Stradbally Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Carricksallagh: Oughaval Church: Stradbally Graveyard

Stradbally barony; Stradbally parish; Athy Poor Law Union/Registration District

Notes from Laois Archeological Survey:
OS 19:2:3 (387,542) ‘Oughaval Church (in Ruins)’ OD 300-400 25820,19566
Church: St. Coleman founded a monastery here in the sixth century. The later medieval church constructed of roughly coursed limestone was subsequently greatly modified by the Cosbys who built their family burial vault within the nave (o’hanlon and O’Leary 1907, vol. 1, 324-6). As a result, the ground floor level of the chancel (L.c.10.45m, Wth 9.15m) is now higher than that of the nave (L. c. 17.4m, Wth. 6.75m., wall T.c. 1.9m). a three light window, with later nineteenth century insertions, survives in E wall of chancel. Evidence of drafting is visible on three windows in N and S walls. Over the chancel lies a barrel-vault and loft with a possible wall walk on N and S walls. A two storey square tower projects from NW angle of nave. Within nave, a nineteenth century doorway leads to the Cosby vault. The circular encloseure defining the graveyard was removed by the Poor Law Guardians and replaced by a modern square one (ibid.), 19:3 (01), 2-5-1990

Delany/Meaney: In loving memory/of/Thomas Delany/Stradbally/who died on the 16th February 1899/Aged 72 years./Also his sons James Miles/who died /on the 27th December 1886 aged 7 years./And Matthew John who died/on the /7th April 1905 aged 28 years/Also his beloved wife/Catherine Delany/who died on the 4th August 1913,/Aged 78 years./Requiescant in Pace./On whose Souls Sweet Jesus Have mercy.
Other side of stone: Also/his eldest son/William T. Delany/who died at Hartford Conn, USA /Dec 5th 1913 /aged 47 years/his daughter/Mary E. Meaney/died 9th Mar, 1952/
Other side of stone: And/Laurence Delany/died 11th March 1952/his daughter/Gretta/died 27th Dec 1929/Catherine/died 29th March 1982/Laurence L. Delany died 25th July 1991.

Johnson: Erected/by John Johnson/in memory of his son John/ who died Febr 14th 1882/Aged 8 yrs/Also the said John Johnson/who died 19th May 1887/aged 60 yrs/RIP

Lynott: Sacred/to the memory of/Patrick Lynott/Aged 11 yrs /whose remains were here interred St. Patricks day 1884/May he rest in peace Amen.

Mullins: Orphanage/Stradbally/Annie Mullins/died 28th June 1877/aged 2 years/

Moore: Orphanage/Stradbally/Mary Moore/died Octr 6th 1877 aged 7 years/RIP

Murray(?Moray): In memory of Mary Anne / the beloved wife of / Patrick Murray (or Moray) / died 21st April 1883 / aged 48 years / Also his beloved daughter /Mary B / Murray/died 21st May 1887/Aged 20 years/I.H.S. on back of stone.

Colgan: Erected / in loving memory of / Bridget Colgan / Stradbally / who died 14th Jan 1892 / aged 60 years / Also her husband / Edwd. Colgan who died 7th / Nov 1906 aged 80 years / & their son James Colgan / who died 4th April 1940 / aged 77 years.

Rack: Broken stone: Edward Rack/died 11th August 1893 aged 42 years/Also his son William/died ? Dec 1918 aged 33 years/And his daughter Essie/died 4th Feb 1913, aged?/

Lamb: In this sign thou /shalt conquer/In memory of/Elizabeth/beloved daughter of /Kate & Wm. Lamb RIC/who died 15th of Aug 1882/aged 5 yrs and 6 months/RIP

Byrne/McArdle: I.H.S./Sacred/to the memory of/William Byrne,/Ballinteskin House./who died 26th Sepr 1881 Aged 54 yrs/Also his son Joseph,/died 9th March 1881 aged 1 yr & 9 months/& his son William./died 7th June 1900 aged 21 yrs/ Also his son John/died 7th June 1909 aged 28 yrs./And his wife Teresa/died 22nd Novr. 1917 aged 62 yrs/On Whose Souls Sweet Jesus have Mercy
Same stone: 1st side: Pray for the repose/of the soul of/Joseph Byrne, /Southpool/who died Sep 9th 1897 /aged 68 yr./Also Mrs. Catherine A. McArdle /daughter of William Byrne, /Ballinteskin House/who died 15th April 1948/Aged 72 yrs./Also her husband/Patrick J. McArdle died/14th July 1951 aged 81 yrs/Their son Patrick J. McArdle /died 2nd Feb 1969 aged 65 yrs/RIP/Also their daughter/ Miss Ena McArdle died 17th Nov 1989 aged 89 yrs/
Other side of stone: Of your charity/Pray for the soul of/Miss Bridget Byrne/Southfield/she died Novr 10th 1889/aged 66 yrs/her sister/Miss Mary/died 27th march 1898/aged 68 /also their nephew/Michael J. McArdle/Ballinteskin Hse./died 16th Jan 1992/Aged 79 yrs./RIP

