Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1773-75

According to my notes Roman Catholic Parish records for Freshford begin on Jan 12th, 1773 and it just so happens that when I went looking at these records on the first day this week I had forgotten to move a copy of the records that I had from my old computer to my laptop.

So, when I got to the records I couldn’t read the first few pages, 1775 was the first year I could read.

The records are a movable feast!  I began working at 1775, got what seem to be very few records for 1776, then went on to 1788, then they went back to 1786 and then into 1787.  I just kept transcribing away at whatever I could read.

These records for the most part do not contain the name of the mother, they are in English, Name of child, name of father, placename and date.  EXCEPT when I got home after my second day of transcribing and when I went to my old records I found I had already worked this section of these parish registers AND the section I had worked previously HAD the name of the mother!

I have combined both sets of records into one file BECAUSE the last thing that I have noticed is that both sets are different.  The set of records I worked which had the mother’s name seems to have other names as well, that is names not included in the records I transcribed over the last few days.

I do realise that this may seem confusing for those of you who think that this is all a very simple job of just transcribing what you see, but, if I put up one set of records then you will wonder where your record that you know should be in these records are or you would wonder why there are extra records.

I can only assume that someone made a transcription of the hand written notes and the first time I worked these records it was with the transcription which definitely would have been much easier to read.

In some ways, these records may seem confusing because I actually have a place name in the area where I would or should have had the mothers name for some of them.  The references with no mothers name are the ones I transcribed this week.  If the name is repeated and then includes a Mother’s name then that comes from the set of records I transcribed in the past.  The set of records taken this week has a number in the area where there should have been a place, that number represents the page I was working on.  I actually have different numbers for the earlier set of records.

