Raheen New Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Boylan: In/loving memory/of/Patrick Boylan/Cruddin./died 24th Aug 1895/His wife Julia /died 14th Nov 1950./His daughter/Sister Eudoxia Boylan/died 31st Jan 1924./His son Patrick/died 25th Oct 1953./Julia died 21st August 1968/Aged 80 yrs./RIP/ Walshe Carlow made stone.

Guilfoyle: In loving memory/of/Sarah Guilfoyle/Bawnree/died Feb 1953/erected by/her granddaughter and husband/Ann and Gerard Plack/USA

Phelan: In loving memory of/William & Bridget Phelan/Roskelton/Their daughter Mary/died 5th March 1955./Their son Patrick died 5th May 1956./Also their daughter Annie/died 12th Nov 1983./Erected by Annie Phelan/RIP

Bergin: In loving memory of/Matilda Bergin Roskelton/died 21st Nov 1979. Aged 88 years./her husband Daniel/died 29th May 1929. Aged 49 yrs/Their son Patrick/died Oct 1927 Aged 6 yrs/Both interred in old cemetery/And/Patrick Bergin/died 21st Dec 1955/Aged /Also their daughter Ellen Bergin Derrylusk/died 3rd April 1989 aged 86 yrs./RIP

Lalor: In loving memory/of /peter Lalor/Corbally,/died 265th Feb 1965./his son, Patrick./died 25th June 1978./John, died 7th march 1988./RIP

Walsh/Rogers/Dowling: In loving memory of/Peter Walsh /died 7th May 1960./His wife Maria died 27th Sept 1956/Their sons Joseph died Oct /1966./Peter died in Mayo 22-July 1967./Fintan died 1958 in USA/Their daughter Annie Rogers /died 1942. /Their daughters-in-law /Sadie and May died 1971/Maura died 1985/Their daughter Kathleen Dowling died 26th July 1993/Erected by the family /RIP/My Jesus mercy.

Lalor/Dooley: Erected by Elizabeth Lalor/Mount Eagle/In loving memory of her husband/Michael Lalor/died 31st Oct 1944 Aged 83 yrs./The above Elizabeth Lalor/died 28th July 1967 Aged 90 yrs./her brother Joseph Ternan /Cloonavloolan/died 3rd July 1960 aged 78 yrs./Robert Dooley, Colt/died 19th Dec 1991 aged 83 yrs./RIP

Dalton: In/Loving memory/of/Mary Dalton/Colt Ballyroan/died 1st Oct, 1986./Aged 80 years./her mother /Bridget Teehan/died 2nd march 1947./Aged 78 years./Michael Dalton/husband of the above /Mary/died 14th Feb, 1991. Aged 84 years./RIP

Phelan/Coleman: In/Loving memory of/Thomas Phelan/Tullamoy./died 9 Aug 1950./Also his wife Bridget/died 10th Feb 1976./Denis Coleman/Tullomoy/died 11th Aug. 1985/RIP Erected by his wife and niece.

Conroy/Phelan: In loving memory/of/Margaret Conroy/Clonboyne/who died 9th July 1960./Also her brothers/William Phelan/died 21st Nov 1949./James Phelan Clonard/died 8th June 1976/RIP

Turner: In loving memory of/John Turner and/his wife Johanna/also their sons/Patrick who died/23rd May 1950 aged /57 years. His wife/Julia who died/22nd September 1966/aged 72 years And /Joseph who died/ 24th January 1985 aged 68 years./RIP

O’Connor: In loving memory/of/Denis O’Conner/Raheen/died 16th Jan 1962/his wife Esther/died 26th Feb 1961/RIP

Dooley: In loving memory/of/Joseph Dooley/who died 15th Sept 1947 aged 48 yrs./Seamus Dooley/who died 2nd March 1956 aged 69 yrs/Their brother Michael /died 24th August 1981 aged 82 yrs/RIP/Erected by their brother Michael Dooley Colt/Stradbally.

Keegan: In loving memory/of/Martin Keegan/Raheen/died 17th Jan 1949, aged 83 yrs./His wife Norah S. Keegan/died 20th Sept 1956, aged 76 yrs./Their son /Ernest Martin Keegan/died 5th Sept 1997, aged 79 yrs./May they rest in peace.

O’Leary: In loving memory of /Simon O’Leary/Doon, Kilbricken/died 6th Oct 1957/aged 83 years./his wife Hanoria/died 5th may 1959/aged 78 years./Their son Michael/died 30th Nov, 1990. Aged 79 years./RIP/Erected by their family

Lalor/Phelan: In loving memory/of/Martin Lalor/Cromogue/died 29th Sept 1992/Aged 66yrs./his mother Mary/died June 1935/(interred in Clough)/his father Fintan/died 12th July 1958/his aunt Margaret Phelan /died 16th July 1964/his step mother Elizabeth /died 9th Sept 1983/RIP?Erected by his loving wife and family.

Butler: In loving memory/of/Julia Butler, Raheen/who died 28 April 1966 aged 91 yrs/her grandson/Patrick Joseph butler/died in infancy/her husband Patrick Butler/died 7 Aug, 1925. Aged 54 years./RIP

Cripps: In loving memory of/Catherine Cripps/Rathkelton, Kilbrickan/died 14th June 1993 aged 90/her husband James/died 15 May 1974 aged 84/Interred in old cemetery Cripps/RIP/Erected by their loving family

Tynan: In loving memory of/Mary Tynan/Clonkeen/died 4th May 1978/Aged 82 yrs/Also her husband Daniel/died 9th Aug 1980. Aged 79/

Parkinson: Erected by/Sarah Parkinson/Rathkelton./In memory of her parents/William & Mary Parkinson/Also her brother and sister/also the above named /Sarah Parkinson/died 22nd May 1967

Hosey: In loving memory of/Patrick Hosey/Trumera/who died 27th May 1985/aged 94 yrs./Also his wife, Mary/who died 16th March 1991/ aged 86 yrs./RIP/Erected by his loving wife and family