Dunne/Fingleton: They will be done/Erected by /Thomas Dunne/ in memory of his father ,/Laurence Dunne, Stradbally/who died 23rd Dec 1879, /aged 84 years./Also his mother Mary Dunne,/died 6th June 188?4 aged 85 years./Also his grandchild Lillie Fingleton,/died 5th Nov 1905, aged 8 ½ years./Also his wife Ellen Dunne,/ died 16th April 1909,aged 63 years./ & his grandchild Thomas Fingleton./ Died 7th Feb 1913 aged 1 ½ years./Also the above Thomas Dunne,/died 27th Jany 1915, aged 71 years./Joseph Fingleton died 21st Jan 1940 aged 74 years./And his wife Mary died 1st May 1944/May the Lord Have mercy on their souls Amen.

Wall: Erected by/Michael Wall in memory/of his beloved mother /Julia Wall/who died 2nd October 1888/aged 52 years./Patrick Wall /died Good Friday 1933 aged ?56 years./Michael Wall /died 11th March 19?64/

Kelly: Erected by/W.H. Kelly in memory of/his beloved father/Hugh Kelly /who died Decr 26th 1876 aged 75 years./Also his sister Margaret/died May 7th 1855/aged 12 years./Also his mother Elizabeth/died 13th Feby 1897 aged 86/Also his brother Thomas/died 17th July 1891/aged 55 yrs/James Callaghan Rathmore/died 12th April 1956 aged 77 yrs/Kate Callaghan/died 17th July 1987. Aged 90 yrs./RIP

Kelly: John Kelly/died 22nd Sept/1923/aged 69 yrs.

Bermingham:Pray/for the Soul of/John Bermingham/Died April 26th 1888/aged 26 years.

Hosey: Erected by/John Hosey in memory of /his mother Catherine/who died Jany 4th 1875/aged 76 yrs./Also of his sister Ellen/who died 11th Sept 1885/Aged 56 yrs/Also Michael Hosey killed/ in Action Oct 10 1818 aged 23 years/RIP

Monahan: In loving memory of/Denis Monahan, Garron/his wife Ellen/and also their sons Edward and James/RIP/ erected by their loving family.

Connell: Erected by/Patrick Connell/of Stradbally/in memory of/his son/Richard/who died April 3rd 1877/aged 18 years/James died 13th July 1946 /Aged 86/his son Patrick/died 1st Feb 1938./
New plaque on this: Bridget Connell/died 26th Feb 1957/Mrs. Kate Connell/died 22nd Nov 1968/Her daughter Noreen/died 18th Sept 1973.

Keegan: Broken stone: May Jesus Cross the ??/Sacred to the memory of/Margaret Keegan who departed/ this life Decr 12th 1857 aged 5/33 years/This token of regard and affection is/ erected by the family she served /so faithfully for many years/May she rest in peace

Murphy: Erected by her father /in memory of/ his beloved child/Kate Murphy/who departed this life/April 18th 1870/aged 20 years/Also his son John who died /Novr 14th 1875/aged 20 years/here also lie the remains/of their loving father /John Murphy/who died Jany 1878 aged 64 yrs./Also his wife Judith Murphy,/who died April 28th 1885 /aged 70 years./Requiscat in Pace. – restored stone inside in Abbey –

Callaghan: I.H.S./O Lord have Mercy/on the soul of/William Callaghan,/who died April 6th 1833,/aged 56 years./Also his son James/who died December /24th 1877 aged 78 yrs

Fitzgerald: Sacred/to the memory of/Emily Fitzgerald/who departed to Our Lord/the 9th Octr 1882,/aged 30 years./Also her beloved mother/Ann Fitzgerald/who departed Feb 5th 1886/aged 80 years./On whose Souls Sweet jesus have mercy

Malone: Sacred to the memory/of/James Malone/ Castletrench, Mountrath/died 15th Dec 1902/And his loving wife/Maria/died 10th Feb 1928./Their daughter Mary Elizabeth /died 30th May 1936./May they rest in peace /
Name at bottom of stone: Bridget Malone/died 27th ?Jan 1851/James Malone died 4 Feb 196?1/ – Inside walls of Abbey

Kelly: In wall of Abbey itself: 1891/Erected by Gilbert Kelly of Maryborough/In affectionate remembrance of his parents/who died at their residence/Grentolka, Co. Dublin/Eliza Kelly died 14th February 1883 aged 72/Burrowes Kelly died 24th March 1883 aged 71/May the Lord have mercy on their souls. Byrne: I.H.S./here lieth the body of/ Slenslieve Byrne dept Apl 7th 1781

Kelly: Erected by John Kelly of ?? / In memory of his father Kelly/who depd this life ?? 1811 / aged?? – more on this stone can’t read.

