Knockaroo Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Knockaroo graveyard; Clandonagh Barony; Aghaboe Parish; Donaghmore Poor Law Union/Registration District

Phelan/Byrne: Erected by Patrick Phelan of/Rahneishill/in memory of his/wife Serah Phelan alias Byrne/who depd this life April 1st 1845/aged 58 years/Here also lies the above Patrick Phelan/who depd this life Sept 18th 18?46 aged 68 years.

Divan: Here lies the body of/Denis Divan of Grangemore/he departed this life novr/10th 1817 aged 84 years

Quaney: Erected to the memory of/Mr. Kyran Quaney of Grange/who departed this life on the 20th of March 1838/aged 82 years/Also his beloved wife/Mrs Margaret Quaney of grange/who departed this life on the 20th of/August 1859/aged 70 years/For I know that my redeemer livith/and in the last day shall rise /and of the ??and I shall be called again with my ??/And in my flesh I shall see my God/in whom I myself shall see and my eye shall ??/ and not ?? that this my hope is laid upon ?? ?? in can’t read the rest.

Quaney: Same plot: Erected by/Kyran Quaney/in memory of his beloved wife/ Anne Quaney/ who died 26th Oct 1900/ aged 63 years/Also her daughter Mary /died 23rd Jan 1881 aged 19 years/And her son Michael/died 15th March 1881/also Kyran and Thomas died young/and his son Thomas died Aug 15th 1902/My dear Father Kyran Quaney died June 4 ??year/My Jesus have mercy on them/Also his son Peter Quaney died 2nd Jan 1946/and his wife Bridget Quaney died 13thJune 1945/Their son Kyran Quaney died 15th July 1958/Julia Quaney /died 9th May 1975 aged 67 years/RIP

Bancks/Geoghegan: Sacred/to the memory of/John Bancks/Rockview/only son of/John Bancks M.D./Adswood Hall, Cheshire/who departed this life /14th December 1872/aged 64 years/His daughter Lucy Geoghegan/died 22nd April 1908/Her son John died in France 1917/and her husband Bernard died 9th Nov 1944/and his son Michael died 27th Sept 1967/And his wife Catherine died 1st Feb 1975/RIP

Bowes: In/loving memory/of/.Joseph Bowes/of Kilcotton/who died 25th April 1883 aged 70 years/Sweet Jesus have mercy on his soul/Also his wife Eliza/died 14th Nov 1907 aged 75 years/his son Denis Bowes died 6th June 1960/aged 94 years/RIP?Erected by his affectionate family

Guidera: Erected/by/Ann Kelly in memory of her parents/Thomas and Kate Guidera and Uncle John/RIP/Sacred Heart of Jesus /Have mercy on them

Phelan: Sacred to the /memory of Mrs. Phelan/Castletown died/June ?5th 1858/aged 55 years

Darcy/Cuddy/Phelan/Fitzpatrick: Erected by/Mrs. Mary Ryan/In memory of her beloved father/John Darcy of Knockaroe/who died 10th Sept 1859, aged 82/ Also her mother Ellen Darcy/(alias Cuddy) who died 20th Dec/1859, aged 70 years/and her son William died young/also her niece Ellen Phelan/(alias Fitzpatrick) who died Decr/25th 1881, aged 42 years.

Bergin: Erected by/Denis Bergin/ in memory of his mother/Hanora Bergin/died 18th Feb 1876 aged 78 years/also his father/Denis Bergin died 28th March 1879 aged 82 years/his brother John died 14th March 1885/and his brother Thomas died 23 Dec 1902/Also the above Denis Bergin died 1st May 1916/and his daughter Mary died 19th Jan 1928/His wife Mary Ann died 7th July 1935/also his daughter Katie died 27thFeb 1970/RIP New Plaque on base: In loving memory of/Nora Bergin/died Dec 16th 1981/Also her sister Christina Bergin/died March 13th 1991

