Rathdowney Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Kilmartin: I.H.S. In/loving memory of/Mary Kilmartin/Coolowley/who died 5th Sept 1972/Aged 57 years./Her husband Jer. /died 27th March 1992./Aged 72 years./RIP/Erected by /her husband Jer.

Costello: In/Loving memory/of/William Costello/Boston/died 30 Oct 1972/RIP

Dooley 1 Daly**: In/Loving memory of/Ellen Dooley/Conoboro Rd., /died 1st March 1974, Aged 69 yrs./Her husband Peter Dooley/died 28th Aug. 1987, aged 83 yrs./Their daughter Maureen Daly /died 20th July 1979, aged 51 yrs./RIP /Erected by their daughters Bridie & Elsie/In our minds a constant thought/In our hearts a silent sorrow. Small plaque : To Maureen / Love Bridie and girls

Percy 1**: Sacred heart of Jesus/ have mercy on/the soul of Patrick Percy late of Templequain/RIP

Tuohy 1**: In loving memory /of/Mary Tuohy/Pound St., /Died 10th June 1975./Her sister Kitty/died 16th May 1986/ their sister / Peggy Touhy / died 20th December ????RIP

Barton 1**: In/Loving memory of/William Barton/Ballybuggy/died 17th June 1978/RIP/Erected by his /mother and sister

Bowe 1** : In Loving Memory / of / John (Jackie) Bowe / 30 Daly Terrace / Died 13th March 1998 / Aged 80 years / His wife Mary / Died 1st April 2001 / Aged 81 years / Rest in Peace / Erected by his loving wife and family

Powell 1 Attwell ** In Loving Memory of / Jeanette Margaret Powell / (nee Attwell) / 3 Rossenaney Court, Windgap / Who died 11th June 1999 aged 58 years / Rest in Peace / “Yesterday’s Memories Until Tomorrow’s Reunion” / We hold you close within our hearts and there you shall remain / to walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again / Erected by her loving husband Paddy.

Daly 1**: In loving memory of /Michael (Mixie) Daly /Glosha Rd., /who died 8th Jan 1990 /aged 66 yrs./RIP/Erected by his wife and sons

Murphy 1**: In loving memory / of / John Murphy/Ross, Rathdowney/who died 17th Feb 1974/ His sister, Mary /died 5 April 1980/RIP/Erected by /his sorrowing sisters.

Keane 1**: In loving memory of/Patrick Keane/Rathdowney/died Dec 28th 1975/RIP

McCane: In loving memory of/Mary (Maisie) McCane Quigley park/died 20 April 1986/Aged 47 yrs./her husband Pat Jo/died 27 march 1993 aged 59 yrs./RIP/Gone but not forgotten.

Conroy/Coogan: In/Loving memory of/Mary Conroy/Pike of Rushall/died 31st July 1974/Also her husband/Patrick/died 17th Dec 1973/RIP/Erected by Joe Coogan

Fitzpatrick: In Loving memory/of/Annie Fitzpatrick/Ross, Rathdowney/ who died 26th Dec 1973/Aged 80 years/Her son Thomas /died 10th Aug 1992. Aged 73 years./RIP/ Erected by her son Thomas

Mckelvey: In loving memory of/Robert McKelvey/(Killameestia)/died 31-Oct 1973,aged 62 years/Erected by his wife and family /RIP

Kelly: In loving memory of/Margaret Kelly/Ballybuggy /died oct 12th 1973, aged 58 years./Her husband James (Jim) died Feb 19th 1989, aged 83 years./RIP

Butler: In loving memory of/John Butler, Rathsaran/who died 11th Oct 1973, Aged 73 years./His wife Johanna/died 23rd April 1987 Aged 86 years.RIP

Murphy: In/loving memory of/Michael Murphy/Graiguevallagh, Errill/died 13 Jan 1973 Aged 46 yrs./his son Michael /died 31 July 1983 aged 22 yrs/RIP/Erected by his wife and family

Deane: In loving memory of/James Deane , Newtownperry, /who died 24th July 1972,/his wife Sarah /died 6th Dec 1975/Their son Christopher/ died 5 Aug 1983/Angela Deane died 6 Sept 1995/Sadly missed by family and friends.

