Glasnevin Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Dublin

In loving memory of/Henry Gaffney/died 23rd Sept 1884, aged 1 years ad 5 mos/Patrick Gaffeny died 27th Septembed 1885, aged 444 years/and of our dear mother /Mrs. Bridget Cooke/who died 16th Jan 1912 aged 66 years/erecte d by John P and bernard Gafney.
Base of stone: an ole stone replaced by this monument: this stone is erected by Bernard & Mary Carew of Exchequer St in memory of thier beloved son Bernard Carew who departed this life 9th June 1850 or 31 aged 5 years. And also his sister Ellen who departed this life 10th Novemeber 1862 aged 15 years and five moths, also the above /named Mrs. Mary Carew who/died 22nd May 1869 aged 58 years/RIP”

Baby Ena RIP Plaque

Baby John Culligan/1981

Back of Stone: This stone erected by/Edward T….. Front of stone: The remains of .?sister TOOLE who died Sept 24th 1855, aged 49 years/

Bowes 1907

Broderick: 1967

Broken stone on ground: Erected by/ELIZA GALLAGHER/Needs to e scratched..In memory of her beloved mother Bridget gallagher/ WHO DIED 14TH July 1853, aged 70 years/May she rest in peace/Amen/Also the above named Eliza Gallagher who died ? Dec 1893/aged 84 years

Carney 1970

Carpenter: 1929 Sandymount

Celtic Cross: Erected by/Mrs. MARGARET FLOOD/in memory of /he beloved husband/JAMES FLOOD, of 31 Francis St/who died 1st April 1890, /aged 33 years/ also his beloved brother/MICHAEL/whohh died 12th May 1878/aged 13 years/RIP/Farrel & on made the stone

Celtic Cross: Erected by/TERESA FOX/ in loving and undying memory/of her dear brother/JOHN FOX/who departed this life 21st octr 1899/RIP

Crux Nihi Salut/Erected by/RIChard MCGrath/to the memory /of his brother/Thomas who died /4th Jany 1854, aged 45 years/and of his GodChild Ann Teresa Kerin/who died young/daughter of William and Hannah kerin/Requim in

Daly 1964

“Erected /by/MRS. ELIZABETH HARTIGAN/18 Upper O’Connell St./In
loving memory /of her darling little daughter/ELIZABETH MARY JOSEPHINE (Lily)/born 27th
June 1895/died 13th Feb 1897/also her beloved husband /PETER HARTIGAN/ who died on the
22nd November 1914/aged 53 years/RIP”

Erected by /Denis Connor 15 Sackville Lane/In memory of his beloved brother/Stephen/who departedd this life 19th August 1852/aged 46 years

Erected by /Mrs. Catherine Johnstone/?Dorset St/ in loving memory of /her dear husband/Richard Johnstone/who died 20(?8)th June 1874, aged 39 yrs/and of her sons/Gerald David/who died 27th Oct 1866 aged 3 yrs/Henry Joseph who died 4th Feby 1867, aged 1 yr/James Gerald/who died 24th Mar 1874, aged 16and a half years/and Gerald David who died 1879, aged 6 and a half years/here also rests the above named/Catherine Johnstone/ who died 25th November 1826/ and her daughter Margaret Mary Johnstone/who died 1st octr 1952/aged 82 yrs/RIP

Erected by Mary Sands/inmemiry of her /beloved daughter MARY/who died 7th November 1866/aged 21 years

Erected by/ JAMES THOMPSON/of Boston, United States/as a last tribbut4ee or respece/in memory of his beloved mother/CATHERINE THOMPSON/of Braithwaite St, City of Dubllin/who departed this life 14th Octr. 1855, aged 70 years/May she rest in peace Amen.

Erected by/ALENA DUNBAR/in memory of her beloved son/HENRY/who died 17th Sept 1857, aged 26 years/also her daughter MSRYANN/died 14th April??/and also her beloved daughter MASRY KATE DUNBAR/who died 20th Jan 1872, aged 36 years/May they rest in peace

Erected by/Ann Sinnott/of Irishtown/in memory of her beloved husband/JOHN SINNOTT/who was for many years/Secretary to the friendly brothers of/St. Marys’ and the fishermen of /St. Patricks Society, Ringsend/who died 24th Aug 1876/agded 48 years.

