Pike of Rushall Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Rahanavanagh: Outside Ballyroan: Graveyard on hill in field. First typed up August 1999.
Rahanavannagh; Cullenagh barony; Ballyroan Parish; Abbeyleix Poor Law Union/Registration District

Notes from Laois Archaeological Survey:
OS 24:6:5 (321,308) ‘Church (Site of)’ OD 500 24784,18669
Church (Site): Possibly a religious establishment founded by the O’Moores (O’Byrne 1856, 52). No visible surface traces of church. Uninscribed gravemarkers in NE quadrant of graveyard.

Kelly: Ecce Agnus Dei/Erected by /William Kelly of Dwary/In memory of his belovd Father/William Kelly/who died 24th Decr 1846 aged 60 yrs./Also his mother Elizabeth Kelly/who died 12 Dec 1868 aged 84 yrs/And also his two sisters/Elizabeth,/died 21 May 1863 aged 40/Honoria/died 25 – July 1848 , aged 14/Also the above William Kelly/died 21 – Jan – 1887/aged 57 years./And three children who died young/Requiscant in Pace/ John Kelly, Dooary/died 11th June 1962. Aged 80 years./Anne Kelly Dooary/died 15th June 1921 Aged 79 yrs./She was wife of above/William Kelly who died in 1887

Dowling: Here Lieth Ye Body of John /Dowling Depd this Life ye 20th/May 1775 Aged 8 yrs. Ye Lord/have Mercy on his Soul. Amen

McDonnol: Here Lyeth the Body of Mrs/A Mary Dannol Wife of Mr./Will McDannol who Died Sept/8th 176?7 Aged 55 Years./She was /Remarkable for extraordinary/good principles. Requiscant/in Pace Amen. Also the Body of her/Mother Mrs. Mary Noble Who died Janry 12th 1761, aged 78 Years.

Phelan: Erected to the memory/of Edward Phelan, of Redhill/died 3rd March 1859,aged 66 years./Also his wife MaRy Phelan/died 23rd December 1868, /aged 70 years./Also two of their Sons Laurence /died 19th February 1859,/ aged 36 years and John died 8th November 1866 aged 27 years/Also two of their children who died young./Also EDWARD PHELAN/died 14th May 1935 aged 74 yrs./ & his wife BRIDGET /died 5th April 1945 aged 77 yrs/Requiscant in Pace.

Costigan: In memory of William/the beloved husband of/Judith Costigan/Graigunahoun/died Sep 11th 1838/aged 42 years./Also their Son Samuel/died Augst 27th 1881/aged 45 years.

Gahan: In Loving memory of/The Gahan Family/Cloncullane, Ballyroan/R.I.P. Mar comhartha Buiochas/Erected by Sean Larkin

Gaffney: IHS/Here Lieth the Body of/John Gaffany who depd/this Life the 21st of /April 1779 Aged ?51 Yrs./Lord have mercy on /his Soul. Amen

Dillon: Flat Stone: Sacred to the memory of Thomas/Dillan of Ballhall who departed /this life in December 179? Aged ?/Yrs. Also his wife Catherine/Dillon who died ?4th March 1837/ Aged ?99 yrs/Also his son Richard Dillon who died/June 20th 18?1. Aged 66 Years/Bessie daughter of James Mulhall/can’t read/June 1888

Mulhall: Sacred/to/the memory of/ Bessie Mulhall/who died June 14th 1886/aged 21years/Also her sister/Annie/ who died April 6th 1911/Aged 44 years/Daughters of /James Mulhall Ballyrielly./Also their sister Gertrude Mary/who died June 22nd 1952./Erected by James Mulhall/PA/ Lord have mercy on their souls

Quigly: Broken Stone (Jam)es Quigly/departed life/Oct 29 1779/Aged 6?2 Yrs. Lord/have mercy on/his Soul Amen

Delany: Here Lieth ye Body of Eli/zabeth Delany alias D/alon died January 13th 1767/Aged 24/Erected by Darby Delany/Lord Have mercy on/her soul

MacMahon/McMahon: Ecce Agnus Dei/In memory of/JOHN MACMAHON, /Mount Eagle, /who died 25th October 1934./Aged 74 years./And his wife/ELIZABETH MACMAHON, /died 26th June 1934./Aged 66 years/Also their baby May, /died 7th February 1905./Owen McMahon/died 17th Aug, 1974/RIP

McMahon: Broken Flat Stone: Erected by Brian McMahon……..can’t read.

