Layde Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Antrim

This page features a complete record of Layde gravestone transcriptions, recorded exclusively by Dr. Jane Lyons and

Grave of Anne McKillop nee Murray d 1865 age 70

Nepis McElheran wife of Hugh of Rannaugh, d 1817 age of 56.

Alex McKeegan of Falmacrilly also his wife Mary
Their family Francis, Tom, Patrick, Alex, John, Charles, Annie and Ellen

Ann McDonnell, dau of Alex McDonnell and wife of Archibald McElheran of
Glasmullin, Cushendall. She d 1885 at the age of 61
Rose Anne, granddau of Ann McElheran and 2nd dau of Randel McDonnel of
Kilmore Glenariff d. 1850, age 31. Randel’s 3rd dau, Rachel, d 1854 age 34

Archibald McCambridge of Mullarts d 1805 age 55
His son Alex d 1822 age 35
His son Daniel d 1825 age 10
Also his spouse Rose McElheran d 1831 age 73
Also are the remains of Frances oldest dau of Archibald and Rose, wife of
James Stewart who
d 1852 age 59. Also their children Anne d. 1876, Rose d 1880, Fanny d 1897,
Margaret d 1905

Archibald McKillop of Cushendall d 1888 age 62
His dau Jane d 1908 age 26
His wife Jane d. 1918 age 69

Coll McDonnell of Kilmore Glenariff d 1719, son of Maj.Gen Sir Alex
McDonnell and his wife McAllister, dau of Laird of Loup

Daniel McElheran of Cloney d 1770 age 44
And his spouse Mary Hamilton d 1792 age 61
And their son Duncan of Drimnaroagh d 1810 age 63
Also his wife Mary Hamilton d 1832 age 96
And their daughter Mary McElheran of Tiveara d 1843 age 56

Daniel McKillop d 1859 age 56, erected by son Daniel

Daniel McKillop of Clough d. ? erected by his son Patrick

Duncan McKeegan of Falmacrilly in memory of his mother Mary McAuley who died
1843 age 75. Also, his nephew John Darragh who d 1854, age 21.

Erected by C and M McElheran to the memory of their parents James of Cloney
d 1839 age 72
His wife Margaret d 1860 age 87
The above C McElheran d 1877 age 70 and his wife Margaret d 1900 age 82

Erected by John McKeegan of Charleston in America in
memory of his father Patrick of Tavnanghan d 1815 age 73
And his mother Margaret, d. 1825 age 62
Also his brother James d 1868 age 81

Erected by Rose Darragh in memory of her mother Jane of Clough
d. 1906 age 72
Also Rose d 1933 age 63 and
her sister Lizzie McCurry, nee Darragh, d 1937 age 94

Grave of Archibald McAlister of Carnahangh d 1812 age 42
Also his wife Mary McAuley d 1855 age 83

In memory of Hugh McKeegan d 1910 age 60
His wife Margaret d 1942 age 85
Their sons James, Hugh, and dau Rosie and Katie

John McAlister and wife of Dinenigall
son Daniel d 1843 age 25

John McElheran d 1887 age 84
his son John d 1875 age 28 (d. in Quebec)
his dau Anne d 1896 age 44
his wife Sarah d 1896 age 82
Daniel not buried here, but he erected this grave
Daniel’s son John d 1900 age 10

John McElheran of Cloney
Son William died 1788, son Hector d 1794, son William d.1834, son John d.
1831, wife Catherine d 1834

Malcolm McCambridge of Carnasherin d 1797 age 95
His wife Mary Hamilton age 80
Son Adam d ? age 90
His wife Elizabeth Shannon d ? age 50 and
their dau Mary McCambridge of McElheran d 1839 age 59