Dunn/Dunne: I.H.S./Erected /by James Dunn of Ballintubber/in memory of his brother John Dunn/who depd this life Decbr 23rd or 28th 1868 /aged 60 years./Also to that of his son Patrick/who depd Novbr 27th 186?9/aged 21 years./Also the above James Dunne/who died Decr 13th 1881 aged 67 years./Also his son Denis./who died Decr 14th 1889/aged 35 years/his beloved wife Catherine died April 13th 1902 aged 84 years.

Dunne: This stone has been erected/by John Dunne of Oakvale/in memory of his beloved son Tim/who depd this life the 29th /of Nov 1826/Aged 20 years.

McDonald: Erected by/His children in loving memory of /their father/James McDonald/who departed to Our Lord/22nd Decbr 1887, Aged 82 years/Also his daughter/Mary who departed July 14th 1898 aged 51 years/on whose souls/ sweet Jesus have mercy/RIP

Kenna: Sacred/to the memory of/Patk Kenna who died July 11th 1831/aged 26 years./Eleanor his Mother /who died May 4th 1836, aged 66 years./Also his Father Michael Kenna who /died Febry 15th 1847 aged 86 years/Their son Richard who died in America /June 28th 1878 aged 63/Also their son Maurice who died May /1st 1887 aged 75 yrs./Requiescant in Pace

Walsh: Erected by/John Walsh in memory/of his mother Margaret/Walsh who died May 6th/1880 aged 75 yrs. Also his daughter/ Margaret Walsh who /died July 9th 1884/ aged 13 years/

Smyth: Erected by/Charles Smyth in memory /of his father James Smyth who/died Jany 23rd 1877 aged 67 years./Also his mother Honoria who died/Jany 6th 1883 aged 75 yrs./Also his son James who died/ Sepr 29th 1913 aged 23 years./Also the above Charles Smyth,/ who died 11th March 1925 /aged 75/ Also his son Patrick Joseph /died in America August 15th 1941/Also Mary Smyth /wife of the above Charles Smyth /did 22nd Nov 1943 aged 75 yrs./RIP
Side of stone: Also his son /Daniel/ Smyth/ died 3-4-1975/aged 82 years/Interred in/Wicklow/His daughter/ Bridie/died 2-12-1987/aged 80 yrs.

Dowling: Erected by/Elza Dowling in memory/of her husband This Dowling/who died Feb 7/Also their son Lewis who died/?Jan 11th 1873 aged 32/Also the above /Eliza Dowling/died 14th Nov 1886/Aged 75/Also their son Thomas /died April 4th 1886/Aged 44 /Also his beloved wife/Margaret Dowling/died 20th July 189?8 aged 47

Maran (Malone?)/Byrne: Erected by/James Byrne in memory of /Mary ?Maran (Malone?) who departed this life Aug 2? 1891

Leonard: Sacred/to the memory of/Joseph & Michael/the beloved sons of/Joseph Leonard of /Stradbally who died Nov 16th 1879 & Decr 15th 1879 aged/9 & 7 years respectively./Also the above Joseph Leonard/who died 15th July 1904/aged 63 years./Also his wife Elizabeth/died Decr 16th 1905 aged 54 yrs/RIP

Keegan: Erected by/Margaret Keegan of Stradbally/in memory of her beloved/father John Keegan/who died march 11th 1878 aged 85 yrs/Also her beloved mother/ Anne Keegan who died/ Jan 11th 1846 aged 50 yrs.

Devoy: I.H.S. /Gloria in Excelsius Deo/here lies the body of/Wiliam Devoy who departed this life the 24th May 1825/Aged 19 years./Also his Mother/Caterine Devoy who depd this life the 9th July 18?33/Aged 68 yrs./May their souls rest in peace amen

Nowland: Here Lyeth the Body/of Andrew Nowland/Carpenter Who Depd This Life March ye 14th 1759 Aged 57 years.

O’Bryan: Flat stone Here ye body of Judeth O’Bryan alias/O’B depd January 1746/Aged 34. Also her daughter Mary depd – can’t read.

Kenna: Here lyes the body/ Mary Kenna wife/to John Kenna who/departed this life/on Jnr the 12th 1736/aged 60.

