Rossmacowen Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

In memory of/Margaret Hampston/who died February 7th 1880 aged 66 years/May she rest in peace /Amen.

Beside this; Patrick Hampston/died 19th Aug 1921/aged 72 years

Gerald Sheehan, Thornhill November 1972

Eugene Sullivan, Carrig Jan 1944. His wife Mary 1933 & Family

Jeremiah Sullivan (Owen), Dooungoure, Jan 1921. His wife Katie Jan 1954. Their son jeremaih July 1979, their son Timothy, Park September 1984, their daughter Nora august 1988.

In loving memory of the Quill family of Lower Park. 3-4 graves no dates given.

Broken headstone lying in grave: Dora Susanna Wallis died April 11th 1866/youngest daughter /of Lieutenant henry Wallis 37th Regd.

Michael P. Sullivan, Carrig December 1968. Nora Sullivan died 1917, Ellen Sullivan Feb 1976. Mortimer O’Sullivan, Ahabeg July 1975, his wife Mary February 1982. His brothers Michael Jan 1970. Timothy

In/Loving memory of/John T. O’Sullivan/Ahabeg/his wife Maria/their sons/ Teddy & herbert. No dates.

Cornelius O’Sullivan, Ahabeg August 1969. His wife Mary October 1992. His sister Julia November 1981.

William O’Sullivan, Knockane, his wife Mary and their family. Eileen, December 1933; Kathleen June 1934; Bethaline July 1952; John Jo June 1980

John Power,, Curryglass December 1981. His parents Maurice & Katie and Grandparents Maurice & Ellen

Edward Power June 1963

Erected/to the memory of/Michael McArthy /who died April 21 or 24 1863 aged 18/may he rest in peace/amen

David Power, Bank, Waterfall May 1974. His parents William Jan 1945, Mary Jan 24 1950. His son Edward August 1983

Hannah Harrington November 1933

Quirks of Park Joseph February 1974 . his wife Margaret May 1994. His mother Mary 1927

Patrick Doyle, Bohernoe May 1979. His wife Agnes May 1995

Michael Doyle (Boher) April 1985. His parent Michael & Bridget. Their son Patrick & daughter Mary J.

Back Row beside wall: Catherine Harrington, october 1951. Her sister Mary E. August 1971. Their parents Mary Harrington Hollyhill, August 1956. John Harrington November 1983

Next plot: James P. Harrington, Curraduff October 1958. His wife Margaret A. May 1984. Their family: Joseph June 1931. Birdie November 1943. And Sister Mary Clementinia C.P. died July 28th 1965. Interred in London.

Next plot: Cornelius Harrington, January 1939. His wife Sarah September 1962. Their son Edward November 1946.

Plot Behind That: Margareth Harrington January 1920.

Flat Stone: Reverent James Hampston/For many years…../born Ad 1800 died 1861/at peace. Requiscant in pace/Amen…..of Kerry on it. He served in this parish anyway. All these were graves from left hand side of church.

Back of church. O’Sullivan Family: The Hermitage, Waterfall. Mark – February 1956; Bridget June 1977. Their daughters Lillian March 1940 and Birdie Jan 1970.

Cornelius O’Sullivan, Filane June 1915. His wife Julia Jan 1931; his son Michael Jan 1955; his wife Hanora Jan 1960.

Patrick J. Madden Feb 1913.

Timothy Lowney Feb 1961 his wife Annie December 1943.

In/loving memory of/Patrick O’leary/his wife Mary/their children/John, Timothy Patrick, /Daniel and Minnie/RIP/erected by Cornelius and family: No date and I’m not sure here whether the name is Timothy Patrick or Timothy and Patrick. To be checked.

Daniel Sullivan, Filane East ,Waterfall. July 1973. His wife Mary December 1969. Their grandaughter Elizabeth Sullivan July 1972.

Stone right beside this: Jeremiah Sullivan, April 1930. His wife Mary May 1931

One big old family plot: The Lyne Family. RIP Enclosed plot.

Behind this: Patrick O’Sullivan, Gurtsalagh, Rossmacowen, October 1984. His wife Katie, February 1994. Right beside this: same plot maybe on same cement> Mortimer O’Sullivan, Gurtsalagh, August 1951 and daughter Margaret August 1942. His wife Mary November 1964.

Michael O’Leary, Lyre Feb 1941. His wife Bridget 1960. Their daughter Cecilia. June 1935. Their son James April 1973.

Julia O’Regan/Lyre march 1958. Her husband Pat April 1966.

HIS/In /loving memory/of/Margaret Sullivan/who dedparted this life 16th May 1885/Aged 30 years/May she rest in peace.

Patrick Sullivan, Lyre died September 1928. His wife Catherine August 1935. Their son William September 1915.

Stone up against wall: I.H.S./Erected to the memory of/Johana (sic)O’New who died May 18th aged 25 years, 1883/RIP

Family Plot: Onew? Catherine: July 1943. Patrick: April 1944. Colleen, Christopher, Gary Murphy new one at bottom: Alice, 1946; Clare Gordon Jan 1975.

Side of Church: Edward Murphy, Hollyhill January 1960. His wife Mary 1956.

