Donaghmore COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

This page features a complete record of Donaghmore gravestone transcriptions, recorded exclusively by Dr. Jane Lyons and

Donaghmore; Clandonagh Barony; Rathdowney parish; Donaghmore Poor Law Union/Registration District.

Notes from Laois Archaeological Survey:
OS 28:5:6 (187,323) ‘Grave Yard’ OD 300-400 22699,18024
Church (Site) According to Carrigan (1905, vol. 2, 353) the medieval church was destroyed in 1821. References to it date from the fifteenth century. The present church was built on its site. 28:25. 29-9-1991.

Holohan: In/Loving memory/of/Richard Holohan, Conobora/Rathdowney, who died 1916. His/ wife Annie died 1948. Their son/Billy who died 1956/RIP

White: Erected by/Anne White/In loving memory of her/dear father Michael/who died in Sept. 1845/also her sister Marie/who died June 1872. He beloved/mother who died Aug. 12th 1889/And her brother Michael/who died Sept. 6th 1893/RIP

Kilcare: In loving memory of/James Kilcare, Barney/died Oct. 16th 1966, aged 63 years./His wife Nora,/died Feb 21st 1995. Aged 87 years/RIP

Egan: In/Loving memory/of/Kate Egan Rathdowney/died 20th Jan 1946./Jane Egan died 31st Oct. 1947/William Egan died 3rd Nov. 1968/Edward Egan died 1st Feb 1988/Patrick Egan died 16th June 1995/RIP/stone made by Holahan, Rathdowney

Kegly: Sacred/to/the Memory of/John Kegly Owen Esq./Aged 78/who died at his residence,/Belmont House,/Queen’s County/Nov. 4th 1876/And/His loved wife Francis/who died 9th Feb 1896/Aged 98/Them also which sleep in Jesus/will God bring with him

Golden: In/Loving Memory of/Anastasia Golden/Glosha, Rathdowney/died 23rd June 1923, aged 43 years/Her husband Patrick Golden/died 25th July 1935, aged 56 years/and their daughters Christina & Nora /died young/RIP

Deegan: In loving memory/of /Mary Deegan/Barney, Grogan/who died May 22nd 1949/Aged 83 years/Her husband Joseph Deegan/who died March 20th 1971, Aged 87 years (must be 1931)! CHECK

Brophy: Erected by John Brophy in Memory of/His brother Denis Brophy of Coolkerry/who departd this life/Aug. 16th 182(?4)/Aged ?50 years/Also in memory of his/mother Judith Brophy who departed this life/on the 6th Feb/182?, aged ?48/Also his son Thomas Brophy who/departed this life April 19th 1841? Aged?/Sleep on……

Finane: In loving memory/of /George Finane/Ballycoolid/died Aug. 15th 1958, aged 84 years/his wife Mary Finane/died April 17th 1969, aged 88 years/also his brother Michael, /his sons, James /died 5th Dec. 1979/George died 9th April 1980

Bergin: Three stones same plot: In loving memory /of/Jeremiah Bergin,/Springfield/died 15th May 1938/Sarah Bergin /died 26th Sept 1951/Their son Michael died young/John Bergin/died 23rd Sept. 1983/his sister Mary/died 26th March 1987/Thomas Bergin/died 21st Nov. 1992

Bergan: Erected by Keyran Bergan/of Ballycoolid/In memory/of his father John Bergan/who departed this life the ? day of Feb 1831. Aged 60 years Also his/sister Elizabeth who departed/2nd Oct. 1825, ? aged 24 years/Also his brother Patt, who departed the 27th March 1836.

Bergan/Commerford: Here lies the body of Elizabeth Bergan, also Commerford, Raheen/who departed Feb 4th 180?., aged 54 years/Also her son Denis Bergan who dept /this life Feb 29th 1812, aged 26 years/Also her son Jer Bergin of Cooldery who died March 29th 1843, aged 56 years.

Shelley/Phelan: Shelley:/In loving memory of/.Johanna Shelley, the Glebe.who died 17th Feb 1931 aged 72 years/her son Patrick /died 2nd April 1938 aged 45 years/and her husband Lawrence/died 2nd March 1941, aged 87 years/their daughter Ellen Phelan, nee Shelley, the Glebe/who died 5th Dec. 1989 aged 98 years

Brophy: Erected by John Brophy of/Kiladdy in memory of his father/John Brophy who departed this life/…… Jan 31st? 1820 aged 82 years/also his mother Margaret Brophy departed /Dec 3rd 1893 aged 80 years

Dugdale: In loving memory of/my dear brother/Arthur Frederick Dugdale/who died 12th July 1939/Aged 76 years.