Callaghan: Erected /by/John Callaghan (Rathkelton) in memory of his father/John Callaghan/died 15th June 1905 aged 57 years./His mother Mary Callaghan/died 21st Nov 1921 aged 75 years./Also his wife/Annie Callaghan died 1st Nov 1931./Also the above named/John Callaghan/died 11 – Aug 1976/aged 92/RIP

Walsh: In loving memory of/Michael Walsh Rathkelton/who died 1st Sept 1961 aged 30 yrs/Also his father James Walsh/died 12th July 1972 aged 88 yrs./RIP

Bergin: Erected by/Joseph Bergin (Fairfield) /in loving memory of/his father Joseph Bergin died 25th Sept 1895/and his mother Catherine Bergin/died 12th June 1936./(Interred in old cemetery)/his brother Daniel died 9th May 1955./The above Joseph Bergin died 8-Dec 1959/His son Joseph died 27-June –70/His wife Catherine/died 19th Dec 1989./RIP

Whelan: Erected/in loving memory/of/Thomas Whelan (Clonad)/died 5th July 1933 aged 61 years./Also his son Fintan/died 29th May 1960 aged 40 yrs./His wife Mary died 22-dec 1971/aged 92 yrs./Also his son/James/died 10th Oct 1981 aged 60/his wife Maureen /died 18th Nov 1993 aged 72 years/RIP

Dunne: In loving memory of/Mary Bridget Dunne/Burnwood, Clonad/who died 18th March 1967/her nephew Edward burke died 26th November 1980/RIP

Phelan: Erected by/Julia Phelan, Coole/in loving memory of her husband/Michael Phelan/died 17th March 1940 aged 69 years./his son Edward died aged 1 year./The above Julia/died 16 Feb 1968 aged 66 yrs./Also her sons /Michael Phelan/died 29th May 1981. Aged 54 yrs/And Thomas Phelan/died 9th Feb 1982/Aged 66 yrs./

Rafter: In loving memory of/Joseph Rafter/Coolnagart, Mountrath/who died 2nd Feb 1947/aged 56 years/Also his son James /died 14th Dec 1957/aged 31 years./his wife Mary/died 22nd March 1977/aged 73 years/Also his son Patrick/died 10th Nov 1981 aged 50 years/John /died 25th July 1989. Aged 61 yearss./RIP

Lalor: Sacred heart of Jesus/have mercy on the soul of /John J. Lalor/Clonbar/Died July 19th 1961/Aged 74 years/His mother, Mary Lalor/died Sept 14th 1942, Aged 84years./His wife, Mary Lalor/died March 12th 1976 aged 70 years./his daughter Mary/died 18th March 1995/Aged 69 yrs./RIP

Phelan: In loving memory/of/Julia Phelan/Rathkelton/died 3rd Dec 1954, aged 43 years/her mother Margaret McEvoy/died 8th Jan 1952, aged 75 years./her husband/James Phelan/died 4th May 1995, Aged 88 years

Drennan: Sacred heart of Jesus /have mercy on the Soul of/John Drennan,Clonban/died 15th Dec 1952, aged 76 yrs./his wife Elizabeth/died 16th May 1970, aged 84 yrs./Their son Tim, died 30th Nov 1995, aged 72 yrs./Rest in Peace

Whelan: In loving memory of/Mrs. Mary Whelan/Burnwood/Clonad/who died 19th November 1954/and her sons/Patrick died 2nd April 1955/Edward died 8th March 1971/Andrew died 20th December 1985/and her daughter in law Agnes Whelan (Andrews wife) died 22nd July 1973/RIP

Brophy: In loving memory of/Catherine Brophy/died 14th May 1952/her husband Martin/died 22nd Aug 1957/RIP/Erected by their loving family.

Doogue: In loving memory of/Mrs. Mary Doogue/Cappanaclough/died 12th August 1935/aged 37 years/Also her husband/Andrew Doogue/died 9th Dec 1983. Aged 87 yrs/My Jesus mercy

Hennessy: In loving memory of/Arthur Hennessy,/died Aug 19th 1947, aged 45 yrs./Also his wife Norah/died Dec 29th 1989, aged 89 yrs./RIP

Bennett: In memory of/My beloved husband/James Bennett/Boston, Boston, Clonard, Mountrath/died 8th June 1969./His wife Theresa/died 3rd July 1951./His sister Molly Bennett/died 14th Feb 1958./Also Genevieve/second wife of /James Bennett/died 30th July 1984/RIP

Shiel: In loving memory of/Jeremiah Shiel, Rosskelton/died 16-5-1962/His wife Margaret/died 8-2-1979/His brothers/Timothy/died 8-12-1951./Patrick, died 6-2-1963./And son Patrick Shiel died 12-8-1980./RIP

Tynan: In loving memory of/Daniel Tynan/Ardlee/who died Feb 17th 1955./Also his wife Nora/died April 19th 1964/RIP/Erected by their loving family.

Lalor: In loving memory of/Agnes Lalor/(Cappanaclough)N.T., Raheen/24-5-27 to 30-6-66 /died 1 – May 1977 aged 73 yrs./And her husband Thomas /died 17th Sept 1977 aged 82 yrs./RIP/LALOR

Fitzpatrick: In loving memory of/James Fitzpatrick/who died 9-Dec 1951./Aged 68 yrs/his wife Kate/died 30th Jan 1981/aged 70 yrs./RIP/Fitzpatrick/Mount Eagle

Dowling: Sacred/heart of Jesus/have mercy on the souls of/Martin Dowling Colt/died 3rd Oct 1940./And his wife Bridget/died 9th Nov 1952.