Erected by/anne barry/in memory of her beloved sister/Catherine Barry/who departed this life Sept 14th 1861/aged 50 years/stone made by P. Browne

Erected by/BRIDGET DOWDALL/ in memory of her beloved mother/MARGARET DOWDALL/who died 29th Augt 1856/aged 67 years

Erected by/BRIDGET MORAN of South Gt. Georges St/in memory of her beloved husband/ANTHONY MORAN/who died /16th Aug 1861, aged 61 years/RIP

Erected by/CATHERINE FLEMING/6, Marks Court/in memory /of her beloved husband/PATRICK FLEMING/who died 3rd Jany 1875/aged 60 years

Erected by/CATHERINE KING/in memory of/her beloved usband/RICHARD/ who died 13 September 1866/aged 65 years/May he rest in paeace

Erected by/CATHERINE MURRAY of Church St/in memory of her beloved husband/FRANSIS MURRAY/ who died 17th Dec 1853/aged 60 years/ aslo three of his children, CaTHERINE, FRANSIS and TERESA who died young.

Erected by/Charles Kavanagh/of Bolton St/in memory of his beloved/son JAMES/who died 26th July 1853/aged 12 yrs

Erected by/CHARLES MAGUIRE/of Santry/in memory /of his beloved daughter/MARY ANNE/who died Augt 10th 1861/aged 15 years/RIP

Erected by/CHRISTOPHER KAVANAGH/ of 5, Peters place(?)/in memory of his beloved daughter/HELENA KAVANAGH/ who departed this life 14th August 1861, aged 14 years/also his beloved mother AGNUS/died Feby 14th 1854 aged 73 yrs/and his beloved father JOHN/died August 13th 1854, aged 84 yrs/

Erected by/CHRISTOPHER LAWLESS/of Bow Lane/in memory of his beloved daughter/MARY/who died July 1st 1861/aged 13 years/also his son Patrick/who died Feby 2nd 1849/aged 5 years/May they rest in peace/Plaques: Ere sin doth, willie or soorw fad/death came with friendly care/the opening flowers to heaven conveyed/and now they are blooming there

Erected by/CHRISTOPHER LENNON, Mary’s Lane/in memory of his beloved wife/MARY LENNON/whoh died 7th Oct 1861,/aged 35 years./REQ in Peace/Made by Farrel & Sons

Erected by/COLUR..MCBRIDE/26th Augt/in memory of his beloved parents/William and Margaret McBride/also his three beloved children/who died young/and also to the memory of/ his uncle James McBride/and his aunt Mary Reynolds/REQ in Pace/Fitzpatrick & Molloy

“Erected by/EDMOND FERRIS/of Dublin./In memory of his beloved wife/ANNE/who died 12th
August 1871/aged 76 years/RIP”

Erected by/Elenor McGuinness/of GOlden Lane/in memory of her beloved /husband, James McGuinness/who departed this life the /14th of November 1850/aged 27 years/also their son Thomas, aged 4 1/2 years and JOhn aged 15 months,/both died the 25th September /1849 and their infant child.

Erected by/ELIZA DEEGAN/of 51 Lower kevins St/In memory of her beloved husband/THOMAS DEEGAN/who died May 2nd 1861, aged 48 years/also her beloved son/JOHN/who died Novr 4th 1867, aged 14 years/MAY they rest in Peace/made by Wade, Berkely St.

Erected by/ESTHER LEAVY/to her beloved father/PATRICK LEAVY/of Bridgefoot st/who died 13th Aug 1878/aged 60 years/also her mother ESTHER LEAVY/who died 12th March 1882/aged 59 years/RIP/stone made by Patrick & Molloy

Erected by/Francis Elliss/of Harry St/In memory of his beloved wive/Elizabeth/who departed this life Jany 11th 1860/in 64th yer of her age/May he sould rest in peace amen

Erected by/FRANCIS GORE, of Waffing st/in memory of his beloved/ father JAMES GORE who/died 8th Augt 1861/aged 64 years/and also his beloved mother/MRS. ELIZABETH GORE/who departed this life 3rd June 1864, aged 50 years/RIP

erected by/GEORGE HOUGHTON/in memory of four of his beloved children/who departed this life viz /GEORGE. March 25th 1850, aged 8 years/ARTHUR July 28th 1855, 11 years/MARY, Jany 4th 1856 aged 15 months Margaret, May 10th 1860 aged 20 years/also of the above named George houghton/ who died 6th May 1883, aged 63 years/and of his beloved wife Jane/who died 7th Decr 1883 aged 61 years/Requisant in Pace. Stone made by J. Murray pt.

Erected by/HENRY MAPOTHIER/in memory of his /beloved wife ISABELLA/who died 28th July 1855/ aged 72 years/an affectionate wife/and a sincere friend/here also is interred the/above named HENRY Mapothier/who departed this life 25th /April 1860 aged 90 years/Inscribed by order /of his affectoinate nephew/MR. JOHN MAPOTHIER/Requiseant in pace/stone made by P. Hynes Pt.

