Chapel Cross Roads Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Brennan: In Loving Memory Of/Bridget Brennan/Knockbawn./died 24th April 1962 aged 72 yrs/Her husband James/died 8th Feb 1970 aged 76 yrs./Their son John/died 21st Oct 1964 aged 42 years./RIP/Erected by their son Bernard/& his wife Maureen

Dunne: In/loving Memory of/John Dunne Ballygormile/died 11th Dec 1907/aged 75 years./His wife Bridget/died 5th Dec 1933/Aged 75 years/Also their children /whose remains are here interred/Michael died 13th July 1931/Anastasia died 14th Feb 1933/Back of stone; Can’t read.

Dunne: In Loving memory Of/William Dunne/Graiguenahown/died 31st January 1952/Also his beloved wife/Eileen/died 14th April 1971/Interred in Mount Jerome Cemetery/RIP

Delaney: In Loving Memory /Of/Patrick Delaney/Knock/died 3rd April 1923 aged 54 yrs/His wife Anastasia/died 7th Dec 1925/Aged 49 years/RIP

Keyes: Erected By/Dan Byrne/Knockbawn/In memory of/His grandparents/Edward & Norah Keyes/Also their children /Patrick & Elizabeth Keyes./RIP

Mcgrath/Carroll: In Loving Memory /Of/Kate McGrath, Graigue,/died 11th Jan 1933./Her husband John, /died 23rd Sept 1941./Her son Peter,/died 24th May 1934./Her sister Mary Carroll/William McGrath died 28th June 1968./And his wife Josephine McGrath /died 9th Dec 1987./RIP

McGrath: In/Loving Memory/Of/William McGrath /Graigue/Died 28th June 1968/Also/His wife Josephine/died 9th Dec 1987

Fennell: Book Tablet: In Loving Memory of/Anna/Fennell/Spink/died 11th Feb/1992/RIP

Costigan: Erected/In Loving memory/of/Patrick Costigan/Knockbawn/who died 30th April 1891 aged 60 years/his wife Mary /died 20th Dec 1933 aged 84 years./Also their children/Ellen died 28th May 1925 aged 38 years./Kate died 10th Feb 1935 aged 52 years./

O’Neill: In/Loving memory of/John O’Neill Spink/died 9th Sept 1990./Aged 77 years./His baby son John /aged 10 weeks/died in Ballymacoda, Cork/RIP/Erected by his wife Bessie & Family

O’Connor: In Loving Memory Of/Thomas O’Connor/who died 2nd Feb 1966/Aged 58 years./Also his wife Elizabeth who died 5th June 1984/aged 67 years./RIP

Hennessy/Walsh: In Loving Memory Of/Sarah Hennessey. Knockbawn/died 23rd Sept 1946 aged 68 yrs. /Her husband William Hennessy/died 10th Sept 1948 aged 78 yrs/her parents Redmond Walsh/died 16th Jan 1909 aged 65 yrs./Winifred Walsh /died 30th May 1892 aged 46 yrs./Also Catherine Walsh/sister of Redmond Walsh died 22nd Dec 1922 aged 78 yrs./William hennessy died 28th June 1989 aged 67 yrs. /His sister Winifred Hennessy,/ died 19th Aug 1992 aged 79 years./RIP/Erected by their loving family

McEvoy: In Loving Memory Of/MARGARET McEVOY Garryglass/died 1- July 1976 aged 90 yrs/her husband PATRICK /died 6 – June 1977 aged 80 years./RIP

Costigan: In Loving memory Of/Our dear parents and brothers/Mary Costigan, Spink/who died 10th Sept 1966 aged 71 years./Her husband Timothy /who died 9th Dec 1974 aged 84 years./Their sons Michael, New York/who died 3rd May 1993 aged 62 years/Rev. Fr. William (Liam) Costigan/Christchurch, New Zealand /ordained 3rd June 1951/who died 30th Nov 1997 aged 71 years./RIP

Doyle: In Memory of/Our loving parents/Mary Doyle/died 4th Oct 1967, aged 62 years./Her husband John Doyle/died 12th Nov 1974 aged 76 years./RIP

Brennan: In Loving Memory/Of/ Mary Brennan,/Knock/died 14th Dec 1968 aged 56 years./Also her daughter Pauline /who died young./Her husband Patrick/died 17th June 1995 aged 88 years.