Erected by/Thomas & Michael Lyne/In loving memory of their father/John Lyne, died 29 July 1889, aged 74 years/Of their mother Mary Lyne,/died 12 Nov 1903, aged 86 years/Of their brothers Christopher Lyne,/died 28 March 1892, aged 28 years./And John Lyne died 20 Jany 1912./RIP.

Sacred/to the memory of/Vry Rev. Michael Enright, for many yrs the faithful/ and untiring pastor of this parish/ who died 23rd May 1863 aged 38 yrs/By his death the Parishoners have/ lost a generous friend and father/ and holy church a brilliant strenuous and successful champion/RIP.

In loving memory of/John Lyne/The Square, Castletownbere, Died Jan 20 1912. His wife Anne died Dec 1934.

Back towards wall: Annie Lowney, May 1952 and her husband Jeremiah Larney(?)) March 1963.

Erected/By/Daniel O’Brien/in loving memory of his father/Daniel O’Brien/who departed this life/January 12th 1879/aged 46 years/and his mother/Julia O’Brien/who died June 26th 1894/aged 58 years/RIP

In loving memory of/Thomas Quirke/Park, Waterfall, died Aug 28 1920../His wife Mary/died 3 June 1900/Their sons/Timothy died 27 Sept 1903/James died 30 March 1906/Daniel died 28 Jan 1929/ichael, Con, John & Thomas died in USA/RIP

John Quirke, Fillane west March 1917. His wife Margaret February 1963. Their son Michael dec 1988. Also Mike Quirke and his wife Julia.

O’Neill of Pooreenbeg plot. Johnnie O’Neill, 1953. His wife Johanna, 1934. Their daughter Hannah 1991. Her husband Jack O’Neill 1987. William Lowney 1967.

Daniel Sheehan, Filane middle March 1962. His wife Margaret April 1972.

Family Plot: Timothy O’Sullivan Boher House August 1932. His wife Mary September 1951 & their family. Erected by their daughter, Margaret McMillan.

John McMillan. Ireland Private US Army World War 2. August 29 1898-December 1966 His wife Margaret died Oct 25 1973

Difficult to read: John Murphy died 20 June 1845 ?46) aged 39 years. Possibly In memory of at top.

In/loving memory of/Mary Buckley/Filane/died Nov 29th 1985?/Her son Desmond, died July 1946/her father Cornelius O’Brien died Feb 26 1944.

Denis Murphy June 1936. His wife Margaret April 1943.

Nora Murphy, Thornhill, July 1959. Her husband Timothy April 1967.

Thy will be done/Erected/by/Jeremiah Sullivan/In memory of his father/Timothy/who died Feb 4th 1885/aged 30 years and his mother/Maria/who died Feb 2nd 1879(0)/aged 36 years/and his wife/Mary/who died May 13th 1912(?)/aged 56 years?RIP

Family Plot: Stone beside this above

In loving memory of/Michael O’Sullivan, Bank/died September 1953/his parents/ jeremiah & Mary/his sister Margaret.

I.H.S./Sacred to the memory of/Mary Mulcahy the beloved wife of/John Mulcahy Coastguard, /Whitegate, Co. Cork/who depd this life 14th March 1868/aged 54 years/May her soul rest in peace

Sacred to the memory/of Edward Meehan/who departed this life/4th August 1868/aged 62 years/May his soul rest in peace

Erected by/Mary/ the beloved wife of/Thomas Cochrane/in memory of him /who departed this life/on 12th day of June 1878/aged 51/RIP

In loving memory of the O’Sullivans of Lyre: no date

Side of Church: Spencer Family plot. James Spencer March 1945

Erected/in memory of/James Spencer/died 13 March 1945/his wife Catherine /died 17 March 1898/and their son John/died June 1921/Mary wife of James/ died October 1960/RIP Base of stone new plaque: Son Richard 1890-1964/wife Margaret 1900-1983 Plaque beside this: In/loving memory of/son James 1895-1960/wife Bridget 1909 -1994/Baby 1947 Stone on other side: In/loving memory of/son Robert 1891-1969/wife Agnes 1898-1983

Richard Spencer of Curryglass, Jan 1958. His wife Margaret April 1958

Daniel Sullivan May 1`904. Hanora March 1924. Their sons: Danieil April 1920. Jeremiaih March 1946. His wife Margaret March 1964. John O’Mahony Carrig May 1990

Daniel D. Sullivan, Curryglass born August 25th 1901 died November 1974. His wife Elizabeth born October 1902 died July 1976. His son Liam died August 1948

Stone beside this> Margaret Sullivan died Jan 1916. Her husband Daniel P. died Novemeber 1956

Plot behind: Michael Harrington, Shanavallyleigh April 1955, his wife Margaret May 1983

Stone against wall. John J Sullivan, Aghabeg December 1952. His wife Margaret January 1929.

Front of church – Michael Hanley Aghabeg, january 1977 his wife Mary 1989

Eileen Esson , Castletownbere, December 1967

Christopher ???, Aghabeg, January 1989

Patrick O’Shea, Carrig December 1955. His wife Margaret January 1963. Their son Ernest March 1985. Their son dan november 1966

Anthony Murphy thronhill, October 1955, his grandparents Cornelius & Jane Sullivan and their sons Gerqard and Con