Ballacolla Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Graveyard around Church; Left hand side of graveyard as you walk in first. Back wall and walk way forward. Marker stones and little brown crosses with no names. All stones of people born before 1901

This graveyard was transcribed by the woman from Ballacolla and published in 2006. Check her transcriptions against mine!

In publication :
1. Bergin: In loving memory of/Mary Bergin, Fearagh./died July 31st 1969, aged 83 years. Her husband Michael Bergin/died June 28th 1970, aged 90 yrs./Their grandchildren /who died in infancy/RIP

2. Cummins: Small wooden cross: Laurence Cummins. RIP

In publication :
3. Fitzpatrick: Erected by /Denis Fitzpatrick/of Gorteen/to the memory of /his son/Martin./died Sept 28th 1871/Aged 26 yrs./Also his wife/Julia/died Nov 27 1872/Aged 62 years./Also his two children/ who died young/RIP

4. Kelly/Keenan: In loving memory of/Mary Kelly/died 30th Nov, 1936./Aged 70 years./her sister Julia Ferns/brothers Michael. William/& Joseph Keenan/RIP

In publication :
5. Hyland: In loving memory of/Alice Hyland/Ballygarvan, Ballacolla/died 30th Dec 1985/Aged 85 years. (/ Erected by Nieces & Nephews )

In publication :
6. Hennessy: In loving memory of/Thomas Hennessy, Tentore/died 20 May 1977 aged 83 yrs./His wife, Margaret./died 18(th) March 1979 aged 67 yrs./RIP/Erected by/his wife and family

Small Bourke stone beside this not transcribed per publication

7. Shiels: Sacred to the memory of/The Rev. Patrick Francis Shiels.S.S.C./A tribute of gratitude/from his children of/St. Mary’s Orphan’s Boys Asylum/and the /Girls Asylum of the Immaculate Conception/in New Orleans, Louisiana,/ /In whose regard he was made our father/for the ten years in which he governed them /as Superior/RIP No date on above stone

8. Tuck: In/loving memory of/John Tuck/Ballacolla/died 4th July 1954./Also his wife Catherine Tuck/died 15th May 1959./RIP/Erected by their loving family.

9. Kavanagh/Henneberry: In/loving memory of/Catherine Kavanagh/Coolderry, Ballacola/died 27th Setp 1949./ Aged 75 years./her daughter Katie/died 21st Sept , 1985./Aged 71 years./RIP/Erected by/Kathleen Henneberry

10. Dooley:Gloria in Excelsius Deo/ here lieth the body of/Patrick Dooley/late of Ballycolla/who died March 13 1845/aged 77 years./Good Travellers who chance to pass this way/fail not for my departed soul to pray/here also mark perhaps now in thy prime/the stealing steps of ever fleeting time/Thou will be what I am. Seize the Present Hour /and Play that Well, for that’s Within Thy Power/May his soul rest in peace amen/And Mrs. Catherine Dooley/alias Hosey departed this life /18th of March 1858/aged 79 years./also/the remains of their Son Sylvester Dooley/who departed this life/February 1st 1858. aged 51 years./And of his little Children/Of you charity Father pray for their souls. In loving memory of/James McDonald/who died 7th April 1919 aged 75 yrs./And his wife Catherine who died 9th March /1915. Aged 64 yrs. Also their beloved son John/ died 19th April 1918 or 19 aged 40 years.and of /Margaret their daughter died 5th april/1908 aged 16 yrs./Also Sylvester and Thomas their children who died young. May they rest in Peace Amen.

11. Cummins/bergin: In /loving memory of/Laurence Cummins/Cannonswood/who died 3rd nov 1903/aged 40 yrs./his wife Mary nee Bergin/died 2nd Mar 1942/aged 79 yrs/RIP/Erected by their loving son/John Cummins/Castlemarket/

12. Cummins: Erected by Laurence Cummins/of Oldglass in memory of his beloved son Kyran Cummins/who dept this life December/ ?31st ??/ 184? Aged 27 yrs and /six months.

13. Connor?Fitzpatrick: Erected by/Patrick Connor of Roskelton/in memory of his father/Frank Connor/Ballauauale/who died Jan 26th 1856 aged 80 yrs./Also his sister Mary who died 15th/Dec 1843 aged 30 years./And Anastasia, who died 5th Feb/1846 aged 28 years./Also his mother/also his son Frank who died /the 29th of September 1882/aged 29 years./ also his wife Anne,/alias Fitzpatrick who departed /this life January 14th /1888 or 9 aged 68 years./RIP

14. Phelan/Kavanagh: In memory of/Joseph Phelan Gorteen/died 19th March 1916 aged 84 yrs./And his wife/Ellen nee Kavanagh/died 6th March 1924 aged 78 yrs./Also Laurence Phelan/died 13th or 18th February 1937 aged 84 yrs./Rest in Pace/And Mary Phelan died 9th Feb 1954. /aged 85 yrs./Michael Phelan born 30th Sept 1867/died 21st July 1959./RIP

15. Phelan: In loving memory of the/Phelan Family/Tinraheen, Ballacolla/RIP

16. Dunphy: In loving memory/of/William Dunphy/Aghboe/died 24th October 1973/Aged 72 years./His wife Mary /died 26th February 1986/aged 80 years./RIP/Erected by his wife and family.

