Timahoe COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Legate: Erected by/J.W. Legate, of Fossen./In loving memory of his dear/brother Frank,/who died July 18th 1898/aged 30 years/ands his mother/Sophia Lloyd Legate/died February 15th 1899. Aged 68/also his sister Ruth Sophia/and his brother Alfred/

McKenna/Pielow: Big Family plot with four stones in it: Erected by/David McKenna Munny/ In loving memory of /his wife Annie/who died 15th June 1914,/aged 56 years./Also his daughter Jennie/died 20th Decr 1896 aged 5 ½ years/Also his father Richard/died 2nd Decr 1894./Aged 68 years./Also his mother Annie/died 2nd Jany 1898, aged 88 years./Also his siter Sarah Pielow/died 24th July 1928

McKenna: Erected by/David & Edward McKenna/In loving memory of their father/David Edge McKenna/ of Munny/who died March 3rd 1929 aged 83 years./Also their sister Martha Elizabeth/ who died Sept 23rd 1950/The above David McKenna/died May 14th 1959. Aged 70 years/Also his sister Alice/died April 14th 1965. Aged 65 years./”In heavenly love abiding”

McKenna: Erected by William G. Kidd/Dysart, Stradbally, Leix/In loving memory of/Richard E. McKenna/of Dysart/who departed this life/28th of Jan 1955. Aged 71 years/”The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want”

McKenna: Erected/by/ David E.McKenna,/Munney/ In loving memory of his son,/Edward Charles./Who died 28th Novr, 1893, /aged 7 ½ months/But Jesus such/sayeth little children to come unto me/St. Luke Stone made by Kavanagh in Carlow

Kavanagh: Erected by/his wife & family/In loving memory of/James Kavanagh/Lugacuran/who died 4th Dec 1947/Also his son Sidney died ? Aug 1958/Aged 18 years./And his son Gordon/died 6th July 1992, aged 48 years/Intered in St. Michael, Athy./”Death is the message of peace”

Kerr/Clegg: Erected by his wife/ & Family/In loving memory of/George Kerr,/Timahoe./Who departed this life/20th Sept 1951./Aged 49 years/Also his wife/Emily (nee Clegg) /died on 7th January 1993/aged 74 years/”The eternal God is thy refuge/and underneath are the /everlasting arms.”

Stone: In loving memory of/Our Dear Father/Edward Stone/Luggacurran/called home January 20th 1958/Aged 69 years./”Fleeting days will re-unite us/thou hast only gone before.”

Stone: Erected by the Stone Family/Blessed/are the pure in /heart/for they sahll see God: – Booklet type headstone. In loving memory of their mother,/Mary Stone, Lugacurran /who died 2nd July 1927, aged 72 years./Also Deborah Jane Stone,/beloved wife of Thomas Stone,/Who died 30th June 1927. Aged 29 years./ Also their daughter Deborah./ Who died 1st arch 1926, aged 3 weeks./And Rachel Stone,/who died 27th Jan 1897, aged 10 years./Margaret/beloved wife of Thomas Stone,/who died 28th Nov 1938, aged 54 years./Also George Stone,/who deied 5th Feb 1941. Aged 97 years./Thomas STONE/ who died 29th Dec, 1963. Aged 79 years./His wife, Sarah Ann/who died 13th June 1985.Aged 83 years./

Kerr: Erected by/Arthur Kerr,/In loving memory of/his wife Marianne./ Who died 17th May 1929,/aged 59 years./Also his daughter/Annie Sarah./Who died young./The above Arthur Kerr./died 26th Feb 1947./Also Wm Henry Kerr./died 22nd June 1975./John Kerr/ died 7th January 1983./

Edge: In memory of Joseph Edge of Ballinaclough died 1882/Aged 77 years and his wife Anne Lawrance (buried at Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow) died 1848 aged 35 years./Also Samuel O’Malley Gore Cluff/died 1910 aged 73 years,/And his wife Anna Blake /daughter of the above /Joseph Edge died 1922 aged 78 years./and their children Joseph Benjamin died 1897/(At Perth, Western Australia) aged 25 years,/ Ruth Charlotte died 1897 aged 21 years,/Thomas John died 1907 (at Comgha S.A.) aged 28 years.

Moffatt?: Flat stone bad condition: Erected by/James Mossott of ?? (Moffatt??) to the memory of his wife Catherine who died Nov. 1869 aged 70 years.

Edge: Family Plot: In loving memory of/George Edge/who died 20th Dec 1890 aged 49 /The Preaching of the cross/unto us which are saved/It is the power of God/ and his wife Kate Edge/who died 19th ?? 1936 Aged 86

Edge; In memory of/Five children/of George and Kate Edge/Essie A. died April 1877 aged 2/Kate O. died Octr. 1895 Aged 12/Alice M. died April 1896 aged 16/Arthur S.G. died May 1897 aged 18 /Amy F. M. died Feby 906, aged 28/Also two sons/J.M. Edge died in India 1897, aged 21/J.C. Edge Switzerland 1899 aged 25

Hinds: Tree monument in enclosed family plot: Side: Also Arabella who died at Flowlight Hastings/1st Feb 1942: Front: In memory of/Valetine Griffith Hinds/?? Place name who died 12th Novemeber 1898 /aged ?67 years/And of his wife/Susanna Elizabeth/January 1910? Aged 72 /Also Arthur Henry Hinds son/18??

Porter: In/loving memory/of/George Henry Porter/of Timahoe./who died 7th Dec 1884, aged 64 years/His wife /Elizabeth/ died 20th Nov 1885. Aged 37 years./Also their children/Elizabeth Catherine/died 8th April 1885, aged 5 years/John Thomas/died 5th June 185 aged 3 years/Mary Margaret/died 22nd Oct 1893, aged 15 years/Bertha Perry/died 10th Jan1902, aged 26 years.