Bawn Hill Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Stradbally Barony; Curraclone parish; Athy Poor Law Union Registration district

Salter: In loving memory/of/THOMAS RICHARD SALTER/Blackford, Stradbally./died 28th August 1950. Aged 72 yrs. / His wife EMILY FRANCES / died 5-Oct, 1963. Aged 78 yrs. / Blessed are the pure in heart.

Salter: Erected/To the memory of Peter/the beloved child of/George and Caroline Salter/died April 20th 1877/aged 10 yrs/ also their infant children Edward Gilbert, /Isod, Sarah, & Alice/Safe in the arms of Jesus/Geo’ Salter died Aug 4 1880/Aged 44 yrs./George Edwd. Died Feb 11th 1892/Aged 19yrs./Caroline Eleanor Salter died Novr./3rd 1893 aged 56 yrs./ Jane died 30th Jan, 1930. Aged 59 years./ James died 22nd Feb, 1944. Aged 68 years./John L., died 4th Feb, 1946. Aged 72 years/Martha Seale Salter /died 15th Jan , 1950. Aged 85 yrs./

Shaw: Margaret Kate Shaw 1902-1956

Edge-McKenna: In loving memory of/Edward C. V Edge-McKenna, Inch House,/Stradbally./born October 9th 1897/died January 15th 1973/Also his wife Janette/died November 30th 1995/The Lord is my Shepherd

Salter: In loving memory/of/George Thomas Salter/Blackford/died 4th May 1982/aged 54 years/At rest.

Ronaldson: In /loving memory of/Eliza Ronaldson/who departed this life/the 1st April 1878/aged 43 years./He sent from above. He took me. /He drew me out of many waters./

Wilkinson: Sacred/ to /the memory/Richard Wilkinson/who died 18th January 1900/aged 62 years/also of his wife/Mary/who died 24th September 1908/Aged 71 years/And of their children/Richard/who died novr 10th 1919 , aged 39 years/Also his wife/Mina Gertrude/who died April 28th 1919, aged 42 years./Lily died 28th November 1940/Barbara died 18th March 1952/His giveth his beloved Sleep

Celtic Cross: Richard & Mina.

Whitton/Douglas: William Whitton/who died 16th Sept 1909/aged 85 years./Also of his wife/Marjorie Whitton/who died 5th Jany 1907/aged 79 years/Also in loving memory of /Marjorie their eldest /daughter who died /9th January 1917/And their third daughter Isabel Douglas who died 1st March 1952/Aged 95 years./”I shall be satisfied when/ I awake with thy likeness”.

Whitton: In loving memory of/John Whitton/Springfield/died April 1st 1945/aged 83 years/And his dead wife Mary Jane/died September 5th 1970/I know that my Redeemer livith./DATE FOR HER DEATH CAN’T BE RIGHT _ CHECK!!!!

Anton: In loving memory of/James Anton/Ballykilcavan/who died January 10th 1910/aged 42 years/Also his wife Ellen/who died 21st Jan 1946/Aged 81 years/”Looking unto Jesus the Author and finisher of our faith”

Livingstone: Sacred to the memory/of/Mary Ann/Livingstone/died 21st November 1906/Aged 42 yrs

Percy In loving memory of/James ?Percy who died at
Ballykilcavan/May 12th 1933 aged 62 years./And Mary his wife/died march 6th 1954 aged 77 years./

Names in capitals on the above stone

Walsh/Johnson: Family Plot in front of Church: Straight line

Jocelyn Otway Johnson/born Dec 24th 1837 died Nov 6th 1919 – base overgrown by grass.

Next stone in row : Kathleen Selina Blanche Walsh /youngest daughter of Sir John Allen Johnson Walsh Bart of Ballykilcavan born December 1872 died May 1897

John Allen Johnson Walsh/4th baronet of Ballykilcavan/Born April 24th 1829/died May 8th 1893/and / Harriet Anne his wife / born November 7th 1834 / died May 9th 1924 /

Next stone : Hunt Henry Allen / Johnson Walsh / 6th baronet / born Jan 18th 1864 /died Sept 3rd 1953 / and / Grace his wife / born Sept 15th (can’t read) died 1941

In between above and next stone is : Oonah Frances Walsh Kemmis / Born 13 June 1913 died 30 January 1997 (new stone)

Last stone in row : William Frederick Walsh Kemmis /of Shaen, Ballykilcavan /1906-1986

Shaun Tanedeasales / killed flying over (can’t read) 25th August 1962 aged 26 / Take wings thy shall (can’t read the rest)