Durrow, Co. Laois Scarecrow Festival, Day 2

Hurl or Hurley making, old machinery/equipment and more scarecrows

This is going to be a really easy post to make, Durrow Scarecrow Festival, 2015.  Day 2.  Durrow was divided into a few areas in a manner of speaking.  There were two closed off areas that you had to pay to get in to, the huge fee of 2 Euro for one area and then 1 Euro for area two. The village itself and all the scarecrow areas in the village were freely accessible.  The section which had all the old machinery or equipment was very interesting.  So, here you have the hurl making, the equipment and scarecrows all mixed up.

I’m just going to batch all the photographs together, taken from when we left our car in the field at the side of the road until we got back. I did miss a few scarecrows but we won’t mind that.

For me, the most interesting bit was watching the young men who were showing how hurls or hurleys are made.  I’m posting these separately and first.  I never in my life knew that there were different shaped hurls or hurleys from different counties until that day in Durrow!

The rest – all together and I hope you enjoy them.