Whyte: In/loving memory of/our dear mother/Frances Whyte, Moore St., /died May 29th 1972/aged 73 yrs./RIP/Erected by her loving family.

Collins: In fond and remembrance of/my dearest husband/and a loving father/ Noel Collins who died 22nd July 1971/aged 40 years/RIP

Grogan: In memory of/a dearly loved husband/Donal H. Grogan/Macroom/(late of Rathdowney)/who died 4th Sept 1971 aged 53 years/His wife Kathleen,/died 19th May 1978/Aged 56 years./RIP

Cahill: In loving memory of/Mollie Cahill/died 1st April 1973/Aged 54 years/Her Husband Dickie/died 1st December 1993/ aged 76 years.

Kilcare/Treacy: In /loving memory of/John Kilcare/Bealady, Donaghmore./died 28 Nov 1976/Aged 70 years/Grandson Padraig Treacy/died 5 Aug 1973 /aged 4 months/His wife Johanna/died 15 Jan 1991/Aged 72 years.

Sherman: In/Loving memory of/Joseph Sherman/Mill Street/who died 11th AUG 1973./also his son/Robert Sherman/died 22 July 1977/aged 34 years/his wife Anne/died 13th April 1991/RIP/Erected by /his wife and Family

Murphy: In loving memory /of/John Murphy, Ballybuggy/died January 5th 1943. Aged 57 years/Interred in Donaghmore/Also his wife Catherine/ died December 12th 1981 aged 90yrs./RIP

O’Reilly: In loving memory of/Michael O’Reilly/5, Church St., /died 8 June 1979 aged 68 years./His wife Annie (Nan) died 30 march 1988/Aged 74 years/RIP/Erected by his wife.

Bowe: In loving memory of/William (Billy) Bowe/Moore St., Rathdowney/died 10th March 1993/Aged 83 years/his wife Mary (Cis) /died 7th Dec 1993 /aged 81 years./RIP

Phelan: In loving memory/of/Michael John Phelan/Glosha/died 5 Jan 1984/His beloved wife Elizabeth/died 25 July 1994/RIP /Erected by his family

Campion: In loving memory of/Elizabeth Campion, /Ballagh/formerly of Barnadarric, Kilbricken/who died 5th Nov 1971/RIP

Dollard: In/loving memory/of/Patrick Dollard/Ballyedmond House, Rathdowney/who died 27th Oct 1971/Aged 38 years./His father John died 29 Jan 1975/His brother Edward died 24 April /1975/His brother Walter/died 3 Sep 1980 aged 44 years/Sweet Jesus Have mercy/RIP Base of Stone: New Plaque: His wife Bridget /died 4th Feb 1983 aged 78 years.

O’Brien: In loving memory of/Thomas O’Brien, Pound Street, /who died 27th July 1971 aged 70 years/his wife Mary died 26th July 1980/Erected by his wife and family/RIP

Fitzpatrick: In loving memory of/John Fitzpatrick/Donaghmore/died 7 April 1984 aged 66/RIP/Erected by his wife and family.

Rafter: In loving memory of/Patrick Joseph Rafter, Clonmeen/who died 1st Feb 1971 aged 66 years/And his wife Margaret/died 28th Dec 1981./RIP

Purcell: In loving memory of/Patrick Purcell/Ballagh, Errill/died 28 April 1977/aged 88 years/Elizabeth Purcell/died 24 March 1990/Aged 90 years./RIP

Bergin: In loving memory of/My dear husband/Daniel Bergin, Kyleahaw,/who died 6th May 1971/Aged 80 years/his wife Catherine died 6th Nov 1979/Aged 86 years./RIP

Rafter: In/loving memory of/Cornelius Rafter/died 25th Sept 1971/RIP

Fitzpatrick: In loving memory/of/Mary Fitzpatrick, Knockhiel,/who died 10th April 1970/and her husband Michael/died 16th Sept 1943./(Interred in Coolkerry)/Their son, Michael/died 12th Feb 1975 aged 45 years./James, died 20th Feb 1988./ RIP/Erected by their loving family. Other side of this: John Fitzpatrick/who died 3rd May 1993 aged 72 years.

