Clough Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Clough Church: 4 graves, all Priests, all post 1901

Fitzpatrick/Walsh: Enclosed plot: Erected by/Mary Fitzpatrick/In memory of her beloved husband/Daniel Fitzpatrick,/Kiledellig/who died 23rd Jan 1873 aged 58 years/also /her daughter Annie who died Aug 30th 1886/in the 27th year of her age and 6th of her/religious profession/the beloved wife and fond mother who/ erected this stone/died Dec 11th 1897 aged 78 years./and of their son William died 13th or 15th August 1919 aged 66 years/Mary Agnes Fitzpatrick died 27th Feb 1957/Aged 93 years/her son Daniel Fitzpatrick/died 28th Aug 1976 aged 78 years/His sister Mary died 28th Nov 1980 aged 80 years/Also his wife Mai (nee Walsh died 14th Nov 1991 aged 78 years.

Rafter: Celtic Cross:Erected/to the memory of/Michael Rafter/(Boherard) /died 9th Jan 1960 /also his father/John Rafter/died 27th Sept 1932/His mother Anne Rafter/died 8th Feb 1937/His wife Hannah Rafter/died 20th July 1972

Sparrow: IHS/Erected by Wiwlliam Sparrow of Garriduff in memory of his father Michael Sparrow who dept this life Dec 16th/1826 aged 62 years

Fullerton: Of yourcharity/pray for the souls of /Mr. John Fullerton/Merchant/Kingstown Dublin/who died 23rd November 1872/aged 78 years/His nephew /John Fullerton/who died 21st Jan 1858 aged 33/5 years/his brother Robert who died/9th March 1850(8) aged 66 years/RIP

Phelan: In loving memory of/William Phelan/Ballycuddy/died 18th July 1903, aged 67 years/His wife Margaret Phelan/ died 8th July 1914 aged 73 years/and their daughter Margaret/died 2nd Dec 1922 aged 59 years/Kieran Phelan/died 21st August 1939 aged 76 years/RIP/Erected by his wife Margaret

Phelan: In loving memory/of/William Phelan/Farran/died 4th Sept 1932/and his wife/Margaret Phelan/died 31st July 1938/their daughter in law/Katie Phelan/died 7th Aug 1983/Also her husband/John Phelan/died 26th Dec 1987.

Finlay: In/loving memory of/Margaret/wife of Martin Finlay/died June 10 1900/aged 44 years/also the above/Martin Finlay Ballycuddy/died Feb 18 1901 aged 58 /and their son/John Finlay/died Sept 30 1942 aged 53/Joanne Finlay/born 23rd July 1965/died 30th June 1978/Sean Finlay died 30th May 1980/aged 52 years/Margaret Finlay/died 22nd April 1982 aged 90 years.

Fitzpatrick: Lord Castletown: Pray for the soul of Richard Wilson Fitzpatrick Esq.,/Grantowns Manor Queens County/Late of the Grendier Guards ?? and Justice of the Peace for that County/?? only brother of the Right honourable John Walsh Fitspatrick of Queens Privy Council in Ireland and Member of Parliament for Queens county.

Heany: Of your charity/pray for the repose of the soul/of/the Rev. P William Heany/Aghaboe/who died on the 5th May 1855/aged 84 years/Requisceat in pace.

Dowling: Of your charity/Pray for the repose of the soul/of/The Rev. P. William Dowling PP/Aghaboe/who died on the 27th Aug 1867/aged 72 years/Requiscat in pace/

Bergin: Sacred to the memory of the Revd /Martin Bergin PP of Aughaboe who/depd this life Septr 1st 1819 aged 64 years/ Requiscat in pace/

Kavanagh: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord for their works follow them/this stone has been placed over the mortal remains of the Revd. John Kavanagh/in order to preserve the memory of his many virtues to remind those who pass /that it is a holy ? thought to pray for the dead/for more than 40 years he was a …………….in the yard of the Lord. Died in 1888

Phelan: Wall of building: Here lies the body of Michl/Phelan of Cool who depd this/ life June 17th1886 aged 54 yrs/Also his son Daniel Phelan/who depd this life April 1st 1851/aged 36 years/May they rest in peace Amen/

Fitzpatrick: Erected by/Bridget Fitzpatrick /Lisduff/ In memory of her husband/James Fitzpatrick/died July 27th 1874 aged 81 years/also her sons/Peter, Patrick and James/died respectively aged 33, 9 and 7 years

Hays: Stone beginning to flake and crumble: Here lieth the body Pierce Hays/???? This life January???? aged 72 years.