O’Bryen: Here lyeth ye body of/Jerome O’Bryen late of/Ouldmill/ depd April ye 9th 1795 aged 65 years./Lord have mercy on his/soul Amen.

Soakes: I.H.S. here lyeth ye body of Edward/Soakes who Depd this/life Novbr ye 9th Aged 25 /years

Devoy: Gloria in Excelsius Deo/here lies the body of/William Devoy who departd this life the 24th may 1825/aged 19 years/Also his Mother/Catherine Devoy who depd this life the 9th July 1835/aged 68 Years/May their souls rest in peace/ Amen.

Lambe: This stone/Erected by Edwd Lambe of Stradbally in/Memory of his Beloved Wife/Sarah Lambe who Depd This/Life Sept 22nd 1836 Aged 36 years/Also to that of her three children/Ann Lambe and John Lambe./Beneath is laid the remains of the/Above Edward Lambe who depd this life the 7th March 1845 aged 68 years

Bailey: In/memory/of Harriet Bailey/depd this life /Sep 20th 1878 age 13/months/RIP

Bryan: I.H.S./Erected by/Margaret Bryan in memory of her/beloved husband/Anthony who died 3rd/of March 1877 aged 57 yrs. also the above /Margaret Bryan /died 10th Octr 1911 /Aged 75 yrs/on whose souls sweet jesus have mercy/RIP

Hosey: I.H.S./Here Lieth ye body of/Catherine Hosey/depd October ye15th 1872/Aged 52 years./

Kelly/Dowling: Erected by/Mary Kelly, Stradbally/In memory of her Granmother/Ellen Kelly died May 2nd/1830 Aged 93 years/Also her mother/Elizabeth Kelly/died May 1? 1873 aged 88 years/Also her Uncle /Michael Kelly died /December 23 1878 aged 75 years/Also the above Mary Kelly died /Jany 8th 1891 aged 81 years./RIP (no d in grandmother on stone)
Plaque: and her daughter /Ellen Dowling/ who died 2nd Spetember 1934/Aged 88 years./RIP

Kelly: Erected by/? Kelly of Ballin?/ in memory of children( – can’t read – )/and particularly of his father William Kelly who depd (– can’t read.)

Dobbin: In memory of/Charles Dobbin who died February 10 1867/Aged 71 years. In God is my salvation and my glory/the root at my strength and my ??/Also his wife Mary who died 6th Jany 1881 aged 74 years./Their daughter Maria Dobbin who died /August 29th 1895 aged 74 years.

Flaherty: Here Lyeth ye body of/helan Flaherty who/departed 8br ye 11th 1754/aged 3 years/

Donohue: In/loving memory of/Patrick Donohue/who died 6th June 1829 aged 85 yrs/

Camtbell/Kimball/Dowling: Gloria in Excelsius Deo/Here Lies the body of Mrs Mary Cam/tbell who departed this life/the 17th Novr 1827. Aged 73 years./Also her husband Michael Kimbal /who departed this life June the 26th /1830 Aged 87 Years. Also Alicia Dowling/who died 17th Dec 1944/May their souls reset in peace Amen.

Dowling: Erected in memory of Edwd. Dowling of Churchtown who depd this life/22nd Decr 1830.Aged 20 years/Also his father Patk Dowling who /depd this life 17th August 1836/aged 69 years.

Dowling: Gloria in Excelsius Deo/Dowling/1832/Judeth/Aged 65 – damaged stone.

Reid: Erected by/Sarah Reid of Stradbally in memory of her beloved Son/William Reid/who departed /this life August the 8th 1862/aged 28 years/Requiscant in Pace.

Bell: Erected in memory of John bell of /Stradbally who depd this life July 30th 1836 aged 52 years/May he rest in peace Amen.

Flaherty: Edmond Flaherty 1751

Dowling/Horan: Erected/by Margaret D. Horan/in memory of her father/Michael Dowling/of Aughamaddock/who died Decr – 17th- 1874/Aged 66 years/Also her mother Julia/who died Novr-11-1878/aged 60 years/her brother Martin/died Jany 18th 1877/aged 20 years/also four more young brothers/RIP

King: Flat stone: This stone is erected by/Maurice King of Bally? In memory/ of his beloved daughter Bridget King/ who departed this life the 4th of March 18?4 /in the 20th years of her life/Also – can’t read

Timmins/Shortall: I..H.S./Here lieth the body of Lane Timmins/who depd this life /July the 9th 1803 aged 81 years/Also his son Patrick Timmins/who depd this life October/ the 10th 17?7 Aged 28 years./ Edward Timmins depd this/ life January the 4th 1793 or 5/Denis Timmins depd /this life January the 6th 1801/aged 31 years Also his wife /Mary Timmins alias shortal/l who depd this life Janu/ary the 14th 1804 aged 77 years/May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

