Enniskillen District Birth Records, Co. Cavan

This page features civil Birth Records for the district of Enniskillen in Co. Cavan and includes full names (where possible), the year of birth, and the quarter in which the birth occurred. A searchable index of all available birth records is available here.

Name Year Quarter District
(Female) Boles 1881 4th Enniskillen
(Female) Dolan 1881 4th Enniskillen
(Female) Howe 1865 Enniskillen
(Female) Howe 1865 Enniskillen
(Female) Howe 1865 Enniskillen
(Female) Howe 1867 Enniskillen
(Male) Balfour 1864 Enniskillen
(Male) Hoey 1867 Enniskillen
(Male) Howe 1892 2nd Enniskillen
Alice Dolan 1874 Enniskillen
Allice Dolan 1881 3rd Enniskillen
Anna Maud Marian Hurst 1894 3rd Enniskillen
Anne Dolan 1880 1st Enniskillen
Anne Dolan 1882 1st Enniskillen
Anne Dolan 1882 1st Enniskillen
Bridget Dolan 1881 3rd Enniskillen
Bridget Dolan 1881 4th Enniskillen
Bridget Gaffney 1880 2nd Enniskillen
Catherine Dolan 1881 4th Enniskillen
Catherine Gibson 1864 Enniskillen
Charles Callaghan 1871 Enniskillen
Charles Dolan 1881 1st Enniskillen
Charles Dolan 1882 1st Enniskillen
Charles James Colgan 1881 4th Enniskillen
Eliza Anne Colway 1881 4th Enniskillen
Eliza Isabella Coalter 1881 4th Enniskillen
Elizabeth Anne Hurst 1894 2nd Enniskillen
Elizabeth Dundas 1892 3rd Enniskillen
Elizabeth Gibson 1864 Enniskillen
Ellen Coalter 1881 4th Enniskillen
Ellen Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
Ellen Dolan 1881 3rd Enniskillen
Ellen England 1870 Enniskillen
Eveline Winifred Howe 1891 3rd Enniskillen
Fanny Howe 1864 Enniskillen
Frances A. Fleming 1890 2nd Enniskillen
Francis Carson 1881 4th Enniskillen
Francis Dolan 1871 Enniskillen
Francis Dolan 1873 Enniskillen
Francis Dolan 1874 Enniskillen
Francis Dolan 1875 Enniskillen
Francis Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
George Booth 1881 4th Enniskillen
Georgina Chambers 1878 2nd Enniskillen
Henery Howe 1864 Enniskillen
Isabella Campbell 1881 4th Enniskillen
Ivy May Howe 1898 3rd Enniskillen
James Dolan 1881 1st Enniskillen
James Dolan 1882 1st Enniskillen
James Goodman 1884 1st Enniskillen
James Hoey 1867 Enniskillen
James Michael Fitzgerald 1873 Enniskillen
John Boles 1864 Enniskillen
John Cassidy 1884 1st Enniskillen
John Farrelly 1868 Enniskillen
John Robert Howe 1891 1st Enniskillen
John William Duffy 1882 2nd Enniskillen
Joseph Augustas Campbell 1881 4th Enniskillen
Joseph Best 1881 4th Enniskillen
Joseph Goodman 1880 2nd Enniskillen
Julian Bannon 1864 Enniskillen
Latecia Hoey 1867 Enniskillen
Margaret Cassidy 1884 1st Enniskillen
Margaret Howe 1869 Enniskillen
Margaret Howe 1869 Enniskillen
Margaret Jane Howe 1893 2nd Enniskillen
Mary Agnes Bannon 1864 Enniskillen
Mary Anne Dolan 1881 1st Enniskillen
Mary Anne Duffy 1882 3rd Enniskillen
Mary Anne Duffy 1882 3rd Enniskillen
Mary Dolan 1881 1st Enniskillen
Mary Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
Mary Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
Mary Elenor Howe 1869 Enniskillen
Mary Elizabeth Dunlop 1891 2nd Enniskillen
Mary Ellen Chambers 1879 1st Enniskillen
Mary Graydon Eadie 1884 1st Enniskillen
Mary Howe 1898 3rd Enniskillen
Mary Teresa Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
Mervyn Howe 1864 Enniskillen
Michael Dolan 1881 4th Enniskillen
Patrick Dolan 1881 1st Enniskillen
Patrick Dolan 1881 1st Enniskillen
Patrick Farry 1868 Enniskillen
Peter Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
Robert Cadden 1874 Enniskillen
Robert Caddin 1874 Enniskillen
Robert Dolan 1881 4th Enniskillen
Robert Donaldson 1869 Enniskillen
Robert Fawcett 1868 Enniskillen
Robert Joseph Connolly 1881 4th Enniskillen
Thomas Chambers 1877 Enniskillen
Thomas Dolan 1872 Enniskillen
Thomas Dolan 1881 2nd Enniskillen
Thomas John Chambers 1877 Enniskillen
William Cassidy 1884 1st Enniskillen
William Henry Hoey 1867 Enniskillen
William Hoey 1867 Enniskillen
William Howe 1892 2nd Enniskillen

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