Stradbally COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Smeetman – Mary Smeetman his mother/who died August 24th 1792 aged/65 years. Also Margaret Doyle her daughter/who died Septr 29th 1793. Aged 39/yrs/Also Anne Smeetman alias Graves/who died Decbr 2nd 1794. Aged 37 /yrs/Also Maria Smeetman who died Septr 27th / 18? Aged 26 yrs.

Flat Stone: Sacred to the memory of/Ellen The beloved wife /of James Sweetman of Stradbally/who depd on the 4th day of February 1855/Aged 770 yrs/Also her daughter who /depd on the 29th day of Sept 1838/ Aged 17 yrs and 6 months. No name given. Also Eliza/her daughter

James Smeetman depd on the 18th of May 183/57 . Aged 7?8 yrs

IHS/Here Lieth ye Body /of Patrick Moor depd November ye 1st 1781 Aged/50. May He Rest in Peace/ Amen.

IHS/Here Lieth ye body of/Wm Moor depd/April 21st 1805 Aged 67 yrs. Lord Have /Mercy on his Soul Amen /His brother James/Moor and his ? Sons/John and Patrick Moore/

Erected by/Lewis Moore of Ballymaddock in /commemoration of his dearly /beloved wife Eleanor who depd /this life the 6th of June 1844/ Aged 2/33 yrs.

Here Lieth ye Body of Patrick/Shortil depd June ye 6th 1797/aged 48 yrs. Ye Lord Have Mercy /on his Soul Amen

IHS/Here Lyeth the/Body of John Kelly who/depd this life Febry the ?? 1780 Agd 50 yrs.

IHS/ Erected by/Kate Shortall/ In loving remembrance of her/father John Shortall/of Aughamaddock who died/April 14th 1882/Aged 60 yers/

IHS /Here Lieth the Body of /Mary Kenna who /departed this life/ye 23d of August 177?1 Aged 32

Here lieth ye Body of Joseph/Moore who depd Febraury ye 18th/1771 aged 53 yrs

Here Lyeth the/body of Mary/Buchanan/who departed/7th of/March 1747/aged 74

In memory of/Mary/ The Beloved wife of/George Dixon/Stradbally/ who died 12th April 1911/Aged 71 years/Also the above George Dixon/who died September 29th 1919/Aged 85 years/And their son George/ who died 25th Febraury 1918/Aged 51 years/Interred at Coventry/Joseph and Mary Dixon/who died December 1871/Aged 64 and 67 years/”Blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord”

Here lieth the Body of / ???Charles Galagan died ? 17th 1761

Ma? Galagan departed this life 1778 aged 60 – can’t read cept for that

Here lieth the body of Wm Henesy/who departed this life/ May ye 26th 176? Aged 17 yrs.

In loving memory of/WILLIAM RANCIS HENDY/Raheenduff/died 12th May 1941./aged 65years./And his wife ISABELLA/died 29th Nov 1935. Aged 53 years./Their daughter in Law SUSAN/died 10th Sept 1956./Her husband JAMES /died 7th November 1979./”So shall we ever be with the Lord”

In loving memory of/Edward Kingston/ died 25th December 1957/his wife Sophie nee Gilbert/Died 28th July 1986/And their son William/died 3rd September 1991/”Forever with the Lord”

In loving memory of/Thomas Henry Bond/C or G arrymaddock/born July 1863/enteredt everlasting life March 1938./Also his wife /Frances Mary/born January 1870/died novembe 1958/Their son/Richard Henry/born August 1911 died /March 1986/ his wife Olive /born 18-3-1919/died 31-5-1996/”In the presence the fullness of Joy”

in loving memory of/Edward Bond/who died ? Oct 1862/Also of his wife/Ann Bond/died ? 1914 Aged 87 / Maria Bond 1862 aged 5 years/ Can’t read this stone properly./Elizabeth Adelaide

In loving memory of/Harriett Gilbert/who died 19th December 1937/Robert S. Gilbert/died 19th July 1941/Also his wife Mary Gilbert/died 30th November 1957/Sarah A. Ryan (nee Gilbert)/died 24th September 1972/”Abide with me”

In loving memory /of/Elizabeth Frances Colton/died 28th April 1930 aged 20 years/Also her mother Judith Colton/died 21st Oct 1938 Aged 76 years/Also her father/William Colton/died 17th July 1964, aged 86 yewars/Also her brother/William Colton/died 18th Jan 1980, aged 67 years/

In loving memory of/Geoffrey/son of Geoffrey & Angel Wilson/Stradally Rectory/died May 24th 1929 aged 5 years

In loving memory of/A dear husband and father/ Edward john Colton/Court Square, Stradbally/died 1st August 1995/ Aged 82 yewars/Forever with the Lord.

DOBBIN/STRADBALLY/In loving memory of/Charles Arthur Dobbin/Called home 21st March 1997/Aged 80 years/I went to sleep and woke up refreshed/Jer.32.6

Gertrude Emily/Wheeler/widow of /Albert cecil/Wheeler/born 15th oct 1892/Died 23rd Oct 19?78/Aged 83 years/Abide with me

In loving memory of/Frances Alice Simpson/Died 29th July 1966./her husband/Alexander (Alex) Simpson/died 2nd Oct 1976/”Thy will be done”

Margaret Pratt

In loving memory of/Blessed /are the/ Pure in Heart/for they/ shall /see God Matt.V.8: Book Tablet at top of stone: Willliam John Boyd/who died 26th November 1927, aged 76 years./Also of his sons/Samuel J. Boyd/killed in action in france/14th July 1916.