Parkinson: In/loving memory of/Catherine Parkinson/who died 17th April 1946/also her husband James/died 24th Oct 1967. /RIP /Erected by their family

Dowling/Whelan: In loving memory of/Thomas Dowling Cappanaclough/died 13-March 1929/also his daughters/Mary/died 14-July 1934/Margaret Mary Whelan/Abbeyleix/did 4-july 1950/Also his wife /Annie Dowling Ballycoolin/died 10-February 1966/Also their sons/Kieran died 26 Feb 1981 /William died 23 Oct 1955/Thomas died 14th March 1990/John J Phelan /Abbeyleix/died 28-Sept 1995/Rip/Sacred heart of Jesus have mercy on them

Kyle: In loving memory of/Andrew Kyle Colt/ died 5-April 1949/Aged 77 years/his wife margaret/died 24-June 1931/ aged 48 years/This son John /died 4th Dec1983. Aged 72/his wife Julia/died 4th Dec 1988/aged 65 years/RIP/Erected by John and Julia Carroll/

O’Connor: In loving memory of /Mary O’Connor/Rosskelton/died 29th March 1947/Also daughter in law/ Sarah O’Connor/died 10th March 1959./ her husband Patrick O’Connor/ died 2nd Feb 1994. Aged 71 yrs/RIP

Grace: In /loving memory of/Francis Grace/Bandra Colt/died 9- April 1957/aged 79 yrs. His wife Catherine/5-Dec 1979 aged 80 yrs/Their son Frances/died 17-May 1982. Aged 40 yrs/RIP

Grant: In loving memory of/Martin Grant (Bondra)/who died 24th July 1962./Aged 77 yrs/Also his wife Jane/who died 13th June 1967/aged 82 yrs./Their son Peter/who died 10th Nov 1979/aged 63 yrs/Their son John /who died 21st July 1992 aged 71 yrs./RIP/Erected by his wife & Family

Nolan: In/loving memory of/Michael Nolan/Rathbride Curragh /died 10th April 1980/aged 81 years./RIP

Bergin: In loving memory /of/Margaret Bergin/Cromogue, Mountrath/died 28th June 1966/her sons/James, died 9th March 1974/Patrick, died 26th Oct 1984/Also her husband Matthew /and son John who are buried in the old cemetery/RIP/Erected by her daughters

Galvin: In/loving memory of/Elizabeth Galvin/Cloned/who died 5- august 1955 aged 81 yrs./her husband Michael Galvin/died 29-Nov 1967 aged 90 years/Their son Michael/died 29-Jan 1984 /aged 71 years/Their son Andrew (Andy) /died 14-Nov 1993 /aged 77 years./Their son Richard (Dick) died 27-December 1996/ aged 82 years./RIP

O’Neill: In loving memory of/John O’Neill/Patrick St., Mountrath/died 12th March 1953/his wife Catherine/died 4th July 1945/And their son Patrick /who died 6th September 1952./RIp

Bennett: In loving memory of Patrick Bennett/Tarbert/who died 29th Jan 1915./also his wife/ Catherine Bennett/who died 25th May 1932/Their sons Very Rev. Peter Bennett. /Pastor of St. Peters Church /San Francisco/who died 10th Aug 1946/James Bennett Tarbert/who died 10th Sept 1946 /his wife Elizabeth/ died7th Dec 1977

Carter/Keys: Sacred heart of Jesus/have mercy on the souls of/ Mary Carter/Kylegrove, Portlaoighise, who died Jan 10th 1931/Also her loving husband Edward Carter/ who died Nov 13th 1935/Also Thomas Carter/ 6th 1941 /Also Joseph carter /who died march 22nd 1947/Also Martin Keys March 28th 1965/And John Keys/ who died April 5th 1973/also Andrew Joseph carter son of Edward Carter/who died Feb 27th 1975/Annie May Carter sister of Andrew/died 29th Nov 1982/RIP

Lalor-Fitzpatrick: Sacred heart of Jesus have/mercy on the souls of /Richard Lalor-Fitzpatrick/Tenakill/who died 26th Feb 1940/His wife Mary Lalor-Fitzpatrick/died 3rd July 1957./Their son /James Lalor-Fitzpatrick/died 23rd feb, 1986./Their daughter/Anne Lalor-Fitzpatrick/died 31st March 1992./RIP/Eected by their loving family.

Lalor: In loving memory/of/Michael Lalor, Coole/who died 13th Nov 1961, aged 91 yrs/His wife Mary/who died 5th Oct 1962 aged 85 yrs./Their son Michael /who died 14th Oct 1988 aged 70 yrs./Their son Peter/died 17th Feb, 1991./Aged 70 years./RIP

Galvin: In loving memory/of/John Galvin/Corbally/died 26th May 1953//Aged 76 years. /His son Andrew/died 5th April 1963/Aged 45 years./Patrick/died 11th April 1981 aged 76 years./Daughter in Law/Josephine Galvin/Colnad/ died 10th Sept 1965/Aged 38 years/Also her granddaughter /Aislinn Galvin/died 7th Sept 1983/Aged 11 months/her husband Michael Galvin/died 10th Sept 1994 Aged 80 years/RIP

Elleford: In loving memory of/Elizabeth Elleford/Clonad/died 6th Dec 1951/her husband John/died 11th Feb 1956/RIP/Erected by /Annie & Maureen

Murphy: Catherine Murphy/Coormacarle/who died 3rd June 1951/Also her husband James/and their son Henry

McNamara: In/Loving memory /of/Nora McNamara/died 26th July 1945./her husband James/died 28th Nov, 1910./Interred in Portlaoise/Noreen McNamara/died 28th Jan ,1981./her husband John/died 15th Aug 1985/Their daughter/Nora McNamara/died 8th February 1996./RIP

Mulhall: In/loving memory/of/Elizabeth (Lil) Mulhall/Rosskelton/who died 2nd June 1944/aged 14 years/Also her Uncle Thomas Mulhall/died 17th June 1966 aged 75 yrs./her father Richard Mulhall/died 17th Dec 1976 aged 98 yrs./his wife Mary/died 13th Feb 1985. Aged 82 yrs./

Whelan: In loving memory/of/John Whelan/Clonad-Adoira/died 28th April 1945/Aged 70years/his wife Mary/died 7th March 1965/aged 82 years./RIP

Boylan: In loving memory/of/Elizabeth Boylan /died 18th Feb 1950 Aged 78 years./her son John/died 20th May 1995 aged 93 yrs/his wife Mary /died 27th Feb 1968 aged 66 yrs./Also his two children/john & Mary who died young.

