Fossy 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Fossy in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Margaret Anthony Timahoe Town Timahoe
William Anthony Ballintlea Lower Timahoe
John Bennet Ballygormill South Timahoe
George Betts Ballinaclogh Upper Timahoe
James Bolton Esker Timahoe
James Bolton Timahoe Timahoe
John Bowe Raheenduff Little Timahoe
Patrick Bowe Aghoney Timahoe
Thomas Bradley Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
Thomas Bradley Timahoe Town Timahoe
James Brennan Ballygormill South Timahoe
Thomas Brennan Ballygormill South Timahoe
Thomas, Rev. Brook Fossy, Lower Fossy
Patrick Brown Esker Timahoe
Henry Browne Timahoe Town Timahoe
John Bryan Fossy, Upper Fossy
Mary Bryan Baunogemeely Fossy
James Buggy Coolnabacky Timahoe
James Buggy Esker Timahoe
John Buggy Money, Lower Timogue
Michael Buggy Raheenduff Little Timahoe
Anne Byrne Aghoney Timahoe
Edward Byrne Ballygormill, North Timahoe
John Byrne Knocklead Fossy
Kate Byrne Timahoe Town Timahoe
Maryanne Byrne Ballygormill South Timahoe
William Byrne Garryglass Timahoe
Edward Cahill Kyle Timahoe
Mary Cantwell Timahoe Town Timahoe
Thomas (Serjeant) Cantwell Timahoe Town Timahoe
Patrick Carbery Aghoney Timahoe
MArgaret Carroll Fossy, Upper Fossy
Martin Carroll Fossy, Upper Fossy
Michael Carroll Timahoe Town Timahoe
Patrick Carroll Kyle Timahoe
Peter Carroll Orchard Lower Fossy
John Carry Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
Samuel O’M. Cluff Timahoe Town Timahoe
Andrew Coady Aghoney Timahoe
John Coady Aghoney Timahoe
John Conlon Aghoney Timahoe
edward Conroy Garryglass Timahoe
Charles E. Corcoran Raheenduff, Big Cullenagh
Daniel Cormack Baunogemeely Fossy
James Cormack Knocklead Fossy
Julia Cormack Baunogemeely Fossy
Catherine Cuddy Ballygormill South Timahoe
Andrew Daly Aghoney Timahoe
Mary Daly Fossy, Upper Fossy
William Davidson Esker Timahoe
Esther Delaney Timahoe Timahoe
John Delaney Orchard Lower Fossy
Kyran Delaney Garryglass Timahoe
Margaret Delaney Fossy, Upper Fossy
Margaret Delaney Garryglass Timahoe
Mark Delaney Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
Michael Delaney Garryglass Timahoe
Patrick Delaney Ballintlea Lower Timahoe
Daniel Delany Orchard Upper Fossy
John Delany Ballintlea Upper Timahoe
Thomas Delany Knocklead Fossy
Fintan Devoy Ballinaclogh Upper Timahoe
Margaret Devoy Knocklead Fossy
Eliza Dilworth Timahoe Town Timahoe
Mathew Donnelly Knockacrin Fossy
Martin Doolan Fossy, Upper Fossy
Michael Doyle Baunogemeely Fossy
Thomas Doyle Knocklead Fossy
Denis Dunne Timahoe Timahoe
James Dunne Aghadreen Fossy
James Dunne Timahoe Town Timahoe
John Dunne Aghadreen Fossy
John Dunne Ballygormill South Timahoe
Kate Dunne Aghoney Timahoe
Michael Dunne Knocklead Fossy
Patrick Dunne Aghadreen Fossy
William Egan Ballygormill South Timahoe
Daniel Farrell Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
Julia Finn Raheenduff, Big Cullenagh
Catherine Fitzpatrick Baunogemeely Fossy
James Fitzpatrick Baunogemeely Fossy
John Fitzpatrick Knockacrin Fossy
Mary Fitzpatrick Kyle Timahoe
John Flynn Baunree Cullenagh
Francis Hayden Raheenduff, Big Cullenagh
Catherine Healy Timahoe Town Timahoe
Willliam Healy Baunogemeely Fossy
Margaret Holland Fossy, Upper Fossy
Patrick Hughes Esker Timahoe
Arthur Hume Ballintlea Lower Timahoe
Patrick Hurley Ballygormill South Timahoe
Andrew Keating Ballygormill South Timahoe