Lalor: In loving memory of/Patrick Lalor, Clonmeen/who died 20th March 1972 aged 84 years./Also his parents (Interred in Donaghmore)/His wife Bridget who died 23rd June 1988 aged 82 years/Their granddaughter died in infancy, 9th March 1977/RIP /Erected by his wife and family.

Meehan: In loving memory of /Patrick Meehan/The Square, Rathdowney/died 15 Nov 1970/His wife, Julia (nee McGree) /Died 22 Oct 1974/RIP

Houlahan: In loving memory/of/my dear husband/Richard Houlahan/who died 29th Jan 1971/aged 74 years/Also his wife Annie/died 6th June 1989 /aged 93 years/RIP/Erected by his wife Annie.

Gilman: In loving memory of/Fintan Gilman,/Glosha,/who died 27th March 1947/His wife Mary died 8th May 1973/RIP

Nolan: Erected/by/Joseph Nolan/In loving memory of/His wife Mary/who died 1st March 1936/And his daughter Mary,/Rathmore, Grogan/died 26th Oct 1936/Aged 17 years/Joseph Nolan/died 12 February 1965 aged 90 years/Elizabeth Nolan/died 28 nov 1972 aged 50 years/On their souls Sweet jesus have mercy/RIP

Davin: In loving memory of/Mary Davin/Moorville, Rathdowney/died 17th Sept 1928./aged 52 years./Her husband Thomas/died 19th Aug 1940 Aged 74 years./Their daughter/ Mary Guilmartin/died 25th July, 1935./Aged 21 years./Also their son Thomas/died 4th July 1965. Aged 48 years./And Marys husband James Gilmartin/born 28 April 1904 died 23 jan 1982./RIP

Davin: I.H.S./In /loving memory of/our dear mother/Elizabeth Davin/died 13th Oct 1958/Sadly missed by all of us/RIP/Erected by/ her family/

Miney/Shelly: In memory of/Annie Miney/died 25 April 1964/Aged 68 years./Her husband/Michael/died 2 June 1969/Aged 72 years/RIP Same plot: A plaque: In loving memory of my dear/ husband, William Shelly/Moorville, Rathdowney/died 25 Aug 1982 aged 61 years./RIP/Erected by /his loving wife Nora.

McDonald: In loving memory of /Michael McDonald/High Street/who died 11th March 1965./And his wife Jane/died 13th Nov 1965/RIP/Erected by their daughter Mary

Whelan: In loving memory/of/Patrick Whelan/Main Street, Rathdowney/died 10th July 1965/aged 79 years./his wife Elizabeth/died 4th April 1973/Their son Thomas/died 14th Aug 1993/Erected by his wife and son/RIP

Ryan: In loving memory of/John Ryan/Mannin, Pike of Rushall/who died 15th June 1965/Aged 68 years/His brother Michael/died 22nd Jan 1981/Aged 80 years/and Johns wife Mary/died 15th Aug 1991/Aged 92 years/

Shortt: In loving memory of/Betty Shortt/Daly Tce/Died 3 July 1986 aged 57 years./her son Brendan Joseph/died 4 June 1965/Aged 2 years/RIP Teddy bear Plaque on this grave: David Joseph/8-1-96 to 30-1-96/Forecer loved/Mam, Dad & Family XXX

Tighe: In /lving memory of/John Tighe/(Kilemelaws)/died 31st may 1965 aged 76 years/And his Wife.. Teresa/died 13 April 1982/Aged 85 years/Their son Patrick Joseph/interred in England/died 12 June 1983 aged 56 years/Erected by his wife and family/RIP

Bowe: In /loving memory of/Roseanne Bowe,/Graigue/who died 29th March 1965/Aged 72 years./her husband, Kieran/died 24 March 1977 aged 93 years/Their son Patrick/died 5th March 1985, aged 53 years/RIP