Delaney: In loving memory/of/Ann Delaney, Clonad/who died 19th March 1950 aged 75 yrs./her husband Richard Delaney/died 26th Oct 1951 aged 88 yrs./Their son Richard/died 5th Sept 1980 aged 72yrs/Their son Paddy/died 8th July 1993 aged 89 yrs./RIP/on their souls sweet Jesus have mercy/Erected by their sons Richard & Paddy

Dunne: Erected in loving memory of/Joseph Dunne died Sept 1st, 1960/Aged 70 years.

Phelan: Erected by/James Phelan/Coole (and) Doo??e House/In loving memory of his mother/Elizabeth Phelan/died 14th June 1927 aged 42 years./her husband James Phelan/died 24th April 1952/aged 80years./Also his wife Annie Phelan/died 19th Dec 1982. Aged 56 yrs./Also his son, Sean Phelan died April 1985./Aged 24 yrs./RIP

Flanagan: In loving memory/of/Eamon Flanagan/Dunamaise/died 25th July 1945/Aged 18 yrs/his father Joseph Flanagan/died 22nd Dec 1978 aged 92 yrs./Also his mother/Margaret Flanagan/died 19th June 1979 aged 78 yrs./RIP/Erected by his loving family.

Murphy/Buggy/Ranaekers: In loving memory of/William Murphy, Shanahoe/died 15 March 1963/And his wife/Mary Murphy (nee Buggy)/died 24th Apri 1953/RIP/Erected by/Mrs. Margaret Ranaekers/(nee Buggy)

Walsh/Rafter: In loving memory of/Martin Walsh/died 11th July 1965/aged 71 yrs./Dan Walsh/died 9th May 1970/Aged 80 yrs/Baundra/Also his nephew/Joe. Rafter Coormacart/died 9th Feb 1992, aged 60 yrs.

Whelan: In loving memory/of/Kathleen Whelan/Derrykearn/died 26th Oct 1936/also her brother Laurence/died 27th Feb 1940/also her sister/Annie/died 18th May 1961/Gretta/ died 12th June 1963/RIP

Phelan: In loving memory of/Joseph Phelan/Upper Coole,/Died 7th Dec 1958 aged 88 yrs./His wife Elizabeth/died 22nd June 1973 aged 88 yrs/Their daughter-in-law Eileen Cuffsboro,/died 20th Dec 1996 aged 66 yrs./RIP/Erected by his family/PHELAN

Conna: In loving memory/of/Andrew Conna/died 21st October 1933/his wife Nora/died 24th October 1937/both buried in Clonenagh/also their daughter Mary/died 8th March 1985/Their daughter Margaret /died 8th June 1988/aged 77 years/Their son Joseph/died 30th May 1992 aged 87 years./RIP

Rohan/McHugh: In loving memory of Martin Rohan/Corbally,/died 24th May 1966/aged 78 yrs/Also his daughter Regina/died 2nd Aug 1971 aged 33 yrs./john McHugh/died 5th Sept 1972 aged 72 yrs/RIP /

Grace/Carroll: In /Loving memory of/Gerard Grace/(Colt) died 14th Jan 1968 aged 56 yrs/His aunt Bridget Carroll /died Dec 1941./his wife Mary/died 26th June 1984 aged 68 yrs/Erected by his wife & Family

Keegan: Erected by/John Keegan Ballyroan/in memory of his parents/John Keegan died March 1915/Annie Keegan died 3rd July 1935/his sister Christina/died ?June 1940/His wife Katie died 27th or 21st Aug 1948/Also his daughter Annie/died 8th March 1980/The above John Keegan /died 7th Dec 1989./His wife Sarah /died 11th Nov 1989

McDonald: In loving memory of/Patrick McDonald Corbally/died 2nd May 1939./His wife Bridget, died 1st Aug 1969./His daughter Elizabeth, died 29th May 1960./His son Laurence, died 11th May 1962./his brother /James McDonald, Mount Eagle/died 21st Dec 1947/His sister Ellen, died 9th July 1968/His daughter Nora died 1980/RIP

Heffernan/McInerney: In loving memory of/James and Catherine Heffernan/Clonburren/who died 14th March 1939/their son James/died in Lincoln 15th Oct 1973/Also Jeremiah. Thomas./ And Bridget Heffernan/and James McInerney/Their son John died 15th Jan 1979 aged 70 yrs./also their daughter/Nora Heffernan/died 7th April 1995,/Aged 78 yrs./RIP/Erected by John and Nora Heffernan

Deere: In/Loving memory/of Catherine Deere/Clonkeen/died 10th June 1943/Aged 64 years./her husband George/ died 27th Sept 1963/Aged 90 years./Their daughter in law/Kathleen/died 10th Aug 1971 aged 48 yrs./RIP

Beere/Lambe: Erected by Ellen Beere/(Clonkeen)/in loving memory of her husband/John Beere who died 2nd oct 1960/aged 62 yrs./her daughter Mary/died 26th Dec 1939 aged 11 yrs./And her mother Ellen Lambe/died 8 Aug 1941 aged 84 yrs./her brother Laurs Lambe died 24th Feb/1971 aged 71 yrs./Above Ellen Beere/died 5th May 1973 aged 77 yrs./RIP

Bergin: Erected in memory of/Michael Bergin /Cromogue/died 7th June 1942./his wife Anne/died 13th Jan 1958./Their daughter Margaret/died 7th Feb ,1945./Sons Michael and James/ interred in old cemetery.

