Camross COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Scully: Erected by/Edward Scully of Ballinrally/in memory o his beloved/wife Mary Scully who/departed this life/Aug 28th 1862 aged 62 years/also his son Denis Scully died /June 1st 1862 aged 31 years (?51 yrs)/James Scully Birchgrove/died 23rd July 1913/His wife Kate/died 27th Sept 1927/RIP Requiscat in Pace.

Tuck/Howard: IHS/Sacred/to the memory of/Edward Tuck/of Ballyoliolaine of Offerlane/who died 12th December 1875 aged 89 years/Also his wife /Ellen Tuck nee Howard/ who died 15th December 1878/aged 75 years/also their children Judith and Mary, who died young/also John Tuck who died 19th December 1895/aged67 years/Requiscant in Pace: Stone made by Fitzpatrick and Sons in Glasnevin. Big marble stone, Angel on top. Side 1: Thomas Howard Tuck/who died July 10th 1900 aged 65 years/

Behan: Erected by/Eliza Behan of Derryday/In memory of her beloved husband /Edward Behan/ who departed this life/ July 8th 1865/in the 49th year of his age

Kirwan: Erected/by/ Mrs. Anne Kirwan/Ballinalley in memory of/her beloved husband/ Laurence Kirwan/ who died 7th June 1884/aged 65 years/also their children/ Mary died 5th March 1889 /aged 20 years/John died 1860 aged 6 years/Denis died 1856 aged 6 months/RIP

Fitzpatrick: Here lies the body of/Owen Fitzpatrick of Lac/eey who depd this life August/?9th 1818 aged 65 years also his /daughter Judith depd this life/April 4th 1824 aged 24 yaers

Cuddy/Phelan: Erected by/Patrick Cuddy/ of Derrylahan in memory of his /wife Mary Cuddy alias Phelan/ who depd this life Oct 22nd 1847 / aged 58 years/Also his son Michael Cuddy/ depd this /life September 22nd 1850 aged 25 years

Campion: Erected by Denis Campion/in memory of his father Thomas/Campion of Rathmaconnam who depd this life 24th of July 1824 aged 63 years/Also Denis Campion who erected this stone depd ? 1829 aged 33 years

Carey: Erected/by/ John Carey// of Camross/in memory of his mother/ Margaret Carey/ who died June 9th 1848 aged 54 years/Also his father /Denis Carey /died Decr 10th 1875 aged 84 years/ and also his beloved wife/ Johanna Carey/ died Feby 1895 aged 55 years/Also his daughter /Bridget Carey/ died 23rd Decr 1908 aged 32 years/Also the above John Carey/ died 13th March 1910 aged 73/8 years/RIP

Lyons: Erected/by the family/ in loving memory of their/parents William Lyons/who died 17th March 1886 /aged 66 years/His wife Margaret Lyons/died 3rd Feb 1943 aged 99 years/and their son William/died 23rd Jan 1948 aged 61 years/Also their son James/died 12th July 1947 aged 73 years/His wife Frances /died 27th Dec 1980 aged 91 years/their son James/died 26th April 1965 aged 35 years

Phelan: In/loving memory of/Patrick Phelan Rushin/died Nov 1900 aged 55 years/his son James/ died May 1901 aged 4 years /His wife Nora/died June 1919 aged 53 years/His son Henry/died Nov 1922 aged 22 years/and his daughter Nellie /died May 1940/RIP

Ryan: Sacred to the memory of/The Rev. John Ryan P.P Camross/ordained July 1882/ceased of precious blood/died 8th February 1923/Aged 67 years

Timothy: Pray for the soul/of the /Rev. Joseph Timothy O.C.B.A. /who was born/ in the Parish of St. John’s Kilkenny /12th May 1862 and who died 6th Jan 1900/in the 15th year of his sacred ministry/faithful in the discharge of his/sacred /duties. Gentle and kind he enjoyed the/esteem and affection of all who knew/him and especially of his brother Priests by whom this monument was erected/A grateful Tribute to his memory.