In memory of /Henry Edward Stuart/born 16th Oct 1835/died 18th Oct 1906/Also of his wife/Bessie Stuart/born 8th June 1826/died 11th Dec 1914 Side of stone: Also/Their daughter/S.E. Gertrude/born Jan 17th 1869/died Dec 19th 1937/ Other side of stone: And their son/canon/Alexander/George/Rector of/Stradbally/103-1926/Born Feb 1868/died Nov 1942

Stone in front: Gertrude mary Stuart /born oct 19th 1877 died Feb 24th 1910/Be thou faithful unto death/and I will give thee the crown of life.

George Ross/died February ? 1916/Aged 78 years/Frances Ross died Apri 12th 1919, aged 78 years/George Trevor Ross /died August 19th 1925/Aged 50 years/Eva Marion/wife of George Ross/died Dec 31st 1936, aged 83 years/Albert Ernest Ross/died march 7th 1957. Aged 81 years./Also/Eileen M. Ross/died April 27th 1926, aged 94 years/He giveth his beloved sleep

In loving memory/of/Caroline Edith Eugenie/the beloved child of/Robert and Charlotte Armsteong /who died 8th March 1866/aged 4 hears and ? months/he shall gather the lambs with ihs arms/and carry them in his bosom.

In memory/of/Revd Robert Armstrong D.D./for 26 years the Rector of the /Parish of Stradbaly/died August 15th 1902/Aged 60 years/And of his wife/Charlotte Elizabeth /died January 26th 1917/ Aged 68 years.

In loving memory /of /Thomas Cole/ who died at/ Ballinteskin on the 9th of/July 1918 aged 73 years/Also his wife/Anne Elizabeth/ whi died 30th January 1935/Aged 85 years/Also their son/Edward William/died 20th March 1953/Aged 74 years/And his wife Margaret died 13th April 1969/

In/Loving memory/of/ can’t read it properly/Deborah Condel/who died can’tt read /and her husband Robert Condel/who died 24th January 1920/Also their son Robert/of Moatefield, Athy/who died 22 January 1962/Aged 70 years/And his wife Annie/died 14th April 1982./They shall never perish,/neither shall any man pluck them uot of my hand”

Family Enclosed Plot: In/loving memory/of/ John Young/can’t read another thing on this stone – flaking. In memory of/John Young Esq., /of Brockely Park, Queen’s county /born february 24th 1789/died November 25th 1869./And of /Jane – his wife/born September 20th 1796/died July 9th 1870/ Next stone: Sacred/to the memory of/Wm. Young Esq. D.L./of Brockely park in this county/born April 4th 1831 died April 14th 1910/And of Margaret Emily his wife/born Sept 11th 1830 died Octr 12th 1913/Christ is the hope of ??”

Sacred/to the memory of/Jane Agnes Emily Young/Only daughter of/Willliam Young D.L. /of Brockely Park/ born 24th Aug 1868, died 12th Aug 1927./And of /John William Young.D.L./only son of /William Young D.L./of Brockely Park/ born 25th Jan 1861, died 22nd March 1945./Blessed are the pure in heart”/And /Mary Ann Crowther/born 15th Aug, 1885. Died 200th Nov, 1948./

Sacred/to the memory of/John William Kirk/of County Durham/Dearly beloved brother/ of Margaret Emily Young /of Brockeley park/he died March 26th 1908/ aged 67 years/The emory of the just is blessed”

In loving memory of /Arthur Knowle Condel/died 7th August 1874 , aged 51 years.

In/loving memory/of/John Salter/of Park House,/who departed this life/the 13th January 1891. Aged 82 years/Also of his wife,/Wilhmina,/who died the 6th July 1859 /and of his son./Alfred Salter/whoi died 21st Novr 1883, aged 36./Also his four infant children./And God shall wipe away all tears/ from their eyes and there shall be /no more death neither shall there be /any more pain for the former things /are passed away” Rev.Xxi.4/ Also of his son/James Salter,/who died 12th August 1911,/ aged 72 years./Also of his wife,/Jane/who died 14th April 1919,/ aged 78 years./Also Charlotte,/wife of the above Alfred Salter,/who died 2nd May 1928,/ aged 80 years.

In memory of/William Gurd of /Rathmore who died 12th May 1875/Aged 70 yrs. Also his /beloved wife Eliza who died/2nd Sept 1878, aged 63 years./also his daaughter Anna who died 17th Dec 1848 Aged 8 years/ and his daughter???????? Rebecca Decr. 186?/Also their son William/who died June 1898 aged 38 years/Also his wife Matilda/who died 25th March 1922/And their Granddaughter Deborah (Debbie) /who died 4th Dec 1926 aged 3 years/Also his mother Elizabeth Mary/died 5th Jan 1943/