Mooney: In loving memory of/Bridget Mooney Colt/died 9th Dec 1942 aged 67 yrs./her husband James Mooney died 7th June 1948 aged 69 yrs./And their son Joseph /died 6th Jan 1982 aged 69 yrs/Their daughter Annie/died 16th Feb 1989 aged 75 yrs./Their son Finton/died 29th Sept 1993 aged 84 yrs./Interred in /St. Lukes cemetery Kent England/RIP/Erected by Fint. & Minnie

Mulhall: In loving memory of/Annie Mulhall/Cappanaclough/died 18th June 1941/Also her husband, James,/died 4th Aug 1954/ Also her son james/died 4th Aug 1954And their grandson, James/died 27th March 1962 aged 4 months

McDonald: In loving memory of/Michael McDonald/Mary St., Mountrath./died 14th Nov 1964./His wife Bridget, died 15th Jan 1951/Their daughter Nora. Died 11th July 1927./Their son Timothy/died 22nd June 1962/Also their daughters Mary/died 14th March 1968/and Kathleen died 15th March 1976./RIP

Honnor: Erected by/Teresa Honnor/Roskelton/In loving memory of her/brothers/John Honnor/died 18th Dec 1955 aged 89 yrs./and Richard Honnor/died 12th Feb 1958 aged 87 yrs./The above Teresa Honnor/died 12th April 1960 aged 84 yrs./RIP

Brophy: In loving memory of/John Brophy/died 1st April 1955./his wife Bridget /died 4th March 1971/Also his brother James/died 4th May 1964/RIP

Turner: In loving memory of/William Turner/Clooscullen/who died 19th March 1955/his wife Lil/who died 11th Nov 1976/RIP

Rohan: In loving memory/of/ James Rohan/who died 6th Nov 1950/aged 76 years/his sister Mary Rohan/died 14th Sept 1953 aged 79 years./Their brother William Rohan/died 22nd Oct 1955 aged

Grant: In loving memory of/Bridget Grant/Colt/died 11 Aug 1972/aged 69 /her husband Martin died 17 May 1947 aged 42./her father in law/Martin/died 27-Oct 1945 aged 87 //her second husband/Patrick Grant/died 2-Jan 1980 aged 78 /Rest in peace

Rafter: In loving memory/of/Thomas Rafter Cromogue/who died 25th April 1936/his wife Julia /who died 25th July 1960/Their son Patrick/ died 10th Feb 1973/Their son William/died 8th April 1975/Their daughter Elizabeth/died 13th Nov 1981/Erected by their family

Dowling: Erected/in loving memory of/Thomas Dowling Corbally/who died 22nd March 1949/Aged 88 yrs/his wife Kate Dowling/who died 13th Feb 1964 /aged 94 yrs./Mary Dowling died 20th Jan 1990/RIP

O’Connor: In/loving memory of/Andrew O’Connor/Rosskelton/died March 29 1946,/aged 82 yrs/Elizabeth O’Connor/died June 13 1955./Aged 78 yrs./RIP/Erected by Andrew O’Connor /And family.

Delaney/O’Connor: Family Plot: 2 stones: In loving memory of/Fintan Delaney/Mount Fade/who died 6th January 1971. Aged 98 yrs./his wife Bridget /died 7th august 1956. Aged 62 years./his brother Patrick. Died 28th march 1968. Aged 93 years./Also his daughter /Sr. Mary Kevin/died 11th Dec 1981/RIP

In loving memory of/Patrick Delaney/Tarbert/died 5th May 1944/Also his wife/Catherine/died 15thJune 1978/aged 84 yrs./sacred heart of Jesus /Have mercy on their souls/ Heart Plaque in middle of plot: in loving memory of /Yvonne O’Connor/died 23rd Aug 1985/Aged 11 weeks./Paula O’Connor/died 28th Jan 1973/Aged 4 ? years./RIP

Donovan: In loving memory /of/John Donovan, Colt/died 18th Dec 1958. Aged 65 yrs./his mother Mary Donovan/died 12-March 1945 . aged 81 yrs/His son Thomas/died 28-Feb 1944. Aged 21 yrs. /His wife Margaret. /Died 31-May 1977. Aged 81 yrs./His daughter/Mary Donovan/died 16 Oct 1996 aged 69 yrs./RIP

Moffitt: Erected by/James Moffitt (Raheen)/In loving memory of his father/Joseph Moffitt/died 8th Feb 1950 aged 84 years./also his mother/Sarah Moffitt/died 17th Nov 1966 aged 73 years/And his brother/Patrick Moffitt/died 15th Oct 1942 aged 21 years./

Dunne: In loving memory of/Thomas Dunne, Conna Clonard./who died Dec 14th 1974./Also his father Patrick Dunne who died 1945./His son John Dunne, who died 1942/his mother/ Ann Dunne, who died 1958/ RIP Erected by his loving wife Kathleen.

O’Sullivan/Sinnott: In /loving memory of/Elizabeth O’Sullivan/died 27th Nov, 1982. Aged 92 years./Her daughter/Sheila Sinnott /nee Sullivan/died 13th April 1985./Aged 58 years.

Delaney: In/memory of/John Delaney, Clonbar/died 22nd Aug, 1954. Aged 69 yrs./Also his brothers/William died 10th April 1956/ aged 83 yrs./Patrick died 24th Dec 1958 /aged 71 yrs./Joseph, son of the above William/died 25th Sept 1980. Aged 74 yrs./RIP

Sheeran: In loving memory/of/John Sheeran, Colt/died 27th October 1972./aged 79 years/His wife Julia /died 18th March 1986 /aged 75 years./RIP

Grace/Grant: In loving memory of/John Grace/5 Turvey Ave, Inchicore, Dublin/died 26th Nov 1959 Aged 83 yrs/His wife Anastasia grace/died 17th April 1964 aged 84 yrs/Their son Michael/died 22nd Sept 1952 aged 36 yrs./Their daughter Bridie /died 3rd June 1986 aged 71 yrs/Also James Grant/Colt, Ballyroan/died 28th April 1965 aged 84 yrs./”Erected by the family”/RIP

Fitzpatrick: Erected/In/loving memory of/John Fitzpatrick/late of Rosskelton/died 26th Nov 1949/aged 63 ears/RIP/Also his sister Mary/died 8th 1971.