Mulhall/Mahon: This/Monument is erected by /John Mulhall/Ballyboile/in memory of his beloved wife/Sarah Mulhall/who died 27th Nov 1870/Aged ?66 years./Also his Sister-in-Law Catherine Mahon/who died 5th September 187?3/Aged 72 years.

Martin: Erected by/Margaret Martin/in memory of /her beloved husband /Serot (?Sergt)Martin R.I.C./ who died at ballyroan/1st June 1891/

Byrne: In/Loving Memory/of/Patrick Byrne ex-SESCE R.I.C./ who departed this life 11th Dec 1907./Aged 56 years./Also his daughter Mary Ellen/who died 6th June 1893 aged 13 years/And his wife Ellen Byrne/died 22nd April 1925. Aged 74 years/Also their son John J./died 1st Dec 1937. Aged 3/56/ years. On whose souls sweet Jesus have mercy/Erected y his sorrowing wife and family

McMahon: Erected/by/James & Ellen MacMahon/in loving memory of their children/Revd. Bernard M. MacMahon, B.A./Ballyroan/who died 3rd September 1907/Aged 24 years./Also Patrick Joseph /and John Aloysius/who died young/Thomas Frances died 13th Sept 1945/Patrick Joseph died 23rd Dec 1957/RIP Side of Stone: Also his wife/Mary Ann McMahon/died 1st November 1977/Aged 89 years

Spellen: Damaged stone: Gloria in Excelsius Deo/Erected by Wm Spillen/ Ballyroan in memory/?son John Spellen/? Depd this life Septr/ ?1844 Aged 22 Years/May he rest in peace Amen.

McEvoy: Erected by Michael McEvoy of/Graignahown in memory of his/? Mother Cecilia McEvoy/who depd this life May 31st 1835/Aged 52 years./Also his wife Catherine McEvoy/who depd this life Octr 24th 1852/Aged 35 years./Requiscant in Pace Amen.

Carroll: In Loving memory Of/Dan Carroll/died 30th April 1921./Aged 78 years. His wife Bridget/died 11th Feb, 1933. Aged 71 years./Their son Dan/died 19th Jan, 1967. Aged 77 years./Daughter Josey/died 21st Dec, 1972. Aged 75 years./& son Jerry/died 7th Sept, 1976. Aged 75 years./Daughter Annie died 29th May 1981./Aged 89 years./Mary Carroll died 9th May 1983, aged 85 years./RIP

Myllans: Flat Broken stone: IHS/Here Lyeth the Body /of Patrick Myllans/ of ?? November in ? 6 years of his age

Connell:In memory of/Mr. John Connell/of Stradbally/who died 16th Octr 1848./ aged 50 years./Also his beloved wife./Mrs. Mary Connell, /who died 20th Decr 1878,/aged 75 years./RIP/This monument was erected/ in loving remembrance/ by their only child, /Mrs. Mary Timmins

Gloria in Excelsius Deo/Pray for the souls of John & Mary/Edwl died 9th of can’t read.

McCarthy: Erected/by/ Michael McCarthy/of Pill Lane, Dublin/In memory of his beloved Father/William McCarthy/who died 3rd September 1879/Aged 48 years./His mother Catherine McCarthy/died 31st March 1944 (??!!)/William died16th Dec 1968/Kathleen died 18th July 19?63/Eleanor died 4th May 1966/Michael died 27th Feb 1907/Edward died 14th May 1941

McGrath: Metal Marker, cross shape with heart in middle: Side one: Born 1875 Side two: Died 1955 Down middle: memory Heart: James McGrath/ Cashel/Age 78: Down bottom: RIP

Day/Drake: Erected by/William Day/in memory of his parents/Edward day/died ? day 1824 aged 48/Margaret Day/died 15thAugt 1853/8 aged 7?5/And their children/Garet 1832 aged ?15/Edward Day died 20th Jan 1852 Aged?/Ann Drake died April 1891 Aged ?/James Day died 8 June 1895/8 Aged ?/Also my ?son James…..can’t read rest of names on that stone

Delaney: IHS/Here Lies the Body /of Joseph Delaney/who depd this Life /Jany 10th 177? Aged/46 years/Lord Have mercy on his Soul

Buggey: IHS/D.O.M./Here Lies the Body of Richd. Buggey who Departed/this Life the 17th of April 1769/In the 75th year of his age. May /his Soul rest in peace Amen.

