Lea COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Lea Church of Ireland Church and Graveyard, Kildare Diocese.

Close to Portarlington, though the townland is called Rathmiles

Smythe: In honoured memory/Ed. Skeffington Smythe /of/ Mount Henry/ Dec 25 1897/Aged 66 /I have fought the good fight I have finished my course I have kept the faith.

Trench: Four sides: Big Family plot: Side 1: In loving /memory of/Henry Trench/of Clenmalyre/born May 29th 1806/ded Feb 28 1888/simply to /thy cross hol?ing??? Side 2: Elizabeth Jane/daughter of/henry Trench/died April 16th 1919/Love-Joy-Peace/Thomas Sandes Trench of Glenalyre/born March 29th 1840/Ded November 25th 1921/Just and True/ Side 3: (opposite side of stone to Henry Trench) And of Elizabeth Anne Caroline/His wife/born August 10th 1817/Ded April 24 1898/Blessed are the pure in heart/ Side 4:Also his daughter/Maria Georgina/Died August 21st 1909/In God /Have I/Put my Trust/Also Frances Lydia Trench/of Glaneamyre/Born 20th January 1852/Died ??November 1936.

Willis/Clarendon: In/loving memory/of/James Willis/who died Sep 10th 1892/Aged 67/Also his son /William Galbraith/who died July 14 1886/aged 23/Bleassed are the bead /which die in the Lord/Also his daughter/Anne Clarendon/Who died Sep 10th 1900/aged 36/And Matilda/wife of Above/ James Willis/aged 73 years

Alloway: Flat Stone: In memory of/Isabella M. Alloway/wife of Rpbert M. Alloway of the Derries/died 24th April 1876.

Hetherington: In loving memory of/Till he come/Thy will be done/ (two sides of part of ornamentation before full script begins/Robert Hetherington/died 3rd Spet 1907 aged 35/Also of Caroline wife of/ George Hetherington died 12th Jany 1909 aged 70/Also of/George Hetherington/Jamestown House/died 25th Feb 1913 aged 74

Hetherington: In/memory of/Robert Hetherinton/of Jamestown House /who died 28th Oct 1894 aged 98/And his wife/Anne Hetherington/died 22nd Nov 1863 aged 56/Also their Grandson G.H. Hetheringon/died 9th Decr 1880, aged 3 years.

Kenny: In/loving memory/of/Richard Kenny/died 18th March 1880, aged 63 years/Also his wife Maria/died 9th February 1885 aged 58 years/And their son George/died 9th November 1925 aged 63 years/Also their son Thomas/died 13th August 1943, aged 83 years/Also their son Robert/died 13th July 1948 aged 90 years/All of Fisherstown/Peace, Perfect Peace.

Manders: This tomb erected by Richard Manders 81 Das ??? to the memory of his beloved wife /Martha Mander/who departed this life/the ? day of August 1866/Aged 60 years/cant read rest.

Grange: In memory/of/ John Grange/who died 22nd March 1883/aged 92 years/And also Mary his wife/died 2nd May 1876/aged 83 years/their son John/died 30th Jany 1881/aged 64 years/their daughter/Elizabeth Grange/died 13th Decr 1884/aged 69 years

Flat Tombstone:All covered in white lichen. Can’t read

Long/Vernon: Corner of graveyard: Sacred/to the memory/of/Mary/wife of Oliver J. Long/of Portarlington/and eldest daughter of late/Captain Vernon Co. Sligo/who died on 27th Feby 1875/Als/Oliver Joseph Long/died 16th December 1880.

Flat stone: Erected/in memory of/ two infant children/can’t read

Dundas: Erected to the memory/of/William John Dundas/eldest son of the /Rev William Dundas D.D./St. Germains, Portarlington/who fell asleep in Jesus/31st October 1863/Aged 18 years and seven months/If we believe that Jesus died/and rose again even so then/also which sleep in Jesus will god bring with him/also to /Caroline Grace/wife of/Rev. W.J. Dundas/who departed this life/17th ?? 1872

Champ: In/loving memory/of/William H. Champ/Deerpark/died 7th June 1890/Aged 38 years/Also infant daughter/Adeleine/died August 1882/And his son/Edwin Victor/died 12 Dec 1912, aged 23 years/Also /Jane/beloved wife of/W.H. Champ/died 22nd April 1929, aged 69 years

Caliby(Galiby)/Horrell: In loving memory/of/Charles Caliby (Galiby) of Titles Hall, Norfolk, who died at Mount Henry 2nd July 1900/aged 73 years/erected by his children/we have no biding city here/Also of his loving daughter Annie, wife of George Horrell, Mount Henry/who died 24th February 1903/ROck of ages cleft for me/let me hide myself in thee.

