Kilmachonna, Lusmagh Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Offaly

Andrew Grady, died Jan 1st 1893, aged 82 years. Also his sister Honoria Grady died 29th Sept. 1902 aged 47. Erected by John Grady, Iowa City, America in memory of his father Andrew Grady

Annie Gibbons, Carrowmanagh, Lusmagh, died 13th Dec 1976 aged 67 years. Her husband Michael died 27th November 1978 aged 86. Stone cutter: Carroll, Birr.

Darby Kelly departed Jan 1st 1794 aged 52 years. His son Darby Kelly died Oct 15th 1819 aged 30. Erected by his sons Tim Pat and John Kelly.

Denis Kelly Kilmachunna died 25th May 1971, his wife Mary died 17th Feb 1971, their son Patrick died 20th March 1974. Stone cutter: Caroll Birr.

Erected by Paul Keaney with profound respect to his brotherinlaw John Kelly who died Dec 31st 1818 aged 32.
O what greater pangs hast so severe,
As sisters anguish for brother dear
In mutual wishes most sincere
Ah who can stop sorrows swelling dear.”

James Gibbons, died Sept 1810, aged 50 years; also his wife Margaret Gibbons, alias Corigan, who died Dec 1811, aged 55. Also their son Michl. who died May 1826, aged 28.
A studious pilgrim turn they pensive face,
Mark three most dear locked in one cold imbrace (sic)
A father, a mother and a tender son become one dust.
Whence first they had begun
When thy time blown around you
Cast let mortals how soon
This world is past that all we
Gain on this vain earth below when tried are found
But misery and woe.”

Loughlin Gordin, died Aug 6th 1821, aged 66. Also his wife Rose Gordin alias Lyins, departed March 21st 1818 aged 64 and their son Patt Gordin, died Feb 22nd 1818 aged 28 years. Erected by Thomas Fahey in memory of his friends

Michl Kelly died 6th Jan 1792 aged 52 years. Erected by his sons Patk and Michl and Jno.

Michl Lyons, son to John Lyons and Catherine Nohaly died 8th Dec

Sylvester Kelly 1763

William Kelly died 7th July 1946 aged 75 years. Mrs. Julia Kelly died 15th March 1951 aged 80 years, their son John died 18th July 1979 aged 78 years. Stone cutter: Carroll Birr.