Erected by/HONORA KELLY/in memory of her beloved father/JOHN KELLY/of Abbey St. basket maker/who died 28th Jan 1858/aged 89 years/also his grandson/JOSEPH GREGSTON/who died young.

Erected by/JAMES LYNCH/of Sir John Rogerson Quay/in memory of his beloved son/MICHAEL/who departed this life /Aug 23rd 1856, aged 17 years.

Erected by/JAMES THORNTON/of Bolton ST./in memory of his beloved /daughter JANE/ who died 8th Oct 1861/aged 4 years./RIP

Erected by/JOHN BROWN/in memory of his beloved children/EDWARD who died 2nd Jany 1851/aged 5 years/DANIEL 24th Jany 1851, aged 7 months/RYANNE 31st Jany 1851/aged 2 years/also his mother in law JUDITH MCGEE/died 13th septr 1855, aged 74 years/and his daughter MARY/who died the 28th June 1861/aged 3 years

Erected by/JOHN CONNOLLY/in memory of/his dearly beloved wife/JANE/who died 19th Jan 1857/aged 35 years/also four of his children who died young/Req in Pace. Stone not in good condition

“Erected by/JOHN DELACY/in memory of his/beloved daughter MARION/who departed this life
May/the 14th 1861 in the 18th? year of/ her age/ Deeply regretted by all/who knew her/Also her
aunt/MRS. ANNIE CRADDOCK/who died 9th April 1866, aged 44 years./Requiescant in pace”

Erected by/JOHN Harty/of Haddington Road/in memory of his beloved son/JOHN THOMPSON HARTY/who died /9th July 1855, aged 10 years/also his father MICHAEL HARTY who / died 19th Jany 1848 aged 78 years

Erected by/JOHN LANGAN, of Smithfield/In memory of his beloved wife /BRIDGET who died on the 31st Octr 1853/aged 42 years

“Erected by/JOHN MURRAY/of 28 Mayer St., In memory/ of his beloved Uncle/MR. DENIS
TIMMONS/who died 15th July 1856/aged 40 years”

Erected by/John Treavers/of Bride St/in memory of his beloved son/John/who departed this life 12th march 1847/aged 1 year and five months

Erected by/LAURENCE LEVINS/of Mary’s Lane/in memory of his beloved father/who departed this life 20th Sept/1861, aged 74 years/and his mother Catherine/died 11th Febry 1862/aged 78 years/also his wife Mary died Jany 5th 1870/aged 45 years/and his brother Thomasdied Novr 2nd/1864 aged 38 years/and his infant son/req in pace/wade made stone

Erected by/MARIA COATES/in memory of her mother /ROSANNA BEST/ died 14th Jany 1867/aged 79/and of her brother/CHARLES BEST/died 24 July 1866, aged 59 /RIP

Erected by/Martin Reilly/of Leeson st/in memory of his beloved daughter/MARY/ who died 8th July 1853, /aged 1 and a ahalf years/here also lie the remains /of the above named/Martin Reilly/who departed this life 30th July /1879 aged 65 years/also his wife/Elllen Reilly/who died 25th Oct 1887, aged 76 years/RIP?Made by Fitzpatrick & Molloy

Erected by/Mary Anne Kenny/in memory of her beloved father/William Kenny/who died 29th Septr 1855/aged 60 years/req in pace/made by F. Hynes Ft

Erected by/MARY GAFFNEY/of no. 6 Haulston St, Litle Green/in memory of her beloved/husband/who departed this life August 1st 1865/aged 40 years/also her beloved mother/Catherine Connell/died Novr 5th 1862/aged 70 years/and four of her children/Elizth, Christopher, Catherine and Ellen/who died young/Req in pace/

Erected by/MARY MORRISSEY/103, Lower grange Gorman/in memory of her three beloved brothers/James Maloney/who was interred 14th April 1870/aged 24 years/also Patrick who was interred/30th Septr 1870/aged 28 years/and Martin who was interred 7th Decr 1875, aged 26 years/May they rest in peace

Erected by/MAURICE MOORE/Newfoundland St/in memory of his beloved son/Maurice/who died 1st Jan 1856/aged 6 years/also the above named/Maurice Moore/who died 17th April 1878, aged 70 years/Stone made by M. Scally & Co.

