Clonenagh Burial Ground Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Clonenagh: Maryborough West Barony; Clonenagh & Clonagheen Parish; Mountmellick Poor Law union/Registration District

Notes from Laois Archaeological Survey: OS 17:2:3 (414,568) ‘Burial Gd.’ OD 400-500 23898,19574) Graveyard and Cross Slabs: Reference to a monastery founded by St. Fintan c.548 (O’Byrne 1856, 55-6). No visible surface traces survive. Within the graveyard are some Early Christian cross-slabs, rectangular in shape, carved in false relief or simply cross-incised. Also a block of sandstone decorated with Romanesque art. St. Fintan’s well, (No. 842) and site of a holy tree lie to SSE. Burial Ground (No. 879) to S. 17:3 (07) 31-8-1990

Graveyard outside Mountrath on the right hand side of the road:

Hyland: Gloria in Excelsius Doe/Erected by Patrick Hyland in/Memory of his wife Eleanor/Hyland who departed this life/Oct. 15th 1811 aged 36 years/Also his son Patrick/departed Jan 20th 1812./Aged 8 years. Also his son Jas died/may 11th 1824 aged 15 years. And his /son Charles who died young.

Grace: Small metal stone – one of the round crosses:/In loving memory of/Robert Grace/Died 17th July ’15/aged 32 years Plaque:Also his brothers and/sisters may their /souls through the mercy of God/RIP.

McCarthy: Family plot:Plaque at end of plot: In/Loving memory of/Eugeen McCarthy who /died 13th Dec 1994 Also/his brother Sean died/7th April 1995/RIP

McCarthy: First stone on plot:/In memory /of/Julia McCarthy/beloved wife of/Thos McCarthy/died 16th Nov. 1922/aged 29 years/RIP/Stone on bottom/J.M.J./Sarah McCarthey/the wife of /John McCarthy died 2-12-21/aged 80 years/and their son/Fintan McCarthy /died 14-10-1913 aged 33 years/RIP

McCarthy: Middle Plaque:/In loving memory /of/Thomas McCarthy/Mountrath/son of John /& Sarah McCarthy who/died 8th Dec.1944/aged 67 years and his/ brother John who died/24th Sept 1951 aged/70 years/RIP

McCarthy: Third stone same plot: Both these stones have celtic crosses on top with Thy will be done written on them: In loving memory of /John McCarthy/who died March/14th 1891, aged 52/years. Also his/daughter mary/who died July 10th/1903 aged 23 years. /RIP

Conroy: Thy will be done – cross/In/loving memory of/Joseph Conroy/Mountrath/who died 2nd March 1932/aged 79 years/RIP

Conroy: In loving memory of/Bridget Conroy/Clonbarrow/did 8-6-1930, aged 52/hern husband, William/died 23-9-1943. ag 73/Their daughter, Ellen/did 14-3-1991. Aged 77/her brother /Patrick Conroy/11-6-1992, aged 83/RIP

Heffernan/Whelan/Berry: Large stone & Plot: In loving memory/of/John Heffernan/Clonkeen, Portlaoise/died 1916/his parents/ Michael & Mary (Nee Whelan)/Also Fintan Whelan/Johns wife Mary died 1st march 1936/their/daughters /Mary died 1897, aged 14 years//Margaret Berry died 16th Dec 1964/Their son Micheal /died 12th May 1976, aged 76 years/and his wife Anne/died 27th march 1991/RIP Erected by Michael and Annes family

Kenny: Another metal Cross:In loving/memory /of/ Patrick J. Kenny/who died at Mountrath/the 13th June 1920 aged 1 year.

Wall/O’Neill: Next: metal cross/Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on us/In Loving memory of/Thomas Wall/his wife Elizabeth/and their daughter/Lillie O’Neill/RIP/Erected by Mary O’Neill.

