Timogue COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Laois

Fisher: In/loving/memory/of/Charlotte/wife of William Samuel Fisher/Timoue/Entered into rest/Sept 1904 aged 70 years/ Can’t read rest. For children shall ?/ and call her ??

Fisher: In memory of/William Samuel Fisher/of Timogue/who passed from this life February 18th 1911 in his 83rd years/Also of his eldest son/George Fisher L.R.C.S.I/who died April 10th 1895 /Aged 31 years

Thomas: Erected by/Revd J.H. Thomas/In memory of his beloved wife/Jane Frances /who died 7th April 1905/(Peace perfect Peace)

Dwen: In/Loving memory of/John Keegan/eldest son of/John Dwen/Ballycoolan/died Oct 26 1894/aged 16 years/Also Georgina Susan Charlotte/daughter of above/died Jan 9 1895/Aged 7 months./Owen Dwen died Aug 22 1922.

Dwen: Erected by/John Dwen/Ballycoolan/In loving memory of his son Robert/Who died ? South Africa/? May 1901 Aged can’t read.

Fitzgerald: Here lieth the body of Alo/Fitzgerald of Straboe Esq.,/who depd this life Jany 1797/aged 64yrs. Also his wife/Sarah died Nov 1817 aged/78 yrs.

Freer/Abbott: In loving memory/of/Caroline Susannah/Beloved wife of /John J. Freer/who died Feb 27th 1904, aged 60 years /Also her sister/Olivia Harriett Abbott/who died 4th Octr 1911/Aged 62 years/The above John j. Freer/died 3rd March 1914/

Dugdale: In loving/remembrance of/Henry Edwin/fifth son of/John Dugdale/of Donamore/who died on the 16th Sept 1878/ aged 17 years./Blessed are the dead/which died in the Lord

Hands: In /loving remembrance/of/Mary Anne/Robert Arthur/Emily and /Francis/Infant children/of/Peter & Jane Hands/Maryborough 1881

Hands: Francis Hinds/Landsdown Lodge/died 8th March 1875/aged 85 /also Mary Anne his beloved wife died 1th/April 1881 aged 86 Can’t read back of that monument.

Bradley: Family plot: In loving memory/of/Herbert Bradley/Ballycoolan,/Died Dec 11th 1964/aged 72 years/And his wife/Maria Ellen (Mai)/died nov 9th 1987/Aged 83 years./In thy presence is fullness of joy.

Bradley: Stone beside it: In/loving memory of/Desmond John/Infant son of/Herbert and Mai Bradley/Ballycoolan/born Aug 5th/ died Dec 2nd 1932/Also/Mervin Gordan son of/Vivienne and Gordon/died Sept 22nd 1974/aged 8 years./Safe in the amrs of jesus.

Ewart: In/loving memory/of/ William Ewart/Cranny Hill,/died 12th May 1936 /aged 76 years./Also his wife Eliza Ewart /died 7th Dec 1954/Aged 80 years/At rest from their labours/Erected by their daughter/Mary Ewart Kelly

Connegam: IHS/Here lieth ye body of/ James Connegam depd /February ye /19th 1767 aged 6 or 16 yrs.

Cantwell/Dwyer: In/loving memory of/John Cantwell Ballinteskin/died 13th March 1930 aged 53 yrs/His wife Frances/died 12th July 1959 aged 75 years/Also their children/Mary died 1924 aged 11 years/Bridget died 1924 aged 12 years/Kathleen Dwyer died 4th Sept 1964/Also their son Ned /died 6th August 1995 /aged 83 years/RIPStone made by Short in Stradbaly

Whelan: IHS/To the memory of/Elizabeth/the beloved wife of/Michael Whelan/Stradbally/ who died/June 8th 1864 aged/47 years/Also the above/Michael Whelan/who died Feb 19th 1885/aged 64 years/