Buggy: In Loving memory /Of/James Buggy Graigue, Spink/died 12th Sept 1969/aged 81 years./RIP/Erected by his nephew/John Walsh

Brennan: In/Loving Memory/Of/Patrick Brennan/Knockbawn/died 24th Sept 1978 aged 83 yrs./RIP/My Jesus mercy/Erected by/His nephew wife and children

Butler: In Loving Memory Of/Johnnie Butler/died 23rd Dec 1980 aged 57 years/RIP

Hennessy: In Loving memory of/James Hennessy/Knockbawn/died 24th Jan 1981 aged 63 years./RIP/Thy will be done

Doyle: In Loving Memory /Of /John Doyle/Clenagh, Spink/died 17th may 1979/aged 84 years./RIP/Jesus Mercy, Mary help./Erected by his loving wife & family. Same Grave: To John/…….from his wife Christina & Family, missed al the names

Brennan: In Loving Memory/Of/James Brennan/Knockbawn/died 3rd Feb 1985 aged 53 yrs./RIP/Erected by his loving family

Bowe: In/Loving Memory Of/Michael Bowe/Graiguenahown,/died 22nd July 1982/aged 62 years. /RIP/Erected by his loving wife Margaret

Moran: In/Loving Memeory of/Rita Moran. /Graigue, Abbeyleix/died 26th Aug 1987,/aged 64 yrs./Also her husband Ben /died 30th April 1997/aged 82 yrs./RIP/Erected by her loving husband & family.

Knowles: In Loving Memory/Of/Teresa Knowles /Graiguenahown/who died 14th March 1989/aged 69 years./Also her daughter/Mary Teresa Knowles – Heinze/who died 24th April 1996 in Amsterdam/aged 36 years./.Interred here./RIP

O’Donoghue: In/Loving Memory Of/Bridget O’Donoghue/Knockbawn./died 2nd April 1990/aged 60 yrs./Her husband Patrick/died 12th Feb 1998/Aged 77 years./Erected by her loving husband and family.

Kehoe: In Loving Memory/Of/Vincent Kehoe/Cleanagh/who died 6th April 1992/aged 68 years./Rest In Peace/Erected by his loving wife/and family

Carter: In Loving Memory/ of/ Brenda Carter/Spink/died 29th May 1994/aged 59 years/RIP /Erected by her loving husband and family.

O’Reilly: In Loving Memory /Of/ James O’Reilly/Knockbawn./died 25th March 1987 aged 81 yrs. /Erected by his loving wife and daughter

Murphy/Conway: In Loving Memory Of/ Michael Murphy/Knockbawn, Abbeyleix/who died 28th Sept 1990, /aged 88 yrs./Also his wife Henrietta/(Nee Conway)/ who died 2nd Dec 1991, /aged 91 yrs./RIP/Erected by his loving wife and family.

McDonald: In/Loving Memory Of/Michael McDonald /Moyadd,/died 16th Oct 1983 /aged 60 years./His brother /John McDonald/died 27th March 1990/aged 69 years./RIP /Sweet Jesus Have mercy/

Brophy: In Loving Memory/Of/ A dear husband and father /James (Jim) Brophy/Knockbawn, Spink/died 7th February 1997/aged 74 years./His baby son P.J./died in infancy /interred in Clough/Rest in Peace

Keyes: In Loving Memory/Of/May Keyes/Knockbawn/died 12th January 1997/Rest In Peace/Erected by her loving husband and daughter

Mulhall: In Loving Memory/Of/Anne Mulhall/Graigue/died 25th October 1994/aged 72 years./Also her husband Denis/died 24th January 1997/Aged 85 years./Rest in Peace/Erected by her loving husband/and family