Farrell: In memory of/john Joseph Farrell/Maryboro Rd./who died 7th June 1965/aged 47 years his wife/Annie who died 22nd/Jan 1969, aged 62 years/ and his mother /Annie Farrell who/died 29th may 1948/RIP Erected by his family

Burke: Another metal/Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us/In memory of /JohnBurke/Dysarybeigh/died 19-5-1938/aged 30 years /RIP

O’Brien: Another metal cross/In loving memory of/Norah O’Brien. Died 16th Dec. 1915/aged 21 years/Erected by her brother Daniel O’Brien

Barlow: Erected by/Bessie Barlow in memory /of her dearly beloved Uncle/Joseph Barlow/who departed this life/June 9th 1875 aged 40 years/Thou art gone but not forgotten.

Cullen: Family Plot: Two stones/In/Loving Memory of/Patrick Cullen/Redcastle/died 7th Aug, 1937/his wife Catherine/died 12th Jan 1974/thier daughter/Teresa/died 24th may 1933

Fogarty: In loving memory of/Kieran Fogarty/Clooncourse/died 13th Dec. 1923/his wife Bridget/died 1st Feb 1946

Unknown: Another metal/sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us/In memory of/my grandparents./parents brothers and sisters,/nell

Whelan: Erected to the memory of/Willliam Whelan Mountrath/who departed this life 23-Nov 1854 aged 35 years./Also of his wife Mary Whelan who/departed this life the /1st day of Jan 1862/aged 38 years Also his father John Whelan/who departed this life the/2nd day of Feb 1861/aged 70 years/Another name on this stone I can’t read.

McDermott/Lalor/Kennedy: In loving memory of/Charles McDermott/Woodbrook/died June 1883 aged 49 years/ his son Charlie /died May 1882 aged 9 years/His wife Mary (nee Lalor)/died June 1927 aged 84 years/His son William /died 6th Dec 1943 aged 70 years/and his wife Catherine Agnes (nee Kennedy)/died 26th March 1940 aged 44 years

Millar/O’Donoghue: In memory of/James Millar Mountrath/who died 23rd May 1888/aged 75 years/and his children /Margaret and Elizabeth /who died young/Also his grandaughter/Kate Mary Millar/who died 9th July 1896 aged 11 months/and his wife Anne Miller/who died 29th Oct. 1900/aged 76 years/also his/daughter/Anne Mary O’Donoghue/who died 14th Dec. 1905 aged 51 years./RIP Stone made by T. H.Dennahy Glasenevin

Lowry: Small metal Cross:/Erected by/Martin Lowry/In Memory of/his father/Edward Lowry/died 25th Aug. 09/aged 70 years/RIP/Plaques at bottom:/And/his mother/Mary Lowry/died 25th May 1918/aged 75/years/RIP

Kelly: Sacred/to the memory of/Andrew Kelly of Mountrath/who departed this life on the 18th day of August/1853/aged 69 years

Ryan: Here lieth the remains of Mary/Ryan the beloved wife of/ Thomas Ryan of Mountrath who/departed this life 13th June 1850 aged 30 years.

Ryan: Erected/by/A. M Ryan, Mountrath/In memory of/her beloved father /Thomas Ryan/who died 5th Sept 1878 aged 70 years./and of her dear mother Mary Ryan who died/13th June 1850 aged 30 years/of her sister Anastasia who died/8th Oct. 1863 aged 13 years/and of their brother James who died/15th Jan 1871 aged 24 years

Egan: In loving memory of/John Egan Mountrath/died 6th Jan 1915/aged 71 years/and his wife /Catherine died 15th /July 1944 aged 75 years

Patterson: Erected by/John Patterson in /memory of his father/John who died 2nd Feb/1892 aged 72 years and his mother Margaret /died 10th Feb 1904 aged /78 years and his daughter /Ellen died 21st Dec. 1909/aged 25 years. And his/wife Susan died 6th march/1914 aged 62 years/RIP

Thompson: Another round metal cross:/In loving memory of/John Thompson, Mountrath/died 19th March 1913/aged 78 years/RIP

Kavanagh: Erected by/Michael Kavanagh/In memory of his father/Maurice Kavanagh/of Clonenagh/who died 8th Aug 1873/aged 54 years

