Coolkerry Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Coolkerry Graveyard; Clarmallagh Barony; Colkerry parish; Donaghamore Poor Law union/Registration District

Notes from Laois Archaeological Survey:
OS 28:15:1 (485,87) ‘Coolkerry Church (in Ruins), Grave Yard’ OD 300 23015,17778
Church: Circ 70 NE of site of Coolkery castle (No. 989). Marked on Down survey map as ‘ruined church, weir, cabin’. A rectangular church (L.c. 17m, Wth. C. 7.3m, wall, T.c. 0.9m) with standing remains of W gable. The N, E and S walls are indicated by grass covered banks. (carrigan, 1905, vol. 2, 340-1)

Guilfoyle: In/loving memory/of/Jeremiah Guilfoyle/who died August 1914/His wife Mary/who died Jan 1st 1928/Their son Michael/who died April 18th 1965/Ellen Guilfoyle/who died Dec 29thh 1971/her husband John/died Aug 16 1984

Daly: Erected to the memory/of/PETER DALY, Rathdowney/died 8th June 1946 aged 70 yrs/His wife CATHERINE DALY/died 26th Feb 1958 aged 83 yrs/His nephew PETER DALY/died 26th Oct 1961 aged 62 yrs/RIP

Kelly: Celtic cross: Erected in memory/of our beloved mother/ELizabeth Kelly of/Rathdowney who died/June 18th 1889 aged 42/years by her son ?Ric/hard who died in ?Chic/ago July 10th 1886…….NEEDS TO BE SCRATCHED: DATES DON’T BALANCE

Nolan: In/loving memory/of/our dear father/JEREMIAH NOLAN/died 15th Oct 1914/Also our dear mother Margaret Nolan died 10th Feb 1922/and our dear brother/TIMOTHY/died 1st August 1932/their sons JEREMIAH/died 19th May 1958/& son THOMAS/died 28th Nov. 1972/His wife Margaret/died 15th Sept, 1959/RIP/Erected by their fond son Michael/ Stone made by C. Flynn & Sons. – Upper Grand Canal St. Dublin

Whyte/Doran: Erected by/Patrick Whyte/…can’t read next bit../In memory of his mother/Mary Whyte/died 24th May 1903 aged 75 years/also his wife/Mary Whyte died 26th Nov. 1908 aged 55 yrs/His brother John/died 12th Sept. 1880 aged 31 yrs/ALICE DORAN/died 2nd April 1890 aged 72 yrs/Also the above Patrick Whyte/died 13th Sept 1925, aged 81 yrs/his daughter/Sarah Whyte/died 17th July 1932 aged 35 yrs

Whyte: In Loving memory/of/Joseph Whyte/Aughmacart, who died 7th July 1908/aged 56 yrs./May the Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on him. Stone made by Hughes, Abbeyleix

O’Connell/Bergin: Erected by/Patrick O’Connell/M?i?ixneqoc/To the memory of his wife Sarah/died 1st Nov 1931 aged 69 years/and his father-in-law/James Kelly/died 21st Nov. 1911 aged 74 yrs/also his wife/Mary Kelly nee Bergin/died 13th Feb 1880 aged 42 yers/Their son James/died 4th Aug 1907, aged 33 years.

Kavanagh: Erected by/Catherine Bergin/in memory of her father/Thomas Kavanagh of Garron/died 1840/also her mother/Mary/died 1845