Parkinson/Grant: In loving/ memory of/the Parkinson family/also Martin Grant/Baundra/died 17th Dec 1980/Aged 58 yrs/Kathleen Grant/Baundra/died 5th Dec 1987/RIP

Lalor: In loving memory of/David Lalor Colt/who died 19th August 1900/his wife Mary/died 24th April 1952/Their son James/died 14th August 1961/Their daughters Kate/died 16th April 1970/Agnes died 7th Dec 1977/Aged 84 yrs./RIP

Dooley: In/memory/of/Fintan Dooley, Colt/died 20th Jan 1972/Aged 77 years./his wife Mary/died 6th Feb 1994./Aged 92 years./RIP /Erected by his loving wife and family

Phelan: In loving memory of/William Phelan /Rosskelton/died 16th April 1954, aged 83 yrs/his wife Mary/died 12th February 1956, aged 74 years/Their sons/James/died 5th February 1988, aged 75 years/William/died 3rd March 1988, aged 83 years./RIP/Erected by their family

Doyle: In/loving memory of/James Doyle/Sergeant Garda Siochana/ who died 28th May 1940/aged 45 years/His wife Katherine/died 3rd Dec 1945. /Aged 53 years./RIP/Erected by his wife and family.

Whitewall: In loving memory /of/John Whitewell,(not sure on spelling of this could be Hitwell Oldtown, Portlaoise/ died 1965/His son John died 1955/his sister Bridget died 1962.

Fitzpatrick/McMurray: In/loving memory of/Mrs. Mary Fitzpatrick/died 28-November 1943/aged 84 yrs/Also her daughter Bridget/died 20-August 1952/aged 51 yrs./Also her daughter/Elizabeth McMurray/died 25th Nov 1965 in USA /aged 68 years./RIP/Erected by their family

Drennan: Sacred heart of Jesus/Have Mercy on/the souls of/Martin Drennan/Boughlone, Portaloise/died Dec 6-1966/Aged 75 years/His wife Brigid/died Aug 20-1952/aged 51 years/RIP/Erected by their family

Hearns: In loving memory of/Julia Hearns/Ardlea/who died 28th March 1974/aged 85 years/RIP

Crawford: In/loving memory of/Elizabeth Crawford/Rosskelton/died 5th Dec 1960 aged 21 yrs./her brother Richard /died 13th Sept 1952 aged 5 yrs/Also their Uncle William/died 17th May 1942 aged 42 yrs./Their father Richard/died 25th April 1991 aged 95 yrs./Their mother Bridget /died Jan 1992 aged 81 yrs./Rip/Erected by the Crawford family

Holland: In loving memory of/Michael Holland/Coolmacarten/died 20th June 1979/aged 59 years/his sister Elizabeth/Also his parents/James and Anne/RIP/Erected by his wife Margaret

Mulhall/Mullhall: In loving memory of/Emily Mulhall, Burnlea./died Aug 17th 1943./her husband John,/died June 30th 1952./Their daughter Mary, /died March 17th 1951./Their son Tom Mullhall/died 17th May 1989. Aged 70 yrs./RIP/Erected by their family.

Fitzpatrick/Flanagan: In loving memory of/Our dear parents/Peter Fitzpatrick, /Boley/died 1-Sept 1953 aged 88 yrs./Ellen Fitzpatrick/died 31-March 1941, aged 59 yrs./Our Aunt Bridget Flanagan/died 30-Jan 1953 aged 80 yrs./RIP

McEvoy: In/loving memory of/joseph McEvoy Clonboyne/who died 14th Dec 1957/aged 73 yrs./Also his wife Sarah /who died 11th Feb 1959. Aged 82 yrs.

Oxley: In loving memory/of/ William (Willo) Oxley, /died Mar 21st 1959, aged 65 yrs./his wife Alice/died May 17th 1997, aged 90 yrs./RIP

O’Connor: In loving memory/of/Fintan O’Connor/Rskelton/who died 9th July 1973/Aged 84 yrs./RIP/Erected by his family

Osborne: In memory of /Matthew Osborne, Derrycairn, Abbeyleix/died 11th July 1975./Aged 83 years./Also his wife Elizabeth/died 1st July 1977. Aged 79 years./RIP/Erected by his loving wife

Walsh: Erected by/Finton Walsh/in loving memory of/his father Michael/His mother Winifred/his brothers/Thomas and Michael/Joseph and John/his sisters /Ellen and Elizabeth /Catherine and Mary/RIP

Grant/Hynes: In/loving memory of/Margaret Grant (nee Hynes) /Derrykairn, Abbeyleix/died 20th May 1943 aged 32 yrs./Her husband William/died 20th March 1977 aged 80 yrs./(O Holy Cross, under thy /shadow I will rest) /Erected by their daughter Mary.