I did not manage to read any record for 1772

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname date Year Place
Mary Branick? Jno Margt ?Hyne 30-Apr 1775 New ?England
Margt Brenan Nicholas n.g. n.g. 18-Jun 1775 Walstown
Danl Brenan James n.g. n.g. 01-Oct 1775 Freshford
Danl Brenan James Freshford 01-Oct 1775 1
Mary Britt John n.g. n.g. 22-Oct 1775 Oldtown
Mary Britt John Oldtown 22-Oct 1775 2
Honor Burke ?John n.g. n.g. 05-Jun 1775 Three Castles
Richd Butler Jams Sara Nichols 26-Dec 1775 Curragh Skateen
Richd Butler James Curragh Skateen 26-Dec 1775 3
John Clahasy ?James n.g. n.g. 25-Jun 1775 Ballydooly
Lar Connor John n.g. n.g. 16-Dec 1775 Brittas
Lar Connor John Brittas 14-Dec 1775 3
Tim Cormack James n.g. n.g. 07-Jun 1775 Ballynamara
Michl Dalton Patt n.g. n.g. 12-Nov 1775 ?Iaand
Michl Dalton Patt ?Ioand 12-Nov 1775 2
?Daniel Darcy Jno n.g. n.g. 18-Jun 1775 Bra?lktown
Cathrine Delany Danl n.g. n.g. 07-Jun 1775 Oldtown
Margt Dooling Tim n.g. n.g. 20-Jun 1775 Rathmoile
Mary Dooling Patt n.g. n.g. 18-Sep 1775 3 Castles
Mary Dooling Patt 3 casles 18-Sep 1775 1
Cath Dooly Michl n.g. n.g. 19-Nov 1775 Bootstown
Edmd Dooly Patrick n.g. n.g. 10-Dec 1775 ?Saard
Cath Dooly Michl ?Bootstown 19-Nov 1775 2
Edmd Dooly Patrick ?Saard 10-Dec 1775 3
Cath Doyle ?Nicholas n.g. n.g. 29-Jun 1775 Freshford
Patricia Fitzgerald Thomas Margaret Doyle 21-Nov 1773 Freshford
Michl Fitzgerald Martin n.g. n.g. 02-Oct 1775 Rathmoile
Michl Fitzgerald Martin Rathmoile 02-Oct 1775 1
Margarett Fitzpatrick John n.g. n.g. 20-Dec 1775 Freshford
Margarett Fitzpatrick John Freshford 20-Dec 1775 3
Joan Grace Robt Margret Brennan 16-Jan 1773 Gariboy
?Joseph & Cath Grace Patt Anne Vaughton 10-May 1775 Freshford
Margt Grace Ricd Elizth Butler 15-May 1775 Brittas
Sara Grace Thoms n.g. n.g. 05-Jun 1775 Bally?daniel
Phil Grace Patt n.g. n.g. 06-Jun 1775 Garranamanagh
Michl Grace Robert n.g. n.g. 02-Oct 1775 Earlsbog
Edmd Grace John n.g. n.g. 30-Nov 1775 Tullow
Michl Grace Robert Earlsbog 02-Oct 1775 1
Edmd Grace John Tullow 30-Nov 1775 2
James Hanifield? William Helen Haly ?3/8 1773 ?Foley ?ford
n.g. Harney n.g. n.g. n.g. 15-Oct 1775 Newtown
Not given Harney Not given Newtown 15-Oct 1775 1
Jno Henesy Willm n.g. n.g. 18-Jun 1775 Leugh
Richd Henesy John n.g. n.g. 29-Oct 1775 Huntstown
Richd Henesy John Huntstown 29-Oct 1775 2
Patt Hoghny Thady n.g. n.g. 26-Sep 1775 Freshford
Patt Hoghny Thady Freshford 26-Sep 1775 1
Cathrine Hoyne Timothy n.g. n.g. 14-Dec 1775 Tulloroan
Cathrine Hoyne Timothy Tullaroan 14-Dec 1775 3
Bridgt Hoynes Tim Joan Morris 18-May 1775 L?iss
Anne Jackman Martin n.g. n.g. 04-Oct 1775 Freshford
Anne Jackman Martin Freshford 04-Oct 1775 1
Helen Joordan Jas Anne Menoge 27-Apr 1775 Newtown
Honor Kavanagh James n.g. n.g. 21-Jul 1775 Ballybegh
John Kealy Edmd Mary Archer 27-May 1775 Walstown
Mathew Kealy Richd n.g. n.g. 29-Oct 1775 Freshford
Mathew Kealy Richd Freshford 29-Oct 1775 2
William Kelly William n.g. n.g. 14-Dec 1775 ?Saard
William Kelly William ?Saard 14-Dec 1775 3
Bridgt Laffin James Anne Connore 21-May 1775 Brittas
Will Lawless Nichs n.g. n.g. 26-Nov 1775 ?Kilaree
Will Lawless Richd Kilaree 26-Nov 1775 2
Helen & Honor Maher Nichls n.g. n.g. 17-Sep 1775 Boggan
Helen Mahon Nichs Boggan 17-Sep 1775 1
Honore Mahon Nichs Boggan 17-Sep 1775 1
Lar Martin John n.g. n.g. 10-Dec 1775 Ballydoole
Lar Martin John Ballydoole 10-Dec 1775 3
Elizabeth Mc?boy Murtagh n.g. n.g. 14-Sep 1775 Ballycloneen
?James McDa?niel Jno n.g. n.g. 12-Jun 1775 Rath?healy
Cathr McGe(?nnis) Hugh ?Saard 16-Dec 1775 3
Cathr. McGennis Hugh n.g. n.g. 16-Dec 1775 ?Saard
Bridgt McGrath Michl n.g. n.g. 07-Jun 1775 Rathmoile
Mary McMahon Will Mary Kilfoile 25-May 1775 Kilrush
Edward McNaun John n.g. n.g. 08-Oct 1775 Freshford
Edward McNaun John Freshford 08-Oct 1775 1
Elizabeth M’Coy? Murtagh Ballycloneen 14-Sep 1775 1
?Eliz Morris John Cath ?Coss 12-Jan 1773 ?….igrove
Mary Mulrowney John Elizth Brett 01-Jun 1775 Oldtown
William Murphy Wm. Elizth Phelan 24-Jan 1773 Garanamanagh
James Murphy John n.g. n.g. 22-Oct 1775 Tullaroan
James Murphy John Tullaroan 22-Oct 1775 2
Sara n.g. n.g. n.g. 26-Jun 1775 Newtown
Kyran Neal Will n.g. n.g. 04-Jun 1775 Ballyclogh
Darby Phelan Lar. n.g. n.g. 30-Oct 1775 Freshford
Darby Phelan Lars Freshford 30-Oct 1775 2
Jno Purcell ?Jno ?Helen Lynch 29-Jan 1773 Rathmoile
Dennis Quigly Nichls n.g. n.g. 25-Jun 1775 Liss
David Ranley or Kanley? Wm. Mary Lalor 29-Jan 1773 Freshford
Cath. Realy? Michl ?Mary Brow?n 11-Oct 1773 Freshford
Joan Ryan Will n.g. n.g. 25-Jun 1775 ?Huntstown
Jno Shortall Nichls n.g. n.g. 24-Jun 1775 Freshford
Jams Skehan John n.g. n.g. 22-Jul 1775 Freshford
Cathrine Smith Will n.g. n.g. 07-Nov 1775 Br?iscoloe
Cathrine Smith Will Bris?coloe 07-Nov 1775 2
Jno Staplton? James Mary Brooke 27-Apr 1775 ?Drakes
Edmd Thracy? Luke n.g. n.g. 22-Nov 1775 Cooleishill
Edmd Thracy? Luke Cooleishil 22-Nov 1775 2
Mary Vesy John n.g. n.g. 23-Oct 1775 Kilrush
Mary Vesy John Kilrush 23-Oct 1775 2
Andrew Walsh Nicholas Cath Campion 15-May 1775 Balinn…?
Helen Young John n.g. n.g. 14-Oct 1775 Freshford
Helen Young John Freshford 14-Oct 1775 1