Rathsaran COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

LARKS: Erected by William Mitchell /In Memory of /Richard Larks/Oldtown/died 21st. March 1903/aged 81 years

CORNWALL: (enclosed FISHER plot) Sacred to the memory of/Emma F. Cornwall/Third daughter of Robert Cornwall M.D./Born 29 April 1845/Died 1 May 1904/Waiting for the coming of the Lord. Stone made by ….Brans. Dublin

CORNWALL (enclosed FISHER plot) Sacred to the memory of/Muriella?N Cornwall/Second daughter of the late Robert Cornwall MD/Killv?an, Co. Westmeath/and niece of the late Co. ? Fisher, Castle Grogan/Born Dec. 12th 1842/Died June 12th 1890/God is good.

CORNWALL/FISHER: (enclosed FISHER plot) In memory of/Martha/Widow of Robert R. Cornwall MD/and second first daughter of M.W. Fisher/of Castle Grogan/died 20th June 1891/aged 78 years/We love him because he loved us

FISHER: (enclosed FISHER plot) Sacred to the memory of /Colonel Robert Roe Fisher/Royal Artillery/of Castle Grogan/who departed this life/20 April 1880/in his 71st year./Deeply and deservedly regretted./The memory of the just is blessed Stone made by : Harrison, Dublin

FISHER: Flat tomb: (enclosed FISHER plot) Here lieth the body of/…… Fisher Esq. of Castlegrogan/who departed this life the……

FISHER: (enclosed FISHER plot) In Memory of /Muriella F. Fisher /of Castle Grogan/Eldest daughter of Maddison W. Fisher/Died 7th Nov. 1884/Aged 83 years/We shall be like him for we shall see him as he is.

MITCHELL: Erected in memory /of William Mitchell/Castlefleming/Died 4th Sept 1890. Aged 68 years/and of his wife/Ellen Mitchell/died 10th March 1906 aged 80 years./Also, of their daughters/Henrietta Mitchell/died 16th April 1930 aged 74 years/Ellen Mitchell died 7th April 1932, aged 74 years

MITCHELL: In loving memory/Robert Richard Mitchell/Rathdowney/Born 13th Jan 1855/Died 18th May 1931/His wife Henrietta/Born 26th July 1863/Died 5th Dec. 1947/and their family/Robert/Richard: 1899-1901/Anna 1890-1901/Ellen Frances: 1888-1959/Henrietta Olivia: 1893-1963/Edith Geraldine: 1901-1963

STUART/DUNHAM: In loving memory of/Margery Dorothy Stuart/(nee Dunham)/died 2nd May 1928/She shall not grow old as we that are left grow old./Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matt. V8

STUART: Thomas Dormer Stuart/died 6th August 1952/Rector of Rathdowney Union from 1926-1952/Thelma F. Stuart 1899-1993/died 26th Oct. 1993

GREENE: In loving memory of /Godfrey George Greene/who served in this Diocese for 45 years/and entered into rest /May 20th 1929/and of Anna Florence/his first wife/who died Jan 13th 1909/Also of /Denis George Newcombe/his son who died in infancy March 1914/and Lucy Lilla /his second wife/died Dec. 22nd 1972.

EMPREY/SYMONS: Erected by his wife and daughters/In loving memory of/Henry Newcombe Emprey/Lisduff/who died 3rd November 1929/his wife Mary Elizabeth (Lil) died 15th March 1970/and their daughter/Harriet Jane (Haddie)/died 5th July 1989/widow of Horace Symons/“Severed only till he come”

NEWMAN: In loving memory of /John Thomas Newman/Grogan/who died Nov. 20th 1945/aged 78 years/Also his wife/Frances Jane Newman/died May 15th 1946/aged 68 years

PEARSEN/SEYMOUR: In loving memory /of/my dear husband/Henry Pearsen/Rathdowney/died Sept. 23rd. 1930/aged 81 years/Also Elizabeth Anne nee Seymour/Wife of the above/died 13th July 1938/aged 83 years

