Abbeyleix COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Evans: In/loving memory/of James Evans/died 27th Feb 1913/aged 61 years/His wife/Jane/died 10th July 1934/aged 78 years/their daughter/Eliza Jane/died 5th August 1935/aged 48 years/also their son/Robert/died 4th July 1885/aged 5 years/interred in Aughamullen/also Tommy died 10th May 1975/Severed only till he come.

Runginan: Sigh/for friends beloved no longer my/such is ??? still/ would I reply/Thy will be done: Back of stone. Front : In loving memory/of/Elizabeth Runginan/who departed this life/April 3rd 1901/aged 81 years/Gone but not forgotten/ Erected by her daughter Bella.

Hartford: In loving memory of/Maria Hartford/died 12th Jan 1923 aged 66 years/Thomas/died 8th March 1923/aged 79 years/James died 21st Jan 1927 aged 78 years/Joseph/died 29th December 1927 aged 76 years/Susan/died 22nd July 1963 aged 95 years/Blessed be the name of the Lord (at bottom of stone)

White: Big Plot: In loving memory of/Henry Johnson White/died 21st July 1925 aged 12 years/May Delia/died 21st August 1949 aged 86 years/Humphrey/died 15th Feb 1950 aged 79 years/Henry died 25th December 1954 /aged 81 years/Emily died 1st Dec 1956/aged 64 years/Joseph died 29th Nov 1967/aged 47 years interred in England/Peter/ died 17th Oct 1972 aged 89 years/Eileen Mary White/died 8th July 1987/Underneath everlasting arms.

Galbraith: In loving memory of/William S. Galbraith/Cloughjordan/died 28th January 1996

Rose: In loving memory of/John Norwood Rose/(Brandra)/died 16 Sept 1965 aged 69 years/His wife Lena/died 19th Oct 1982 aged 84 years.

Carter: In loving memory of/Ena Carter/Ballymullen/died 20th June 1979/aged 57 years/Her husband Tom/died 28th Dec 1989/aged 72 years/Abide with me

Crass: In loving memory of/David Crass/Ballinakill Rd, Abbeyleix/born 5th March 1967, died 22nd Jan 1994/His courage, His smile, His face, /Gladdened the heart of those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Hartford: Sacred/too the memory of/Mrs. Anne Hartford/who departed this life May 20th 1856/aged 63 years/Therefore being justified by fate who we have peace with God/Though our Lord Jesus Christ/Romans 5th

Nevin: In/memory of/my beloved husband/Thomas Nevin/who died 14th Feb 1900/and our dear children/Emily died 8th June 1891/John Thomas/died 4 Oct 1891/George/died 23rd Feb 1877/Amelia/died 8th Feb 1914/William George/died 17th Sept 1924/Erected by/Frances Nevin/who died 27th Dec 1933/ Back of this stone needs scratching

Toole: In loving memory of/John Toole/Oldtown/died 2nd Nov 1917/his wife Rachael/died 3rd Dec 1931/Their son William/died 21st Jan 1970/their daughter Lilian/died 10th Sept 1978/In they presence/is fullness of joy

Mitchel: In loving memory of/Robert Mitchel/who died 22nd October 1964/His wife Frances Louisa/ died 2nd Jan 1984/At rest

Smyth: In/Loving memory/of /Thomas Smyth/Brookside/At rest 6th June 1920/aged 73 years/Also/Watson Ormsby/ 6th son of above who died of would received in action at Selonika, April 1917/aged 30 years/REV.XXI.IV/Also /Margaret/wife of Thomas Smyth/at rest 3 May 1937/aged 81 years.

Wood: Next Stone: Cross at botttom of it: In affectionate/ remembrance of Billy son of William and Maud Wood/died 4th August 1940/aged ?17 years. Can’t read

Dreaper: In loving memory /of/ John Dreaper/Clonohill, Ballacolla/died 19th Feb 1923/aged 39 years/His wife Frances/died 19th May 1973/aged 82 years. /Thy will be done. Side of stone: Made by Burnell

Finnegan: Finnegan/Marjorie Houtton/Woodbrook Abbeyleix/1899-1985

Millar/Watson: In/Loving memory/of/John Millar/ who departed this life 17th May 1891. Aged 63 years/Also his wife/Harriet/died 16th Sept 1985/aged 66 years/Also, Emily Watson, died 31st March 1920 aged 24 years/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/Erected by their children

Roe: In/Loving memory of/Sarah Anne Roe/of/Ballvgisshen/Abbeyliex/who died 11th August 1947

Flanagan: Little metal Cross: In memory /of/Catherine Flanagan/who died (aged 56) /on 12th Feb 1894/Her friends, Rev. Bt. and Mrs. Digney/who she faithfully served/from good hope/from the tenure of her alive/that she died /trusting alone in him/who said I am the Good Shepherd/The Good Shepherd giveth life/ can’t read rest

MacShane: In loving memory of/Ellen MacShane/who died 5th Feb 1967, aged 74 yours/and her husband/Robert John MacShane/who died 2 Dec 1973 aged 85 years.

