Erke 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Erke in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Timothy Barber Ballybuggy Rathdowney
William Barber Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Hoysted Barton Ballinfrase Rathdowney
Isaac Barton Ballinfrase Rathdowney
John Bergin Graigueard Rathdowney
Michael Bergin Graigueadrisley Kyle
Timothy Bergin Graigueagarron Rathdowney
Thomas Brophey Baunaughra Kyle
James Brophy Graigueadrisley Kyle
John Brophy Kyle Kyle
Bernard Byrne Kyle Kyle
Sylvester Campion Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Denis Carey Ballinfrase Rathdowney
Mary Carey Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Daniel Carroll Graigueagarron Rathdowney
Redmond Carroll Srahbaun Rathdowney
Robert Carroll Kyle Kyle
Michael Cashin Graigueagarron Rathdowney
Jeremiah Cleary Graigueadrisley Kyle
Margaret Cleary Graigueadrisley Kyle
Thomas Cleary Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Joseph Coleman Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Andrew Cormack Graigueard Rathdowney
John Cullinan Srahbaun Rathdowney
James Curran Baunaughra Kyle
James Dalton Srahbaun Rathdowney
Kieran Dalton Srahbaun Rathdowney
Anne Delaney Graigueard Rathdowney
Eliza Dillon Graigueagarron Rathdowney
William Dillon Graigueagarron Rathdowney
John Doherty Graigueard Rathdowney
John Doyle Kyle Kyle
Edward Dullard Ballyedmond Rathdowney
Anni Dunphy Kyle Kyle
Matthew Finn Graigueadrisley Kyle
Henrietta Seton Fitzgerald Levally Rathdowney
James Fitzgerald Kyle Kyle
Daniel Fitzpatrick Baunaughra Kyle
Daniel Fitzpatrick Levally Rathdowney
John Fitzpatrick Srahbaun Rathdowney
Michael Fitzpatrick Srahbaun Rathdowney
Michael Gannon Srahbaun Rathdowney
Norah Gannon Srahbaun Rathdowney
Bridget Gorman Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Daniel Gorman Graigueard Rathdowney
John Guilfoyle Baunaughra Kyle
John Hanrahan Graigueadrisley Kyle
John Hanrahan Kyle Kyle
Martin Hanrahan Kyle Kyle
Joseph Harvet Ballybuggy Rathdowney
John Henderson Ballyedmond Rathdowney
James Hennessy Srahleagh Rathdowney
Michael Hennessy Graigueadrisley Kyle
James Holland Graigueagarron Rathdowney
Patrick Holohan Graigueadrisley Kyle
Maria Hoolahan Srah Rathdowney
Richard Hoolahan Kyle Kyle
Charles Kavanagh Baunaughra Kyle
Thomas Kealy Ballinfrase Rathdowney
James Keenehan Baunaughra Kyle
Charles Kelly Ballybuggy Rathdowney
John Kelly Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Paul Kenna Srah Rathdowney
Patrick Kennedy Rossdarragh Kyle
William Kennedy Graigueadrisley Kyle
Martin Key Srahbaun Rathdowney
Patrick Kilbride Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Patrick Lalor Ballyedmond Rathdowney
James Lawlor Baunaughra Kyle
Thomas Lawlor Baunaughra Kyle
Thomas Lawlor Baunaughra Kyle
Julia Leahy Graigueard Rathdowney
Michael Lyons Graigueadrisley Kyle
John Maher Graigueadrisley Kyle
James Mara Srahbaun Rathdowney
Bridget Marshall Baunaughra Kyle
John Meaney Ballinfrase Rathdowney
Denis Meehan Kyle Kyle
Johanna Moore Baunaughra Kyle
Thomas Murphy Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Michael Peters Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Edward Phelan Srahleagh Rathdowney
Michael Phelan Baunaughra Kyle
Murtagh Phelan Kyle Kyle
Thos. Phelan Ballyedmond Rathdowney
William Phelan srahleagh Rathdowney
catherine Purcell Srah Rathdowney
Edward Purcell Srah Rathdowney
Michael Purcell Graigueagarron Rathdowney
Pierce Purcell Baunaughra Kyle
Arthur Ringwood Kyle Kyle
John Ringwood Kyle Kyle
William Ringwood Graigueadrisley Kyle
Mary Ryan Srahbaun Rathdowney
Richard Sheerin Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Mary Sheil Srahbaun Rathdowney
Robert Sherman Kyle Kyle
Eliza Shortall Rossdarragh Kyle
James Smith Ballyedmond Rathdowney
Margaret Tierney Levally Rathdowney
John Tobin Ballybuggy Rathdowney
Thomas Tobin Graigueadrisley Kyle
James Tool Graigueadrisley Kyle
John Tool Graigueadrisley Kyle
John Walsh Kyle Kyle
Edward Whelan Kyle Kyle
James Whelan Graigueard Rathdowney
Judith Whelan Rossdarragh Kyle
Margaret Whelan Kyle Kyle
Martin Whelan Srahbaun Rathdowney
Mary Whelan Graigueadrisley Kyle
Michael Whelan Srahbaun Rathdowney
Norah Whelan srahleagh Rathdowney
Patrick Whelan, jun. Graigueard Rathdowney
Patrick Whelan, sen. Graigueard Rathdowney
William Whelan Graigueard Rathdowney

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