McEvoy: Erected by Edward McEvoy of/Graiguenahown/ in memory of his /Beloved father Laughlin McEvoy/who depd this life August 15th 1808/Aged 76 years. Also his mother /Mary McEvoy who depd this life /August 20th 1814 . Aged 70 years./And also his Son Pierce McEvoy/who depd this life June 24th 18?48 Aged 26 years.

McDonnell: In Hoc Signo Vinces/Erected by/William McDonnell/Ralish, Queens County./In memory of his father/Walter McDonnell/died Nov 20th 1893 Aged 72 years./Also his Grandfather/James McDonnell died June 12th 1867/Aged 80 years. And his Grandmother /Anne McDonnel died Sep 24th 1848/Aged 50 Years. Also his mother /Bridget McDonnell /died July 7th 1904. Aged 72/RIP

Quinn: Pray for the soul of /John Joseph Quinn/ who died at Abbeyleix/ Jany 29th 1890 aged 31 years.

Taylor: In memory of//Bridget Taylor/died 21st Jan 1902/Also her sister /Bridget/ died 9th April 1910 aged 4 years./ Also their mother/Mary Taylor/died 26th May 1921. Aged 52 years/her husband Arthur /died 9th May 1943./Their daughter Maggie/died 18th April 1935/Their son Arthur/died 30th Jan, 1947./His wife Elizabeth/died 17th March 1937/RIP Back of Stone: Their son Patrick/died 16th July 1994.

Byrne: In Loving Memory of/Bridget Byrne died 10th May 1909./Aged 39 years. /Her husband James/died 8th May 1942. Aged 83 years./Their daughter Bridget/died 7th Sept , 1943. Aged 36 years.

Dunne: Erected/By/Fenton Dunne/In memory of his father/Patrick Dunne.of Aughoney/died 26th Feb 1896 aged 74 years./His brother John./Died 21st July 1888 aged 25 years./Also his brother William/died 22nd Feby 1897 aged 26 years./RIP

McEvoy: In Loving memory/of/Thomas McEvoy/died 10th Dec 1898 aged 76./Andrew McEvoy./died 2nd Jan 1901aged 77/Deirdre McEvoy/died 27th Sept 1927 aged 84/Patrick McEvoy/died 16th Oct 1933 aged 30 /Mary McEvoy/died 14th May 1943 aged 64/Thomas McEvoy /died in USA/Their sons, Andrew, died 7th Dec 1987. William died 25th May 1988/RIP

McEvoy: In Loving Memory of/Michael McEvoy/Blandsfort Ballyroan /died 4th March 1935/his wife Mary/died 12th Oct 1963/Their son Daniel /died 14th Feb 1978/Their daughter Mary /died 16th Sept 1991/RIP

McEvoy: Here Lieth ye Body of/Sadie McEvoy depd/May ye 14th 1776 Aged/88 years/Ye Lord have /Mercy on his Soul Amen.

McEvoy: In Loving Memory of/John McEvoy/Blandsfort /died 26th August 1966/Aged 89 years./His wife Catherine/died 26th June 1959 aged 72 years./His son Gerard/died 21st April 1994 aged 66 years. /His parents/Willie McEvoy, died 1920/Kate McEvoy died 1931/his infant daughter Mary/May they rest in peace Amen/Erected by his daughter Kathleen

McDonald/McEvoy: IHS/Inscribed by/Margaret McDonald/And her son Michael died/9th Nov 1913. Aged 67 yrs. (Insccribed above original inscription)/Gloria in Excelsiu Deo/Erected by Mary McDonald /alias McEvoy/of Ballyeagle/in memory of her beloved husband Michael McDonald/Who depd this life June 23rd 1849./aged 36 years/The above Mary McDonald died /5th Sepr 1894. Aged 79 years./Requiscant in Pace Amen.

