Durrow 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Durrow in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on From-Ireland.net is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
John Atkinson Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
Thomas Baker Knockanoran Durrow
James Banham Durrow Townparks Durrow
Thomas Bannon Kylebeg Dunmore
Michael Bennett Course Durrow
Anne Bergin George’s street Durrow
Daniel Bergin Castlewood Durrow
John Bergin Grennan Durrow
Mary A. Bergin George’s street Durrow
Thomas Berney Queen street Durrow
Mary Bowe George’s street Durrow
William Bowe Queen street Durrow
William Brennan Grennan Durrow
Bryan Britt Castleview Durrow
Richard Broderick Patrick street Durrow
Edward Brophy Chapel Street Durrow
Arthur H. Brownrigg Square Durrow
Bernard Bryan Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
Harriet Burke George’s street Durrow
Thomas Burnside Dunmore Dunmore
James Butler Queen street Durrow
Jeremiah Butler Tinwear Durrow
Thomas Byrne Square Durrow
Thomas Cahill Knockanoran Durrow
Michael Campion Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
Joseph Cantwell Kylebeg Dunmore
Rev. William Carrigan Patrick street Durrow
Daniel Carroll Queen street Durrow
Michael Carter George’s street Durrow
John Cassin Course Durrow
William Cassin Course Durrow
William Cassin Queen street Durrow
Catherine Clancy Chapel street Durrow
James Clancy Castle street Durrow
James Clancy Fermoyle Durrow
John Clear Castlewood Durrow
Maria Cleere Chapel Street Durrow
Michael Cleere Queen street Durrow
Edward Clooney Moyne Durrow
Mary Clooney Durrow Townparks Durrow
Honora Coady Castle street Durrow
John Coffey Chapel Street Durrow
Michael Coffey Durrow Townparks Durrow
Sarah Coffey George’s street Durrow
david Connell George’s street Durrow
John Conroy Patrick street Durrow
Thomas Coogan Square Durrow
Martin Cordial Durrow Townparks Durrow
Catherine Cosgrove Patrick street Durrow
Martin Costello Queen street Durrow
Mary Costigan George’s street Durrow
John Couley Patrick street Durrow
Martha J. Crowley Square Durrow
William Crowley Durrow Townparks Durrow
William Cunningham George’s street Durrow
Edward Dalton Patrick street Durrow
Mary Dalton George’s street Durrow
Patrick Dalton Durrow Townparks Durrow
Patrick Daly Clonageera Durrow
Edward Delaney Durrow Townparks Durrow
John Delaney Queen street Durrow
Margaret Delaney Square Durrow
Patrick Delaney Durrow Townparks Durrow
William Delaney Queen street Durrow
Michael Dempsey Queen street Durrow
John Doheny Chapel street Durrow
Julia Donnelly George’s street Durrow
Judith Dooley Durrow Townparks Durrow
Judith Doolin George’s street Durrow
William Doonan Rath Dunmore
Sarah Dorgan Patrick street Durrow
Edward Duffy Patrick street Durrow
Michael Dunne Queen street Durrow
Michael Dunphy Rath Dunmore
James Dwyer Fermoyle Durrow
John Easton Clonageera Durrow
Denis Eustace Patrick street Durrow
George Evans Durrow Townparks Durrow
Margaret Farrell Moyne Durrow
Patrick Feehan Grennan Durrow
Mary Fitzgerald Castlewood Durrow
Michael Fitzgerald Castlewood Durrow
Thomas Fitzgerald Castlewood Durrow
Patrick Flanagan Moyne Durrow
Harriet Fletcher Chapel street Durrow
Robert Fletcher Patrick street Durrow
Robert Flower Durrow Townparks Durrow
W. S. Flower (Lord Ashbrook) Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
Alice Flynn Queen street Durrow
Denis Flynn George’s street Durrow
