Dublin Metropolitan Police: Removal of Superintendent O’Connor

The Commissioners of the Dublin Metropolitan Police have deemed it necessary to visit their displeasure a serious violation of police duty committed by Mr.Superintendent O’Connor, in having caused a suspected thief to be brought, on Saturday evening, the 27th ult., from the office of the G division to South Great George’s Street, and thence to Chancery lane station house, with a label around his hat, on which the words “Thief” and “Swell Mob” were written.

The orders to the police are to protect every person in custody from insult or injury in every possible way. Mr. Superintendent O’Connor is removed from his division and his rank, but with the option of accepting an inspectorship in another division, or retiring from the service. The commissioners we are informed, accompany this order with the remark, that but for Mr. O’Connor’s past services, performed with a zeal, integrity and intelligence, which entitled him to much consideration, as well as certain extenuating circumstances in the case, he would have been removed altogether from the force. Mr. O’Connor has been instrumental in banishing more thieves out of Dublin than all his colleagues collectively. Mr. Augustus Guy, inspector of the B division is appointed superintendent of the division in the room of Mr. O’Connor, the office of the branch of the force to be in College street.
The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845