McDonald: Here Lies the Body of Michl McDonl/ad depd Septr ye 29th 1796 Aged 56/Rest of stone can’t be read

Here Lies ye Body of Danl Wh(ode)…….. Can’’t read

Devoy: In memory of/Kathleen Devoy /died 28th Jan 1985/Aged 73 yrs./RIP

Devoy/Kenna: IHS/Here Lieth ye Body of (broken stone) Catherine Devoy Wife of /James Kenna Departed this /life Septr ye 8th 1765. Aged 72 /years. Also their children /Lord Have Mercy on their/ Souls Amen

Cashin: Erected by/Nora Delaney/Crubbin, Ballyroan/In loving memory of her father/Michael Cashin/died 12th Dec 1950 Aged 95 yrs/And her mother Judith/died 9th Jan 19?54 aged 82 yrs/and her Uncles & Aunts.

McDonald: In/Memory of /Winnifred McDonald/who died 22nd April 1860/Aged 46 years./Also her husband/John/died 16th Sept 1892./Aged 83 years. /Their son William./died 12th Dec 1889./aged 33 years/And their Grandson/Timothy McDonald/USA died 28 Feb 1906/Aged 33 years/By whom this monument was erected/RIP

Carroll: Julia John Carroll died in 1941 & 1965

Carroll: In/Loving memory of/Joseph Carroll./Redhill, Ballyroan./died 1923./His wife Rose Carroll/died 14th March 1951 aged 80 yrs./Their son Andrew /died 1933/Patrick died 9th Feb 1980 aged 72 years./John died 17th Feb 1986/ and his brother/Matthew Carroll./RIP /Anne & Edward died in 1933 and 1927/Carroll

Cushen/Nolan: D.O.M./God be merciful on the/soul of Richd Cushen/who died the 24th ?? 1771 Aged 6?3 years. Also/his wife Honor Cather. Als Nolan who died/? July 1771 Aged 70 yrs.

Lalor/Quigly: This stone is erected in memory/of Bridget Lalor of Boley who depd/this life March 5th 1828 aged 30 years./Also her husband Michael Lalor who/ depd this life Feb 5th 1832. Aged 90 yrs. Also his /can’t read – M. Quigly who depd Jan 183?/Aged 7/ yrs/Also two grandchildren /Thomas & Maria Lalor/Requiscant in Pace.

Lawlor: IHS/Bridget Lawlor depd/this life Decbr 21st/ 1774 Aged 19 Yrs.

McDaniel: Here Lies the Body of/Lawrence McDaniel of Cool/who depd /this life on the 10th day of November/ 1799. Aged ?48 Yrs/ Also his son James/who died November 26th 18? . Aged 28/And his ? who died August 14th 18? – can’t read rest of stone

Doran: Here Lies the Body of/Catherine Doran who departed this life the ? day of November in the years 1737. Aged 88 years. – can’t read any more

Doran: Flat stone: Top of stone can’t be read, then: Also the Body of Tim Doran who died March ? 17?3

Doran: Flat Stone: Here Lieth the Body of ?Redmond Doran who departed this life 17?66/

Keenan: In Loving Memory /of/Elizabeth Keenan, Cullenagh, died Dec 1894, aged 33 years,/Her husband Patrick,/died June, 1913, aged 67 years,/his twin brother John,/died Sept 1912, aged 66 yrs./Their sons, Denis Keenan, /died June, 1916. Aged 33 yrs,/and Terence Keenan, /died Feb 1960, aged 76 yrs/RIP

Carroll: Erected by/Anthony Carroll/Ballyroan, In loving memory of his father/Anthony Carroll/died 16th March 1903/Aged 70 yrs./ His Uncle Denis Keenan/died 26th June 1921 aged 85 yrs./His mother Kate Carroll/died 9th Sept 1925 aged 85 years./His sister Mary Anne Carroll/died 16th April 1947 aged 63 years./ Anthony (Tone) The Forge/ died 17th Sept 195. Aged 74 yrs./RIP

