Adrigole Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Cork

Cornelius O’Sullivan/1937. His wife Nora 1935.

Daniel C. O’Sullivan Kealigolane 1922. His wife Julia 1935

Denis E. Sullivan, Inch, Adrigole, 1974. Johanna his wife 1984.

Edward Power, Curragh, April 1921. His wife Hannah, July 1904. his brother John. Sept 1934.

Erected by /Matthew Crowley /National Teacher of Adrigole/To the memory of/ his beloved father/Michael Crowley /of Kealigolaue whoh died 2nd Novr 1866 aged 52 years/RIP.

Erected by Denis Sullivan OS in memory of his mother Julia Sullivan Roosk, died April 1922 aged 70 years.

Erected by her son James/in loving memory of/his mother Ellen Sullivan/died July 20 1927/and brother John /died Oct 11 1895.

Erected by the family/in memory of their parents/Daniel & Hanora Shea.

Eugene Frances Coffey, 1942

Flor O’Sullivan Comgira, 1936. Florence his son 1969. Cathy his wife, 1988. Their son Owen 1939.

In/loving memory of/Michael O’Sullivan/Cappaleigh South/18371915/His wife Ellen/18541894/Their daughter Helena/18911909/Their son Michael/18831941/Their daughter Margaret/18841967/thier infant Grandaughter Kathleen/1923/RIP

“John C. O’Sullivan. Derrincorrin. 1950

Donal O’Sullivan 1970

Nora O’Sullivan Trafrask Cross 1972. Her son Daniel Gerard 1943.

John Sullivan Faha, Margaret his wife, their sons Timothy and Daniel. Daniel Dec 1951, his wife Mary June 1983.

Joseph O’Sullivan 1956. His wife Anna/nee Carey 1953

Margaret O’Sullivan, Faha East May 1969.

Maurice Power Faha, May 1964. His wife Bridget April 1944. Their daughter Mary August 1924. And his parents John & Nora.

Patrick C. O’Sullivan, Trafrask East. 1929. His wife Margaret 1944. Their Grandchildren Michael Moran, Francis, Eamonn O’Sullivan 1997.

Patrick O’Sullivan, Kieldroumalve September 1935, Helen April 1936, Their son Cornelius May 1977.

Pray for the soul/of David Power/who died MAy 21 1882/aged 59 years/Erected by his son/Maurice/As a memorial of/affection/RIP

Pray for/Maurice Power /who died Dec 30 1926/ His wife Ellen/who died Feb 12 1950/their son David/who died July 2 1968/his wife Julia/who died Dec 9 1976/RIP. Base os stone:Their son in law JOhn Murphy/who died June 26 1985.

Timothy O’Shea, Faha West Dec 1940. HIs wife MAry March 1954, their son Denis Nov 1981.

Timothy O’Sullivan, Trafrask West, feb 1951. His wife Catherine June 1978.