Raheensheera Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Graveyard in Church grounds across the road from a school:

Bennett/Phelan: Sacred/to the memory of/Kyran Bennett (Garron)/died 26th May 1885, aged 70 years/Also his wife/Bridget Bennett (nee Phelan)/died 28th April 1896 Aged 75 years/And their daughter Mary /died 8th Nov 1927 aged 68 years/And their daughter Anne Bennett/died 22nd Sept 1934 aged 70 years/Their son Peter Bennett died 12th Feb 1937/aged 74 years/Also their daughter Margaret died 18th Dec 1947/Aged 95 years/RIP/Thy will be done

Davin: Erected by/Mrs. Mary Davin from Garron/In memory of he beloved son/John Davin/who died 19th of April 1882/aged 30 years/Weep not dear mother don’t lament/for unto you I ?? ?? my years ?? ?? and they were but few….can’t read properly.

Breen: Family Plot: Three big stones: Erected/by/Patk Breen/of Kyledotha/in memory of his daughter /Johanna Breen/who died 24th April 1890/Aged 8 years/Also his son Michael Breen/died 8th August 1919/And his daughter Bridie Breen/died in USA 21st July 1934/His son Martin Breen/died 3rd September 1949/John Breen DerkSth. Dakota USA/died 9th July 1959/Mary Agnes Breen /died 3rd Feb 1962/RIP
Base of stone: Katie Breen died 11 Ap 19?50

Breen/Fogarty: Stone beside this: IHS/Erected by/Mrs. Catherine Breen of/Garron,/in memory of/Her beloved Husband Michael Breen/ who departed this life/November 6th 1866, aged 72 years/Also her son Denis who died /December 28th 1817, aged 19 years/Her son John/died Sept 26th 1876, aged 39 years/The above named/Mrs. Breen/died Aug 4 1879, aged 81 years/Her son Patrick/died May 3 1918/His wife Johanna Breen/ nee Fogarty/died 12 Dec 1933/and Bridget Breen died Jan/1920

Breen: Third Stone: In loving memory of/Thomas Breen/Garron House, Ballybrophy/who died 8th Feb 1913, aged 85 years/Also his wife Kate Breen/who died 5th oct 1916, aged 78 years/Also his daughter Nora Breen/who died 19th Feb 1928/And Annie O’Brien /who died 1st Sep 1931/RIP

Lowry/Ryan: Celtic Cross: In memory of/Michael Lowry, Killismeestia,/who died on April 20th 1880,/aged 80 years./And his wife/Catherine Lowry (nee Ryan)/who died on 6th January 1892/Aged 76 years./Also his children Joseph, died an infant/William, Michael, Peter/Thomas, Justice of the Peace/ Joseph, Peace Commissioner/Margaret John, Barrister at Law/Mary Gertrude died 26th Dec 1943/RIP

Breen/Fitzpatrick: Plot behind the Breen plots: Erected by/James Breen (Garron) /In loving memory of his/brother Michael Breen/died 12th March 1934/His sister Mary Breen/died 28th March 1949/and his brothers/Denis Breen died 22nd May 1952/James Breen died 15th June 1955/His sister Margaret Breen /died 8th Nov 1962/RIP/His brother Denis J. Breen /died 22nd May 1952/His wife Margaret (nee Fitzpatrick) died 5th Nov 1977/

Fitzpatrick: Smaller stone Same plot: In loving memory of/Katie Fitzpatrick/died 23 April 1984/Annie Fitzpatrick /died 8 July 1991/William Fitzpatrick /died 12 June 1992/Kyledellig, Clough and Dublin/RIP

Delaney: Erected by/John Delaney of Garron/In memory of his daughter/Margaret/who died 1st of Octr 1880/aged 21 years

Gorman: Erected by Bridget Gorman in memory/of /Can’t see rest of this stone under the ground.

Delaney: In/loving memory of/The Delaney Family Killadooley

Bannon/Cummins: : Family plot: three stones: Erected/by/Elizabeth Cummins, Skeirk/In memory of her father/James Bannon/died 15th April 1893 aged 65 years/her brother /James Bannon/died 12th Sept 1901 aged 27 years/And her mother /Bridget Bannon/ died 11th March 1903 aged 72 years/Also her husband/John Cummins/died 17th Dec 1930 aged 82 years/The above Elizabeth wife of John/died 25th March 1946 aged 82 years/And her Daughter Ann/died 3rd Nov 1954 aged 58 years/On whose souls Jesus have mercy

Cummins: Sweet Jesus/Have mercy on the soul of/Margaret Cummins (Skeirk)/died Jan 29th 1970/aged 67 years/her sister Elizabeth died ?8th May 197?8 aged 72/7 years/

Cummins: Sacred Heart of Jesus/Have mercy on the souls of/James Cummins Skeirk/died May15th 1966 /aged 68 years.