Malloy/Mulloy/Delany: Here Lieth ye Body of Ed/mond Malloy departed this /Life ye 12th of October 1769/Aged 55 years. With ?? his wife Eleanor Mulloy alias Del/any departed this life Nove/mber ye 29th 1775 Aged 57 years/Also their daughter Onor Mul/loy departed this Life Decem/ber ye 6th 1775 Aged 21 years./Lord have Mercy on their Souls Amen (C/G M looks like it’sengraved into this stone as well after names)

Fitzgerald: Erected by/Patrick Fitzgerald/Mountrath/In memory of his mother/Martha/died 7th June 1877 aged 50 years./Also her daughter Annie Brophy/died 28th Sep 1896/her sister Mary /died Sep 1912 Aged 70 years./And her son John died Stradbally /May 1913 Aged 57 years.

Dunne/Dooley: Erected by/Patrick Dunne of Tullore/In memory of his beloved wife/Catherine Dunne alias Dooley /who died July 24th 1856 Aged 60 years./Also his son Patrick /who died August 15th 1850 Aged 18 years.

McDonnell/McGrath: In Loving memory of/Patrick McDonnell/Ballyroan/who died 24th Feb 1957/His wife Mary/died 6th May 1938/Their daughter /Julia McGrath/died 19th July 1963/&/ her son Patrick Joseph/who died young./Her husband McGrath/died 11th Jan 1975 Aged 72 years/Rita McDonnell Tullore/died 10th Jan 1979 aged 77 yrs.

Dooley: Erected by/James Dooley/of Glarbarigun/in memory of his beld father James Dooley/died Septr 30th 1886 . Aged 88 years./Also his mother Mary Dooley/died Decr 6th 1889 aged 76 yrs./And his sister Bridget Dooley/died Janry 16th 1890 Aged 35 yrs.

Kehoe/Dooly/Brennan/Grace: Erected to the memory of/Thomas Kehoe of C/Glenagh/who died Janry 1st 1817. Agd 64 Yrs./Also his wife /Mary Kehoe alias Dooly /who died Augt 26th 1826 Aged 67 yrs./Also their son Martin,/who died Febry 28th 1862 Aged 67 yrs./Edward Kehoe died Dec 12th 1884/Aged 73 . Mrs. Bridget Kehoe died/Dec 12th 1888. Aged 70./Mrs. Mary Brennan died May 5th /1895. Aged 36. Martin Kehoe died/May 5th 1897 aged 53. Thomas Kehoe/died June 21st 1904, aged 57./Mrs. Grace died Dec 8th 1910 aged 46 /Requiscant in Pace/James Kehoe died June 8th ??? aged 60.

Mulhall: Erected by /John Mulhall of Graiguenahown/in memory of his brother/Denis Mulhall/who died on the 20th Novr 1867/Aged 49 years.

Dunne/Harrison: Our Prayers are requested /for the happy repose of/ the souls of/Thomas Edward Dunne M.D./who died on the 9th of May 1926./Mary Catherine Harrison Dunne/who died on the 10th of February 1952./And Also Josephine Mary Harrison

Farrell/Fox: Here Lieth ye Body of Edwd Farrell who depd Febry ye 7th 1755 (33) Aged 65 Yrs. /Also his Grandchild Mary Fox/Depd Sepr ye 27th 1756 Aged 6 Yrs.

Corcoran/Byrne/Hennessy: Erected by Patrick Corcoran of Ballanakill/In memory of his Father Mr. Michael Corcoran/who died March 1st 1820 Aged 74 years./Also his mother Catherine Corcoran alias /Byrne who died Nov 21 183? Aged ?? /Also his Wife Bridget Corcoran alias Hennessy/who died Septr /6th 18?0 Aged ?? Also his?/ Also his??

Phelan/?Myhany: Here Lieth ye Body of/?Fintan Phelan depd ye 12th/of March 1772 Aged 38 Yrs./Also his Father Mirro? /Phelan and his Mother Honour Phelan alias/Myhany Lord have Mercy on their Souls/Erected by Sarah /Phelan his sister.

