St. Andrew’s, Dublin City Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Dublin

Family Vault of Lt. Col. C. R. Chichester, Rannamoat, Roscommon
Mary, wife of Lt. Col. C.R. Chichester and dau of James Balfe, Esq, died at Rannamoat 29 Apl 1871.
Lt. Col. C.R. Chichester. Died 19 May 1891
Christine Mary Chichester. Died 18 May 1951
Mary Cecelia Irwin. Died 24 Sept 1959
Cyril Jas. Irwin CSI, CIE. Died 7 May 1962
John M. C.J. Chiechester. Died 9 Sep 1968

Fenella Mary Kelly died 3rd April 1949

Lt. Col. James Thomas Nugent. Died 28th Dec 1909.
Lucie RocheKelly. Died 3rd May 1914.

Miss Anne Kelly. Died 8 May 1845, age 43.
Anne Murrey. Died 27 Dec 1891, age 80.

Miss Emily Power, Balrathboyne, Co. Meath. Died 13 Aug 1916.

Mother Mary Gertrude O’Kelly. Died 26 June 1854, age 45

Peter Count Dillon of Grennanstown, Co. Tipperary. Died 23rd March 1871, age 76.

Robert Dyer Lyons MD. Died 19 Feb 1886, age 60

Rt. Hon. Arthur James Viscount Netterville of Dowth, Co. Meath. Died 7 Apl, 1882, Age 76.