17. Stepleton: In /loving memory of/Mary Stepleton/Coolderry/died 31st July 1972 /Aged 78 yrs./her husband John/died 18th Aug 1972/Aged 82 yrs.

18. In/loving memory of/Edward Fitzpatrick/Park, Ballacolla/1st Feb 1970,/Aged 86 yrs./His mother Mary Fitzpatrick/died 26th April 1892./Aged 48 years./His father Edward/died 23rd Feb 1924./Aged 83 years./Also his brother William/died 5th Oct 1927./Aged 45 years. His wife Sarah/died 22.Jan.1979/Aged 82 years./Erected by/his wife and family.

19. In Pub: I.H.S./In loving memory/of/John Breen./died 14th June 1982.Aged 22 yrs./his grandparents/Thomas Breen./Died 14th Sept 1964 Aged 87 yrs./And Mary Breen./died 14th April 1974 Aged 87/Patrick Breen died 12th Dec 1989 aged 73 yrs./RIP/Erected by their loving family.

20. In Pub: Double plot: Erected by /Denis Casey, Ballacolla/in memory of his parents/John and Eliza Casey/died respectively/April 19 1877 aged 68 – & Feb 5 1896, aged 80-/His aunt Julia Duggan/died Jan 28th 1889 aged 66 /And his sisters/Mary, Margt. Bridgt & Mary/ who died young/RIP
Same plot: Cherished memories/of a /dear husband and father/John Cassin/died 30th June 1975/aged 70 years. His infant daughter/Mary/RIP/Erected by his wife Mary. 1973 in pub Extra for above Cassin stone in publication

21. Drennan: Pray for the soul of/Ellen Drennan/died 8th July 1965./And her husband/John Drennan/died 17th Oct 1956./RIP

22. Cahill: In memory of the /Cahill Family/Kyletelogue/Edward died 29 Dec 1972/Mary died 17 Oct 1954/Robert died 11 Oct 1951/and their parents./RIP

23. I./H.S. /Thy/Will/Be/Done/Erected by/Darhard King/Tentore/in memory of his father/John king/who died 20th April 1870/aged 50 years./Also his mother/Judith King/died Oct 2nd 1901/aged 68 years./and his two sisters/bridget & Mary who died young/

24. Erected/by.Edward Cahill/Rathnakelly,/in memory of his father/John cahill./Died 25th June 1902. aged 78 years./Also his mother/bridget Cahill./died 4th Aug 1902 aged 70 yeasr./And his son John./died 9th May 1904.Aged 11 months./RIP

25. Phelan/Herke: Erected by /Laurence Phelan of Boston/in memory of his father/Patrick Phelan,/who died Feb 8 1846, aged 75 yrs/Also his mother Sarah Phelan/who died July 10th 1861 aged 82 yrs./And his son Thomas who died /May 19th 1876, aged 20 years./ In loving memory of/Kate and John Herke/Boston, died in 1975/RIP

26. Duggan: Erected by Catherine/Duggan of Ballacolla in/memory of her beloved /husband Thomas Duggan/who dept this life January/the 27th 185?8 . Agd ?76 yrs.

Front of church – section beside church – grassy

27. Erected by/Margaret Phelan/Ballacolla/In loving memory of her husband/John Phelan/died 21st Oct 1961 aged 46 yrs./Also his father Patrick/died 15th Aug 1919 aged 47 yrs./His mother Margaret died 14th Aug 1950/Aged 78 yrs./Andrew died 18th April 1942 aged 25 yrs./Catherine died 16th June 1954/aged 41 yrs/RIP

28. Come my spouse, receive the crown prepared/ for you /jesus, Mary, and Joseph of our charity pray for the /repose of the soul of Lizzie Agnes Phelan, Farran /in religion Sr. Mary of St. Canice/who departed this life in the convent/General of the Good Shepherd/Angeas, France on the 7th of July 1884/on the 20th year of her age and the third of her religious profession/ fortfied /with the rights of Holy Church /and her conformity to the will of God/her obedience and servane/have won the affection of the community/by whom she is deeply regretted/Also Robert Phelan her father /who departed this life the 22nd /of November 1907/Aged 89 years./RIP/May she rest in Peace Amen /

