Killenard Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Outside Carlow Town: Graveyard with church on hill. Older graveyard up the road on right hand side. Not all stones done.

Originaly typed up before July 1999

Morris: Enclosed Plot: 1 stone: Celtic Cross: Of your Charity/Pray for the repose of the souls of/Jane Morris/of Portarlington/who died 7th Feb 1861 aged 95 years /and his wife/Rebecca/who died 29th Septr 1864 aged 86 years/This tribute of respect to true worth/and of great gratitude for parental care/This is erected by their sons Matt and Anthony /and Grandsons Daniel and James

Dunne: Next stone: Erected by /DENIS DUNNE of Huntington in/Memory of his beloved wife ANNE/DUNNE who departed this life/January 22nd 1863 aged 55 years/Also his daughter CATHERINE/DUNNE who departed this life June/18th 1851 aged 16 years/Also his son CHARLES DUNNE who departed /this life 27th April 1908 aged 70 years/DUNNE

Lawlor/Keegan/Marmion: Family plot: Stone against wall, has been restored or replaced: Erected by /Anne Lawlor/of Killenard/in memory of her beloved husband/John Lawlor, died Jan 26th 1827/His wife Anne, died Sept 1st 1836/Also John Keegan died Aug 28th 1906/His wife Winifred, died Nov 3rd 1944/Their daughter Elizabeth, died May 29th 1966/Frank Keegan, died April 6th 1969/Anthony Keegan, died May 20th 1972/Patrica Marmion, died Dec 30th 1990/RIP

Keenan: Erected/In memory of Anne Keenan/Portarlington/who died 1st March 1871/Aged 52 years/Denis Keenan, her husband/who died 24 March 1888, aged 68 years/and their two children/Sarah and Patrick/who died young.

Byrne: This stone has been broken and is stuck back together again and wired to wall:Erected by/Patrick Byrne/Main St., Protarlington/in loving memory of his beloved/wife Margaret Byrne/who died 24th April 1898/aged 65 years/The above Patrick Byrne/who died 30th April 1901/aged 77 years

Duane/Kennedy: William Duane Portarlington/died may 31st 1894, aged 74 years/His daughter Bridget/ died Oct 21st 1877 aged 21 years/His son Thomas /died Jan 16th 1892, aged 34 years/his son Richard/died April 25th 1893, aged 33 years/His daughter Mrs Ellen Kennedy/by whose will this monument was erected/died Nov 27th 1915, aged 46 years/His son in law Joseph Kennedy/died Nov 8th 1913, aged 46 years.

Duane: Here lieth the body ofEleanor Duane of …………….. who depd this life May 4th? 180?/Also Daniel Duane 1824 (04) Aged ??

Clarke/Sweeny: In memory of/the Clarke Family & the Sweeny Family/Sweeny Hill, Emo/buried here and at Emo/1650-1850/Elizabeth Sweeny/1871-1913/Bridget Sweeny 1837-1921/Julia Sweeny Dunne/1846-1948

Sweeny: In/loving memory of/James Sweeny/Lea/died 26th May 1882, aged 76 years/his wife /Honora Sweeny/died 26 May 1889, aged 86 years/Their son/Loughlin Sweeny/died 4th April 1925, aged 94 years/His wife /Jane Sweeny/died 23rd Feb 1925, aged 86 years/Their Grandson Joseph P. Sweeny/ died 28th May 1968 aged 85 years/His wife/Christina Sweeny/ died 26th March 1984

Holland: This stone was erected by/Thos Holland in memory of/his daughter Cathorin Hol/and who depd this life Dec /the 29th 1803 aged 33 years.

Byrne: Erected by/Mrs. Agnes Mary Byrne/in memory of/her dearly beloved daughter/Kate Agnes/who died 16th June 1868/aged 27 years.

Beahan/Behan: Family plot 2 stones; Here lieth the body of/Thomas Beahan of Vicarstown/who depd this life the 2nd of /December 1835 aged 58 years/His son John died 1874. Maria wife of John died 1899/Their sons, Thomas died Aug 1924. Morris died Sept 1931/John (Tierhogetr) ied 17 April 1926. Mary A. wife of John/died 4 Jan 1955.

Behan: Stone beside it: In loving memory /of/John Behan/Tierhogar House/who died 7th October 1978/aged 74 years.

Dempsey: Heart of Jesus/Have mercy on the souls/of/Peter Dempsey/ /who died 12th Feb 1917 aged 74 years Son Peter died

Donohoe: Erected/by Patk Donohoe/in memory of his mother/Mary Donohoe/who depd this life April 10th/1799/aged?35 years also his father /Peter Donohoe/who dept this life Feb 7th /1806 aged 47 years/May their souls rest in peace Amen.

Hanserd: Lord Have mercy on the /soul of William Hanserd/who depd this life April the 12th 1799 aged 68 years/His wife Margaret Hanserd/ Aug 18?? Aged 60.

Malone: Erected/by Thomas Malone in/memory of his father /John Malone who depd this life March/17th 18?0/Aged 83 years/Also his brother Martin who/depd this life aged 21 in 18?13/

New Plaque at bottom of stone:

Lawrence Malone died 18 June 1904 aged 21 years./Richard Malone died 29 Jany 1936 aged 87 years/His wife Elizabeth died 23 March 1938 aged 92.