Horrell: To the memory of/George Horrell/who died 23 Sept 1909/erected by the /Skeffington Smyth Family/In loving and grateful recognition /of faithful and devoted service.

Bowen Family Tomb ; NO names

Milling: In/memory of/Harriett/the beloved wife of/Oliver Milling/who died 23rd March 1875/aged 64 years/Also the above/Oliver Milling/who died 5th June 1887/aged 77 years/With Christ which is far better/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/

Neynoe Routh: In loving memory of/Eric Neynoe Routh/who died Feb 6th 1888/aged 1 year and four months/Jesus called a little child unto him/ Stone besdie this can’t read anything on it – all broken off – family plot 2 stones.

Stannus: Sacred/to the loved memory of/Captain Robert Trevor Stannus/of Carlingford, Co.Louth and Portarlington, Queens County/who died March 31 1888/perfect in Christ Jesus/for ye are all the children of God/By faith in Christ Jesus

Armstrong: In memory of/John Armstrong, Esq. of Cloonca, Co. GAlway /and late of Graigueavern/who died 8th Nov 1888/aged 85 years/Also in memory/ his son /Harvey R.S. Armstrong/Rathlaoise, Portarlington/Captain Kings Own Scottish Borders/who died 3rd April 1931/aged 84 years

Next Plot: 1912 plot

Killen: In/loving memory/of/Jane Olivia/wife of Mark Killen/of Portarlington/who departed this life/9th May 1893 aged 60 years/Not lost to memory not lost to love/but gone to the Fathers home above

Robbins/Croasdaile: In/loving memory/of/Montgomery Robbins Esq/of Garryvacun/who died July 19th 1885/Aged 78 years/Susan Jane RObbins/died June 20th 1897/aged 74 years/wife of the above/Also of/Margaret/duaghter of the late/Captain John Croasdaile/ 5th Fusiliers/whose remains lie in the adjoining /grave

Moore: Flat Tombstone. Side 1: Erected by P.C. Moore/in fond memory of his brother/John Moore/who died at Portarlington ?8 April 1880 aged 75 years Second side: P.C.Moore/died 29th January 1892/aged 89 years.

Champ: In memory/of/G.O.Wm Champ/died march 23rd 1888/aged 44 years/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/Also his brother/Benj. J. Champ/born March 28th 1846/died NOv 7th 1896/I am the Resurrection and the life/and their sister/Margaret Caroline/wife of George Champ/Ballymorris/who died 4th January 1928/aged 90 years/God is love.

Champ: Memory/of/George Champ/Ballymorris/died 14th March 1918, aged 73/Also his brother/Richard/died 8 Feb 1918 aged 60/and their brother /Michael/died 21 Nov.1933/aged 85/and his daughter Evelyn F. Champ/died 22 July 1945 aged 74/They rest from their labours.

Coote: Sacred to the memory /of/Lieutenant Colonel Chidley Coote/(formerly of the Fusilier Guards)/born 10th

Odlum: In/loving memory/of/William Perry Odlum/of Huntington, Portarlington/who died November 23rd 1922/In his 79th year/Blessed are the dead which died in the Lord/that they may rest from/their labours and their works do follow them.

Johnston: In/loving memory/of/Thomas Johnston/of Doolagh/who died May the 10th 1885/aged 68 years

Johnston: In/memory/of/Charles Johnston/Deerpark/who died 15th February 1884/aged 55 years/Forever with the Lord

Dignam: In memory of/James Dignam//who died March 11th 1887/aged 75 years/Also his wife/ Catherine/who died May 27th 1904/aged 86 years

Johnston: In loving memory/of/ my dear father/Isaac Johnston/died 19th July 1898 aged 84 /My brother /Isaac Johnston/died 28th Sep 1921 age 47/ My dear mother Jane/died 1 Oct 1921 age 80/Emily Johnston died 3 March 1948

Cobbe occurs on stones

Grange/Dempsey: In/Loving memory/of William Grange/died 12 Feb 1892 aged 63/Also his wife/Margaret Grange/died ?? July 1910 age 78/Also their son/John Henry Grange/died May 1925 age 30/Susan Dempsey/sister of Margaret Grange/died March 1913 aged 80/and their eldest son/George Frederick William Grange/died 16 January 1932 aged 68 or 82 years.

Church of Ireland Diocese of Kildare Lea Church – end