29. Erected to/the memory of/Mrs. Mary Phelan of Seeregh/who died October the 14th 1877/aged 80 years./Also her grandchild/Mary Phelan of Cuffsboro who/died young/also her son John Phelan died /November the 29th 1886 aged 73 /years./Also Thomas Phelan/of Cuffsboro who died Janury (sic)/19th 1904 aged 81 years./RIP

30. Erected/by/John Phelan./Ballygeehan./in memory of his beloved wife/Anne Phelan./who died 1st November 1891. Aged 33 years./Also their child/Lizzie Agnes who died young./His father Joseph Phelan died 20-Dec 1894 aged 80 yrs./Ellen Phelan died 11-March 1911/Aged 34 yrs./Joseph Phelan died 11 April 1914/aged 27 yrs./james Phelan died 22-Dec 1926/aged 33 yrs./John Phelan, Ballygeehan castle/died 31 –january 1977, aged 88 yrs./Also his granddaughters/Lorraine (Mary) Phelan/died 1-July 1982 aged 4 mths/Lorraine Phelan/died 5-nov 1988, aged 5 yrs./His wife Una/died 18 March 1994 aged 85 yrs./RIP

Back of church; Section beside church

In Publ: 31. In/your charity/pray for the /repose of the soul/of/Patrick Phelan,/Ballacolla, /who died 28th Jan 1929./Also his parents/peter Phelan./and Mary Phelan,/Also his brothers,/peter Phelan and Patrick Phelan/RIP

In Publ: 32. In loving memory of/John Cassin/died May 21st 1984 aged 86 yrs./His wife Matilda/died Feb 23rd 1980 aged 80 yrs./Their daughter Kathleen/died Mar 22nd 1984 aged 58 yrs./RIP/Erected by the Cassin Family.

In Publ : 33. Erected by/maria O’Connor,/to the memory of her beloved husband/Andrew O’Connor./of Calvorstown Kilcullen, Co. Kildare/who died March 10th 1885,/aged 66 years./Requiscant in Pace Amen. Publ has Calverstown & 56 not 66 years

Bell began ringing for mass when I was at this stone, I think I left quickly after this and that would be why I am missing so many from the publication!!

34. In Pub: Section parallel to body of church: I.H.S./In loving memory of/Alice Campion/Carrick/who died Feb 21st 1921, aged 32 yrs./her husband William Campion,/who died Oct 20th 1962, aged 79 yrs./Also Sarah Campion/died Sept 14nd 1975 aged 52 yrs.And her husband Michael/died June 18 1983 aged 64/

In Publ: 35 ‘Erected by’ /by/ Patrick /Ballycogue, /in loving memory of his dear wife/Mary, who died 22nd May 1892. Aged 50 yrs./His sons, Michael /died in America 7th Feby 1893 aged 22 yrs/Joseph/died in Dublin, 1st June 1888, aged 25 yrs./his daughters Martha & Bridget /who died young/Also his father in law Michael Shiel /& his mother in law Mary Shiel/Margaret Dunne died 15th August 1955 /aged 73 Yrs./her husband James Dunne/died 8th Sept 1960 aged 84 yrs./Their daughter Mary Dunne/died 1st March 1993 aged 81 yrs./RIP

Had question marks for ‘Erected by’ Had BAllycogue not Ballygogue

In Publ: 36. Erected by Mrs. Fitzpatrick/of Ballagague, in memory of her husband/Jeremiah Fitzpatrick/who died October 9th 1862, aged 68 yrs./Also her daughter Bridget who /died September 9th 1863, aged 18 years./and Alan Brennan/died 28th Feb 1988, aged 72 yrs./RIP Have Jeremiah as aged 68 – 65 in publ Have Bridget aged 18 – 19 in publ

More on this stone in publ – Brennan, Ballygogue 1988

37.In Publ: In loving memory/of/our dear mother/Johanna Cantwell/Kyle, Durrow/died 25 May 1974 aged 83 yrs./RIP/Erected by her loving /husband and family Extra in publ that I don’t have

38. Erected/by/Maria bergin,/of tentore,/in memory of her beloved husband/Patrick bergin,/who died 25th Aprtil 1890, aged 70 years./Also his son,/Kyran, who died young/Requiscant in Pace.

39. In Publ. Family Plot: Erected by/Denis Phelan./Tentore,/in memory of his father/John Phelan/who died 27th Feb 1911./also his sisters/Mary./died 23rd April 1891. aged 16/Elizabeth./Died 24th Aug 1911. Aged 29 yrs./RIP Side of stone: Also his mother/Margaret Phelan/died 1st May 1918. /Aged 78 years./ Extra on this stone in publ that I don’t have