Ballyadding Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Ballyadding church: Originally typed pre-July 1999. Access through a back road,gate painted, kept in good condition, grass cut recently. Tall black metal makers with only initial on them. Just as you come in gate.

Gannon: Stone under tree falling over: IHS/In memory of/THOMAS GANNON/who died 28th Feb 1907/aged 60 years. /Also his wife/Bridget/who died 22nd April 1910/aged 59 years./RIP/Erected by /Peter Reilly/Ballybrittas: Stone made by M. Murray, Parkvale, Stradbally

Foran: IHS/Erected by /William Foran. Rathdare. /In loving memory of his siter/Kate. Who died 9th Oct 1899/aged 30 years./Also his father William/who died 15th June 1906/aged 76 years/& his mother Elen./Who died 30th Decr 1912/aged 84 years./Also his niece Madge./died 16th Decr 1917 aged 23 years/And his brothers/John died 17th Novr 1940/aged 84 years./Michael died 2nd June 1943/aged 75 years./Also the above William/died 10th Novr 1943 aged 76 years./RIP

MacHale: IHS/In /loving memory/of/Elizabeth MacHale, Rath./died 12th Dec 1913 aged 52 yrs./Her husband Michael John/died 3rd June 1937 aged 75 yrs./Their son Patrick/died 8th Jan 1979 aged 88 yrs./Also Mary Therese & Mary MacHale /who died young/RIP/Erected by Michael MacHale

Carroll: IHS/Here Lieth ye Body of /Michael Carroll Depd this Life ye 6th of June/1774. Aged 63 years/May he rest in peace.

Behan: Erected/by/James Behan, Ballyaddan./To the memory of his father/John Behan/ who departed this life 2nd Oct 1910/aged 74 years. /And his brothers/John & William died young./Also his mother/Helen/died 17th April 195, aged 82 years./Mary died 1st April 1952/Patrick died 26th March 1956 aged 80 yrs./James died 14th Jan 1959 aged 90 yrs./RIP

Dempsey/Dempsy: Here Lyeth the Body of/Laurence Dempsy who depart/ed this life the 6th day of /May 1741. Aged 41 and /James Dempsy – no date given for James

Flat stone in front of Dempsy stone: Can’t read – ?Laurence – can’t read departed this life 17?

Dune: 1767: (Duanspe?l) Rest in peace Amen. John Dune & Family.

Murphy: In loving memory/of/Michael Murphy./ Bellgrove, Ballybrittas/who died 12th April 1988/aged 89 years./Son Patrick/who died September 1936 /aged 6 months./RIP/Erected by his loving wife & family

Marker: BN

Cleer: Here Lies the Body of /Laurence Cleer Senior/and Laurence Juner/Father and Son. Laurence/Cleer Senior depd this life/Jany ?6th 1790 aged 72 Years/Launce Cleer Junior depd this life Decr 17th 1810 Aged /35 years/Lord Have Mercy on their /Souls

Hanlon: IHS/Erected By Margret Hanlon/of Ballybrittas in Memory of her Brother Jeramiah Hanlon/who departed this Life Decr /the 27th 1822. Aged 60 Years/Also John Hanlon who Depart/ed this Life March the 5th 1814/Aged 58 Years./may the rest in peace Amen

Metal Marker : MC

Connolly: Book Tablet: Across the top: In loving memory of/ side 1: Susan /Connolly/Ashgrove/died 6-May 1935/Her Daughter/Susan/died July 1936/And son/William/died 1935/Rest in Peace (Across the two sides of tablet.

Connolly: In loving memory of/Joseph Connolly/Ballybrittas/who died 20th Nov 1967/aged 59 years/also his parents & brother/and in memory of his wife/? Ann Connolly/who died 20th March 198?/Aged 76 years/RIP/Erected by his loving wife and family.

Dunne: This stone was erecd /by Bryan Dunne in /Memory of his beloved/Wife Margret Dunne/who depd this life March/11th 1805 Aged 55 Years./Also his Son Silvester/Dunne who Depd this – rest of stone is underground.

Dunn: IHS/Here Lyeth ye Body /of John Dunn who depd /this Life October ye 4th/1787 Aged 24 yrs . Lord/have Mercy on his Soul

Dunn: IHS (broken stone) Here Lyeth ye Body of/Timothy Dunn he Depd /this Life ? the 16th 1786/Aged 3/56

Fenlon: In loving memory of/Christopher Fenlon/Ballyaddan/died 9-March 1961 aged 76 yrs./His daughter Mary Teresa/died 9 – March 1945 aged 9 yrs/His son Nicholas & daughter /Margaret who died young/his wife Elizabeth /died 15-Sept 1977 aged 75 yrs/RIP/Erected by his wife and Family/Stone made by Mckeon Stradbally

Horan: IHS/Erected /By Mary Horan/Portarlington/In/Memory /Of her husband Patrick/Horan who depd this life/Octbr 28th 182?0/Aged 79 Yrs.