Erected by/MICHAEL HICKEY/of 4 Harry St/in memory of his beloved children/WILLIAM and JAMES who died young /also his father and mother/whose remains lies in /tampilter, Co. Carlow

Erected by/MICHAEL KENNEDY/of 69 Gt Brunswick St/in memory of his father/MICHAEL KENNEDY/ who died 28th March 1856, /aged 72 years/Aslo his wife MARY ANNE/who died 18th November. 1876/aged 53 years. Requiscent in Pace Amen. Back of this stone May the Lord Have mercy on the souls of Michale and Mary Anne Kennedy

Erected by/MISS MARGARET CASEY/of Lower Parnell Place/in memory of her/her beloved brother/MR. JOHN CASEY/who died 30th May 1861/ aged 45 years/here also lie the rmeaind of the above MARGARET CASEY/who died 9th Nov 1867/aged 54 years./Here also lie the remains of /MR. DAVID bROWNE/who died 23rd nocv 1872/aged 27 years/The wild bird chants a mourneful…ay/as o’er his watch he keeps/beyond the citys throng away/where midst the silent deatch sleeps

Erected by/MR. ARTHUR McMAHON/of the Custom House/in memory of his beloved/child LUCY/also his beloved daughter/Margaret/who died 16th Septr, 1863/aged 6years 4 months/also his grandson/JOHN F. Hughes/whio died 16th June 1880/aged 3 and a half years/here also is interred the above/Arthr Mcmahon/who died 17th July 1880, aged 72 years/Req in pace

Erected by/MR. EDWARD D’ARCY/in memory of his beloved son/JOHN/who died 28th July 1853/aged 7 months/and of his beloved child/ELIZA/who died 10th May 1865/aged 5 years 11 months. Stone madfe by F. Hynes

“Erected by/MR. FRANCIS MURPHY/of City Quay/in memory of his beloved
children/CHRISTOPHER/who died 14th Jan 1854, aged 12 years/and JOHN who died 27th Sept
1854, /aged 3 years/also of his beloved daughter/ Margaret who died 12th Sept 1861,aged 9
months/also of Catherine Murphy who /died 20th July 1862, aged 7 years/ also Mrs. Mary
Murphy, wife of the/above named Francis Murphy, /who departed this life 9th Novr 1871,/aged 46
years/also the above named Francis Murphy/who died 26th May 1891, aged 78 years.”

Erected by/MR. J. READ/44 South Gt. George’s St/in memory of his beloved wife /Mary/who died on 16th May 1861/aged 32 years./She was esteemed by all who knew her/for her gentle manner and amiable disposition/she was a friend to the widow/a mother to the orphan/ Eternal rest grant to her O Lord/ and may the perpetual light/ of glory shine upon her/May she rest in peace.

Erected by/MR. JAMES CULLEN/of Rathmines/in memory of his beloved/wife MARY who /died 25th July 1855/aged ?66 years/here also lie the remains/of the above named/Mr. James Cullen/who departed this life/Novr 25th 1861, aged 60 years/Rest in Peace

Erected by/MR. JOHN CONNOR, of Stanhope St/in memory of his beloved son JAMES/who died 7th April 1864, aged 23 years/also MRS. HONOR CONNOR who died/the 22nd June 1861, aged 7o years/and of his kind and well beloved sons/JOHN who died 30th Novr 1871, aged 35 years/WILLIAM, who died 22nd Jany 1874, aged 29 years/Here also is interred MRS. JOHANNA CONNER/ mother of the above James , John and William/who died 1st Sept 1876, aged 68 years/and in the adjoining grave her daughter MARY/who died 9th September 1877, in her 24th year/in the adjoining grave also are interred/the remains of the above MR JOHN O’CONNOR/who died 24th Augt 1879, aged 65 years (No adjoining grave!)

“Erected by/MR. JOHN COOGAN/In memory of his beloved wife/ROSANNA, who died 6th Jany
1854/aged 44 years/also of her mother MARY Kelly/who died 15th Jany 1854/aged 97 years/also of
Mr. Patrick Kelly /of Flood St., who died 2nd Octr 1861/aged 40 years”

Erected by/MR. JOHN SPAIN/of Irishtown in memory /of his beloved nephew/JOHN SPAIN/of Parsonstown, Kings Co/who died 28th Augt 1858, aged 26 years/May he rest in Peace/JOHANNA SPAIN, her sister CATHERINE /and their grandmother MRS. JOHANNA McGORE/are also interred here./Inscribed by her daughter Mrs. Anna Maria Bradley. Stone inscribed by Farrell & Son

“Erected by/MR. PATRICK FARRELL/of Holles Row/in memory /of his beloved wife/KATE/ who
died 2nd June 1861/aged 37 years/and of their child, William/who died immediately/after its birth
and a fortnight/previous to its mother/also his beloved son Patrick/who departed this life/2nd Dec
1869, aged 17 years/also Patrick Farrell/the beloved husband /of the above Kate Farrell/who died
17th March 1912/aged 91 years/RIP”

Erected by/MR. PATRICK RICE/ in memory of his beloved mother/TERESA who died 19th Decr 1833/aged 52 years/also of his beloved father/PATRICK/who died 2nd March 183(5)4, /aged 60 years, and of his beloved brother/JOSEPH who died 9th Novr 1871?/aged 29 years.