Andrew Fogarty Chapel Street Durrow
Martin Foley Chapel Street Durrow
William Fox George’s street Durrow
William Gaffney Grennan Durrow
Joseph Gibson Square Durrow
William J. Gibson Course Durrow
Ellen Gleeson George’s street Durrow
Mary Glennon Knockanoran Durrow
Anastatia Gorman Chapel Street Durrow
John Gorman Patrick street Durrow
Edward Grace Square Durrow
Alexander Grant Moyne Durrow
James Greene George’s street Durrow
Charles Gregory Dunmore Dunmore
Amelia Griffith Queen street Durrow
John Hamilton Fermoyle Durrow
James Harrington Castleview Durrow
John Haslam Queen street Durrow
Mary Hassett Patrick street Durrow
Julia Hayden Patrick street Durrow
Eliza Hickey George’s street Durrow
Mary Hickey George’s street Durrow
Elizabeth Hogan Durrow Townparks Durrow
John Hogan George’s street Durrow
Patrick Holden Chapel street Durrow
Honoria Holland Fermoyle Durrow
Bridget Holohan Patrick street Durrow
Maria Holohan Chapel Street Durrow
Mary Holohan George’s street Durrow
Michael Holohan Durrow Townparks Durrow
Robert Hovenden Chapel Street Durrow
Thomas Hovis Dunmore Dunmore
Bridget Hutchinson Swan Dunmore
Michael Hynes Durrow Townparks Durrow
Phebe Jermyn Dunmore Dunmore
Henry Johnson Moyne Durrow
Patrick Jordan Tinwear Durrow
Bridget Kavanagh George’s street Durrow
Catherine Kavanagh Durrow Townparks Durrow
Timothy Kavanagh Chapel street Durrow
Thomas Keane George’s street Durrow
Michael Keenan Castlewood Durrow
Patrick Keenan George’s street Durrow
Bridget Kelly Patrick street Durrow
Catherine Kelly Square Durrow
Martin Kelly Durrow Townparks Durrow
Michael Kelly George’s street Durrow
Andrew Kenna Patrick street Durrow
Bridget Kenna George’s street Durrow
Edward Kenna George’s street Durrow
John Kenna Durrow Townparks Durrow
Bridget Kennedy Queen street Durrow
Martin Kennedy Chapel street Durrow
Patrick Kennedy George’s street Durrow
Philip Kennedy Castlewood Durrow
Richard Kennedy Castlewood Durrow
John Kenny George’s street Durrow
Joseph Kinnerney Dunmore Dunmore
Anastatia Laherty George’s street Durrow
Joseph Lally Chapel street Durrow
Daniel Lalor Queen street Durrow
Thomas Lalor Chapel street Durrow
Michael Lawlor Tinwear Durrow
Dorah Leary Durrow Townparks Durrow
Thomas Lonergan Durrow Townparks Durrow
Michael Loughmane Durrow Townparks Durrow
John Magree Patrick street Durrow
Annie Maher Patrick street Durrow
James Maher Knockanoran Durrow
Mary MAher Castlewood Durrow
Michael Maher Castlewood Durrow
Thomas Maher George’s street Durrow
William Maher George’s street Durrow
Mary Mangan George’s street Durrow
Jane Mansfield Knockanoran Durrow
John D. MAnsfield Capponellen Durrow
Robert Mansfield George’s street Durrow
William H. Mansfield Square Durrow
Mary Marra Patrick street Durrow
John Martyn Kylebeg Dunmore
William McAlden Rath Dunmore
Henry McArdle Chapel Street Durrow
George McCarthy George’s street Durrow
Joseph McCormack Castle street Durrow
Richard McCormick Patrick street Durrow
Catherine McDonald Queen street Durrow
William McDonald Square Durrow
Mary McDonnell Durrow Townparks Durrow
John McEvoy Durrow Townparks Durrow
Patrick McEvoy Patrick street Durrow
Bridget McGrath Durrow Townparks Durrow
James McGrath Square Durrow
Fanny McGree Durrow Townparks Durrow
Thomas McMahon Patrick street Durrow
James Meehan George’s street Durrow
Mary Meehan Patrick street Durrow
E. F Mercier Course Durrow
John Millea Queen street Durrow
Thomas Minogue George’s street Durrow