Hearns: In loving /memory of /Mary Hearns, Cloosecullen/died 3rd June 1944./her son/Patrick/died 6th Sept, 1955./Also her son James/died 15th Sept, 1959/her son Edward/died 11th April 1982/RIP/Erected by her son Edward /& his wife Kathleen

Walsh: In/loving memory of/Fintan Walsh/died 19th July 1942/Aged 67 yrs./his wife Katherine/died 30th Nov 1955/aged 77 yrs./Their son Fintan/died 25th April 1994/Aged 80 yrs./And his wife Mary/died 12th Dec 1994/aged 74 yrs./RIP/Erected by their loving family

Flanagan: Bridget Flanagan/Boley/died 30-1-1953/Aged 80/RIP

Phelan: In/loving memory of/Michael Phelan, Mountrath./died 27 Jan 1952. Aged 65 yrs./RIP

McEvoy/McDonald: In loving memory of/Kate McEvoy, Coolnacart, /died 9th April 1947/her husband John/died 16th April 1958/Their daughter/Mrs. Mary McDonald/died 4th March 1946/RIP

Holland: In loving memory/of/ Margaret Holland/Ardlea/died 16th Nov 1940, aged 47 yrs./her husband William/died 9th Sept 1962, aged 83 years./Their son William/died 25th Dec 1982, aged 66 yrs/Their son Patrick/died 2nd Dec 1983, aged 69 yrs. (Note this Holland stone is located right in front of stone of family of Michael Holland, but not in same row –

McDonald: In loving memory/of/Kate McDonald/Colt/died 10th Feb 1940/also her husband Matthew/died 20th June 1941/Their son Thomas/died 1st march 1970 aged 67 yrs/RIP

Lalor: In loving memory/of/James Lalor/Parkavilla/died 29th Oct 1933/aged 78 yrs./his wife Mary died 15th Nov 1946./ Aged 85 yrs./His son Joseph/died 18th March 1943./aged 40 yrs. /and his son James/died 18th March 1964/aged 72 yrs./Their daughter Kathleen/died 3rd March 1976./Aged 81 yrs/Their daughter Annie/died 6th oct 1976, aged 74 yrs./Their son Fintan/died 15th March 1977. Aged 80 yrs./RIP/Erected by Fintan and Annie

Brophy: Erected by/Michael Brophy, Rathkelton/In memory of/his beloved wife/Francis Brophy/died 29th Jan 1940/36 yrs/his daughter Mary/died 18th June 1966/aged 24 years/Also his wife/Helena Imelda sister of Francis/died 12th October 1980 aged 74 years./The above Michael Brophy./1898-1981/RIP/Brophy/Rosskelton, Co. Laois and Blanchardstown, Co Dublin

Tynan/O’Rourke: In loving memory/of/Martin Tynan Rosskelton/who died 12th Jan 1951./Also his wife/Mary O’Rourke (Tynan) /died 7th November 1986/RIP

Sinnott/Mayberry: In loving memory of/Patrick Sinnott/died 23rd April 1957 . Aged 84 years./His wife Catherine/died 28th April 1967. Aged 81 years./Mrs. Julia Mayberry /died 6th April 1953. Aged 75 years./Their son Patrick/died 18th Dec, 1982. /Their son Daniel, Ardlea/died 28th Nov 1994 aged 69 yrs./RIP

Mayberry: In loving memory of/George Mayberry Raheen/died 22nd July 1962, aged 69 yrs. /His wife Elizabeth died 2nd Feb 1967 /aged 69 yrs./his sister Frances died 26th Nov 1980/Son John died 17th April 1983.

Phelan/Malone: In loving memory of/John Phelan Cappaghnaclough/died 20th June 1959 aged 7 9 yrs./Also his wife Bridget/died 8 April 1965 aged 84 yrs./RIP/Erected by their niece Anna Murtagh Malone

Grant: In/loving memory of/Patrick Grant died 1st Dec, 1934./His wife Mary died 1st Nov 1948./Daughters Maria died 30th June 1945./Catherine died 15th June 1978./Elizabeth died 23rd Sept 1977./Agnes died 6th Dec, 1978./Their son Michael died 5th Aug 1981./Their daughter Bridie /died 10th March 1988./RIP

Hurley: In/loving memory/of/Michael Hurley/Cloosecullen,/died 20th March 1945./his wife Mary/died 21st Feb 1967./RIP/Erected by his wife and family

Byrne: In loving memory of/Willy Byrne/Clonkeen/died 4th May 1949 aged 78 yrs./Also his wife Elizabeth/died 15th nov 1963 aged 84 yrs./And their Grandaughter/Mary Byrne/died 18th Nov 1959 aged 3 mths/RIP/Erected by Nan, Bridie,/Molly, Jack and Patrick

Holohan/Barnes: In loving memory of/David Holohan/Clonkeen/who died 19th November 1943/his brother /Edward Holahan/died 5th March 1946/Also Mrs. M.E. Mamie Barnes/died 11th December 1980 aged 69 years/Also her husband/David Barnes/died 29th July 1989/aged 84 years/RIP

Finlay: In/loving memory of/Michael Finlay/Clonkeen/died 30th May 1954/aged 72 years./his wife Catherine/died 20th oct 1969 aged 74 years./Their daughter Elizabeth (Leila) Finlay /died 1st Feb 1994 aged 64 years./RIP

Malone: In loving memory of/Margaret Malone/Shanahoe/died 31 Jan 1950 aged 67 yrs./her husband Michael Malone/died 30 Dec 1963 aged 80 yrs./and their son James died 25th July /1966 aged 59 yrs./And their granddaughter/Mary Malone/died 7th Feb 1971/Their grandson Gerard/died 17th May 1981. Aged 23 yrs./RIP/Malone

Lawlor/Coogan: In loving memory/of/Thomas Lawlor/Clonkeen/died 9th May 1940/Aged 62 yrs./his wife Margaret/died 25th Dec 1956/aged 79 yrs./his uncle Michael Coogan/died 5th July 1943. aged 87 yrs./Their daughter/Bridget Lawlor died 21st July 1989/Aged 72 yrs./RIP

Carroll: In memory of/James Carroll/Kileany/died 1929/His wife Bridget /died 941/Their sons/ James died 1963 /Thomas died 1966/RIP

Lalor: In/loving memory of/John Lalor/Ring, Colt/who died 15th May 1972/aged 79 years./his wife Mary/died 27th August 1975. Aged 77years./RIP/Erected by his loving wife and family.