Daudh: Plaque up High in wall: Near this place is interred ye body of Mr. Thomas Daudh born in Edinburgh 10th March 1630/he was endued to an ???? with ye graces of Godliness, piousness, devotion, unequal /examples of humility, benevalonce, gratitude & wise in ye Doctrin and precepts of /ye Christian Religion or?? He practised what he knew. He lived 62 years in Stradbally hall/ Alaisdair Dudley and Cole Cosby Esq. And was first taken…… ///Died in October 1734

Kerwan: Salut ochre Croix Notre Esperance/Erected by / James Kerwan of Oakvale/in memory of his father /John Kerwan who departed /this life Feby the 6th 1805/Aged 78 years./Also his mother Elizabeth who depd June the /11th 1833 aged 86 years./Beneath are laid the remains of /the above James Kerwan./Who depd Septr 22nd 1834 aged 49 years./and also his wife Margaret/who depd Febry 1st 1869/aged 88 years.

Dunne/Dunn: Here lieth ye body of/Marten Dunne of Grange/who depd July 31st. 1801 aged /47 years. Erected by his wife Judth Dunn/Also his sister Mary Dunn who depd June 27th/1801 aged 49 years.

Lowlor: Here lieth ye body of/Lawrence Lowlor depd November ye ?3 1776/Aged 23 years.

Caroll/Brophy: Broken stone on ground: Gloria in Excelsius Deo/Erected by Michael Carroll of/ Stradbally in memory of his /beloved Mother Honoria Carroll/who depd this life July 16th 1820/ aged 54 years. Also his Brother/ Thomas Carroll who depd this/ life June 21 1817 aged 26 years/Also his brother Denis Brophy who depd this life Febry 1853/Aged 33 years.

Mulhal: Here lieth ye body of Edmond Mulhal depd ye 17th 1757 Aged 41 yrs/Also his wife Elizabeth Mul/hall depd March ye 5th 1770 aged 52 yrs/Ye Lord have mercy on their Souls Amen/

Cunningham/Cunninham: Here lieth the body of James /Cunningham who depd this life Jany 4th 1818 aged 5? Years./Also his wife Anne Cunnin/ham who depd this life July 28th 1817 aged 56 years.

Courtney/Phelan: I.H.S. /Erected in memory of Dominick Courtney of /Ballyryder/who died/September 18th 1845/ aged 60 years/And also his grandaughter Margaret Phelan who died /January 9th 1853 aged 8 years.

Kelly: Erected by Bryan Kelly of Strad/in memory of his Beloved wife/Margaret Kelly who depd this life/ Febr 20th 1834. Aged 31 years/Also his son Denis Kelly /who depd this life march 20th 1908/Aged 76 years//And his wife Ellen who dept this life Novr 7th 1911/aged 68 years./And their sons Denis died March 4th 1927./Edward died Jan 18th 1953/May the Lord have mercy on their souls.

Kelly: Erected by/Brian Kelly, Stradbally/in loving memory of his parents/Denis /died march 20th 1908 aged 76 years/And his wife Ellen/died Nov 11th 1911/Aged 68 years./Also the above/Brian Kelly /died July 31st 1937, Aged 62 years./And his wife Elizabeth /died July 27th 1958. Aged 78 years/His sister Katie /died Jan 2nd 1968. aged 85 yrs/RIP

Kelly: I.H.S./here lieth ye body of/John Kelly depd July 20th 1801 aged 80 yrs./Lord Have mercy on his soul Amen

McDonald: Pray for the soul of /Margaret McDonald Barrow House died April 7th 1938/her husband Patrick died Oct 14th 1939

Barnett/Kelly: Here lieth the body of Henry /Barnett/ who depd this life/Aug 23rd 1786 Aged /Mary Barnett otherwise Kelly his wife depd Decr 22nd 1804 Agd 60 yrs./Catherine Barnett/Feb 22nd 1813 Aged 33/

Bowden: I.H.S./Here Lieth ye body/of Hugh Bowen/depd ye /16 of Aprel 1767 . Aged/47 years

Scully: Erected/by James Scully/In memory of his wife/Mary Scully who depd/this life March 1st 1819 Aged 58 years.