George Mitchel Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
Michael Molloy Queen street Durrow
Andrew Mooney Grennan Durrow
Edward Mooney Course Durrow
Mary Mooney George’s street Durrow
Patrick Mooney Grennan Durrow
Timothy Mooney Durrow Townparks Durrow
Kieran Moore Queen street Durrow
Anne Morgan George’s street Durrow
Ellen Morgan Square Durrow
William M. Moule Queen street Durrow
Catherine Moylan Chapel street Durrow
William Moylan Grennan Durrow
JOhn Moyles Square Durrow
Alexander Muil Rath Dunmore
George Mulhall Square Durrow
Edward Murphy Fermoyle Durrow
John Murphy Patrick street Durrow
John Murry Square Durrow
Nicholas Noble Tinwear Durrow
Daniel J. O’Brien Square Durrow
Patrick O’Flanagan Square Durrow
Ambrose O’Rourke George’s street Durrow
John Palmer Square Durrow
Martin Palmer Durrow Townparks Durrow
James Phelan Queen street Durrow
John Phelan Durrow Townparks Durrow
John Phelan Patrick street Durrow
Joseph Phelan Square Durrow
Michael Phelan Queen street Durrow
Thomas Phelan Moyne Durrow
James Pitcher Moyne Durrow
Mary Pollard Patrick street Durrow
Patrick Pollard Patrick street Durrow
William Poulter Tinwear Durrow
Mary Power Moyne Durrow
Richard Pratt Chapel Street Durrow
Ruth Pratt Square Durrow
John J. Pugsley Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
Honoria Purcell George’s street Durrow
Thomas Purcell Patrick street Durrow
Martin Quinlan George’s street Durrow
Joseph Rankin Clonageera Durrow
Daniel Reneghan George’s street Durrow
James Revington Grennan Durrow
John Rudd Castlewood Durrow
Kate Ryan Queen street Durrow
Thomas Ryan George’s street Durrow
Robert Scott Durrow Townparks Durrow
Hercules D. Senior George’s street Durrow
Catherine Shanahan Queen street Durrow
Margaret Shanahan Queen street Durrow
William Shea Chapel street Durrow
Ellen Sheeran Rath Dunmore
Mary Shelly Durrow Townparks Durrow
Edward Sheppard Queen street Durrow
Thomas Sheppard Patrick street Durrow
Patrick Sheridan Patrick street Durrow
Annsley Shirley Capponellen Durrow
Caleb Shirley Capponellen Durrow
J., Rev. canon Shortall Castle street Durrow
Michael Sims Patrick street Durrow
Dinah Smith Patrick street Durrow
Samuel Smith Durrow Townparks Durrow
Alicia Spellman George’s street Durrow
Michael Spencer George’s street Durrow
Arthur St. George Clonageera Durrow
Robert H. Stubber Moyne Durrow
Elsie Wilson Swan Capponellen Durrow
James Tait Dunmore Dunmore
Robert C Talbot Grennan Durrow
Alice Tierney Chapel Street Durrow
Anastatia Tobin Moyne Durrow
John Tomlinson Rath Dunmore
James Tompson Durrow Townparks Durrow
Nicholas Toole Grennan Durrow
William Traynor Tinwear Durrow
William Tunstead Castleview Durrow
Bridget Tynan George’s street Durrow
William Tynan Moyne Durrow
George W. Upton Square Durrow
Robert B. Wallace Castledurrow Demesne Durrow
John Walsh Queen street Durrow
Margaret Walsh Chapel street Durrow
Thomas Walsh Queen street Durrow
Sarah Walshe George’s street Durrow
Patrick Ward Square Durrow
John Waters Queen street Durrow
Catherine Whelan Patrick street Durrow
Edward Whelan Grennan Durrow
John Whelan Durrow Townparks Durrow
John Whelan George’s street Durrow
John Whelan Patrick street Durrow
Julia Whelan Patrick street Durrow
Henry Whiteford Capponellen Durrow
Henry Willoughby Durrow Townparks Durrow
John Wilson Swan Dunmore
James Wise Kylebeg Dunmore
William Wise Swan Dunmore
Judith Woods George’s street Durrow

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