Dugdale: In/Loving Memory/of/Our Dear Sisters/Eleanor Dugdale/who departed this life/1st Dec. 1906/and of/Emily M. Dugdale/who died 29th Aug. 1946/Come unto me all ye that labour/and are heavy laden and I will give ye rest.

Dugdale: In.Loving Memory/of /Our brother/John Caleb Dugdale/born 27th Jan 1854/died 10th July 1917/Thine loving kindness is ever before me.

Dugdale: In/Loving Memory of/My brother Lieutenant Col/William Dugdale AMSC retired/who departed this life at /his residence in this village/on the 16th Feb 1940/in the 81st year of his age./Peace, Peace, Peace.

Bennett: In loving Memory of/Robert S. Bennett/Glebe House, Donoghmore/died May 1st 1959/Aged 65 years/and his wife/ Myra/died Aug. 15th 1958/Aged 65 years

Baird: Erected /by/The members of Ossory Masonic Lodge/No. 150/Rathdowney/In memory of their faithful brother/Ambrose Morrison Baird/who died 19th Jan 1887/A brother beloved.

Baird: In /Loving Memory of/William Baird/eldest son of the late Ambrose M. Baird/who died Nov. 17th 1912 in his 82nd year/Good and faithful

Rowell: In loving memory of /Edward Rowell, Rathdowney/who died 20th Dec. 1934/Aged 24 years.

Sinnamore: In loving memory/of /Harriet Sinnamore/who died 30th May 1915/Aged 70 years

Chamberlin: In memory/of /Peter Thomas Chamberlin/of Knockfin/who died/Nov. 27th 1877(?)/Aged 47 years/Erected by his loving wife.

Sothern/Shortt: In Loving Memory /of/William Sothern/Kylemullaun /who died 28th Sept. 1954/Aged 91 years/and his wife/Adie A. Georgina nee Shortt/who died 15th Oct 1953 aged 81 years/and their son /William/who died 4th Jan 1994/aged 83 years.

Phillips: Erected by/Eileen Phillips/Ballybrophy/In loving remembrance/of her dear husband/Stephen Philips/who died 15th April 1941/aged 46 years/Also her daughter /Audrey J. Phillips /died 11th Dec. 1963 aged 39 years/The above /Eileen Phillips/died 5th June 1975, aged 80 years/I am the resurrection and the life he that livith in me though he were not dead yet shall he live.

Phillips: In Loving memory/of/My dear husband/Isaac Phillips/Ballybrophy/who died 29th Nov. 1918/aged 67 years/Also his sister Ellen Philips/who died 13th Oct. 1918/aged 69 years/Rosanna Phillips /died 22nd Jan 1932, aged 79 years/Also their grandson/Ernest died 19th Jan 1996/Leslie died 9th Feb 1996/sons of the late Stephen and Eileen Phillips/Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away

Phillips: Erected by /Francis Phillips…../In loving memory of/his wife/Elizabeth Phillips/who died at her residence/Beech Walk, Roscrea 26th Oct. 1899 Aged 60 years/She is safe in her fathers house above In the place prepared by her saviours love/to depart from a world of toil & strive /and to be with Jesus yes this is the life/Also his father, mother and brother Stephen.

Dunne: In loving memory of/Mary Ann Dunne/Garrison House, Rathdowney/died 6th April 1929/her husband John Dunne /died 16th April 1944/Grandson John henry Noel Dunne/died 2nd April 1937 aged 16 months/Their son James Henry Dunne died 22nd March 1971

Campbell: Erected/by/W.P. Campbell M.D./Coach, Co. Tyrone/In memory of his eldest and beloved son/Robert Peel/who was suddenly called to his Lord/25th April 1877/Prepare to meet thy God

Hopkins: Erected/by the members of/The Rathdowney Young Men’s /Christian Association/In Memory of/Abraham Hopkins/’Who died 17th Feb 1869, aged 36 years/We canel together/and walk in the house of God as friends

Harris: In memory of /Mary Harris, Moore St/Rathdowney/A faithful friend of/Rathdowney Parish/died on the 30th Sept. 1978aged 67 years/Blessed are the dead which /die in the Lord even so/Safe in the spirit they rest from their labours/Erected by the Parishoners of Rathdowney Union.

Breen: Erected/by the grateful children/William M. Joseph/Mary Anne and Sarah/In fond remembrance and/of the affectionate father/Lott Breen/who died May 16th 1889, /aged 75 years/and their dear mother Anny/who died March 16th 1886/aged 85 years/also their dear sister Sarah…….Can’t read end of this stone.