Fitzpatrick: Erected by/Charles and Wm Fitzpatrick/In /loving memory of/their father Kieran Fitzpatrick/died May 1896 aged 68 years/Also their mother /Mary/died Jany 1927 aged 84 years/Also their brother Daniel/died 29th March 1901 aged 34 years/Also their niece Norah /died 12th march 1936/And of Charles son of above Charles /aged 4 years. Mary Fitzpatrick/Garron, Ballybrophy/died 13th Oct 1950/Also her husband Michael/ died 19th Feb 1967 aged 87 years/Also their son Kieran/died 27 Oct 1976

Hyland: IHS/In loving memory of/Patrick Hyland/Ballaghmore/did 5th Oct 1899 aged 96 years/His wife Elizabeth Hyland/died 1852/Their daughter Annie Hyland/died 8th Jun 1897 aged 26 years/Her niece Christina Hyland/died 1st Oct 1910 aged 8 years/her fatehr Timothy Hyland/died 31st Dec 1940 aged 80 years/his wife Kate Hyland/died 3rd March 1951 aged 88 years/RIP/Erected by/Timothy Hyland Ballaghmore

Hyland: Erected by/Patk Hyland Ballaghmore/in memory of his daughter/Mary/died Aug 2 1889 aged 26/And of his father Michl Hyland/Also his wife/Mary Hyland /died 17 April 1899/aged 76 years /Mary Hyland/ wife of William Hyland/carriein,/died June 14 1932 aged 59 years/RIP/her husband William Hyland died 22nd/Jan 1935 aged 74 years

Loughman/Bergin: Erected by/Patrick Loughman of Killadarron/in memory of his wife Bridget/Loughman alias bergin who /depd this life Septr the 14th 1836/ aged 43 years and Bridget in Apar? Lies children who died young.

Kavanagh: Erected by Patk Kavanagh of /Coolowley in memory of his/father Edwd Kavanagh who depd this life April 30th 1830/aged 76 years/Remember man as you pass by/so you are and once was I /but I am now ?? be/ Can’t read rest.

Loughman: Lord have mercy/on the soul of/Michael Loughman/of Skeirke/ who departed this life 5th May 1866/ aged 72 years/Erected to his memory by his wiidow/His wife Margaret Loughman who died/Feb 6th 1873 aged 70 years/

Loughnan: Stone beside that: Erected by/ Julia Loughnan/In memory of her beloved husband/Michael Loughnan/ who died 2nd March 1876 /aged 45 years/And of her dear son Michael/ who died July 1875 aged 17 years/

Loughman: Erected by/John Loughman/Errill/In memory of his wife/Mary Loughman/wh0 died Jan 30th 1907 aged 72 years

Nolan: Erected by/William Nolan/Newtown/In memory of his parents/James who died ? Sept 1836/and Margaret 22nd of ?/ 1886/and also of his brothers/James, Michael and Daniel /who died ? to 1891/24th April 1905/3

Loughman: Erected by/Maria Loughman Knockeil/in memory of her husband/John Loughman/who died 9th Feb 1911/aged /85 years/Also her sons/John died 10th March 1949 /aged 5/60 years/Fred died 8th Feb 1950 /aged 48 years/The above Maria Loughman /died 4th May 1964/aged 88 years/Patrick Loughman/died 4 Nov 1977/RIP

Fitzpatrick/Brophy: Erected by Denis Fitzpa/trick of Rossmore in memor/y of his bel;oved wife/ Catherine Fitzpatrick alias /Brophy who depd this/life May 5th 1833 aged 3? Years

Sweeney: big Family Plot:In/memory of/Daniel Sweeney /Ballytarsna/died 17 Dec 1913 age 47 years/his nieces/Josephine, Died 1915/Margaret, died 2 March 1927/Their mother Ann/died 6 Oct 1947 aged 69 years/Her husband John /died 17 May 1955 aged 85 years/Their sons, Daniel/died 24 Feb 1970 age 47 years/John, died 7 Oct 1972 aged 58 years/Joseph, died 25th Sept 1986 age 69 years/Their daughter May /died 8 June 1995 aged 87 years/

Sweeney/Carroll: Stone in middle Erected by Martin Sweeney/in memory of his mother /Mary Sweeney alias Carroll/of Gourthnalea who depd /this life October 4th 1833/aged 64 years

Sweeney: Third stone: In/loving memory of/John Sweeney/Rathmore, Ballkybrophy/ died 25 Feb 1922 aged 20 years/His father, Daniel Sweeney/died 17 Aug 1931 aged 54 years/His mother Elizabeth/died 1 Nov 1961 aged 85 years/Their sons Matthew/died 7 Feb 1966 aged 56 years/Patrick Sweeney/died 15 Sept 1983 /Daniel Sweeney /died 12 Nov 1994 aged 80 years/James Sweeney /died 24 Dec 1996 aged 89 years/RIP