Murphy: Erected by/James Murphy/ in memory of his beloved wife/Bridget Murphy/who departed this life /16th June 1885 aged 32 years/May her soul rest in peace/Also his son /Denis/Died Aug 5 1893 aged 28 /the above James Murphy/died 26th Jan 1902 aged 80 years/And Mary/infant daughter of /Patrick J. Murphy/died 16th Feb 1901/also john Patrick died 15th April 1903 aged 13 months/also his son Patrick J Murphy/died 6th October 1926 aged 62 years: Top of that plaque: Also his wife/Mary Murphy died 12th Oct /1938 And their son Denis Murphy died 29th Nov 1933/James A Murphy died 28th Aug 1943/Their daughter Kathleen died 22 June 1972/ New Plaque on grave: In loving memory of/John Murphy/Coolkerry/ died 7th Aug 1992/aged 82 years

Byrne: Sacred/to the memory/of/Anastasia Byrne, Shanboe,/died 19th Sept 1938/Her father Kieran,/died 15th June 1896/Also her mother Julia,/died 26th June 1927/their son , Daniel/died 2nd Nov 1953/his wife Julia Mary/died 20th Nov 1967/Jesus have mercy on their souls.

Bergin/Farrel: Erected by Moichael Bergin/Dooen/In memory of his/Mother Mary Bergin alias Farrel /who depd this life June ?? 1823 aged 80 years also his beloved

McEvoy: Erected/to/the /memory of Joseph McEvoy/died January 29th 1897/aged 85 years/Mrs. Frances McEvoy/died December 3rd 1904/aged 74 years/John McEvoy/died December 29th 1906/aged 45 years/Mrs. Mary McEvoy/died July 1st 1918/aged 41 years/Michael McEvoy/died December 26th 1934/aged 60 years/William McEvoy/died January 20th 1955/aged 91 years/joseph McEvoy/died March 12th 1968 aged 58 years/My jesus Mercy.

McEvoy: Same plot: In/memory of/Annie McEvoy/died 8th April 1982/RIP

Mortimer/Delany/Clancy: Gloria in Excelsius Doe/IHS/Here lies the body of /Mary Mortimer als/Delany who died on /the 4th of April 1837/aged 18 yrs/late of Maryboro/Joseph Clancy died 1 Sept 1947/his wife Catherine did 12 May 1965

Delany/Clancy: Erected/in meory of John Delany of Maryborough who departed this/life 13th of August 1850 aged 45 years/also his sister Alice Delany who died/1st of September 1879 aged 67 years/Margaret Clancy died 14 July 1951/Her brother James died 4 Jan 1998

Butler/Carroll/Hayes: IHS/Erected by/Hanora Butler (nee Carroll)/Doon/in loving memory of her husband/Edward Butler/died 6th May 1833 aged 48 years/His son John Butler/died 30th Nov 1899/ His wife Kathleen (nee Hayes) /who predeceased him /their son Edward Butler/died 10th Nov 1940 aged 80 years/His wife Mary Butler/died 7th July 1964 aged 69 years/Their son Patrick/ died 11th Dec 1970 aged 63 years/Their son John died 10th July 1976/RIP

Meagher/Bergin/Maher: Erected by Margaret/Meagher alias Bergin of/Doone in memory of her/beloved husband Kyran /Meagher who depd this /life June 26th 1840 agt 53 years/John Maher died 20th Aug 1925/his wife Margaret/died 20th Feb 1955/ Their children/ Annie, John and Kate died young/May he rest in peace Amen.

Maher: Stone beside this: In loving memory of/Kieran Maher/Clanboe/died 7th Jan 1985/His sister Margaret/died 13th arch 11986/His sister Mary/died 31st July 1995

Hayes/Ashley Erectd by Willm Hayes in memory of his beloved wife/Elizabeth Hayes als Ashley/of Grangemore who depd/this life Octr 8th 1879/aged 34 years/also his son /Patrick who died young.