Names mentioned 1742
1741-2, January 22nd. Fourth Friday after the 25th day of December 1741
New Committee:
Alderman Percivall Hunt, alderman Pearson, alderman How, alderman Kane, Sir James Somervell, knight ; alderman Falkiner, alderman Robert King, alderman Tew, alderman White, alderman Ross, alderman Baker

Twenty four of the Commons:
David Chaigneau – Richard Norton – John Adamson – Jason Hassard – Edward Moland – John Missett – Joseph Brooks – Joseph Dobson – Anthony Vareilles – Hugh White – Paul smith – Charles Lucas – Thomas Hunt – Richard Ellis – Thomas Welsh – William Vickers – Percivall Hunt – John Rose – Benjamin Hunt – Joseph Weld – George Thwaites – Henry Walker – George Ribton – James Digges Latouche

alderman Nuttall,Alderman Kane; alderman Macarell; alderman Aldrich, isr James Somervell, knight ; alderman John Walker, Alderman Edward Hunt, alderman Baker The sixteen of the Commons

David Chaigneau – George Ribton – Richard Norton – John Adamson – George Swettenham – Jason Hassard – – George Bruce – John Bradshaw – Matthew Weld – John Rose – James Carsan – James Conran – Thomas Broughton – Benjamin Hunt – Joseph Brookes – Patrick Ewing.

Sir James somervell, knight

alderman dudgeon
alderman Archer
alderman White
alderman Edward Hunt

The ten of the Commons:
Thomas Cooke – Charles Rossell – George Swettenham – John Hassard – Thomas Finlay – Charles Weld – John Gaven – Samuel Hutchinson – Robert Wren – Thomas Welsh

Auditors of the city accounts
Lord Mayor, sheriffs, alderman percivall Hunt

Alderman Nuttall, alderman How, alderman Kane, alderman Gilbert King, alderman Hart, alderman Tew, alderman Daniel COokes, alderman Baker

18 of the commons
Richard Norton, George RIbton, John Adamson, William Delap, Anthony Vareilles, Daniel Walker, Thomas Finlay, Thomas Broughton, Matthew Weld, Patrick Ewing, John Missett, Thomas Taylor, James Carson, Joseph Weld, George Thwites, Anthiny Murray, Townly Ahmuty, William SInclaire.

Committee of the Water course:
Lord Mayor, sheriffs, treasurer masters of the city works, alderman PH, a Perons, alderman H, alderman Kane, alderman sir James S, alderman Falkiner, alderman WW, alderman Aldrich, Aldermen Tew, alderman RK, alderman Baker

Twenty four of the Commons:
John Bernard Hoffsleger, RN John Adamson, JD, BH,, JH, Samuel Hutchinson, George Bruce, Joseph Brookes, JM, William Brownly, JC, Jonathan Taylor, DW, Benjamin Barton, Hugh White, HW, Joshua Leathly, TF – GT, Charles Lucas, JC, MW, Humphrey Blair

Messrs James Dunn & Benjamin Hunt Master of the City
Theobald Wolfe, esq.,
Mr. Stephen Page
Mrs. Mary Hendrick

Theobald Wolfe, esquire, setting forth that the corporation of the city of Dublin on the 22nd day of July 1736, perfected an obligation to Mr. Stephen Page for £4,000, penalty, conditioned for the payment of £2000, principal money, with interest at the rate of five per cent, per annum, which bond was taken in trust for Mrs. Mary Hendrick, as by an endorsement on the back of the same may more fully appear. That the said Mrs. Hendrick by her last will, bearing the date 13th day of March 1738, appointed the said Theobald her sole executor and residuary legatee, and died in the month of February 1739, and praying to have an obligation perfected to him under the city seal, on his surrendering that perfected to Mr. Page, with a proper discharge theron: whereupon It was granted, in such a manner as Mr. Recorder shall advise.

John Cooke, merchant, guardian of Letitia Hudson, granddaughter and devisee of Mary Swift, widow of deceased
Daniel Jackson, son of Daniel Jackson, late of Clonshaugh Co. Dublin
Sarah Leeds, daughter of Michael Leeds, deceased
Rev. William Harrison, Stroakstown, co. Roscommon

William Harrison, deceased
Philip Caffry, musician, trumpeter Lord Cathcarts regiment of horse.
Rice Carty, absent from band of city music for years

Ballast office report
Alderman How, sir James Somervell, knight, alderman Macarell, Alderman Gilbert King, alderman Tew, alderman Archer, alderman Edward Hunt, alderman Baker

16 of commons
DC – GR – John Adamson, – JD – Thomas Broughton – iWilliam Delap – TF – Jmes Digges – CW _HW – John Bradshaw –John Morrison, QS – Thiomas Read – Joseph Brookes, Patrick Ewing.

Mr. Jonathan Darby

captain Pedderson

Mr. Daniell – death mentioned

Comment: Taken from “The Calendar of the Assembly Rolls of the Corporation of the City of Dublin, is continued, in this ninth volume from October 1740 to October 1751 inclusive.