Erected by/MR. WILLIAM SUPPLE/of Middle Mountjoy St/in memory of his daughter in law/MRS. MARY SUPPLE/who died 14th Septr. 1858/aged 28 years/also of her dearly beloved child/MARIANNE SUPPLE/who died 25th Septr 1858/aged 5 months/and of his beloved daughter/MRS. ANNE KAVANAGH/who died 15th novr. 1862/aged 47years/here also are interred/the remains of/FRANCIS WILLIAM SUPPLE/who departed this life 29th/ April 1876, aged 22 years/Son of the above named MRS> MARY SUPPLE?RIP> Stone made by P. Hynes

Erected by/MRS ANNE RUSE/ in memory of her beloved husband/Patk James Ruse/who died at Dalkey/5th Sept 1835/aged 32 years/RIP

Erected by/MRS CATHERINE FEATHERSTONE/of Plunket court/in memory of her beloved husband/PETER FETHERSTONE/wqho died 14th June 1861, aged 52 years./Requiesat in pace

Erected by/Mrs ELLEN CARROLL/of Mount Siskin, Co. Dublin/in memory of her beloved husband/PATRICK CARROLL/who died 24th Septr 1861/aged 50 years/Req in Pace?Stone made by F.Hynes FT

“Erected by/MRS Teresa Donnell/in memory of /her beloved and only son./JOHN/who died 7th
Augt 1856/aged 18 years/”

Erected by/MRS, ANNE HURLEY, of >> bridge/in memory of her beloved husband/ MICHEL HURLEY who departed/this life 26th July 18?35, aged 66 years. CHECK

Erected by/Mrs. Catherine Kerr/in memory/of her beloved…..TO FINISH!!

Erected by/MRS. MARY FITZGERALD/of 40 Marlborough St/in memory of her beloved husband/MR. JOHN FITZGERALD/who died 22nd March 1856/aged 45 years.

“Erected by/Mrs. MARY HOPKINS/of Greek St/in memory of her beloved son/EDWARD whoo died 1st Jany 1867/aged 17 years./Poem on this to be read./Here also lie the remains/of her beloved
father/DENIS Magee/who died 22nd March 1873/aged 78 years/May he rest in peace Amen/Stone
made by Farrel & Son”

“Erected by/MRS. WINNIFRED BYRNE/of Stillorgan. In memory of her beloved husband
/GEORGE BYRNE/dept. this life 20th July 1856/aged 38 years/resuiscent in pace”

Erected by/PATRICK JEFFERS/of 25 Little Mary St/in memory of his beloved wife/MARY JEFFERS/who departed this life August 3rd /1866, aged 49 years. / Here also lies the remains of/MR. PATRICK JEFFERS who /departed this life July 2nd 1867/aged 50 years/Also MRS Mary ANN MAHER, wife of/JOHN MAHER who died April 20th 1872?/aged 24 years/RIP Wade. Ufi Berkely made by.

Erected by/PETER REILLY/of the barony of Kells, Co. Meath and sir John’s Quay Dublin/in memory of his beloved wife/MARY REILLY/who departed this life 1st Feby 1856/aged 67 years/req in pace/ Edward Harrington made stone

Erected by/Richd Goulding/19 St. Kevins road/in memory of Joseph his eldest son/who died Oct 26th 1878, aged 19 years/also Mary Eliza/and his two infant children/named Francis, who died young /and Eliza Goulding his mother/and Eliza McCormack sister/also Mary Catherine Howard/deeply loved eldest daughter of John & MA Howard/who died 17th August 1893/aged 7 years and 4 months/als the above/rRichard Goulding/who died Feb 25th 1901/and Mary Goulding his wife/who died 1st Dec 1912/also the above MA Howard /who died25th Feb 1923/and her dearly loved younger daughter/JOSephin A Fitzpatrick/who died 26th March 1956/RIP.

