Killybegs Old, Prosperous Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

Published in Irish Family History: Journal of the Irish Family History Society

Vol. 15, 1999 ISSN: 0790-7060

Transcribed by : Noel Reid [450] & Peter J. Riordan [797] on 26 & 27 March 1989.

Revised 1999 .

ARCHBOLD This stone was erected by Daniel Archbold in memory of his son James Archbold who depd this life September the 8th 1822 aged 16 years

BOUGHLY This stone was erected by THOMAS BOUGHLY in memory of his brother John Boughly who departed this life 12th July 1798 aged 64 years and of his son William Boughly who died 18th June 1818 aged 29 years. May they rest in peace

BRILLY. In memory of Ann Brilly died 4th August 1946 aged 5 years also her grandfather William Kearns died 28th Nov 1944 Walter Patrick Brilly died 31st March 1958 aged 15 years. RIP. Erected by aunt Molly J Taylor Naas

BRYAN Memento mori This stone was erected by James Bryan in memory of his father Morgan Bryan who departed this life the 30st March 1792 aged 60 years also Mary Bryan his mother who departed 26th May 1814 aged 70 years Laurence Bryan died 6th July 1792 aged 22 years, John Bryan died 16th January 1812 aged 38 years and James Bryan died 6th March 1820 aged 48 years May they rest in peace



CARR Erected by Thomas Carr of Maynooth in memory of his beloved father Thomas who died in 1835 also his beloved mother Mary who died 4th May 1868 both Of Prosperous also the above Mr Thomas Carr late of Maynooth who departed this life on the 1ri (sic) DECR 1883 aged 58 yeas {sic) May the Lord have mercy on thear {sic) soals (sic)

COOKE . THY WILL BE DONE Erected by John R. Cooke, in memory of his beloved mother Eliza Cooke, who died 29th October 1902 aged 78 years, and his sister Eliza Cooke, who departed this life 5th August 1911 aged 61 years. Requiescat in Pace Taylor Naas

CRIBBIN IHS In loving memory of Edward Cribbin Curryhills died 4th June 1921 and his wife Ellen died 15th Aug 1960 RIP Cullen Naas

CRIBBIN Erected by Dennis Cribbin, in memory of his beloved wife Rose Cribbin, who departed this life 2nd April 1851, aged 64 years. Also the said Denis Cribbin who died the 9th of April 1853 aged 75. Requiescant in pace



DEVINE In loving memory of Patrick Devine Killybegs, Prosperous died 30th Dec. 1964 aged 76 years, his wife Mary died 25th June 1967 aged 70 years R.I.P. Base: Erected by their son Patrick South end: Hughes Carlow

DEVINE (A granite cross with trefoil ends on a granite post) IHS In memory of Esther Devine 64 years died VI Jan 1888 RIP

DEVINE In loving memory of Mrs Kate Devine died 22nd Nov 1936 RIP

DIGNAM This stone was erected by William Dignum of Landenstown in memory of his father James Dignam who departed this life March 16 1780 aged 56 years also his mother Catherine Dignam who died Sep 13 1797 aged 63 years. Likewise his brother Pat Dignam died [remainder below ground level]



DOMICAN Gloria in Excelsis Deo Erected by Christopher DOMICAN of Stickens in the County of Kildare in memory of his father John DOMICAN who departed this life November 22nd 1834 aged 75 years Also his mother Mary DOMICAN who depd this life Septr the l0th 1816 aged 34 And his brother Thomas who died young. May they rest in peace

DOYLE Erected by Mr Hugh Doyle of Sallins in memory of his beloved wife Mrs Mary Doyle who departed this life April –1857 aged 28 years She possessed many amiable qualities which rendered her the object of her husband’s affection being a fond wife and kind companion and a sincere friend and a good Christian Here also her beloved parents Richard and Mary Cantwell and her affectionate sister Mrs.Ellen Daly.

DUFFY (An obelisk) East face: Dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return Erected by Mrs Margaret Duffy in memory of her husband Mr. Luke Duffy of Naas who departed this life 4th May 1850 aged 54 years Also her children Eliza died 7th March 1847 aged 16 years Margaret died 15th March 1847 aged 17 years and George died 18th May 1848 aged 9 years and four others of her children who died young Requescant in Pace West face: Blank North face: Mrs Margaret Duffy died Nov 28 1868 aged 52 South face: Here also lie the remains of Mrs Duffy’s parents and sister Mr Richard Cantwell died 8th March 1825 Mrs Mary Cantwell died 5th May 1838 aged 60 years and Ellen Daly who died 20th Jan 1827 aged 34 years

ENNIS Erected by John Ennis in memory of his father Tho ENNIS who depd this life July 11th 1859 aged 89 years. Also his mother depd April 7th 1796 also his beloved wife ELEY ENNIS died January 15th 18- – aged 47. Also his son Thomas Died Sep 17 1859 aged 20. Also the said John Ennis who died January 12 1867 aged 74 May they rest in peace.