Small metal marker

Beahan: O Lord Have mercy on/The Soul of Luke /Beahan who Depd this/Life Octbr ye 24th 1793 Agd /62 yrs/Also his wife/Catherine Beahan depd/June ye 20th 1797/Aged 70 yrs.

Chambers: IHS/Erected by /Michael Chambers /in loving memory of his son/Laurence/died 15th Dec 1946 aged 14 ½ yrs/Also his loving mother/Bridget Chambers/died 7th May 1935 aged 84 years/RIP

Tynan: IHS/Erected by/Edward & John Tynan/In memory of their beloved parents/Timothy Tynan died 16th March 1858/Aged /?35 years/Mary Tynan died 17th March 1882/aged 75 years/Also their brother Timothy died 18th Sep 1851/aged 12 years/And their sister Catherine Tynan/died 8 May 1881 aged 35 years./The above named John Tynan/died Feb 1886 aged 47 years/Also the above named Edward Tynan/who died 20th Sep 1?900 aged 41 years. Also their sister Esther died June 29th 1895/aged 45 years.

Tearnan: IHS (brken stone) Here Lieth ye Bod/y Margret ?Tearnan/Who Died October /the 7th 17/6 aged ?? Erected by John Tearnan. There may be a Laurence on this stone – can’t read properly

Lawlar: IHS/Here lyes the Body of Margaret Law/lar who departed July the 31st 1761

O’Connell: In loving memory/of/Patrick O’Connell/Coolroe/died 2nd Nov 1959/Aged 65 years./His wife Mary /died 31st May 1965/aged 72 years./Their sons/David, Joseph and Michael /who died young./His brother Michael O’Connell/died 8th Oct 1962/Aged 62 years./RIP

Roberts: IHS/Erected /in loving memory of/Alice Roberts (Ballyaddam) /who died 10th Sept 1950/aged 64 years/Also her daughter in law/ Josephine/ who died 27th Feb 1949./ aged 27 years./And her husband John./who died 30th March 1960, aged 74 years/RIP/Stone made by McKeon in Stradbally

Tynan: Flat Stone: Here lieth ye body of ?Tynan, 17??

Tynan: Flat stone: Here Lyeth the Body /of Ellisth Tynan who/ departed this life 170?5 Laughlin Tynan Aged 54 yrs

Kinsella: In loving memory/of/Thomas Kinsella/Jamestown/died 9th March 1948/Aged 74 years./His wife Jane/died 24th March 1952/Aged 73 years/RIP/Erected by their son Michael & his wife

Fitzgerald: In Loving Memory Of/Edward Fitzgerald/Bellgrove, Ballybrittas/died 4th Sept 1967/his Grandaughter Mary/died 1st Nov 1958,/aged 3 months/His Grandson Noel/died 10th July 1979, aged 2 ½ years./Baby Mary /who died at birth/Also his wife Elizabeth /died 4th Feb 1988, aged 83 years./Their Daughter-in-Law Brigid/died 10th Nov 1993, aged 54 years./RIP/On their Souls Sweet Jesus/Have mercy.
Stone made by Fenlon: New Inn, Emo.
Also on this plot: A Heart Plaque: Best Mam /in the world/from your loving/daughter Martha /Son-in Law P.J. & Family
Another: Ever loving /daughter /Lily & Family
Another: To a /wonderful/ mother/love/daughter/Phil & Family

Tynan: In Loving Memory Of/ELLEN TYNAN/Bellgrove/died 3rd Nov 1937, aged 54 yrs/her husband JAMES /died 6th March 1957, aged 80 yrs./also their daughter ELIZABETH/died 22nd April 1921, aged 6 ½ yrs./RIP/Erected by their loving family

Maher: In Loving Memory/of Mrs. Mary Maher. Died on 26th -Feb/1947. Age 71 yrs. Of Fisherstown/Balleybrittas. Also James Maher/died on 3rd Nov 1949, age 71 yrs. /Also their son John Maher/died May 14, 1974 Age 60 yrs/RIP

Kiernan: In Loving Memory Of/JOHN KIERNAN/Ballycarroll/died 16th May 1950/Aged 23 years./RIP/Erected by his wife & Family.

Brady: Celtic Cross: In/Loving Memory/of/Philip Brady/Rathdair/who died 23rd Jan 1909./Aged 63 years./His daughter Dora/died 5th May 1876/Aged 7 yrs./ Erected by his son /William Brady/New York City/RIP

Lonergan: Erected/In Memory of/Frances Lonergan/Courtwood/who died 24th Dec, 1957./Aged 29 years/RIP