Wyre: Lord Have mercy/On the soul of ???? Wyre depd the/life June 15th 1812/aged 28 years.

Farrell: Sacred/to the memory of/Michael Farrell/who died 12th July 1889 aged 80 years/Also his beloved wife/Bridget Farrell/who died 18th February 1892 aged 86 years/also/to the memory of Julia Farrell/wife of Michael Farrell junior/who died 1st Nov 1919 aged 6?0/May her soul rest in peace/Also Michael Farrell junior/who died Feb 1920

White: Erected by/Marcella White/in memory of her beloved husband/Peter White/who died 22nd May 1868, aged 70 years/Also her son Patrick who died/23rd December 1848 aged 11 years/Also Margaret White/died 10th July 1874/aged 62 years.

Hughes: Erected by/Ellen and Annie Hughes/in memory of our dear father/ who died 7th June 1892/aged 75 years/Also our dear mother/who died 3rd July 1892/aged 73 years/Also of our brother ?Robert died ???18?? aged 16 years/Their eyes are closed/their lips are sealed/No longer could they stay/Our dear and loved parents/from us is gone away. No Names mentioned for father or mother

Mulhall: In loving memory of/Patrick Mulhall/Ballintoher/who died January 27th 1868/Aged 43 years/Also of his beloved wife Mary/who died January 23rd 1904/aged 72 years/Also their son James/who died 27th Dec 1945/aged 83 years/His beloved wife Elizabeth /died 24th Sep 1946/aged 65 years/Also their sons Patrick Mulhall /who died 20th Aug 1988/aged 77 years/James Mulhall/who died 28th March 1990/aged 72 years/V.Rev. Joseph Mulhall/Condorrat, Glasgow/died 9th January 1994, aged 74 years/ Stone was made by Shsaw & sons – Stradbally.

Gallagher: In/memory of/Patrick Gallagher/who departed this life/June 15th 1869/aged 72 years/Also of his daughter /Anne/who died 1860/and his sons/Andrew died 1911/Patrick died 1920

Lawlor: Sacred to the memory of Mrs Johanna/Lawlor late of Portarlington who depd /this life 10th ?? 1874 aged 62 years/Her husband William who depd this life 188?

Lacy: In fond remembrance/of/Joanna/wife of John Lacy/who died at Bagnelstown/4th January 1905/ged 64 years – facing last stone? same plot??

Brabant/Freeman: IHS/Erected by/Lewis Brabant/in memory of/his beloved wife/Anne /who died 21 October 1884/aged 32 years/also their daughter/Catherine/who died 12 March 1883/aged 5 years/James Freeman, Clogheen/died 18 Sep 1946/aged 64 years/Michael Freeman/died 27 Jan 1959/aged 77 years/Also his wife Elizabeth/did 17 Sep 1965/aged 81 years/RIP

Bannon: IHS/Lord Have Mercy/on the soul of Peter/Bannon of Lea who depd this life May /12th 1797 aged 66 years

Whealon/Rochford: Erected by Andrew Whealon/In memory of his beloved/ father Andrew Whealon who/died 20 Oct 1849 aged 7?8 years/Also his mother Bridget/Whealon who died 1848 aged 56 years/And his brother John Whealon/who died 12th Feb 1795 aged 19 years/Also his sister???? Rochford who died 12th Oct 1832 aged 30 years

Brackin: Erected/by John Brackin/in memory of his father/Edward Brackin who/ depd this life Feby 1818 aged 65 years/Also his mother Margaret/who depd this life Nov 8th 1834 aged 61 years/Also his sister Bridget who depd this life Feby 1817 aged 17 years and his REST OF STONE Underground

Dunne: Celtic Cross: To the memory of ??? DUNNE of B(C)oolroe who died March 6 1878/Aged 5(8)7 years/Also his beloved mother/Catherine Dunne/who died July 3 1828/aged 40 years/Also his beloved father /George Dunne who died July 17th 1848/aged 75 years/Also his beloved brother /Denis Dunne/who died December 23rd 1876/aged 58 years/Also his two brothers and his sister who died young/Also Catherine ??? who died May 29th 1874 aged 70 years/RIP

Kavanagh/Cummins/Mulhall/Costello: Newly erected/Replaced stone: In loving memory/of/James Kavanagh/Lock/1861-1882/George Kavanagh/1815-1885/john Kavanagh/1813-1890/Jane Kavanagh/(Nee Cummins)/1814-1901/George Kavanagh/1854-1915?Annie Kavanagh/(Nee Mullhall)/1860-1927/John Kavanagh/1889-1968/Rev. Peter Kavanagh/1894-1972/Rose Kavanagh/(nee Costello)/1895-1995

Kavanagh: Erected by/John Kavanagh of Locke/In memory of his beloved parents/James and Mary Kavanagh/James died Oct 19th 1864/Mary died March 1874/Also his brothers /James died Dec 21st 1839/Michael died April ?? 1865/Denis Died in America/Also his wife Mary Kavanagh who died/16 October 1851/aged 62 years/Also the above John Kavanagh/who died/26th Feb 1900 aged 70 years/Also for the repose of Bridget Kavanagh/who died 1926 aged 63 years

Dunne: Erected by/George Dunne of Coolrow/in memory of his wife Catherine/who depd this life July 3rd 1828/Aged 40 years/Also his three children who died young Here are laid the remains of the above George Dunne who depd this life July ?? 1818 aged 75 years