Campion/Dunne: In loving memory of/Patrick Campion/Rathmore, Ballybrophy/who died 14 march 1978, aged 76 years./His brother Stephen/died 19 May 1990. Aged 93 years/Mary Kate (nee Dunne) wife of Patrick/died 14 April 1992 aged 79 years/RIP

McCormack: In/loving memory of/Patrick McCormack/Coolrain/died 17th April 1966/Aged 73 years/his wife Bridget/died 2nd Feb 1967 /aged 78 years/Also /Mrs. Lily McCormack/died 25th March 1970/Aged 38 years/her husband/Joseph McCormack died 4th oct 1992/Aged 66 years/RIP/Erected by their family

Costigan: In loving memory of/Ester Costigan/Ballytarsna/died 17th Sept 1964 aged 61 years/her husband Patrick/died 6th May 1967 aged 95 years/Their son James/died 4th Nov 1994 aged 69 years/RIP

Shelly: In loving memory/of/Denis Shelly/Moderville Rathdowney/died 7th Jan 1971/Aged 82 years/Lifelong menber of the /Pioneer Total Abstinance Association/

Gibbons: In loving memory of/David Gibbons/Coolkerry Rathdowney/died 17th Feb 1963/aged 65 years/his belved wife Ellen/died 17th Jan 1989/Aged 82 years.

Delaney: In loving memory of/John Delaney , Ross, Rathdowney/who died 4th March 1963, aged 65 years/And his wife Catherine/who died 10th March 1968, aged 55 years/

Bowe: In loving memory/of/Mary Kate Bowe/Grogan/died 10th May 1968, aged 76 years./Her husband,/John Bowe/died 14th May 1969,/aged 78 years./Rest in Peace/Our Lady of Lourde Pray for them.

White: In loving memory of/Thomas White, Ossory Tce/who died 11th June 1963/Aged 69 years./And his wife Annie/died 7th May 1982, aged 85/RIP/Erected by his wife and family

Kirwan: Erected by/Michael Kirwan,/Donaghmore,/In loving memory of/his sister Mary Kirwan/who died 12th Feb 1964,/Aged 91 years/The above Michael Kirwan,/died 25th Oct 1967, aged 87 years/His wife Mary Kate/died 15th Oct 1987 aged 97 years./RIP

Duggan: In loving memory/of/Catherine Duggan/(The Square)/died 16th Feb 1964 Aged 55 years./her husband Peter/died 24th Feb 1975 aged 74 years.

Costigan: Erected by /John Costigan, Coolkerry/in loving memory of his father/Michael Costigan/died 8th Nov 1930 aged 27 years/Also his mother/Bridget Costigan/died 1st April 1964 aged 66 years/RIP

McCarthy: In loving memory/of /William McCarthy/Newtownperry/died 29 Jan 1968 aged 48 years/Patrick McCarthy/died 7 jan 1969 aged 79 years/Ellen McCarthy/died 30 April 1973 aged 86 years/Their son Thomas/died 20 march 1986/Erected by the family/RIP/My Jesus Mercy.

Carthy: In loving memory of/William Carthy/died 24th Nov 1962/his wife Bridget/died 27 Jan 1986/RIP

Howley: In loving memory of/Augustine Howley./Moorville, Rathdowney/died 4th Feb 1967/His wife Margaret/died 5th April 1978/RIP/Erected by his wife and daughters

Bird: In loving memory of/John Bird, Mooreville/died 23rd Jan 1961, aged 78 years/his wife, Elizabeth/died 31 July 1969 aged 84 years/Their son John Joseph/Aged 23 years/Interred in Co. Waterford/Daughter, Alice Patricia/died 1931 aged ?12years/RIP/Erected by their family.

Delaney: Erected by/Stephen Delaney/(Barney)/In loving memory of his wife/Mary Delaney/died 14th jan 1963 aged 77 years/The above Stephen/died 29 Sept 1974./

Ryan: In loving memory/of/John Ryan, Ossory Tce/who died 23rd July 1963/RIP/Erected by his family.