Dunne: In /Memory/of/Thomas Dunne/Fountain House Mountrath/who died 3rd July 1916/aged 82 years/Erected by his wife Julia Dunne

Dunne: Metal Cross:/In loving memory of/John Dunne who died 2-6-1929/aged 45 years./RIP/Shamrock at bottom saying/Erected by his loving wife and children

Delaney: In/Loving memory /of/Mary Delaney/Derryconn/died 1st July 1900/their son Anthony/died 14th April 1929/aged 22 years/Her husband Patrick/died 9th Feb 1946/aged 70 years/His wife Annie/died 21st Sept 1971 aged 92 years/Their son Anthony/died 15th |Jan. 1976 aged 69 years/and their daughter /Margaret/died 26th Jan 1978 aged 65 years

Conroy: Pray for/Ellen Conroy/Dann/died 2nd may 1954

Guyatt: Here lieth the body of/?…mas Guyatt of Maryboro/who departed this life Aug 31st 1837 aged 32 years

Mulhall: Here lieth the body of Hesther Mulhall/who departed this life March/1st 1778 and in the 30th year of her/age. Wife of John Mulhall/Lord have mercy on her soul.

Lalor: Here lieth the body of/Patrick Lalor who departed/this life May 3rd 1779 /aged 48 years. Lord have mercy on his soul/Also here lieth the body of his son/Mathew Lalor who departedt his life March 11th/1799 aged 27 years

Brophy: In loving memory of/Mary Brophy/Woodbrook Mountrath/died 7th Nov. 1988 aged 77 years her son Joseph/who died 7th Nov. 1958 aged 21 years/her husband Martin/who died 6th July 1982/aged 82 years/RIP/Erected by the family.

Farrell: A few metal crosses & other on the one plot: Thy will be done/Erected by /Peter Farrell/In memory of his /beloved wife /Margaret who died 17th Dec. 1916/aged 69 years/RIP

Farrell: In memory of /Joseph Farrell/Shannon Rd /Mountrath/who died 10th March 1966/aged 76 years/and his wife Margaret/died 20th April 1977/aged 76 years

Farrell: Small stone in square:Erected by /Joe Farrell in/memory of his brother /James Also his father and Mother/and followers?

Phelan: Another metal cross:/Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us/In memory of/Michael Phelan/Shannon Rd. Mountrath/died 25th Feb 1947 aged 33/and his wife Ellen/died 29th Oct. 1956 /aged 81 years/RIP

Hughes: Another metal stone:/Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us/In /loving/memory of my father/William Hughes/Grattan St/Maryboro/died 10th Aug. 1939/aged 78 years/RIP

Lawler: Erected by/Mrs. Catherine Lawler/of Mountrath/in memory of her beloved husband/John Lawler/who departed this life 25th April 1873/aged 70 years

Phelan: In/Loving memory of/Mary Phelan/4 Woodbrrok Mountrath/died 9th Nov. 1967/Catherine Phelan died 8th Aug 1969/Francis Phelan died 23rd Dec. 1973/RIP/Erected by family

Farrell: In loving memory/of/our dear parents/Thomas Farrell /died 9th Sept 196?/Mary Farrell died 16th Nov. 1969/late of Portlaois Rd Mountrath/Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on us/RIP/Erected by loving family.

Russell: Another metal stone:/In loving memory of Fintan Russell/Shannon St, /Mountrath/who died/13th march 1951/aged 80 years/and his /wife Kate who died/25th Nov. 1959/aged 83 years/RIP

Russell: Another metal stone: In Memory of/Fintan Russell/Mountrath/died 20th Jan 27 aged 23 years/My Jesus Mercy

Russell: In Loving memory of/Patrick Russell/Maryboro Rd/Mountrath/who died/26th Jan 1957/aged 80 years/RIP

Doheny: Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us/Another metal plaque:/In/Loving memory of/Daniel Doheny/Derryhay/who died 18th May 1944 aged 76 years/and his wife Martha died /23rd March 1963 aged 94 years/RIP

King: Another little metal Plaque/In loving memory of/Susan King/died 3rd July 1910/aged 76 years Plaque stuck to this:/And her daughter /Elizabeth King/Derryhay who died /6th Jan 1936/aged 67 years/RIP

The KIng and the Doheny stone are both in side the same plot

Lalor: Flat stone:/Here lieth the body of Tim Lalor who departed this life/Nov. ??