Erected by/the sorrowing friends of/JAMES SOMERS/of Cork St/ who departed this life May the /7th 1861 aged 22 years/Likewise his father Thos. Somers departed this life Sept 10th 1866/aged 50 years/Also his brother Michl Somers who/departed this life March 14th 1867/aged 24 years

“Erected by/THOMAS HEALY/of Upper Bridge St/in memory of his beloved son/JAMES/who
departed this life 25th April 1861, aged 8 years and 6 months/Also in memory of
BRIDGET/mother of the above Thomas Healy/who died 10th Octr 1865/aged 72 years/and of his
sons Patrick/who died 9th April 1870/aged 2 years and 2 months/and Patrick Francis/who died 10th
Octr 1874/aged 3 years/also of his mother in law/ANNE KAVANAGH/who died 8th March
1882/aged 80 years/Requiesant in Pace”

Erected by/WILLIAM Clark/21 Queen’s Terrace/in memory of his beloved child/MICHAEL JAMES/who departed this life September 10th 1860/1, aged 2 years. Stone chipped

Erected by/WILLIAM DOYLE/Exchange Court/in memory of his beloved mother/JUDITH DOYLE/who died 17thMay 1862/aged 70 years/also his sister ann doyle/who died 26th Octr. 1855/aged 27 years/also his niece/BLANCHE TERESA REILLY/who died 30th July 1863/aged 13 months.

Erected by/WILLIAM LYONS/of Killiney/in memory of his beloved children JOHN, Mary and ANN Lyons /who died/young A.D. 1855.

Erected/by/ALICIA BURKE/in memory of her beloved husband/WILLIAM JOSEPH BURKE/45, Upper Dominick St./who died 22nd Jany 1903 aged 74 years/Also her beloved son/JOHN WILLIAM PAUL/who died 9th Decr 1891, aged 34 years/and /her five children who died young/ here also lie the remains of the above named/ALICIA BURKE/who died 1st July 1910 aged 81 years/Jesus Have mercy on their souls.

Erected/by/ELIZABETH BYRNE/of Cork St/ in memory of her beloved husband/JOHN/who died 27th Aug 1856,/aged 47 years/also her fond and only son /JOHN/who died 5th April 1891/aged 35 years/also the ablove Elizabeth /who died 8th Feb 1895/aged 64 years/May they rest in peace/stone made by Glendon Kill O Grange

Erected/by/Mr. JOHN rryan/church st/in memory of his two children/Daniel and John Joseph/both of whom died in infancy/also his sons/JOSeph and Michael /who died young./Stone made by Harrison, Dubln

Erected/to/the memory/ of/MR EDWARD CRANGLE/of Merrion Square south/who departed this life/the 25th July 1858/aged 40 years/deeply and sincerely/regretted /by a numerous circle of friends/May he rest in peace/ Amen. Stone made by Farrell & Son


Flynn 1990

Geral Davit Forde 1951

HIS Cross on top: Of your charity/Pray for the soul of/ELLEN O’CONNOR/of this city/who departed this life 7th December 1855/aged 67 years/also her beloved husband/JOHN O’Connor/departed this life 18th Jany 1854/aged 60 years.

HIS/In memory of/JANE LOWRY/of 10 Summerhill Dublin/died 6th Aug 1947/ and of her parents and sisters

Holy St. Francis pray for us across the top. Erected by/Cornelius Regan/of Upper Church St/in memory of his beloved wife/Mrs. Catherine Regan/who departed this life/21st August 1861/aged 48 years/also of her children who died young.

Hughes: 1982

IHS/Erected by/Mr. PATRICK ALLEN, of Braithwaite St,/In memory of his beloved brother/DENIS ALLEN, late of Bellevue/who died 12th May 1862, aged 46 years./and also of his beloved Son, PATRICK/who died 8th Decr. 1864, aged 8 years/also of his daughter ANNIE JOSEPHINE/who died 15th August 188?3, aged 22 years/and of the above PATRICK ALLEN/who died 22nd April 1886, aged 65 years/also of his wife CATHERRINE ALLEN/who died 22nd August 1889, aged 52 years/and of their son JOSEPH J. ALLEN/who died 4th May 1894, aged 30 years.

In loving memory /of/Francis (Fanny) T.M. Murray/died Oct 14th 1895/Thy will be done/Also of Mary Murray /who died 19th December 1911/RIP

In loving memory /of/Margaret Mitchell/died 21st Septembed 1906/RIP

In loving memory /of/my dear beloved husband/Charles Geoghegan/who departed this life/26th Jan 1888,/aged 47/late of Liverpool/formerly of Kingstown/re;leased from sorrow,sin and pain/and free from every care/conveyed t oheaven /by angel hands /to rest for ever more.