Thompson: In loving memory/of/Joseph C Thompson/Derrylahan/died 20th Dec 1971/aged 57 years/Safe in the arms of Jesus

Wilkinson: In loving memory/of/Jeremiah Wilkinson/died Mar 3rd 1931/aged 39 years./ Peace perfect peace Stone made by O’Brien in Durrow.

Creisz: Little Cross: Susanne Creisz/departed this life at Abbeyleix, 1920 aged 72. God is our ?? and strength/Erected by Evelyn DeVesci/in affectionate memory

Dickson: In/memory of/John Dickson/born March 1827/died Oct 1915/I am the resurrection and the life

Galbraith: In/loving memory/of/Thomas Galbraith/Oldtown, Abbeyleix/died 21st Feb 1971 aged 80 years/His son Francis William/died in Dunstable, Eng., /16th Dec 1972, aged 43 years/His wife Martha Frances/died 21st Oct 1976/aged 79 years/Safe in the arms of Jesus

Haye: In loving memory /of/Elizabeth Haye/who departed this life/14th June 1907 aged 72 years/Also/James Haye/husband of the above/who died 21st August 1916/aged 788 years/Peace perfect peace.

Wilkinson: Same family plot: In loving memory/of/William Wilkinson/who died June 13th 1935/aged 69 years/Also his wife/Emily Louisa/called home 7th February 1975/aged 84 years/They will be done

Brandon: Ethel Jane Brandon/Preston Abbeyleix/Died 8th November 1975 aged 82 years/Her husband/Richard Ivan Brandon/died 25th Jan 1979 aged 79 years/

Jackson: In/loving memory/of/my dear husband/John Jackson/of Blackhill/died 18th July 1914/aged53 /also his wife/Anna Maria/died 24th May 1917/aged 67/Also their daughter/Kathleen/died 29th June 1932/Peace perfect peace/

Bole/Brandon: In loving memory/of/ my father/Samuel Bole/born 23rd July 1883, died 8th July 1940/My mother/Doris Winnifred Jane Bole (nee Brandon)/born 11th July 1901, died 20th July 1980/May they rest in peace.

George: In/loving memory of/John George/of Muckross Kilarney/who departed this life 26th Oct 1918 aged 70/and his son/John Henry/died 26th Jan 1919 aged 29/ This stone is right beside the old Brandon stones

Galbraith: Family plot. No big stones, just little ones around: Jane Galbraith/died 10th January 1927 aged 58 years/Peace I leave with you

Galbraith: James Galbraith/died 22nd August 1944 aged 78 years/They will be done

Galbraith: Samuel Galbraith/died 17th Aug 1913 aged 41 years/Redeemed with the precious blood of Christ

Porter: In/loving memory/of/my dear husband/Thomas Porter/who entered into rest/11th April 1908/aged 77 years/erected by/Kathleen Jane Porter/who died /8th January 1933/aged 8?6/Jesus saith I am the way, the truth/and the life

Disney: Rev. Brabazon Thomas Disney/born Nov 11 1831/Curate of Abbeyleix 1877/Vicar of Abbeyleix 1880/and of Abbeyleix with Ballyroan 1885/Retired 1898/entered onto rest Nov 2 1902 years/Also/Sarah Cole Disney/his wife/entered in to rest Nov 1918/aged 79 years/Not that we loved God but that he loved us/and sent his son to be the proof that???

Tomlinson : In/loving memory/of/Louisa Tomlinson/Feb 11 1862 – Feb 11 1932/Thou hast put a new song/in my mouth/psalm XL.8/Also/Mary Jane Tomlinson /died 19th July 19?39/aged 89 years/The ?? is beloved sleep

Tomlinson: In loving memory/of/Elizabeth/wife of John Tomlinson/who died August 4th 1906/in her 84th year/also of/John Tomlinson/who died April 13th 1911 /in his 94th year.

