Dysartenos 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Dysartenos in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on From-Ireland.net is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Margaret Bergin Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Michael Bergin Grange, Upper Stradbally
Thomas Bergin Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
Michael Bowe Park, Lower Stradbally
Michael Bradshaw Bauteogue Timogue
Margaret Brennan Raheenduff Stradbally
Denis Brophy Bigbog Timogue
Saran Brophy Park, Lower Stradbally
Bridget Byrne Bigbog Timogue
Michael Carroll Grange, Upper Stradbally
Thomas Carry Bauteogue Timogue
John Claxton Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Richard Claxton Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Martin Colgan Grange, Upper Stradbally
Mary Colgan Grange, Upper Stradbally
Richard Colgan Grange, Upper Stradbally
William Colgan Grange, Upper Stradbally
Daniel Comerford Loughteeog Timogue
John Comerford Loughteeog Timogue
Mary Comerford Hophall Kilcolmanbane
Michael Condron Loughteeog Timogue
Patrick Connell Park or Dunamase Ballycarroll
Honoria Connor Bauteogue Timogue
James Conran Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
James Conran Hophall Kilcolmanbane
Patrick Conran Hophall Kilcolmanbane
Michael Coogan Killavally Timogue
MaryAnne Cooke Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
John Cummins Oldmills Stradbally
JAmes Curran Loughteeog Timogue
Margaret Cushion Park, Lower Stradbally
Bridget Delaney Loughteeog Timogue
John Delaney Loughteeog Timogue
Lawrence Delaney Loughteeog Timogue
Patrick Delaney Loughteeog Timogue
James Dempsey Killalooghan Timogue
Charles Dillon Oldmills Stradbally
Richard Doody Loughteeog Timogue
Patrick Doran Grange, Lower Stradbally
Annie Doyle Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Anthony Drennan Raheenanisky Timogue
Henry Drennan Powelstown Timogue
James Drennan Powelstown Timogue
John Drennan Grange, Upper Stradbally
Catherine Dunne Aghnahily Kilcolmanbane
Christopher Dunne Grange, Upper Stradbally
Edward Dunne Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
Eliza Dunne Grange, Upper Stradbally
James Dunne Bigbog Timogue
Michael Dunne Grange, Upper Stradbally
Patrick Dunne Killalooghan Timogue
Patrick Dunne Loughteeog Timogue
Thomas Dunne Loughakeo Kilcolmanbane
Margaret Egan Loughteeog Timogue
Robert Empey Loughakeo Kilcolmanbane
Robert Empey Raheenanisky Timogue
Ellen Farrell Bigbog Timogue
James Fennell Park, Upper Stradbally
Patrick Fennell Park, Upper Stradbally
James Fennelly Oldmills Stradbally
James Fingleton Raheenanisky Timogue
Michael Fingleton Grange, Upper Stradbally
James Fitzpatrick Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Patrick Fitzpatrick Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Mary Flynn Bigbog Timogue
Catherine Gatley Raheenanisky Timogue
Thomas Graham Grange, Lower Stradbally
Edward Gray Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Mary Hogan Raheenanisky Timogue
Denis Keeffe Killalooghan Timogue
Maria Keegan Grange, Upper Stradbally
Anne Kelly Grange, Upper Stradbally
Denis Kelly Raheenduff Stradbally
Edward Kelly Loughteeog Timogue
Michael Kelly Grange, Lower Stradbally
Patrick Kelly Grange, Upper Stradbally
Timothy Kelly Park, Upper Stradbally
John Lalor Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Murtha Lalor Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Nicholas Lalor Aghnahily Kilcolmanbane
Moses Lewis Grange, Lower Stradbally
John Long Oldmills Stradbally
Daniel Lowry Loughteeog Timogue
Bryan Maher Grange, Upper Stradbally
Daniel Mahon Park, Lower Stradbally
James Mahon Loughteeog Timogue
Simon Mahon Bauteogue Timogue
Richard Manser Grange, Lower Stradbally
Thomas Mansworth Grange, Upper Stradbally
David McEvoy Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
David McEvoy Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
James McEvoy Grange, Upper Stradbally
Mary McEvoy Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Mary McEvoy Killavally Timogue
John Mealey Grange, Upper Stradbally
Matthew Moody Oldmills Stradbally
Thomas Morrin Loughteeog Timogue
John Nolan Park or Dunamase Ballycarroll
winifred O’Neill Bigbog Timogue
Patrick Pilsworth Grange, Upper Stradbally
Edward Purcell Park, Lower Stradbally
John Purcell Park, Lower Stradbally
Marks Quigley Park, Upper Stradbally
William Quinlivan Raheenanisky Timogue
John Quinn Park or Dunamase Ballycarroll
Henry Ramsbottom Raheenanisky Timogue
John Reilly Bigbog Timogue
James Robbin Loughteeog Timogue
Charles Rolls Park or Dunamase Ballycarroll
George Ross Raheenduff Stradbally
James Salter Park, Upper Stradbally
John Shea Coolnacarrick Kilcolmanbane
Joseph Smith Bauteogue Timogue
Albert Sparks Oldmills Stradbally
William Sparks Oldmills Stradbally
Jane Stone Oldmills Stradbally
John B. Tarleton Oldmills Stradbally
Esther Tegan Grange, Upper Stradbally
John Tynan Dysart Kilcolmanbane
John Walsh Raheenanisky Timogue
Michael Whelan Lamberton Demesne Kilcolmanbane
Sarah Whelan Bigbog Timogue
William Whelan Dysart Kilcolmanbane
Edward White Dysart Kilcolmanbane
John Wholohan Grange, Upper Stradbally

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