In loving memory of/my dear husband/William Murray/113, Mellows Rd, Finglas/died 11th July 1972/also Mary Murray/died 24th Jan 1933/RIP
:Marble Plaque on stone.
Bottom of Stone: Erected by his loving wife May/Murray/Stone made by MacCluskey, 41 Ballinteer Drive.”

In loving memory of/Richard J. Carew/died 10th June 1954 aged 5 1/2 years/Ellen Carew /died 10th November 1862 aged 15 years/ MAry Carew,/died 24th May 1866 aged 58 years/Mary Gaffney /died 14th May 1874 aged 6 years/Richard Gaffney died 1st April 1875 aged 5 years/
????? died 26th November 1879 aged 7 years and 4 months/Ellen Gaffney /died 1st December 187?3 or 9 aged 3 years and 6 mos/Richard Carew/died 29th August 1882 aged 64 years/ and Richard J Gaffney died 15th June 1907 aged 29 years/RIP”

In loving memory/Daley…

In loving Memory/of/Bridget Murray/died 26th Ja n1929/and her sons/Bernard,/died 7th October 1949/John,/died 2nd February 1978/aged 83 years/RIP

In/Loving memory of/JOHN CLARKE/died 21st Sept 1890/his children/MARGARET/died/ 3oth April 1904/aged 16 years/CHARLES /died 11th December 1904, aged 19 years/his wife MARYANN CLARKE/ Sunnybank, 70 Botanic Rd,/died 22nd May 1944, aged 88 years/Base Plate of stone: Nurse Mary Clarke/died 21st March 1972.

In/loving memory/of/my dear husband/Patrick Lloyd/who departed this life 28th Oct 1906/aged 69 yers/RIP/Erected by his loving wife ELizabeth Lloyd ??11 North Portland St/Also the above named ELizabeth lloyd/died 10th Aug 1909/RIP/stone by Dennaney

In/Memory of/ISAac BENNETT/natve of Losley Bank, Staffordshire/who died at 22 Aungier St, Dubln/on the 9th April 1856, aged 36 years.

Kelly 1959

Kelly 1959

Large white Marble stone: Erected/ by /HUGH DAWSON/of 61 sherrif st, dublin/in loving memory of/ his daughter CATHERINE/(Katie)/who died on 26th July 1887, /aged 17 years/also his infant chidlre/Mary, William, And Mary Jane/all of whom died young/also /his beloved daughter/susan/who died 28th July 1891/aged 17 years/RIP?stone Made by Pierce & Sharp, 27 Gt. Brunswick St.

Lee 1918

Little stone lying flat Erected by/…can’t read need cleaning. Catherine Read in memory of her beloved husband Edward Reid who departed this life July 29th 1863 aged 45 years…CHECK

Little stone on ground half broken “In memory of….Also Roseanna, the beloved daughter of/JOHN & JANE MELADY/of Dunzill St./who died 15th /Decr 1853, aged 5 years and three months/here also is interred the said JOHN MELADY her beloved/ father who died 15th Decr 1854 aged 49 years.

Lying on ground: Erected /in loving memory/ of my dear husband/JOHN NOLAN/who died 29th may 1890, aged 79 years/also my son James/aged 4 years/and MARY CATHERINE SLEVIN/my grandchild/aged 1 years 8 months/also CATHERINE NOLAN/ wife of the above JOHN NOLAN/late of Patrick’s Close/who died 3rd March 1895/aged 70 years/Lord Jesus be merciful to the servant John

Lynam : 1991

marbel stone: Erected by /NICHOLAS and MARY WILLIAMS/to the memory of/ their dearly beloved children/Joseph/who departed this life?29th September 1856, aged 8 months/agnes mary/who departed this life 21 February 18?3, /aged 6 years 6 months/Teresa Mary/who departed thislife 4th June 1873/aged 13 years and ?3 months.

marked plot Waldron: 1969

May the/Lord/have mercy on the /soul of/ANN NEWTON/who died 6th march 1888, aged 66 years.

McManus needs scratching

My jesus mercy/In Loving memory /of/ our dear parents/James Mitchell

Next row: Aherne 1986

Next row: Erected by/MR. PATRICK LEAVY/of Bridgefoot St/in memory /of his beloved brother/THOMAS LEAVY/who died 2nd October 1868/aged 42 years./Stone made by Farell & Son

O’Brien 1949

O’Reilly 1939; Aughrim St.