Kilbride/Kavanagh: In loving memory of/Thomas Kilbride, Clontyglass/died 14- Dec 1939 aged 70 yrs/his brother John/died 1- March 1965 aged 87 yrs./his niece Julia Kavanagh/died 27 Aug 1967. Aged 72 yrs/his brother Lawrence/Derryarragh, Castletown/died 24-Dec 1958 aged 75 yrs./RIP

Keating: Erected by/Bridget Keating/Dysartdeigh Mountrath/In loving memory of her/ husband Michael Keating/ who died 5th Nov 1945,/ aged 55 years/The above Bridget Keating/ died 15th Jan 1990/Aged 92 years.

Whelan/Barrington: Pray for/Mary Whelan/ Clonad/died 1942/William Barrington/died 1954/RIP

Grant: In loving memory/of/Joseph Grant/died 22nd Jan 1940/also his wife/Julie/died 10th April 1937/and their sons/John/died 3rd July 1945/Edward/died 10th May 1961/james grant, Colt/died 15th April 1982/RIP

Fox/Hargroves: In loving memory of/Mary Fox, Colt/died 26th Oct 1950 aged 52 years/her husband Thomas/died 3rd Feb 1975. Aged 79 years./Her Mother Margaret Hargroves/died 8-1-1942/her brother/Patrick Hargrove/died 10-12-1968/Also their son/Thomas Fox/died 27-Oct 1994. Aged 61 years./RIP/Erected by her son Thomas/and his wife Mary.

Duff: In loving memory of/Fintan Duff, Coolnacart/died 19th March 1980 aged 81 years/His wife Mary/died 6th July 1985./Aged 81 years/His brother Ned/died 30th Jan, 1964./Their son Fintan died young/RIP

Phelan: In loving memory/of/John Phelan/?Forest Rd., Mountrath/died 6th Sept 1943/his wife Elizabeth/died 10th March 1969/Their Grandaughter/Michelle Phelan/died 23rd March 1979/Their son John/died 17th May 1966./RIP/Erected by their family.

Cahill: In loving memory of/Matthew Cahill/died August 1923/his wife Katie/died August 1924/and their sons/Edward died July/1954 and Denis/died April 1969/RIP/Also their Daughters/Katie died June 1947 Mary/died October 1963 and their /son Michael died July 1973/RIP

Brennan: Pray for the soul of /John Brennan/Clontyglass/died 23rd Aug 1940./Also his wife/Alice Brennan/died 24th June 1940./and their son/William Brennan/died 20th Oct 1957./Peter Brennan/died 21st Jan 1947/Their son Christopher died 7th Feb 1990/Their son Thomas/died 18th Feb 1995/Erected by their loving children/RIP

Byrne/Connors: In loving memory/of/Joseph Byrne, Clonburren/who died 15-Feb 1958 aged 80 yrs./His wife Mary/died 10 April 1924 aged 44 yrs./Their son Joseph/died 15-March 1939 aged 24 yrs/Their daughters/Alice died 11-nov 1920 aged 11 yrs/Nora died 4-Aug 1970 aged 69 yrs./Their son in law James Connors/died 19-Feb 1978 aged 78 yrs/Their son Thomas/died 12-Feb 1981 aged 78 yrs./RIP

Wood/Conroy/Phelan: Two stones same plot: In loving memory/of/Anne Wood (nee Conroy)/Clonad and Middlesex/died 19th October 1982/her husband Robert (Bob) /Wealdstone Harrow/died 28th august 1964./RIP/Erected by their loving sons and daughters

Erected by teresa Phelan/Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin/In loving memory of/her husband/Patrick Phelan/late of clonard/died 21st March 1944/Aged 51 years./The above Teresa Phelan/died 9th May 1988/aged 75 years./RIP

Shiels: Sacred heart of Jesus/have mercy on the souls/ of/William Shiels /(Boley House) died 21st March 1939./His wife Margaret Shiels/died 20th August 1943./Also Agnes Shiels /died 14th Nov 1977./Her husband William Shiels/died 1st Nov 1983./Elizabeth M. Shiels died 23rd April 1995./RIP

Morgan/Parkinson: In loving memory of/James Morgan, Colt/died 9th June 1930/his daughter Julia Morgan/died 28th Feb 1937/His wife Mary Morgan /died 7th March 1980/Also her brother John Parkinson/died 21st jan 1971/Their sister bridget Parkinson/died 13th March 1979/And her brother Edward Parkinson/died 25th July 1989/RIP

Cahill: In loving memory of/Patrick Cahill/Clonad./died 7th Sept 1938/aged 78 years./Also his wife/Annie/died 26th Oct 1959/aged 84 years./RIP

Dunne: In memory of/Marie Dunne, Coolnacarte./died 22-4-42./Thomas Dunne died 6-12-60/RIP

Lalor: In/loving memory/of/Mary Lalor, /Mount Eagle, Abbeyleix./who died 31st December 1965/Aged 80 years./And her aunt/Bridget Lalor,/who died 24th March 1944/Aged 99 years./Sweet Jesus have mercy/on their souls/RIP

Behan: Erected in memory of/James Behan, (Foxboro)/died 20th February 1920./also his wife/Mary Behan/died 15th September 1941./And their son James Behan /died 15th May 1951./His brothers Walter Behan/died 15th Dec 1956./And John died 7th Dec 1957/And Norah /wife of the above /James Behan/died 28th June 1981 /RIP

Brennan/O’Toole: Two stones same plot: In loving memory of/Michael Brennan (Cappaghnaclough)/died 14th May 1945 aged 67 yrs. /his wife Bridget died 1st Jan 1961/Aged 72 yrs./Their daughter Bridget/died 16th March 1942/ Aged 25 yrs./And their son John died young/Daughter Mary O’Toole, Dublin/died 18th May 1979./Aged 65 years./RIP/Erected by the family

Little heart: In loving memory of/Fintan Brennan/died 3 Dec 1986 Aged 52 yrs./Erected by his /wife and family/RIP

Bergin: In loving memory of/Michael Bergin/Abbeyleix Rd., Portlaoise/who died 11th June 1968 /Aged 77/Also their parents/Tim and Ellen/RIP