Whelan: I.H.S./To the memory of/Michael, beloved /son of Martin and/Rose Whelan Stradbally /who died March 16th 1878/Aged 27 years/RIP

O’Reilly/Fennelly: I..H.S./Erected by/Mary O’Reilly Stradbally/In loving memory of her dear/Father John O’Reilly who/died February 22nd 1883, aged 50 yrs/Also his father/William O’Reilly/who died Jan 15th 1887 Aged 87 yrs./Also his brother Thomas O’Reilly/who died march 6th 1888 aged 60/yrs. Also her mother Margaret /O’Reilly who died 8th Sept 1916 Aged 76 years./Also her sister Julia Fennelly/who died March 27th 1961 (DATE HAS TO BE WRONG)/and her husband Laurence Fennelly/died August 30th 1971/Also their daughter Rita/died 21st feb 1993 aged 76 yrs./And their son Lance /died 5th Aug 1993 aged 78 yrs./Interred in London/RIP

Casey: Sacred to the Memory of John N.C. Casey of Ballinteskin who/died 12th February 1853 aged 55 years/Requiscat in Pace/This stone is erected by his children /now in America

McLaughlin: In/memory of/Hannah McLaughlin,/who died 13 Decr 1884/Aged 62 years/For 48 years a valued friend/and faithful servant/ in the family of W.M. Young Esq.,/of Brockley Park

Pidgeon/Williams: Here lieth the body of/ Margt Pidgeon Wife of /John Pidgeon junr daugh/ter to Andrew Williams of hawrden in Flintshire/North Wales. Who departd this life August ye 9th 1853 /aged 25 years.

Fitzgerald/Bryan: Sacred/to the memory of/Mary Fitzgerald/wife of Wlm Fitzgerald who departed /Febry 29th 1751 aged ?/Also theiur son John Fitzgerald/departed Augst 15 1792 aged 29/also John Fitzgerald son/ departed March 19th 1855 aged 95 /and also Wm Fitzgerald /departed April 15th 18?9/aged 92 years/Also John Bryan/who departed Nov 30th 1902/aged 88 years./May they rest in peace. Through/Christ our Lord Amen./
Bottom of Stone: Also his wife Kate Bryan /died Jan 23rd 1926, aged 88 years/Also their daughter Bridgid died Dec 7th 1928 , aged 65 yrs.

Malony/Leeson/Malooney/Meloney: Flat stone: I.H.S./This tomb was erected by Mrs. Malony /in memory of her mother Margaret /Leeson who departed this life 29th of/ October 1854 aged 52. The Lord have mercy on her soul Amen /Also/the remains, of Aman Timothy Malooney who departed this life/the 12th February 1832 aged 61 years./Beneath is laid the remains of the above Mrs. Melooney who Depd this life /the 21 of November 1850 aged/82 years.

Howard: Here lies the body of Joseph Howard who/ depd this life June 1780 aged 38 years./ Also his wife Eleanor Howard who dept this/ life May the 11th 1780 – can’t read rest.

Hennesy/Reddy: Erected by Patk Hennesy in /memory of his beloved father/ Patk Hennesy who died 21st August/1856 Aged 63 yrs./Also his granduncle/Cornelius Hennesy who died July 1851 Aged 7? Yrs./also his sister Anne wife of James Reddy who died/ 11th Oct 1912 Aged 75 yrs./Also her children Sister M. Genoefa Reddy died 23rd Aug 1909 Aged 26/Bridget died 1st Feb 1880. Aged 9. Julia died 2nd Feb 1880 Aged 7./Also her husband james Reddy died march 10th 1923 Aged 94 yrs./James P. Reddy died Sep 10th 1958. Aged 77 years.

All stones on right hand side of Abbey done, and stones on left hand side only done to level with Abbey.

Mulherin: Erected by/his devoted parents/ in loving memory of/Walter J. Mulherin /who died 11th Jan 1896/aged 6 years & 6 months /James died /march 31st 1923/aged 69 years/RIP
Bottom of stone: Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade death came with friendly care/to heaven the lovely bud conveyed /and bid it blossom there.

Dowling/Dalton: Erected by E. & S. Dowling/To the memory of/Their beloved Parents/John Dowling who died /Feb 1850 aged 60 years/and Elizabeth who died/Jan 1866 aged 69 years/Also their nephew John Dowling,/who died Aug 7 1884 aged 16 years/Also their beloved brother/John Dowling who died in London /on 13th Febr 1909 aged 72 years/RIP.
Another Plaque on plot: In loving memory of/Susan Dowling/who died August 10th 1927/RIP
Side of stone: Also/ E & S Dowling/Elizabeth died 21st Feb 1910 aged 76 years/Susan /died 25th April 1910/aged 70 years/RIP
Other side of stone: Also their/Nephew in law/john J. Dalton/who died 8th June 1914/aged 43 years/And their Niece Katie C. Dalton/who died 25th March 1946/

Murray/Byrne: In/loving memory/of/ Maurice Murray, Stradbally/who died August 29th 1895, aged 55 years/And of his wife Ann (nee Byrne) of Arles, Leix./who died October 5th 1917,/ aged 72 years./And of their children/James, who died October 4th 1902/aged 24 years/Joseph Priest of /the society of Jesus/who died at Denver Colorado./October 8th 1908, aged 34 years./Maurice who died April 3rd 1919,/aged 42 years./Fr. Michael died 2nd Aug 1940./aged 51 yrs. Mother Augustine/ died the Aug 1945/aged 70 years/Annie died 11th Feb 1949/aged 70 years/Julia died /7th May 1958/aged 74 years.