Murphy: In loving memory of/Margaret Mary Murphy/Kilcoke, Ballybrophy/who died 7th April 1962/her husband William/died 6th Sept 1983/RIP

Drennan/Mitchel: In/Loving memory of/Annie Drennan/Rahdowney/died 5 May 1965./Her husband Kyran/died 1 March 1976./Their Grandson/Howard Mitchel/died 6 April 1962./RIP

Madden: In loving memory of/Laurence Madden/Turfarney, Rathdowney /died 19th Dec 1961/Aged 73 years/His wife Annie/died 21 March 1988/aged 94 years/RIP/Erected by his wife and family

Kelliher: In loving memory/of/Teresa Kelliher/who died 25 July 1961/Aged 83 years./RIP/Erected by her husband Richard.

Campion: In loving memory of/William Campion/Gurteen/died April 17 1961/his wife Julia/died march 6 1965/RIP/Erected by their nephew/John Campion

Carroll/Costigan: In loving memory of/Joseph Carroll/Ballytarsna Hse/died 24 Feb 1961/Martin Costigan/died 28 March 1964/his wife Josephine Costigan/died 26th Dec 1968/RIP

O’Sullivan: In loving memory of/Catherine O’Sullivan/O’Daly Tce,/died May 19th 1955 aged 58 yrs. /her husband Daniel,/died Oct 25th 1975 aged 79 years/RIP

White/Maher: In loving memory/ of/John White (Rathdowney)/died 28th May 1949 aged 73 years/Also his wife Margaret White/died 25th July 1965 aged 87 years./Jimmy Maher/ died 6th Sept 1991 aged 75 years/Erected by his children/RIP

Hennessy: In loving memory of/Our dear Parents/Philip Hennessy/died March 14th 1945 aged 64 years/Julia Hennessy died May 21st/1971, aged 81 years.

Bowe 2 Axon**: In loving memory/of/Tommy Bowe/died 19th November 1975/aged 61 years/Brian Axon/died 15th June 2003/aged 61 years/Rest in peace.

McCane 1**: In loving memory of/Mary (Maisie) McCane/Quigly Park/ died 20th April 1986 aged 47 yrs/her husband Patjoe/died 27th March 1993 aged 59 years/

Conroy 1**: In loving memeory of/Mary Conroy/Pike of Rushall/died 31st July 1974/also her husband/ Patrick/died 17th Dec. 1973(?)

Fitzpatrick**1: In loving memory/of/Annie FitzPatrick/Ross Rathdowney/who died 26th Dec 1973/aged 80 years/her son Thomas/died 10th Aug 1992 aged 73 yrs/his wife Margaret (Maggie)/died 24th may 2005 aged 86 yrs/ also Jim Fitzpatrick/son of Annie/interred in England

McKelvey**1: In loving memory of /Robert McKelvey/ (Killameestia)/ died 31 Oct 1973 aged 62 yrs/erected by his wife and familyRIP

Kelly **1: In loving memory of /Margaret Kelly/ Ballybuggy/ died Oct 1973 aged 58 years/ her husband James(Jim)/died Feb 19th 1989 aged 83 yrs.

Butler**1: In loving memory of/John Butler, Rathsaran/ Who died 11th Oct 1973 aged 73 yrs His wife Johanna/ died 23rd April 1987 aged 86 years.

Murphy **2: Inloving memory of/Michael Murphy/Craiguevallagh, Errill/ died 13 Jan 1973 aged 46 years/ His son Michael/died 21 July 1083 aged 22yrs/ his grand-sons Michael and William Abbott/ who died in infancy .

Costello**1: In loving memory/of/ William Costello/Boston/died 30 Oct, 1972

Kilmartin **1: In loving memory of/Mary Kilmartin/ Coolowley/ who died 5th Sept. 1972/aged 57 years/ her husband Jer/died 27th March 1992/ aged 72 yrs.

Hill **1: In loving memory of/ Mary Hill/ Church St. Rathdowney / died 26th August 1997 /Her husband John/ died 12 January 1998.