Deegan/Deagan: Erected by/John Deegan/Mountrath/In memory of his father/William Deagan/who died 26th April 1872/aged 84 years/Also his mother Mary /died 20th Nov. 1862/aged 65 years

Fitzpatrick/Lalor: Erected by /Mrs. Fitzpatrick/Cappinaclare/In memory of her beloved /parents Martin Lalor/died April 4th 1872 aged 73/Margaret died Feb. 1st 1879 /aged 83/Also their s on Patrick/died Aug 20th 1866/aged 28/Also the above names /Mrs. Fitzpatrick who died 25th day of Feb 1902 aged 54/years also her dearly beloved/ husband Thomas Fitzpatrick/who died 16th April 1912 aged 71 years/Also their daughter in law/Mary Fitzpatrick/died 19th Dec. 1971 aged 79 years/Also her husband Thomas/died 26th Feb 1976 aged 91 years/and their son Peter/died 17th Nov. 1989 aged 72 years/RIP

O’Rourke: In loving memory /of/Winnifred O’Rourke/died 9th Oct. 1975 /aged 82 years/RIP /erected by her loving daughter Ina & Family

Collier: In loving memory of/Denis Collier/Shanavour/died 2nd -7-1927 aged 89 years/his wife Mary/died 20th-4-1935 aged 83 /Their daughter in law Mary/died 25th 7- 1935 aged 59 /Their son Thomas /died 20-6-1936 aged 61/Their daughters Elizabeth/died 21-8-1943 aged 65/Margaret died 1-8-1966 aged 86/Their sons Denis/died 15-12-1967 aged 83/Patrick /died 23-11-1969 aged 87 /their daughter Julia/died 12-3-1974 aged 84/Thomas Collier/son of the above /Thomas and Mary Collier/died 13-8-95 aged 76 years/RIP

Daly: Erected by/Rosanna Nugent of California/in memory of her beloved/parents of Cloncourse/Rosanna Daly died/11th April 1841 aged 45 years/Michael Daly died 14th Oct, 1844 aged 50 years

Lawlor: In memory/of the Lawlor family/late of the Knocksbal…..

Henessy/Condren: Erected by John Condren of Clon/meenagh in memory of his father in/law Daniel Henessy who deaprted this life/26th? of June 1833 aged ?6 years/also his son John Condren who /departed this life July 1st 1853 aged/18 years

Smith: Sacred /to the memory of/William Smith/of Mountrath/who died 20th July 1890/aged 70 years/Also his wife /Anne Smith/who died 13th Sept 1891/Aged 70 years This stone was made by T.H. Dennany Glaseneven.

Wallis: Family Plot:/In memory of /Mary Wallis/beloved wife of/Fintan Wallis Mountrath/who died on 25th Sept 1923/and their child/Mary Josephine Wallis/who died on 9th June 1923/also her husband/Fintan Wallis/died 21st Nov. 1946/RIP

Wallis: Erected in memory of/john Wallis Mountrath/who died 12h Jan 1897/aged 75 years/Also his wife Ellen/who died 4th June 1867/aged 29 years/and their daughter /Margaret who died /11th April 1900 aged 35 years/Also three children /who died young./RIP

Wallis: Pray for/James Wallis/Mountrath/died 6th May 1821 aged?/his wife Catherine/died 21st Jan 1822 aged 61 years/Their son James/died 23rd may 1835 aged 33 years

O’Rourke: In/loving memory of/John O’Rourke/Paddock/died 24-3-1935 aged 28 years/William O’Rourke /died 9-2-1939 aged 91 years/Michael O’Rourke /died 6-1-1944 aged 80 years/Maria O’Rourke /died 12-2-1954 aged 85 years/RIP.

