Durrow Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Durrow Townparks; Clarmallagh barony; Durow Parish; Abbeyleiix Poor Law union/Registration District

Notes from laois archaeological Survey:
OS 29:15:5 (556,40) OD 293 24066, 17738. Church (site): marked on the 1841 OS 6” map and on the Down Survey Map. Dedicated to St.Fintan. It was demolished before 1731 and the site is now ccupied by the Protestant church (Carrigan 1905, vol. 2, 213). No visible surface traces. 29:45. 12-7-1990

Parish Records: COI
RCBL (transcript)
NL MS 2670 (transcript)




RC Parish Records: NLI ref. Pos. 5013.

1789: Jan 1 – mar 30, 1792
1801: Jan 2 – Feb 28, 1805 (also a transcript)
1811: June 9 – Jan 27, 1820
1822: May 19 – Feb 18, 1827
1832: May 26 – Feb 15, 1857
1857: Mar 8 – Dec 28, 1880

1811: July 29 – Mar 27, 1820
1822: May 23 – Sept 18, 1827
1832: July 17 – May 28, 1860
1861: Jume 9 – Nov 18, 1880

Atkinson/Shirley: In Loving Memory/of/Vera Atkinson (nee Shirley)/ Capponellan, Durrow/died 18th Nov. 1980, aged 42 years/”Safe in the arms of Jesus”

Shirley: John Shirley, Capponellan, Aug. 1961. Aged 76. His wife Mary Anne Shirley. Dec. 1963, aged 65

Switzer: Matilda B. Switzer, June 1943. Aged 60 yrs.

Stone/Wilson: Margaret Stone (nee Wilson) March 1942 Aged 66 yrs. Difficult to read.

Harp: Needs Scratching: Sacred/to the memory of/ Patrick Harp Esq./of Clonageera in this Parish/who departed this life 21st Dec. 1878/aged 70 years/This monument is erected by/his loving and sorrowing wife.

Double plot. Morgan: John Morgan, late of Mountmellick, March 1930. Aged 86 years. Morgan: In/loving memory/of/Ellen Morgan/who died 24th April 1886/in her 78th year./Also her son /Richard Morgan/who died 6th Dec. 1889/aged 54 years/and his son John William Morgan/for many years/Captain 21st Dublin Company/Boys Brigade/who died 26th Nov. 1959 aged 90 years/By his lifetime of devotion to the work / of the brigade in Dublin/his influence for good amongst boys/and young men has spread to many lands./ Base of stone can’t be read properly. Beings Watch therefore…know….

One stone need to be scratched between these two.

Shirley/Barrington: Jane Shirley February 1925, aged 78 years. Her husband Caleb Shirley, February 1927, aged 87 . Their daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Barrington, January 1946, aged 72 years.

Stewart: Erected by/David Stewart in/memory of his beloved wife/Mary Stewart/who died on the 16th of December 1882/ aged 58 years/Also above David Stewart who/died 27th March 1895 aged 80 years/”Blessed are the dead who dieth in the Lord”

Dunn: I.H.S.Goloria in excelsious deo/Erected by John and Edmond Dunn of Ahauievien, in memory of their brother. Patk ??/who death?? The 9th 182?6, aged 2?8 years. Needs rubbing.

Dunn/Lawler: Beside this: I.H.S./Gloria in excelsius Deo/God be merciful to the soul of Edwd. Dunn of Aharny who dept this life the 27th of Septr. 1784 aged 76 years/Also his wife Elizabeth Dunn (Alias Lawler) who dept this life the 22nd of June 1774 aged 62 (5) years, with three sons and two daughters. Also Michael Dunn (botom of stone buried.

Cleyre: Here lyeth the body of/ Mrs Anna Cleyre wife to /the Reverent Maurice Cleyre she departed this life/in the 26th year of her /age on the 29th day of November 1746.

Flat Tomb: broken.King: Sacred to the memory of/Mr. Henry King/ who dept, this life March 13th 1806/ aged 73 years/Stand still my friends life off your tears/he ////died// ??? Can’t read the rest.

Sheridan: Elizabeth Sheridan, December 1902

Hastings: Harriet Hastings, wife of William Samuel Hastings, Grennan House, Atanagh, May 1973, aged 86. Her husband William Samuel Hastings June 1974 aged 85.

Next plot: Hastings: Mabel Florence Hastings (nee Rountree) wife of William George Hastings, Grennan House, Attanagh/February 1987, aged 587.

Mara/Gorman: Erected by/Martin Mara of Durrow in memory/of his wife Sarah Mara alias Gorman/who departed this life the 12 of Augt 1862, aged 39 years. Also his father/Martin Mara who dept this life the /2nd of Septr 1847, aged 85 years/and his mother Eleanor Mara who/dept this life the 4 of March 1830, aged 60 years (re done stone.

Purcell: Erected by/Mrs Mary Purcell/ Durrow/ in memory of her beloved husband/Thomas Purcell/ who died 27th od Dec 1887 aged 80 years.

Mulroony IHS/Here lieth the body of/Hick Mulroony who doth/this life April the 10th 177(?8) aged?8 years, also his son……????? Mulroony/ He dept this life July there 6th 177? Aged ??. Lord have mercy on their souls.

Savage: IHS./Here lies the body of James/Savage who died Oct the 20th /18?10 aged 30 years/Requiscant in pace

Hovenden: Peace Perfect Peace/In/loving memory/of/Jane Hovenden/who died 21st Nov 1900/aged 84/Also her son/Robert/dearly loved husband of Katherine Hovenden/who fell asleep in Jesus 4th Nov 1910/aged 58/Katherine Hovenden/Sept 14 1863 to Aug 8 1938/Interred Staten Island New York/also her son/Arthur J. Hovenden/died 13th Nov 1952/aged 64 years/aso his wife/Rebecca Jane Hovenden/died 30th April 1986 aged 94 years.