John Keating Timahoe Town Timahoe
John Keightly Ballygormill South Timahoe
Jeremiah Kelly Fossy, Lower Fossy
Patrick Kelly Fossy, Lower Fossy
Patrick Kelly Ballintlea Upper Timahoe
Patrick Kelly Garryglass Timahoe
Terence Kelly Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
Thomas Kelly Fossy, Upper Fossy
Bridget Kenna Orchard Lower Fossy
Elizabeth Kenna Fossy, Lower Fossy
Patrick Kenna Timahoe Timahoe
Arthur Kerr Timahoe Town Timahoe
John Keys Timahoe Town Timahoe
Bridget Knightly Fossy, Upper Fossy
Anne Lalor Ballinaclogh Upper Timahoe
Martin Lalor Garryglass Timahoe
Michael Lalor Money, Lower Timogue
Patrick Lalor Timahoe Town Timahoe
Patrick Lawlor Timahoe Town Timahoe
Patrick Lawlor Timahoe Town Timahoe
Peter Lawlor Ballinaclogh Upper Timahoe
Grace Lennon Baunogemeely Fossy
Julia Lennon Baunogemeely Fossy
John Lowry Money, Upper Timogue
Nicholas Maher Knocklead Fossy
Eliza McCormack Ballintlea Lower Timahoe
Ellen McDonald Fossy, Upper Fossy
Michael McDonald Fossy, Upper Fossy
Thomas McDonald Fossy, Upper Fossy
Margaret McDonnell Aghadreen Fossy
Martin McDonnell Baunogemeely Fossy
William McDonnell Baunogemeely Fossy
James McEvoy Timahoe Timahoe
Hanoria McGrath Aghadreen Fossy
John McGrath Aghadreen Fossy
Michael McGrath Aghadreen Fossy
William McHugh Garryglass Timahoe
David McKenna Money, Upper Timogue
John Meehan Knocklead Fossy
John Meehan Knocklead Fossy
Catherine Mooney Baunogemeely Fossy
Michael Mooney Garryglass Timahoe
Anne Moore Knockacrin Fossy
Bridget Moore Knockacrin Fossy
Daniel Moore Baunogemeely Fossy
Patrick Moore Aghoney Timahoe
William Moore Knockacrin Fossy
William Moore Knocklead Fossy
Patrick Morris Ballintlea Lower Timahoe
John Morrow Ballinaclogh Upper Timahoe
Bridget Murphy Fossy, Upper Fossy
Ellen Murphy Orchard Upper Fossy
Mary Murphy Timahoe Town Timahoe
Michael Murphy Knocklead Fossy
Oliver Murphy Fossy, Upper Fossy
Richard Murphy Esker Timahoe
Mary Nolan Timahoe Town Timahoe
Margaret Norton Timahoe Timahoe
John O’Byrne Aghoney Timahoe
Margaret O’Byrne Derrytrasna Timogue
Daniel, Rev O’Rourke Timahoe Timahoe
Michael Pender Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
John Petrie Kyle Timahoe
Catherine Pigott Knocklead Fossy
Michael Price Raheenduff, Big Cullenagh
James Quigley Carrigeen Timogue
Julia Quigley Ballygormill South Timahoe
Anne Ramsbottom Fossy, Lower Fossy
Henry Ramsbottom Carrigeen Timogue
James Ramsbottom Esker Timahoe
Margaret Ramsbottom Ballinaclogh Lower Timahoe
Richard Ramsbottom Fossy, Lower Fossy
Thomas Ramsbottom Kyle Timahoe
Martin Rigney Timahoe Town Timahoe
Thomas Rowan Aghoney Timahoe
Denis Rowe Clashboy Fossy
Denis Rowe Clashboy Fossy
Jeremiah Rowe Timahoe Town Timahoe
Thomas Ryan Fossy, Upper Fossy
Bridget Scully Timahoe Timahoe
John Scully Orchard Lower Fossy
Patrick Scully Timahoe Town Timahoe
Richard Seale Garryglass Timahoe
Robert Seale Garryglass Timahoe
Judith Shortall Garryglass Timahoe
Catherine Stapleton Raheenduff Little Timahoe
Elizabeth Stapleton Money, Upper Timogue
Patrick Stapleton Raheenduff Little Timahoe
Peter Wall Ballygormill, North Timahoe
Richard Wallace Garryglass Timahoe
Richard Walsh Timahoe Town Timahoe
Edward Whelan Garryglass Timahoe
John Whelan Ballinaclogh Upper Timahoe
John Whelan Ballygormill, North Timahoe
Kieran Whelan Garryglass Timahoe
John Willoughby Timahoe Town Timahoe

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