Maher: Erected /by/Patrick Maher./Booleybeg,/In loving memory of his father/John Maher. who died 7th Nov 1894. Aged 72 yrs. /Also his Uncles/Michael & Laurence../And his Aunts Catherine & Bridget/Also his mother Mary Maher/who died 26th Dec 1915. Aged 79 yrs./RIP

Doughan: Sweet Jesus Have Mercy/On the Soul of/John Doughan./Ballyroan, /who died 21st Feb 1916./Aged 55 yrs./RIP

Farrell/Ryan: Beneath this tomb are the remains of/Mrs. Mary Farrell alias Ryan late of /Ballyroan who died on the 14th day of /June 1833 aged 70 yrs. Also her son /Birchal(??Burckll??)Tyrell who died on the 4th day of /October 1827 in the ?36th years of his age. /Also her daughter Elizabeth who died on/the 21st day of August 1817 Aged 18 years./And Mabel Francis also of her children who died young. /This stone has been placed ?? ?? In Memory of the Revd. Thomas Kinell Taush Parish /Priest of Tinyland, Staplestown and Urglnn and Carlow

Flat Stone: Erected/To the Memory of/Mr. John ?? of ?? Also his only daughter Bessie Mulhall??

Flat Stone: Erected by /Mrs. Kate

Mulhall/Burling?: In/Loving memory of/Denis Mulhall Graigue/died 17th March 1927/his sister Bridget ?Burling/ died 4th Feb 1940./Her husband James/died 30th Nov, 1942./His son Frances died 15th Dec 1942./His wife Nora died 20th Nov 1943/RIP

Dooley: Here Lies the Body of John Dooley/who departed this Life March 2nd/1779. Aged 57 years. Also his wife/Honora Dooly alias Linegar who depd this Life January the 3rd 1795. Agd /71 yrs. Lord Have mercy on their /Souls. Amen

Moore: In/Loving Memory Of/Mary Moore/Dooary Ballyroan/died 1927 Aged 47 years./John died 17th March 1950./Aged 70 years./Bridget /died April 1951./Patrick/ died 14th Feb 1966./Aged 55 years./Margaret died 18th Dec 1973./aged 45 years./Gerard/died 15th Jan 1978./Aged 60 years./Kathleen wife of Patrick/died 4th Feb 1991. Aged 93 years.

Bland: In memory of/Thomas Dalrymple Bland/Coronet 4th Hussars/(Son of Loftus Hinch Bland Esqr. O.O. and Annie his wife) who died 19th Octr 1868/Aged 22 years.

Bland/Birch: Here Lies the Body of John Bland Esq. Who /departed this life the 28th of Octr 1790 aged 70/ And five of his grandchildren Also /Sarah Bland otherwise Birch his wife who departed this life on the ? day of June 1810/Aged 75 (3) /On the 11th Novr 1810 his eldest Son John Bland whose death will ever be lamented by his family and friends Can’t fully read this stone – might be able to when wet.

Fitzpatrick: In loving memory of/Michael Fitzpatrick/Doary, Ballyroan/died 10th Jan 1962 Aged 74 years./His wife Elizabeth/died 27th Sept 1971 Aged 71 years./Their son Edward/died 28th Oct 1979 Aged 58 years/And their infant children/ Also his brother Joseph Fitzpatrick/died 15th May 1939 Aged 58 years./RIP/Erected byb denis McEvoy

McEvoy: In Loving Memory /of/Peg McEvoy/Thornberry,Abbeyleix/died 1st Feb 197 Aged 71 years/RIP /Erected by Denis McEvoy.

Delaney/Barry/Blaney: In Loving Memory of/John Delaney / and Margaret Delaney /Clontico/Their daughter /Margaret Barry/died 19th Aug 1954/Her husband Edward/died 27th April 1953/Also their Grandchild/Margaret Blaney/RIP

Morrin: William Morrin of Ballylehane

Butler: Erected by Michael Butler /of Mihora In memory of his/ wife Mary Butler who /departed this life August the 25th 1837 Aged 55years./Also her son Thomas Butler/who departed this life/January the 22nd 1834. Aged 25/Years.