FENNELLY In loving memory of my darling little son Patrick Joseph Fennelly died Feb 15 1928 aged 1 year & 5 months also his grandparents Patrick and Mary TuiteErected by his mother and grannie (Taylor) (Naas)

FITZGERALD Erected by James Fitzgerald in memory of his beloved father Nicholas Fitzgerald who died 19th February 1889 Also his beloved mother CECILIA Fitzgerald who died 4th May 1894

FITZPATRICK Erected by Denis Fitzpatrick in memory of his beloved wife Sarah Fitzpatrick who died 30th May 1894, aged 36 years. Also his mother Marie Fitzpatrick who departed this life 9th February 1900 aged 77 years and his father William Fitzpatrick who died 12th September 1902. Requiescat in pace Taylor Naas

FITZPATRICK Erected by William Fitzpatrick in memory of his beloved father James who died April 14th 1843 aged 66 years his mother Elizabeth died SEPTR 2ND 1872 Aged 92 years and his daughter Mary Ann Died SEPTR 15TH 1882 aged 34 years. Also Denis Fitzpatrick DIED 19 April 1935 aged 84 years and his son Thomas died 22 May 1958 aged 66 years R.I.P .


GRACE Erected by ANN GRACE in memory of her beloved husband William Grace late of Portsmouth who died July 25th 1889 aged 63 years-


KEARNS In loving memory of Hugh KEARNS, Longtown, Sallins. Died 15th Aug 1940 His wife Ann Died 271b July 1960 And other members of the KEARNS family

KENNY In loving memory of Dolores KENNY Born 02/02/1966 Died 02/04/1966 R.I.P.

LASTY IHS Erected by Charles Lasty in memory of his father DANIAL (sic) LASTY who died in 1741 aged 65 years.

MANGHAM IHS Timothy Mangham erected this stone in memory of his son THOS

MANGHAM who died June 30 1781 aged 25 y. Also his wife Bridget Mangham who died Feb 20 1790 aged 60 y May they rest in peace

McDERMOTT In loving memory of Margaret McDermott Goatstown Naas, died 14th June 1934 aged 62 years. Also her husband James McDermott died 1st June 1950 aged 82 years

MEEHAN Erected by Anne Dillon in memory of her belovd Father Dominick Meehan who died 1832 also her mother Catherine Meehan who died 1864

MIGHT This monument erected by Luke Might in memory of his father in law Charles M Gowran who departed this life decembr the 14th 1795 Aged 106 years here also interd three of his children Lawrence Daniel and Cathrine with two of his grand children John & Elenor Might


MORRIN Erected by Peter Morrin who depd this life Febry 6th 1840 aged 44 years in memory of his father Maurice Morrin who depd July 23rd 1825 aged 75 years. His mother Mary Morrin who died Sept 29th 1825 aged 73 years also his brothers and sisters

MURPHY This stone was Er(ected) by James Molone in memory of his fat(her} in law John Murp(hy} who died in 1766 70 years Requiescant in Pace

MURPHY Erected by Eileen in memory of her beloved husband Thomas (Tom} c Departed this life 191h Dec 1967 Following accident also his sister May (Mary) DIED 11th JAN 1997 Thy will be done O Lord

MURPHY In loving memory of Thomas Murphy (SEN} Landenstown who died 1st November 1937 and his wife Mary Ann Murphy (nee Fennell) who died 4th June 1939 also their son John J. (Seán} Murphy who died 2nd June 1973 R.I.P.

O’NElLL Erected in memory of Daniel O’NEILL his wife Elizabeth Laurence

O’Neill his wife Catherine Children and Grand children Daniel his wife Mary O’Neill and children

REGAN In loving memory of Edward Regan Hatter’s Cross, Prosperous died 8th May 1924 aged 65 his wife Bridget died 10th March 1943 aged 82 Their son John died 6th July 1966 aged 69 their daughter Christine died 18th Dec 1966 aged 67 R.I.P. Sweet Jesus have mercy on their soulsHughes Carlow


WHYTE Gloria in Excelsis Deo IHS Erected by Andrew Whyte of Sallins in memory of his beloved wife Mary Whyte who departed this life 15th Dec 1811 aged 30 years also Robert Whyte who depd this life 15th Dec 1816 aged 90 years and James Whyte who depd this life May 4th 1816 aged 19 years May they rest in peace Amen