Casey: This monument/is erected by Owen Casey/in memory of his beloved mother/Winefrid who died May 1831/aged 75 years/Also his daughter Anne who /died May 1836 aged 4 years./His Grandson Patk Casey died May 28th 1872 aged 9 years/Also his wife Jane who died /Dec 28th 1875 aged 84 years/Beneath are also interred the/ the above Owen Casey who/died Decr 10th 1876 aged 85 years/RIP
Side of Tomb: Also/ Jane Byrne /died 27th Jan 1924/Aged 80 years./Catherine Casey/died 15th Dec 1931/Aged 57 years./Her husband/Owen Casey died 9th Oct 1933/aged 73 years./Their daughter /Catherine Casey/died 14th Nov 1969/aged 68 years./Their son John/died 25th March 1983/aged 80 years./RIP
Other side of Tomb: Also/his grandson/Michael Casey/died 8th Novr 1891/aged 24 yars/And his daughter-in-law Mary Casey/died 3rd March 1892 /aged 53 years./His Grandaughter /Jane Casey/died January 1895 aged 24 years/His son James/died Feby 23rd 1906 aged 15 /RIP

Redmond: here lieth ye body of /William Redmond depd/ this life January ye 4th v1797/aged 63 years. Also his wife/Winiford Redmond depd August ye 25th 1792. Aged 58. May they rest in pAce amen.

Devoy/Redmond: Beneath this tomb is the mortal /remains of John Devoy of Stradbally/ who depd this life the ?? Nov 18?34 /aged 70 /Also his wife Mary Devoy Alias Redmond/ who depd this life 7th 1839/Aged ?/ Also their son Michael Devoy who depd /this life the 23rdof August 18?7. Aged ?/ Also their son Hugh Devoy who depd /this life 10th March 181/49 aged 16 years/And his daughter Mary Ann / Nov 1817 aged ?? /Hugh Devoy died 3rd Jan 1959 aged 82 years/

Devoy: In loving memory of/Hugh Devoy/Ballythomas/died 3rd Jan 1959. Aged 82 years/His son Sean Devoy/died 19th Aug 1991. Aged 68 years. Rest in Peace/Erected by his loving daughter Mary

Devoy: Erected by Mary Devoy Stradbally/In loving memory of her brother/Michael who died 17th September 1878/aged 50 years. also her brother William/died 5th March 1887 aged 38 years/Her father William/died 5th Jan 1884 aged 84 years/ Also her mother Norah/who died 25th january 1888aged 80 years/And her brother Patrick/died 30th August 1908 aged 57 years/Also the above Miss Mary Devoy/who died May 30th Aged 72 years 1919/RIP

Hennesy/Reddy: Erected by Patk Hennesy in/memory of his beloved father/Patk Hennesy who died 21st August /1856 aged 53 years/Also his Granduncle/Cornelius Hennesy who died July 1st/1851 aged 73 or 2 years/Also his sister Anne wife of James Reddy who/died 11th Oct 1912 aged 75 years. Also her children/Sr. N Genovsr Reddy died 23rd Aug 1909 aged 26/Bridget died 1st Feb 1880 aged 9. Julia died 2nd Feb /1880 aged 7. Also her Husband James Reddy,/died March 10th 1923, aged 94 years/James T Reddy Feb 10th 1958 aged 77 years/RIP

O’Reilly: Mary O’Reilly – done.

McCasey: Sacred to the memory of/John McCasey of Ballinteskin who/died 12th February 1853 aged 65 years/Requiscat in Pace/ This stone is erected by his children now in America.

Whelan: Erected by/Margaret Whelan in/loving memory of her/father Daniel Whelan/died 18th March 1884/aged 74 years/Also her mother Eliza/died 14th March 1853/aged 33 years/Also the above/Margaret Whelan/died 26th June 1913 aged 68 years./RIP

McLaughlin: In/memory of/Hannah McLaughlin,/who died 13 Decr 1884/aged 62 years/For 48 years a valued friend and faithful servant/ of the family of Wm Young Esq., of Brockley Park

Brennan: Erected/in/loving memory of /James Brennan died July 4 1897/aged 55 years/Also his wife Kate Brennan/died May 10th 1940. Aged 82 years./Also their daughter Mary died 27th November 1946./Their sons, William /died 15th June 1969/James died 5th September 1970/aged 87 years./RIP

Turpin: Sacred/to the memory of/James Herbert Turpin /

Empey: In memory of/Lucy Helena Empey/born 31st December 1891 – forget it!!