Paisley: 1990

Plaque: Caffrey: 1985

Plaque: Loried 1976

Pray for the soul of JOHN KERRIE

Roycroft: 1993

Sacred/to the memory of/ELIZABETH/the beloved wife of /JAMES FOX, Phibsborough/died 8th august 1866, aged 50 years/and the above named /JAMES FOX/who died 15th Decr 1885, aged 68 years/also their son JAMES/who died 26th Septr 1882, aged 30 years/also GEORGE/who died /1st april 1887, aged 34 years/RIP

Sacred/to the memory of/HENRY T.C. BALLARD/who departed this life 19th April 1855/aged 3 years/My lovely little baby thou wert gathered very soon/in the fresh and dewy morning not in the idler of noon/the Savious sent his angels to bear thee hence my own/and they will plant thee in tat garden/where decay is never known.

Sacred/to the memory of/James Leopold Murray/who departed this life/November 10th 1861/Aged 26 years

Sacred/to the memory of/MARY GREEN/ who departed this life/the 16th August 1856/aged 95 years/May she rest inpeace

Sacred/to the memory of/Michael Nolan/of Sandwith Lane/who died 15th Augt 1861/aged 60 years/aso his wife Margaret/who died 8th Oct 1861/aged 70 years/Req in Pace/Made by Farrell & Son

Sacred/to the memory of/MR. JAMES O’DONOHUE/who departed this life /the 15th September 1861,/in the 51 st years of his age/May he rest in peace Amen/Stone made by Patrick & Molloy

Sacred/to the memory of/PETER JOHN NEVIN/C. Engineer/who departed this life /the 11th May 1856/in the 38th years of his age/this memorial was erected by/his fond and affectionate sister/Mrs. Mary Joyce/of Galway/May he rest in peace Amen.

Sacred/to the memory of/ROSE JOHNSTONE/who died 3rd Janry 1856, aged 39 years/also her daughter charlotta/died 6th april 1858, aged 11 years/and her son Richard/died 1st Septr 1867, aged 26 years/and also her husband /ROBERT JOHNStone/who died 23rd July 1868/aged 52 years./May the rest in peace

Sacred/to/the memory of/Daniel P. Nugent/son of the late/JOHN F. Nugent/he died 6th March 1875/aged 22 years/erected by his loving stepmother/This stone both the demise record/of him we loved so dear/his soul we hope is with the Lord/his ashes resteth hre/to pious works his miind was given/he’ll find his just reward in heaven.

Solv..his …Latin can’t read it: Erected by/JOHN FRANCIS NUGENT/Printer, dublin/to the memory of his beloved son/FRANCIS PETER NUGENT/who departed this life/the 3rd Jany 1856/aged 1 years and 3 months/also Mary his beloved wife/who departed this life Decr. The 17th 1859, aged ?75 years. Scratch?here also lies the remains of/JOHN Francis Nugent/who died 8th Septr 1866, aged 48 years/and his eldest son/JOHN R NUGERNT/died 19th Septr 1866 aged 188 years./May the lord have mercy on their souls/May they rest in peace. Amen.

Stone flat on ground: Erected by/JAMES AND ELIZA? WILSON/in memory of their beloved son/PATRICK/who died July 7th 1861, aged 20 years/of Crumlin Co. Dublin

This stone marks the burial place of William Carberry of bride st in the city of Dublin/here are deposited the remains of/his two little sons, EDWARD and LUKE who died in infancy.

This stone was erected by/PATRICK BOWE/ in memory of his beloved wife/MARY who died 18th July 1861/aged 53 years/also of the above named PATRICk/whoi died 20th Decr 1865/aged 60 years/also of WILLIAM who died/ 24th Novr. 1853, aged 40 years/Also of Ann DuFF who died/4th march 1863, aged 60 years/also of his father and mother/May the rest in peace.

Top Plaque:Erected by/MR. CORNELIUS O’TOOLE/of Summerhill/in memory of/three of his beloved children/MARGARET M/, MARY and JOSEPHINE /who died young./Also of his sister ANN/who died 10th June 1875, aged 54 years/and also his daughter/ROSANNA O’TOOLE/who died 3rd January 1876,/ aged 22 years. Base of this: And of his son, JOSPEH LAURENCE O’TOOLE/who died 10th May 1878, aged 24 years/ also of his daughter LIZZIE TERESA/wh died 24th Decr 1878, aged 27 years./also the above named CORNELIUS O’TOOLE/who died 25th June 1884, aged 57 years. Side of Stone: Inscribed/to/ the memory of/MRS. ANNE O’TOOLE/who died 13th Novr 1885/aged 61 years/also her beloved son /CORNELIUS JOHN/who died 1st Decr 1886, aged 1(9) yrs/RIP. Back of Stone: FAMILY BURIAL PLACE OF CORNELIUS O’TOOLE

Wooden Cross McGough 1943

Wooden Cross: O’Neill, William RIP.