Rathdaire COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

Rathdaire: Church of the Ascension
Church of Ireland
Diocese of Kildare
Rector J.S. Peoples Portarlington:

Small graveyard at back: not many stones, there are other graves with no headstones Tullaghan Townland

Lee: In/affectionate remembrance/of/my dearly loved husband/EDWARD SAMUEL LEE/of Killashee, and Portarlington./who died 6th March 1940./Severed only till he come/Also/of our darling infant daughter/MYRTLE/who died 17th February 1938./”The Lord gave & the Lord taketh away/Blesed be the name of the Lord”/Also/his loving wife/MARGARET ANNIE LEE/who died 3rd January 1976./The spirit shall return unto God who gave it”

Cobbe: In loving memory/of/Alice Cobbe/Belgrove/died 8th December 1982 /aged 58 years.

Cobbe: In loving memory/of James Cobbe/died 18th March 1948, aged 57 yrs/ and of his beloved wife ELIZABETH/died 15th Nov 1983 aged 84 yrs. /Also of their daughter AMY/died 25TH Jan 1949 aged 12 ½ yrs./Their son’s IVAN/died 5th Feb 1990, aged 60 yrs/and MERVYN/died 15th Feb 1994, aged 66 yrs/The Lord is my Shepherd/I shall not want/Erected by their loving family

Cobbe: Heart Plaque on ground: In/Loving memory/of/Ivan Cobbe/died 5th Feb 1990/Aged 59 years./Peace perfect Peace/Erected by his loving wife Mary.

Head: In loving remembrance/of my dear wife/MARY HEAD/who died at Mount Henry, Portarlington/11th Jan 194?5, aged 70 years/And CHARLES W. HEAD/died 20th Feb. 1947./Peace Perfect Peace”

Luttrell: In loving memory/of/my mother and father/JANE A.
LUTTRELL/ROSSMORE/died 15th January 1939./WILLIAM LUTTRELL/died 27th June 1964./Also my beloved husband/WALTER S. FLETCHER/died 15th May 1983./Erected by Constance Fletcher/In heavenly love abiding

McLaren: In loving memory /of/James B. McLaren/who died 12th April 1936/In heavenly love abiding/Erected by his wife Edith Elizabeth.

O’Connor: Edges on side of grave: In memory of/the Rev. James O’Connor M.A./born Jan 6th 1878, died Nov 8th 1938. Son of the late John O’Connor Esq., /of Ballinaraha, Dunquin, Dingle, Co. Kerry/Erected by his family/Parishoners & friends/Curate & Rector of the Recto of the Parish of Lea. 1912-1938

Meagher: In loving memory /of /Charles Henry Meagher/died 1st May 1980/aged 74 years/His loving wife/Eileen Christina Jane/died 25th April 1989/aged 81 years/They have gone no farther from us /than to God and God is very near/Yes, we’ll gather at the river /that flows by the throne of God.