Cosby: To the memory of/Alice,/the beloved wife of/Robert G. Cosby/of Stradbally hall,/died Sept 3rd1878, aged 42 years/
Other side of monument: To the memory of/Eliza/the beloved second wife of /Robert C. Cosby/of Stradbally Hall/died March 29th 1920/aged 79 years/
Back of monument: In loving memory of/Errold Ashworth S. Yoney Cosby/of Stradbally Hall/born 15th Dec 1898 died 23rd Jan 1984
Second side of monument: to the memory of /Robert C. Cosby/of Stradbally Hall/died August 29th 1920/Aged 83 years

Newton: In memory of/William Newton for 42years the faithful/servant and friend of/Colonel Cosby of Stradbally Hall/ died March 10 1907, aged 88 years/

Ovens?: Also/Eureka Lyons/son of Thomas Ovens by Margaret his wife/who died March/17th 1893/aged 11 years/

Colgan: Erected/by/Matthew Colgan, Stradbally/In memory of his beloved wife Annie,/who died Sept 13th 1917 aged 64 years./Pray for the soul of the above/Mathew Colgan/who died April 24th 1934./Also their daughter

Large: Alice Large/died Oct 8th 1900

Metcalfe: In/loving memory/of/Rose A. Metcalfe/wife of Alexander Metcalfe, /Wellfield, Maryborough. Who died 3rd of July 1902/aged 71 years/he had done all things well. St. Mark VII.37./Also /Alexander metcalfe /who died 16th December 1906/Aged 79 years/Also Rev. S. W. H. Nesbitt who/was accidently killed on a railway in New York/April 14th 1909, aged 51 years./Also his wife/Rosalie T. Nesbitt/who passed onward October 9th 1931/Blesed is he that considereth/the poor”

Turpin: In/loving memory of/Samuel Peter Turpin/who died 20th August 1898/aged 75 years/Also his wife/Elizabeth Sullivan Turpin/who died May 13th 1916, aged 83 years/Rest in the Lord/Also Georgina Hilda Mary,/the dearly beloved wife of /S. Alex. Turpin,/who died May 2nd 1913, aged 44 years./Also Marie Louise/the deeply loved and regretted second wife/who died June 17th 1921, aged 26 years./Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ./And the above S. Alex Turpin/who died May 31st 1944, aged 77 years.

Murray ;Erected by/Michael Murray Oakvale/ In memory of his mother/Catherine Murray/died 4th April 1877 aged 71 years/Also his father Patrick Murray/died 29th Dec 1905 aged 93 years./And his wife Anne Murray/died 5th Sept 1922, aged 69 years/His son William Murray/died 5th March 1930, aged 37 years/The above Michael Murray/died 7th June 1937, aged 87 years/RIP/Their son Patrick Murray/died 31-Aug, 1964. Aged 75 years/James Murray died 1-Dec 1973, aged 80 yrs.

Dowling/Molloy: In loving memory of/John Dowling, Stradbally/who died 9th July 1885, aged 67 years/Also his wife Mary/who died 14th April 1910,aged 70 years/And their daughter Nellie/who died 1st Jany 1915, aged 30 years/Also their son James/who died 6th April 1930, aged 65years/ Side of monument: Margaret Molloy/died 11th June 1940/Her husband Joseph/died 6th Feb 1957/

Higgins: Main stone on plot: In loving memory of/Thomas Francis Higgins/F.R.C.S.I. Coroner/Woodlands, Strabally, Leix/who died on the 11th Feb 1923./Aged 65 years./His wife Annie Josephine/died 18th Aug 1953 aged 89 years/RIP. Small individual stones in plot for these children: Fintan James/Higgins/died 3rd Octr. 1899/aged 1 year/Rosaleen Angela /Higgins died 22nd Decr 1909/Aged 5 ½ yrs./Aidan Joseph/Higgins/died 19th Augst 1905/aged 2 ¼ years/

Singleton: Erected by/John Singleton (Ballintlea)/In memory of his parents/His mother Annie/died April 1902/His father John/died 24th March 1924/The Above John Singleton/died 21st Sep 1945./Also his wife Bridget/did 16th April 1952./RIP

Conway: tablet: In loving/memory of/John Conway/died Aug –1949