Tomlinson: Sacred/to the memory/of /Rachel Anna/daughter of/John & Elizabeth Tomlinson/died 31st January 1868/aged 19 years/Also/Richard Tomlinson/Uncle to the above/died 20th Novr 1858/aged 34 years

Tomlinson: In/loving memory/of/William Tomlinson/who departed this life 5th Dec 1895/aged 85 years/andof Mary his wife/who fell asleep 6th March 1906/aged 92 years./Blessed are eh dead which die in the Lord. Stone made by G.W. Harrison Dublin

Sheppherd: Sacred/to the memory of/Helen Sheppherd/died Feb 18th 1846/and to that of/ J.H. Sheppherd Esq. M.D. /who died Feby 9th 1869/ stone made by Wade /Dublin.

Shea: Sacred/to the memory of/William Shea/died Nov 24th 1862, aged 34 years/Also his daughter/Susan Maria Shea/died July 28th 1855/aged 8 months/and his son/George Shea/died May 14th 1860/aged 1 year/The Lord gave/and the Lord hath taken away/left/with the name of the Lord job

Brown: In/memory /of Elizabeth Brown/died 1st Jan 1923/aged 61

Wilkinson: In/loving memory of/Thomas Wilkinson/Colt/who passed away Nov 4th 1970/his wife Elizabeth Mabel May/who God called home March 11th 1976

Carter: In loving memory/of/William Henry Carter/ScotchRath, Abbeyleix/died 12th March 1988 aged 45 years/Safe in the arms of Jesus

Warbrook: Robert Warbrook died Feb 26th 1898/aged 83 years

Mitchell: In loving memory of/Albert T.(Bert) Mitchell/Balladine Heights, Abbeyleix/and late of Aghangon Parish/ born 7th July 1925-died 30th Nov 1985/His son Albert Joseph/died in infancy interred in Clonoghill (Glonoghil)/Lord be thy word my rule.

Osburne: In memory of/James Osburne

Mullen: In/memory/of/Jesssie Frances/beloved wife of /J. Mullen/who died 25th Jany 1892/Also/John Mullen/died 14th Decr 1928/and/Amy Mullen/younger daughter of above/died 23rd Feby 1953/To depart to be with Christ which is far better

Comyns: In/loving memory of/Henrietta/the beloved wife of/Benjamin Comyns/died Mar 31st 1922 aged 34 years/also her son/Richard Comyns/died August 12th 1928 aged 29 years/result of automobile accident/interred at Evergreen cemetery, Oakland, California/Also/Benjamin/the beloved husband of/Henrietta Comyns/died Feby 19th 1942 aged 81 years/Also their son/William H. Comyns/died March 21st 1953 aged 60 years/Also his wife Mary Jane/ded Nov 27th 1956 aged 65 years/Forever with the Lord/Chas B. Comyns died 29th

Found these two listed under Abbeyleix protestant Graveyard in another doc and not listed in this doc. CHECk Could they be Abbeyleix Catholic??

Moore: In/Loving Memory/of/My husband/Thomas Moore/who died Aug 31st 1940/aged 61 years/Also his wife Annie/who died April 21st 196X/aged 78 years/The eternal God is thy refuse/and……….

Leigh: In loving memory of/Thomas Leigh Oldtown Abbeyleix/died 26th March 1899, aged 82 years/his wife Mary Ann Leigh/died 24th May 1903 aged 84 years/Their son Alan John Leigh/died 20th Feb 1927 aged 71 years/his wife Kate Anne Leigh/died 14th April 1949 aged 82 years.

Tablet stone: Spencer: In loving memory of/Grace Spencer, Glynne/31st Jan 1907/30th August 1996/Abide with me.

Alton/Somerset: In loving memory of/Jane Alton/(nee Somerset)/died 7th October 1990/ aged 85 years/Immortal invisible God only wise/stone made by Midland memorials Ballyroan.

Chamberlain: Preserve me O God/for in thee do I put my trust/ Nothing written on stone..other side of this stone: In/ memory of/Robert Chamberlain/late sergent 2nd Batt 1st Royals/who departed this life/12th July 1885/aged 52 years/Emmeline Chamberlain/died 22nd August 1901/aged 22 years/also/Maria/beloved wife of/Robert Chamberlian/died 30th Jany 1928/aged 87 yeasr/stone made by Harrison ni Dublin/

Shore: In/loving memory/ our dear parents/Ellen Shore/died 20th Dec 1920/aged 79 years/and/William Shore/died 19th May 1922/aged 82 years/Blessed are the dead/which die in the Lord