SEYMOUR: In loving memory of/our dear father/Jermiah Seymour/who died 28th April 1900/Also our dear sisters/Charlotte Alicia/who died 11th March 1929/and Margaret Jane/who died 12th Oct. 1935/also Frances Helena/who died 5th March 1948

MEAGHER/CROUCH In loving memory of Eliza Meagher nee Crouch/Lisduff/died 7th Jan 1912/aged 93 years/and her husband/Edward Meagher/died 23rd Feb 1885/buried in Churchtown, Mountrath./Peace/Erected by her great-grandchildren the Campion families.

KINGH: In loving memory of /Michael Kingh /born at Arklow Sep. 1794/died at Rathsarran April 1 1867/Also his wife/Maria Kingh/Can’t read rest of inscription!

THOMPSON: In loving memory /of/Robert John Thompson/Park/who died 3rd Sept. 1976/aged 85 years/his wife Margaret died/6th March 1983

WINTER: Elizabeth Winter late of Ashford Co. Limerick/who died 27th Nov. 1965

WELLWOOD: In loving memory of/Robert Alfred/Beloved elder son of/Joseph and Annie Wellwood of Clonburren/who died/3rd. Feb 1946 aged 37 years

PERCY: In loving memory of/LETITIA MAY PERCY/Liocard, Portlaoise/died 26th June 1993/aged 78 years/Safe in the arms of Jesus/‘erected by her loving husband George and family’

COLLIER: In loving memory /of/Thomas Collier/died 25th Feb 1934, aged 74 years/Also his wife Annie Collier/died 10th May 1959, Aged 80 years/Their daughter Nora died 7th Nov. 1972, aged 67 years/Their son Austin, died 11th October 1976, aged 72 years/His wife Kathleen died 15th Aug 1987/Vera Collier died 28th July 1991 Aged 77 years./At rest.

MOYNAN/RICE: In/Loving Memory of/Henry P. Moynan, jnr/4th child of Henry P and Elizabeth Moynan/Barrahill, Grogan/Who died Aug 27th 1937 aged 18 ½ years./Henry P. Moynan, who died Feb 27th 1965 aged 85 years/Elizabeth Moynan who died Feb 2nd 1968, Aged 82 yrs/The ashes of their daughter/Kitty Rice Wales,/died 26th July 1992, aged 78 years/Also their son /Thomas F. Moynan, Barney/died 4th Aug 1993, aged 70 years/Jesus one day was gathering flowers and on his way he gathered ours.

MITCHELL: William Henry Echlin Mitchell/born 18th Oct 1896/died 7th April 1977

FAIRBROTHER: In /Loving Memory of /John Henry Fairbrother/Lisduff/died 7th July 1970/aged 81 yrs

STANLEY: In loving memory of/Alice Violet Stanley/died 28th Feb 1968/Aged 55 years/Her husband/Albert J. Stanley/died 17th July 1973/Aged 74 years/Forever with the Lord

STANLEY: In memory of/James S. Stanley Oldtown/died 9th April 1947,/Aged 11 months/Robert W. Stanley /died 11th August 1954 /Aged 14 months/Safe in the Arms of Jesus

PEARSON: In memory of/Robert Pearson/died 14th Oct 1912/aged 79 years/also his wife/Maria Pearson/died 28th June 1927/aged 75 years/also their son/Henry Fairbrother Pearson/died 24th April 1956/Aged 72 years/also his wife Phoebe Anne/died 27th Feb 1970/Aged 76 years/Their son Robert Pearson /died 23rdth Feb 1995/Aged 78 years/Thy will be done/Pearson Clonmore

Big plot with only one stone: Edges of plot have names spaced: Rebecca, Robert, Ann, John, Eliza

STANLEY/MASON/WALLACE: In loving memory/of/HANNAH S. STANLEY nee MASON/died 15th Dec 1895/aged 33 years/her husband/JAMES STANLEY/died 29th Sept 1922/aged 57 years/also his second wife/ELIZABETH STANLEY nee WALLACE/died 5th march 1949/Aged 79 years/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev. 14.13 End of plot on edging: STANLEY of Garrison.

