Rathdowney COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Rathdowney COI ; Clandonagh barony; Rathdowney Parish; Donaghmore Poor Law Union/Registration district

Notes from Laois Archaeological Survey:
OS 28:14:1 (304,137) OD 300-400 22824,17828
Church (site): The pre-reformation parish church, dedicated to the most Holy Trinity was demolished in 1818 (Carrigan 1905, vol. 2, 340). No visible surface traces. Its site is now occupied by the modern protestant Church.

Howard: As in Adam all thy even so in Christ/Hail all the ………… ………/Erected by/John Howard of Rathdowney/In memory of his father/James Howard who departed/this life April 3rd 1863/Aged 74 years/His son William Howard/died Sept 3rd 1861 aged 11 years/Also his son John Howard/died Jan 18th 1867 aged 18 years

Scott: Erected by/A few friends in memory of/John C. Scott of Largg Derry/died May 20th 1879/aged 24 years

Coulter: In loving memory of/Jas Coulter Black/who departed this life Aug 18th 1896/aged 37 years/I am here………………../Erected by his beloved brother J. Black, Leitrim.

Wilson: Sacred/to the memory of/Jane /the beloved wife of/Joseph D. Wilson/Rathdowney/who departed this life/19th Feb 1874/aged 67 years/also to the above named/Joseph Deane Wilson/who departed this life /31st March 1902/aged 95 years/Waiting until the day/break and the shadows/flee away.

Bond: Sacred/To the memory of/Robert Bond/who departed this life on the 3X of Jan/1880 aged 94 years/Some./Elizabeth Bond./DO AGAIN

Perry: Erected /by /sorrowing wife/In loving remembrance of/Her fondly attached husband/Henry George Perry/who died at Beachmount 16th Sept 1886 aged 68 years/I am home in heaven dear ones also happy /and so bright there is perfectjoy and beauty/in the everlasting light. For the son of God loved me and gave/himself for me./Also his wife Elizabeth Jane Perry /who died 26th May 1914 aged 84 years.

Williams: In loving memory of/James Williams/Rathdowney/born Sept 16th 1841/died Jan 12th 1893/Brother or sister believe in the /Lord Jesus Christ and thy shall be saved./

Williams: In loving memory of/Nannie/the beloved wife of /Richard Williams/Rathdowney/who died 23rd Dec 1893/aged 62 years/In the morning they are/like grass which groweth up/in the evening it is cut /down and withered/Also /Richard Williams/who died 27th Feb 1897/aged 65 years/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord/From henceforth ye saith the spirit/that they may rest from their labours.

Wood: Erected /by /Agnes Georgina Wood/In memory of /her beloved husband/Henry Archibald (or Archidall) Wood/died 11th Dec 1874/My beloved mine and . Harrison Durrow built stone

Perry/Freeman/Ringwood: Sacred/to/the memory of/William Carp Perry/ who died 23rd Feb 1874/aged 78 years/Also his wfe/Mary Ann Perry alias Freenan/who departed this life 17th March 1874 aged 83 years/This stone is erected by /Lizzie Ringwood in remembrance of her beloved parents./Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

Perry: Waiting until the morning/of the resurrection /here rests/Robert Ludley Perry/fourth son of/John & Ellen P? Perry/who fell asleep March 3rd 1871/aged 3 months and 20 days/Also/John Lewis Perry/third son of /John & Ellen Perry/who fell asleep March 10th 1871/aged 1 year and 8 months/Suffer little children to come onto me/and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven/Himself hath done it/and no arm but his /could sustain beneath Earth’s dreary lot/but while I know he’s doing all things well,/ my heart his loving kindness questions not.

Kent: Sacred /to the memory of/Jane/the beloved wife of /Richard Palmer Kent/who died 3rd April 1871/Also their infant children/To live is Christ to die is King

White: Erected/by Charles P White Esq./Erkindale/to the memory of/his beloved wife/Joanna White/who died 21st may 1880 /aged 57 years/For if we believe that Jesus died/and rose again even so them/also which sleep in Jesus/will God Bring with him.

Boys: In memory of/John Boys Esq./who died April 18th 1848/And Mary Boys (relict/of Philip Boys Esq./Annafield, Dundrum, Co. Dublin)/who departed this life/on /9th Jan 1869/at an advanced age.