Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1777-80

These may seem a bit confusing BUT they come from the early set of records I was working with this week and those records are represented at a later date on the film so I’d have to go look at the later set to see if there are any differences.

There were only a few pages that could be read with 1777 records on them, I managed to read one record for March and then some for November and then the film was just too difficult to work with and faded.

All of 1780 has been transcribed as I read it in this set of parish records.  Please read my other posts about Freshford parish records in order that you will understand why I talk about two different sets of records on the microfilm.

The records are in English and placenames are given.  All spellings are as I read them, questionmarks indicate that I had a problem with the reading and give the name as best I saw it spelled.  I have not interfered with the spellings as I read them.

Name Surname Father Mother if given S. Mother Place Date Year
Bridget Costelloe Jams Eliz ?Farrill Freshford 04-Nov 1777
Cathr Delany Michl Eleanor Kavanagh R???? 01-Nov 1777
Cath Fitzgerald ?Simon Eliz Stapleton Freshford ?? 1777
?? Quigly Jno Mary Costelloe Freshford 06-Jul 1777
Mary Stapleton Richd Mary Brett 3 Castles 03-Nov 1777
Margt ?? ?? Mary ?Clear Mmoonab?? 14-Jan 1780
Mary Clear? ?? Mary Brien Freshford 17-Jan 1780
Ed Corcoran? Jno Mary Corcoran Ballylarkin 15-Feb 1780
Elizabeth Fian? Jno Mary Phelan Freshford 03-Apr 1780
Wil Phelan? Michl Margt Cody ?Saard 21-Jan 1780
Mary Brady Dens Margt McDanl New ?England 08-Feb 1780
John Brennan Tom Cathr Dooling Rahelty 02-Apr 1780
Joan Brennan Nichls Bridget McCoy Ballynamara 19-Apr 1780
Tom Burke Tom Bridget Fitzgerald Freshford 02-Mar 1780
Margarett Cahill Jno Mary Gl?ishin? Kyle 24-Apr 1780
Joan Coggy William Honor Delany Bballydaniel 02-Apr 1780
Michl Corigan Michl Cathr Comeford Ballylarkin 19-Jan 1780
Mary Costelloe Jams Margt Farrell Freshford 02-Apr 1780
Joan Costelloe William Mary Delany N.g. 23-Apr 1780
Anstice Dalton Mathew Anstice Wall 3 Castles 16-Apr 1780
Jno Delany Pat Brittas 20-Feb 1780
Patt Dooling Tom Cathrin Delany Kahely 19-Jan 1780
Patt Doran Jno Mary Melvin Clinstown 09-Apr 1780
Anne Dowdle Jno Mary Booden 3 Castles 10-Apr 1780
Anstice Dunne Luke Mary Looby Ballydooles 10-Apr 1780
Mary Finan Kyran Cathr Dooling Ballylarkin 05-Apr 1780
Margt Fleming Pat Anstice Wallace Oldhouse 12-Jan 1780
Mary Grace William Mary Cahill ?Kerreen 02-Mar 1780
Margt Hanlan Ppatt Cathr Delany Coolishill 09-Apr 1780
Tom Henesy Jno Honr Doghny Ballyroe 24-Jan 1780
Joan Henesy Jno Mary Henesy Huntstown 15-Apr 1780
Patt Horahan Tom Mary Byrne Freshford March 1780
?Patience Jackman Patt Susanna Fitzgerald Freshford 05-Mar 1780
Jams Kavanagh Jams Honer Foley Bally?? 03-Jan 1780
James Keating Edmd Cahtrin ?Kemple B?? 18-Jan 1780
Elizabeth Kelly Jams Honor Phelan Kilaree March 1780
Patt Keoghan Wilm Mary Thracey Cooleshill March 1780
Bridgt Lannan Jno Mary Power Barnaglefran 28-Jan 1780
Helena Maher Willm Helen Fitzpk Freshford 13-Mar 1780
Bridgt Mahony Will Mary Kylfoile Freshford 22-Jan 1780
Elizebth McDaniel ?Simon Cathr Poor New England March 1780
Elizabeth McDaniel Jno Mary White Rahelty March 1780
Mary McGrath Michl Bridgt Hickey Rahelty 08-Mar 1780
Patt Neale Wiliam Cathr Dunne Lisnaclea March 1780
Thoms Phelan Pat Margt Hackett ?Saard 09-Mar 1780
H?onor Ryan Dens Winifred Keoghan Freshford 21-Jan 1780
Cathr Tinan Tom Mary Dooling Freshford 28-Jan 1780
Thoms White ?Pierce Cathr Brophy Freshford 23-Apr 1780