ARMITAGE: Book Tablet Side 1:In loving memory of/Thomas /Armitage/died/6-4-1960/aged 83 years Side 2: Rebecca Jane/Armitage/died/31-8-1969/Aged 76/Thy will be done

PERCY: In loving memory of/HENRY PERCY, Oldtown/who died 25th Sept 1965/Aged 59 years/FLORENCE HANNAH PERCY/died 26th Jan 1991/Aged 80 years/The Lord is my Shepherd Stone made by McDonnell, Templemore

HAYES: HAYES/In loving memory /of/WILLIAM JOHN HAYES, /Rossmore, Grogan/who died 12th Oct 1953/Aged 79 years/His loving wife/HARRIET ANN HAYES/died 15th June 1967/Aged 76 years/Their son, WILLIAM JOHN/died 18th Jan 1995//Aged 78 years/“Safe in the arms of Jesus” (bottom of stone)/(Grey surrounding stone )”With the Lord which is far better”

HUNT: Erected /to the memory of/JOHN HUNT/late of/Fethard, Co. Tipperary/who died 4th April 1978 /Aged 83/Also his wife SARAH/Died 26th Aug 1987 Aged 97 years/Safe in the arms of Jesus

MITCHELL/OGLE: MITCHELL/E.S. Stewart/July 1905-October 1969/his wife/Margaret Ellen (nee Ogle)/August 1904-April 1977/Resting in Peace

DE CURIE BURGESS: Plaque on ground/In loving memory of/Joy De Curie Burgess/died 4-11-83, aged 76/Her son James/De Curie Burgess/died 12-8-93 Aged, 65/RIP/The end of the road/erected by his wife/Bella

WALSH: Loving remembrance of/Gertrude Walsh/who died 12th July 1969/aged 83 years/Sarah Frances Walsh/died 31st Aug 1970/Aged 85 years/Henrietta Walsh/died 21st Sept 1970/Aged 82 years/Daughters of /William and Annie Walsh/of Mount Oliver/Come unto me all ye that Labour

WALSH: In loving memory/of/William Henry Walsh/Killesmeestia/died 23rd Nov. 1978/Aged 55 years/His mother Mary Jane/died 2nd Jan 1983/Aged 85 years/His wife/Eileen E. Walsh/died 13th January 1997/Aged 57 years/Peace perfect Peace Side of base: Midland Memorials, Ballyroan

WELLWOOD: In /loving memory of/Joseph Wellwood/Clonburren/Beloved husband of/ Annie Wellwood/died Dec 3rd 1960, /aged 75 years/The above/ Annie Wellwood/died June 14th 1977/Aged 90 years/“Forever with the Lord”

METCALFE: In loving memory/of/Robert Metcalfe /1907-1993 /Also his wife/Susan Margaret/1913-1990/late of Garryhinch, Portarlington/“At rest” Midland Memorials, Ballyroan side of base.

WELLWOOD: In /loving memory /of/Robert Alfred/Beloved elder son of/Joseph and Annie Wellwood /of Clonburren/who died 3rd Feb 1946/aged 37 years/Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him

BARTON/PRATT: In/Loving memory/of/our dear mother Susan Barton/died 19th Sept 1914, aged 35 years/Forever with the Lord/also her mother Susan Pratt/Beloved wife of the late/ John Pratt, Templequain/died 16th Nov 1923, Aged 77 years/“Thy will be done”/Our sister Eva Helen Daughter/of Richard and the late /Susan Barton/died 6th Dec 1927, aged 19 years/“Asleep in the Lord” End of Stone: Remembrance/Erected by the Barton Family /New Zealand./Stone made by O’Brien: Durrow