Chambrlin: Erected by/Mrs. Mary Chambrlin in memory of /her beloved husband/Robert Chanbrlin/who died 30th November 1869/aged 60 years/

Chamberlain: Erected by John Chamberlain of/Cuffsborough in memory of his/daughter Margaret who departed/this life June 28th 1899/aged ?10 years

Fanning: Erected by the ?? Mary Fanning of Coolfin in greatful/memory of her beloved husband/the late John Fanning who depd/ this life June 12th 1842 aged 58 years/also her son Michael Fanning who /died Oct 14th 1842 aged 21 years/Also her daughter Catherine Fanning/who died May 9th 1833, aged 8 years/And her son James who died young./May the Lord have mercy on their souls Amen

Brophy: Here lieth the body of Kieran/Brophy/of Cufsborough/who/ depd this life 21st of Feb 18?38 aged /60 yrs. Also his daughter Margaret/who dept this life June 19 1831 aged 9 years./Erected by his wife Mary Brophy/May they rest in peace

Gavin/Hyland: Flat stone: Gloria in Excelsious/here lie the remains of/Mr. John/Gavin of Coolderry who departed this/ life august 2nd 1832 aged 28 years/who was much esteemed by a numerous cache of relatives and friends and by whom he is deeply lamented/also his son Patrick Gavin who departed/ this life August 16th 1850 aged 28 years/And his mother Mary Gavin/who departed this life November 1835 aged 80 years/Also Margaret Gavin who died January 5th 1888 aged 92 years/And her daughter Mary Hyland Bordwell. who/ departed this life March 4th 1911 aged 7 years/Also John Hyland who died March 14th 1898 aged 89 years/Josephine Hyland who died in infancy March 1923/Fergal Hyland who died in infancy May 8th 1937/Patrick Hyland who died June 16th 1938 aged 60 years/Theresa Hyland died April 13th 1946 aged 17 years/Mary Hyland died January 8th 1925 aged ?

Neale/Ninea: Erected by James Neale of Forrest in memory of his/wife Anne Neale/als Ninea/who depd this life March 16th /a831 aged 58 years

Duggan: Celtic Cross: Sacred to the memory of/Our dear Father, Mother Brothers & Sister also our dear child/Laurence Duggan Castle Grantstown/who died 19th Dec 1888 aged 11 years and Grandson /John Joseph Duggan/who died 30th July 1909 aged 1 years/and Laurence Duggan who died 25th Dec 1920 aged 79 years/Also his wife Hanora/who died 12th Dec 1928 aged 80 years/On whose souls Sweet J esus Have Mercy Side of stone: William Duggan/died 5-10-58 aged 82 years/Patrick died 19-10-66 aged 82 years/his wife Mary/died 7 Sept 1973/aged 75 years Side 2: And his daughter/Margaret Duggan/died 8 Aug 1952/aged 79 years

Lalor/Fennely: Erected by Michael Lalor of Boherard/In memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth Lalor/Als Fennely who departed this life Feb 7th /1844 aged 44 years/Also three of her children who died young/Mary Anne Lalor died 2nd Oct 1990.

Kavanagh: Sacred heart of Jesus /have mercy on the souls/of My dear husband/Edward Kavanagh/Priestfield/who died 29 Dec 1914/aged 62 years/and his wife/Sarah Kavanagh/died 23 Nov 1931, aged 67 years/RIP/Also his son /James Kavanagh/died 18th Nov 1950/John Kavanagh/died 7th Nov 1960

Kavanagh: This monument/is erected by/Mrs. Kavanagh/in memory of/her beloved husband/Martin Kavanagh of Durrow/who departed this life/September 12 1861/aged 62 years/Also the above/Mrs. Anne Kavanagh/died February 12th 1883 /aged 93 years/May the Lord/Have mercy/on/their souls.

