Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1805-06

I seem to only have some placenames added in for this set of records and I’m afraid at this stage I don’t know if it was a case of me deciding it was too much work or if placenames were only given for some children!  I’m sorry about that.  I’d assume, knowing myself that if I had decided to only take some then I would have written a note on my document and I didn’t do that.

These are all the records for 1805 and 1806 according to the set of records I was working with. The last date for 1806 was 24th August, 1806 and the next entry in the books was dated March 15th, 1807.

Name Surname Father  Mother name M Surname Date Year Place
Bridget Brennan John Anne Walsh 24-Sep 1805
Wm Cahill Patt Eleanor Hickey 12-Jun 1805
Judith Campion Jno Cath Hely 14-Jan 1805 Monabrague
Joane Carey Pierse Eleanor Cleary 13-Aug 1805 Freshford
Honor Clohissy Luke Anne Fitzgerald 27-Mar 1805
Eleanor Coady James Margt Delany 10-Nov 1805
Edmd Cody Robert Anne Walsh 21-Jan 1805 Crow?seele
Thos Connell Michl Joan Phelan 05-Jan 1805 ?Kilaree ot Tularee
Richd Connell James Mary Walsh 14-Feb 1805 Sart?
Richd Conway Edmd Eleanor Walsh 19-Nov 1805
Richd Cuddy Michl Anne McDonnell 03-May 1805
Timothy Dowling Wm Mary McGrath 12-Feb 1805
James Dowling Michl Annst Dermody 25-Aug 1805 Freshford
Elinnor Dowling John Anne Burke 26-Sep 1805
James Dwyer Willm Joan Grace 23-Feb 1805
Bridget Dwyer Wm Joan Grace 23-Feb 1805
Bridget Fanning Michl Rose ?Kelly 10-Feb 1805 Ballydonll
James Fitzpatrick Wm Cath Brenan 06-May 1805
Bridget Glendon Thos Mary Sexton 23-Sep 1805
John Glennan Patt Anastaee ?Keohan 22-Sep 1805
Edmd Hickey James Bridget Brenan 05-May 1805
Robert Holden Patt Anne Grace 17-Feb 1805 Three Castles
Philip Horohan Martin Cathe Butler 24-Sep 1805 Freshford
Philip Horohan Martin Cath Butler 24-Sep 1805
Mary Houghney John Mary Dowling 14-Jun 1805
Margt Hoyne Francis Honor Fitzpatrick 04-Jan 1805 Freshford
Mary Hoyne Wm Eleanor San?dford 18-Jan 1805 Rathmoyle
Thos Hoyne Martin Bridget Fitzpatrick 30-Apr 1805
Elizabeth Hoyne John Mary Maher 04-Nov 1805 Moonibrougue
Cath Jourdan John Bridget ?Dinison 13-Jan 1805 Clashacrow
John Kelly Malachy Mary Downey 20-Jun 1805
Margaret Kelly? Danl Joane Younge 27-May 1805
Patrick Kirby? James Mary ?Dawly 23-Feb 1805
James Lalor Michl Mary Clohissy 22-Jan 1805 Rathmoyle
James Larkin John Anne Corrigan 01-May 1805
Adalaide Maher John Alicia Murray 16-Jul 1805 Freshford
Adalaide Maher John Alicia Murray 16-Jul 1805 Freshford
Thos McAvoy Edmd Bridget Corrigan 03-Nov 1805
Patrick O’Hara Nichs Cath Phelan 31-Mar 1805
Mary Phelan Patt Mary Grace 03-Feb 1805 ??
Michl Phelan Patt Sara Lodge 08-Feb 1805 Freshford
Joane Phelan Thos Anast Cliare 05-May 1805
Margaret Phelan Edmd Mary ?Dunne 19-May 1805
James Purtell Roger Mary Darcy 10-Nov 1805
Nichs Quigley Pierse Cath Nowlan 28-Jan 1805 ….town
Cathe Quigley? Mark Judith Cunningham 10-Mar 1805 Freshford
Cath Quigley? Mark Judith Cunningham 10-Mar 1805
Jno Tuohan? Wm Mary Fitzpatrick 26-May 1805
Thos Tynan Patt Eleanor Meany 06-Feb 1805 Ballydoole
Nichs Walsh Thos Mary ?Feelan 07-Jan 1805 Freshford
Margt Walsh Thos Mary Mallone 11-Aug 1805 ?Trencherstown
Patrick Younge Patrick Mary Dowling 05-May 1805
James Brenan Nichs Honor Brady 25-Sep 1806
Catharine Butler Edmd Cath Duggan 07-Apr 1806
Eleanor Cleere James Juliana Duggan 07-Apr 1806
Richd Clifford James Catharine Hoyne 15-Jan 1806
Mary Delany Jno Joane Fogarty 22-Sep 1806
Mary Dermody Denis Elizabeth Phelan 01-Apr 1806
Michl Doran Danl Catharine Phelan 01-Jan 1806 Freshford
Mary Duggan Patt Joane Durney 11-Jan 1806
Mathew Duggan Philip Mary Cormuck 11-Dec 1806
Darby Fogarty James Elenor Dargan 02-Aug 1806
Joana Guiltinan James Anne Holohan 22-Jun 1806
Bridget Heany Patk Mary Grace 10-Aug 1806
John Henesy Edmd Joane Cleere 01-Apr 1806 Kilaree
Sarah Henesy Edmd Cath Dowling 17-May 1806
Mary Howlahan Philip Judith Bray 07-Aug 1806
Eleanor Howlahan James Cath Loughman 11-Aug 1806
Mary Kealy Patk Mary Mulhall 10-Aug 1806
Mary Lalor James Mary ?Dunne 01-Jan 1806
James Lalor Richd Mary Carroll 20-Feb 1806
Honor Maher Richd Bridget ?Marnell 17-May 1806 Ballydonnell
Thos Nowlan Nichs Mary Ryan 02-Aug 1806 Ballagh
Mary Phelan Wm Catherine Walsh 02-Feb 1806
Cath Purcel Martin Mary Casey 14-Dec 1806
Michl Rielley Pat Mary Delany 30-Aug 1806
John Ryan John Margaret Phelan 19-Jan 1806
Mary Ryan Thomas Honor Hely 17-Mar 1806
Patt Wall Thomas Cath McAvoy 30-Mar 1806
Michl Walsh Jno Judith Clohessy 24-Aug 1806