Aharney Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

This page features a complete record of Aharney gravestone transcriptions, recorded exclusively by Dr. Jane Lyons and From-Ireland.net.

Aharney Townland Graveyard: Clarmallagh Barony; Aharney Parish: Abbeyleix Poor Law Union/registration District

Notes from the Laois Archaeological Survey: OS 35:11:4 (483,164) ‘aharney Church (in Ruiuns), Grave Yd.’ OD 400-500 23994,17229. Church Dedicated to St. Bridget. Only the featureless W gable survives but Carrigan (1905, vol.2 308) mentions that half of E gable and portions of S wall of the church (L. c.12.75m, Wth. C. 5.1m) were to be seen c. 1900. No early grave markers visible. 35: 47. 27-9-1990.

Moylan/Henessey: Erected by John Moylan of Ballykealy/to the memory of his wife Margaret Moylan/alias Henessey who departed this life/March 12th 1838 aged 53 years./The above John, and his son John /also his Grandson Joseph died Nov 16th 1938/ and his wife Bridget died Oct 5th 1960/ their daughters Anastasia and Catherine /who died young.

Dunne: Same family Moylan plot: In/loving memory/of/ Kat Dunne/Threecastles/who died 21st June 1894/aged 21 years/erected by her brother Michael / and her mother Maria Dunne

Dooley: In loving memory of/Mrs. Maria Dooley/ of Bawntenemlenach/ Freshford who died/May 22nd 1913 aged 68/Also her granddaughter /Maria Dooley/died Nov 24th 1909 aged 4 years

Kirwan: Erected by/H.P. Kirwan, New York/ in memory of his father/Patrick Kirwan,/Knockmannon/ died 14th Jan 1943/Aged 70 years and his mother/Mary Kirwan/ died 20th Feb 1908/aged 31 yrs

Kirwan/Tobin/Ryan: Erected by/Patrick Kirwan/In memory of his father/Martin Kirwan Lisdowney/Also his mother Mary Kirwan/Nee Tobin,/ and his sister Catherine/The above Patrick Kirwan/died 22nd June 1922/RIP: Stone made by O’Brien in Durrow
Side of Stone: His brother /William Kirwan/ died 30th June 1924/his wife/ Margaret nee Ryan /died 15th Dec 1928/Their daughter /Bridget /died 12th Aug 1941./Martin Kirwan/Knockmannon/died 4th Feb 1975/His wife Bridget/died 2nd Mar 1979 /Aged 82

Cahill: Erected by Keyran Cahill of/Archerstown in memory of his brothr/Willm depd this life March the 24th 1832/Aged 33 years also his father John/Cahill depd this life March the 29th 1832?/Aged 56 years Here lies the above body /of the above Keyran Cahill who depd /can’t read the rest of stone.

Cahill: Here lieth the body of Willm Cahill /of Archerstown depd this life June the /20th 1873 aged 60 years

Broderick: Can hardly be read: Erected by James Broderik in memo/ry of his father Thomas Broderick who depd ??1816 aged 7? Years. Completely lichen encrusted.

Delaney/O’Shea: In loving memory of/John Delaney /(Ballyphilip)/died 7th Sept 1910 aged 48 /His wife Mary died 1st Jan /1939 aged 78/their son Michael /died 6th April 1913 aged 19/and their grandson Joseph /died young/Sean Delaney /died 23- Dec 1968/James Delaney died 9 Oct 1969/Aged 73 years/his wife Mary nee O’Shea/died 22-8-82/ Aged 80 years/RIP Stone made by O’Connor in Durrow

Delaney: Here lieth the body of Andrew Delaney /who depd this life Feb the ?1st 1816? Aged 60/his wife ?? Delaney who depd this life Jany the 6th 18?21

Butler: Erected by Michael ?? in memory of his daughter Catherine Butler depd this life /6t 1810/?40 aged 20 years

Hamilton: Erected by John Hamilton of Balykealy/in memory of his father Philip Hamilton/who depd this life the 12th of M?? 18?22 aged 67 years/Also his son Martin Hamilton/who depd this life 1st of September 1825/aged 27 years/

Broderick stone – read before or not??

Mulhall:Two stones family plot: IHS/Gloria in excelsius Deo:Erected by Jas Mulhall of /Lisdowney in memory of his/Brother Dens Mulhall who/depd this life in June 1830 /aged 40 years/In memory of /the Mulhall Family Lisdowney.

Carroll/Lonegan/Hayes: Same plot: In loving memory of /Patrick Carroll Aharney/died Oct 1923/His wife MARY died Sept, 1963./ Their son PATRICK died April 1982./Their son WILLIAM died July 1983./Also /FRANCIS LONEGAN died Sept, 1952./THOMAS LONEGAN Tennislatty/died Sept, 1979./JOHN HAYES son-in-law died March 1987./His wife CATHERINE/died 9th March 1989./RIP/Erected by their family

Walsh/McEvoy: Erected by William Walsh of/Ballyouddehy in memory of his/Father William Walsh who depd /this life April ?15th 1800 aged 55 years/Also his mother Catherine Walsh /alias McEvoy who depd this life/December 8th 1826 aged 67 years/Also his brother Fintan Walsh/who depd this life October – 18?39 or 69 aged??

Foley: Erected/to their memory by Danl Foley /of St. Louis MO USA,/ died May 10th 1879 Danl Foley of /Bally Conra aged 75 years/Also Mrs. Annie Foley /who died in 1847 aged 32 years

Mahony/Bowes: Erected by John Mahony in memory/of his wife Mary Mahony als /Bowes who Depd the 31st of March/ 1804 Aged 45 yrs Also her Daughter/Mary Mahony who Depd April/the 30th 1799 /Aged ?19 Years

Moore: In loving memory of/Alice Moore Aharney/died 15th July 1935 /aged 45 years/her husband Martin /died 22nd April 1966/aged 77 years

Puddle: Gloria in Excelsius Deo /erected by Jeremiah M. Puddle in memory of his father ?? 1791