Meagher: Family Plot: Erected by/Patrick Meagher/of Kingstown/in memory of his beloved father/Thomas Meagher/ died 23rd July 1851 aged 63 years/And of his mother/Mary Meagher/ died 4th August 1873,/aged 76 years/Also of his brother Michael /died 31st October 1860 aged 32 years/RIP Stone made by Fitzpatrick & Molloy Glasnevin

Phelan: In memory of/Patrick Phelan Chapelhill/died 23rd Dec 1950 aged 75 years/His wife Catherine/died 28th April 1970 aged 85 years/Their son Thomas/died 8th Oct 1987 aged 68 years.

Delaney: Erected by/Jane Moylan/In memory of/Patrick Delaney/who died 14th August 1925/aged 89 years/And his wife Mrs. Delaney/died 14th November 1928 /aged 79 years

Milon/Moylan: Erected by James Milon/of Guithnadeahwood in/memory of his/beloved son/Finton Milon/who depd this life the 2(2)nd of Feb 1841/aged 26 years/John Moylon died 8th Jan 1875/aged 75 years/Fintan Moylan/died 14th Jan 1918 aged 73 years

Palmer: Sacred/to the memory of/Catherine Palmer/died Dec 5 1886/aged 39 years/Also Humphrey Palmer/died July 14 1908 aged 69 years/Erected to their memory by the loving husband and wife the above. Last sentence there is strange but is as was on stone!

Dowling: Bad condition: Erected by Mary Dowling/………….in memory of her husband/Denis Dowling/who died ??????? Aged 36 – 19th century stone

Phelan: Erected by/John Phelan/of Clarence Street, Dublin/in memory of his beloved mother /Catherine Phelan/who departed this life March 26th 1862 aged 82 years/His brother Jas Phelan/Ballyhennode/aged 71 years died Aug 14th 1883

Martin: In your charity pray for/the soul of /Mr. James Martin of Kiltelogue/who departed this life/on the 29th Day of May 1858/aged 33 years/Much respected and deeply regretted/also his father Law. Martin/who died 10th April 1844/aged 55 years/His wife Mary Martin who died/the 20th day of Sept 1850/aged 54 years/And their daughter/Bridget Martin/who died the 15th Day of Jan 1855/aged 32 years/May their souls rest in peace

McEvoy: Here lies the body of /Michael McEvoy /who depd Sept the 15th 1843 aged 5? years/Also Mary ? McEvoy who depd/??1842 aged?? and Bridget McEvoy who depd May the 7th 1836(?26) aged 41 years

Clear/Bermingham: Erected/by/Norah Bermingham/of Kyle/In memory of her mother/Mary Clear/of Garryduff/died 1st June 1850/aged 45 years/Also her father /Patrick Clear/died 10th May 1877/aged 71 years/And the above/Norah Bermingham/died 27th Jan 1908/Aged 82 years

Dunphy: Family Plot for WIlliam Dunphy can’t be read – Enclosed. Front cannot be read at distance, paint worn Back of monument in this plot. Of your charity/pray for the the soul of/Margaret Dunphy Whitepark/Who died 12th March 1883/aged 52 years/she was a model in the triple capacity of mother, wife and Christian/also the soul of her beloved husband/Mr. Pat Dunphy/who died Oct 21st 1887/aged 60 years/After and exemplary life/during /which he faithfully discharged/ all the duties of his station his death caused universal regret On side of stone :Of your charity/Pray for the repose of the/soul of Mrs. Anne Dunphy /Coolballey/who died on 19th Nov 1869 /aged 71 years/Emminantly remarkable/ for her virtues in the /threefold character of/wife mother and Christian in which charity to the poor was/ most prominent/Also her/ son Peter Dunphy /died 22nd July 1915 aged 80 / His wife Nora Dunphy/died 22nd February 1915 aged/76 Peter Dunphy/died 21st Oct 1897 aged /19 years/ Margaret Dunphy/died 24th Feb 1921/Annie Dunphy/died 2nd Feb 1944/Requisca
t in pace. Other side of stone: Of your charity/pray for the repose of the /soul of/Mr. Patrick Dunphy/Sdudt of Maynooth College/who died April the 17th/1865/aged 25 years/Also/in memory of Mary/the dearly beloved /wife of Philip Dunphy/who died the 7th/of February 1874/aged 28 years leaving a large young family and your fond/husband to mourn/her sad departure – can’t read rest.