Phelan: Erected by Daniel Phelan/of Barn in memory of his father/Mathew Phelan who depd this /life May 17th 1835 aged 60 years/Also his mother Margt Phelan/who depd this life ?? 1846 aged 84 years.

Dunne: Erected by/Edward Dunne of Capphy in /memory of his father-in-law/ Martin Dunne of Cappanalow /who died April 26th 1868 aged 72 years.

Delany/Kavanagh: Erected by Gregory Kavanagh/in memory of his father in law/Mr. Michael Delany/Merchant Mountrath/who departed this life 16th August 1866 aged 65 years/also to the memory of his son John Joseph Kavanagh/died 14th April 1865/Aged 11 months and 15 days. Side of stone has writing but needs to be scratched.

Thorpe: Erected /by/Margaret Thorpe/Castlecon….. in memory of her parents/Daniel Thorpe/died 5th Dec 1886 aged 70/Mary Anne Thorpe /died 15th May 1891 aged 66/also their children/Maria died 2nd April 1888 aged 30 /Michael died 11th March 1904 aged 58/Kate died 20th March 1913 aged 62

Delaney/Delany/Humphres: Erected by Mary Delaney/Ballyhoran in memory of her/beloved husband Patrick Delany who died August 24th 1868 aged 86 /yrs Her son John died 12th July 1850 aged 32 years/and her daughter/Margartet Humphres also of/Mountrath died 22nd of May 1862/can’t read

Gorman: Erected by/Mrs. Ellen/ Gorman of/Crannagh to /the memory of/her husband/Martin Gorman /who departed/this life March/11th 1882 aged 78 years/Also her three sons/John died June 2nd 1856 aged11 years/Martin died February 28th 1871 aged 17 years/and Denis died December 11th 1877 aged 21 years/RIP Can’t read bottom of stone Back of Monument:Ellen Gorman died 10th February 1894

Doherty: Erected by/Kate Doherty /of Camross/in memory of her father/Kieran Doherty/ who died Feb 2nd 1898/aged 73 years/also her mother/Anne Doherty/who died Jan 8 1905/aged 82 years/In the graveyard softly sleeping/here the flowers gently wave/lies the ones we loved so dearly /in the cold and silent grave/sleep on dear parents may your slumber be as gentle as our love/and when God calls us homewards we will meet in heaven above/RIP

Hooban: Erected/by/Thomas Hooban/of Ringstown/ in memory of his beloved father /Michael Hooban/who died Sept 28th 1890 aged 92 years/Also his other /Anne Hooban/who died March 25th 1901 aged 91 years/Also his brother/Patrick Hooban/who died Aug 14th 1886 aged 39 years

Tynan/Lalor: Pray for the soul of/Daniel Tynan/ of Camross/who died Jan 24th 1905/aged 82 years/also in memory of his two sons both called John /aged 7 and 3 years/ and for the soul of his wife/ Mary Anne/who died Feb 14th 1909 /Aged 75 years/Jerome Tynan/died Oct 5th 1927/aged 69 years/Ann Lalor nee Tynan/died Aug 26th 1921/aged 46 years/Kate died May 14th 1931/aged 73 years/Pray for Sister /Mary Baptist Tynan /of Jesus and Mary /who died April 12th 1927/in the 38th years of her/Religious life as a nun/of the cross and passion

Phelan: Here lieth the body of/Daniel Phelan Shraghhane/who depd this life Jan 26th /1833/ aged 80 years

Fitzpatrick: Erected/by/James and Mary Fitzpatrick/ in memory of their beloved father and mother /Thomas Fitzpatrick/died 8th Sept 1873 aged 70 years/Kate Fitzpatrick/died 4th Jany 1848 aged 32 years/Also their infant child Kate/died 5th Feb 1848/Weep not for us o children dear/we are not dead but sleeping here/we are not gone but ??