O’Rourke/Kilmartin: In loving memory of/Thomas O’Rourke/Bridge St. Mountrath/died 18th Jan 1924 aged 72 years/also his wife /Mary (nee Kilmartin) /and members of their family all now departed.

Rourke/O’Rourke/Farrell: Erected by/Willaim Rourke/in memory of his beloved parents/Thomas and Esther Rourke/his father died 15th March 1856/In the 107th year of his life/his mother on the 25th Aug 1835 in the 60th years of her age/His son John who died young 1866/Also his beloved daughter/Mary Farrell/who died at Roscrea on the 25th June 1868 in the 25th year of her age. Also his sons Martin/died 12th Aug. 1894/William died 22nd month?? 1939 aged 86 years/Also his wife Ellen O’Rourke who died 5th Feb 1947 aged 77 years/Also her son Martin J. O’Rourke Rushin who died 3rd March 1965 aged 72 years/and his wife Winifred O’Rourke/who died 9th Oct. 1976 aged 82 years

O’Rourke: In loving memory of/Winifred O’Rouke/died 9th Oct. 1976 aged 82 years

Holton: Erected by/Julia Holton/to the memory of her beloved husband/Edward Holton RIC/who died 19th Dec 1885/aged 38 years

Delaney: In loving memory of/Bridget Delaney/Shannon St. Mountrath/died 13th March 1946 aged 52/Also her husand John died 26th Feb 1955 aged 84/Also their daughter Philomena Teresa/died 28th Sept 1955 aged 7 years/And their daughter Elizabeth (Lil) 1923-1990/Their son Andrew Delaney 1924-1994/RIP/Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on their souls/Erected by their loving family

Moore: Erected by/Mrs. Anne Moore Maryborough/In memory of her beloved husband/Patrick Moore/who departed this life 5th Dec.1862, aged 56 years/Also her beloved daughters/Lizzy/who died 24th Jan 1872 aged 18 years/and Margaret/who died 6th Feb 1872 aged 20 years

Moore: In loving memory /of/John/husband of Margaret Moore Cloneen.Who died 21st Feb 1906 aged 71 years. Also their daughter /Mary E. Moore./died 2nd July 1907 aged 33 years. And Peter who died young/Also the above/Margaret Moore/who died 19th Jan 1918 aged 76 years/and their son/Luke Moore Castletown/who died 19th Feb 1934 aged 60 years

Connor: Small Cross/In memory of/John Connor/who died 7th Aug. 1923 aged 43 years Small attached to it:/also his father and mother/William & Catherine/his sister and /brother Ellen & Fintan/RIP

Dunne: In memory of/my dear husband/Joseph Dunne/Cloncourse Mountrath/who died 2nd March 1989/his father Joseph/died 1st Feb 1936/His other Nora/died 2nd Sept 1966/his sister Agnes/died 22nd April 1972/RIP /erected by his loving wife and family.

Seale: In loving memory of/William Seale, the Oak/who died 17th Sept 1956 a/ged 84 years/His wife Mary Seale/died 21st Aug 1976/aged 91 years

Kyle: Sacred Heart of Jesus/have Mercy on the soul of/my dear husband/Patrick Kyle/Cappagh south, Mountrath/who died 31s may 1995/aged 63 years/Jesus Mary And Joseph /have mercy of him/Erected by his loving wife and family.

Glennon: 2nd stone same plot: In/loving memory of/Bridget Glennon.Cappagh.died 26th may 1902. Also her husband Thomas

Quearney/Conroy: In Loving memory/of/Susan Quearney/Gurteen/ died 2nd March 1976/her husband Patrick/died 23rd December 1977/Their baby daughter Susan/died 1927/her parents John and Susan Conroy/her brothers Tom and Peter/and her sister Gretta/Rest in Peace/Erected by her loving family.