PRATT/TALBOT: Erected/by/J and R Pratt /of New Zealand and Australia/in memory of /their father/William Pratt/of Templequain/who died July 26th 1880/Aged 82 years/Their mother Anne Pratt /who died July 10th 1899/Aged 92 years/Also their brothers/William, died Jan 19th 1854, /aged 10 years/George died July 1st 1874/Aged 41 years/John died Nov 6th 1893/aged 46 years /and their sister /Aphra Talbot /of Clonburn/who died May 1st 1894/aged 43 years/Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord./ Base of this stone: Robert Talbot, Clonburn/.died March 26th, 1913/aged 74 years. Stone made by McNamara: Roscrea

LLEWELLYN: Sacred/to the memoryof/Benjamin Llewellyn/Clonmore/died 30th June 1884, aged 88 years/and of his wife/Frances Armitage Llewllyn died 11th Sept 1890, aged 72 years/Also of their son/Henry Armitage Llewllyn died 9th July 1911 aged 58 years/and his son/William John Llewllyn/R.D.S./died 9th July 1934/Aged 35 years

ARMITAGE: Erected/by/her husband and children/in loving memory of/Ellen Armitage/died Oct 17th 1901, aged 56/Remember the Ressurection and the life/John 11.2/In they presence ……… …….. of…../and at thy …….. hand. There are pleasures …………

COLE/ARMITAGE: Ellen Cole died 8th Sept 1920 Aged 38?years/John Armitage died 19th May 1943 Aged 80 years/Joseph Armitage died 12th June 1950, aged 64 years/Never Forgotten

MAHER: In loving memory/of /Margaret Maher Clonmore/who died 4th Dec 1905 aged 72 years/Also her husband/Peter Maher/died 2nd Dec 1925, Aged 80 years/His brother/Thomas/died 26th May 1925, aged 80 years/Also/Eliza Maher/died Oct 1937/Joseph Maher died July 1938/Richard Maher died Feb 1947/Forever with the dead

WATSON/WALSH: In loving memory of Annie M Watson/elser daughter of William and Annie Walsh died 7th July 1944/and of William H. Watson/her husband/died 10th May 1933/interred in Kiltegan Churchyard/and of Ethel Watson/their daughter/died 25th Dec 1941/and of Letitia G. Walsh second daughter of William and Annie Walsh/died 27th May 1908/interred in Mount Jerome/When thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee/Isiah XLIII-2

WALSH: In /Loving memory /of/William Walsh, Mount Oliver/died May 20th 1934 aged 84 years/Also his son/John Ringwood Walsh died May 3rd 1932 aged 4 years/And his wife Annie M Walsh/died 2nd March 1940 Aged 84 years/Proverb XXXI.10-31/Also their son /Reginald Walsh died 6th June 1938 aged 46 years/Royal Engineers France 1915-1918/Their third son Charles Walsh/died 1st July 1960 aged 76 years/His wife Prudence Maria died 11th Jan 1970, aged 79 years/Blessed are the dead which lie in the Lord

WALSH: In loving memory/of/my dear husband Edward Walsh, Coolbally/eldest son of the late Willliam Walsh, Mount Oliver/passed to his rest 17th Sept 1954, aged 74 years/and of his wife Susan/called home 6th June 1962, aged 76 years/Also their beloved second son John Archibald Rasur killed on active service/died 13th Dec 1944, interred in Italy./Safe in the Arms of Jesus

STANLEY: In loving remembrance of Ellen Jemima, dearly beloved wife of John H. Stanley, Eglish/died Jan18th 1975/In heavenly love abiding

WALSH: In loving memory of/my dear husband William Walsh, Castlegrogan/fourth son of the late William Walsh, Mount Oliver/passed peacefully away Aug 8th 1957, aged 67 years/And his wife Ellen Jemima died 18th Jan 1976, aged 64 years/Blessed are the poor in heart for they shall see God.