Funeral Entries of Waterford Families, 1600s

In a large folio MS. in the British Museum, press marked, “Additional 4820” are contained copies of several hundred Irish funeral entries. This MS, was apparently transcribed sometime early in the last (18th) century.

On the left margin of each page a space of about 2 ¼ inches is allowed on which a sketch is frequently given of the arms of the person whose burial is recorded. The entries are principally confined to the first half of the seventeenth century, but towards the end of the volume there are a few written in a different, a slovenly, and a later hand, that extend into the early years of the following century. In all instances they give the names of at least two generations, more frequently of three or four, and sometimes no less than five or even more generations. They are consequently such useful and fruitful sources of information to the genealogist and the antiquary that those relating to Waterford families may be deemed of sufficient importance to merit a place in the Journal,

BARON, JUAN, daughter of …… Brwer of Waterford, Gent., Relict of William Baron of Stradbally in the County of Waterford Gent., by whom she had issue, 3 sons and 3 daughters, viz,. Laurence married to Katherin, daughter of ….. White of Waterford aforesaid, Gent. Stephen, 2d son, married to Margrett, daughter of James Sherlock of Waterford, Esq””, Peter third sonn, married to Joan, daughter of Bartholomew, of Waterford, Gent. Katherin, eldest daughtr., was married to Thomas White of Waterford, Alderman, by whom she had issue sons and daughters and died ; Ellice, 2d daughtr, married to Nicholas Wise of Waterford, Merchant; Margarett, 3d daughter married to William Stritch of Waterford, Mercht. The said first mentioned Juan departed this mortall life at Stradbally aforesaid the 27th of March 1640, and was interred in St Frances Abby in Waterford aforesaid. The truth of the premises is testified by the subscripn of Michal devenish, Merchant, who hath returned this Certifficate unto my Office to be there recorded. Taken by me Thomas Preston, Esqr Ulvester King of Armes, the 5th of May 1640.

FITZGERALD, JOHN, of Drumany in the county of Waterford, Esq., died the 1st of March 1626. He married Ellinor, daughtr. of the Lord Duboyne, by whom he had issue, Gerrald, Morrish and John, and 3 daughrs; Ellen married to McBrien o Guonough his eldt. son ; Margarett, Katherin, died young and Mary not married.

GERALDIN, RICHARD, of Waterford, Merchant, 7th son of Nicholas Geraldin of the Gurtines in the County of Kilkenny, Gent. son and heir of Thomas Geraldine of the same Gent. The said Richard took wife Katherin daughtr. of Peter Sherlock of Waterford aforesaid, Mercht. by whom he had issue 9 sons and 4 daughters, vizt. Nicholas, eldest son married to Beale, daughter of John Porter of Waterford, Gent.; Peter, 2d son; Thomas, 3d. ; Andrew, 4th. ; Theobald, 5th. died both ; Augustaine, 6th son died young; James, 7th; and Patrick, 8; and Marcus, 9th, son, also young and not married. Mary, eldest daughter, died not married; Ellen, 2d daughtr, married to Thomas Porter of Waterford, Councellor at Law; Katherin, 3 daughter was married to James Levett of Waterford, Gent., which James died by whom she had issue 1 daughtr, viz, Mary Levett; Anstice, 4th daughter, of the said Richd. not married. The said Richard died at Waterford aforesaid, March the 25th. 1638 and was interr’d in the Abby of the Holy Ghost in Waterford aforsd. The truith of the premises is testd. by the subscripn. of the sd. Katherin and Relict and Executx. of the Deft. who hath returned this certifft, into my Off. to be there record’d. Taken by me Thomas Preston, Esq. Ulvester King of Armes, June the 8th 1638.

GREATRAKS, WILLIAM, of Aughmoin in the County of Waterford Esq. died the 2d. of June 1628. He first married Ann, daugher of Richd. Croker, of Kill in the sd. county, by whom he had issue, William. He 2dly. mard. Elizabeth, dr. of John Smith, of Kent, by whom he had issue, Allen. Riched., Susan & Elisabeth. He was buried in St. John’s Church, Dublin.

HARRIS, SIR. EDWARD, of Dromany, in the Kingdome of Ireland, Knt., and one of the Justices of his Majesties Court of Chief Pleas in the said Kingdome, son and heir of Sr, Thomas Harris, of Corworthee in the County of Devon in the Kingm. of England, Knt His firt wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Fowel of Fowellcomule, in Devonshire, afforsaid, in the sd. Kingm. of England aford. Esq., by whom he had issue, 4 sons and 4 daughters; viz., Sr. Thomas Harris, eldest son, married to Elizabeth, daughter of Myles Forrest, of Marborne, in the County of Huntingdon, in. the aford. Kingm. of England Esq. and Relict of Arthur Denny, of Creyley, in Ireland Esq.; .Edward, 2d. son, & Arthur, 3d. son, died young without issue ; and Edmond, 4th, now living ; Phillep, eldt. daughter, mard. to Robert Cynt, of Ballycrane, in the County of Cork, Esq. ; Elizabeth, 2d daughter, marrd to John Lancaster, of Waterford, Esq. ; Mary, 3d daughr married to William Gratrix, of Affane, in the Co. of Waterford, Esq., and Ann, 4th, daughter, died young. The sd Edwd. 2dly was mard. to Jone, daughter of — Bushe, of Hether House, in the County of Lincoln in Engld. by whom he had no issue. The sd. Edwd. died at Cahermony, in the County of Cork, April ye 4th 1636, an was interred in the Church of Killcredan in the County of Cork. and all is testd. by the subn. of Sr. Thom., his eldt. son, who hath returned this certifft. to be recordd. in the office of Ulvester King of Armes. Taken Apll. ye 2d. 1637.

HOARE, MICHAELL, of Dongarvan in the Co. of Waterford, Gent., deceased, son to James Hore, son to Michaell Hore, son to Edmond Hore, son to Nicholas Hore, son to Thomas Hore. The said first mentioned Michaell took to wife, Anistace, daughter of Robert Walsh of Waterford, Alderman by whom she had issue 2 sons and 8 daughters; viz John eldt. son and heir, married to Mary daughter of James Woodlock of the city of Waterford, Alderman; James Hoare, 2nd son, married to Dorothy, daughter of the said James Woodlock. Trixtes, eldest daughter, married to Peter Butler, Gent; Jovan, married to William White, Mercht:, and afterwards to Nicholas Lee, Mercht ; Katherin married to Peter Linch; Isma married to Edward Hore, Mercht ; Ninlen died unmard. Ellen marryed to Thomas Realy, Mercht ; Marrgarett married to Nicholas Power, Mercht. The truith of the premises is testified by the subscripn of the said John Hore, son and heir of the Defunct, who hath returned this certifft. into my office to be there recordd Taken by me Thomas Preston Esq, Ulvester King of Armes the 23d of November 1639.

HORE, THOMAS, of Dungarvan in the Co. of Waterford, 3d son of Mathew Hore, son of John Hare of the same, departed this mortall life at Dungarvan aforesaid the 13th. of March 1634, and was interred in the church of the said towne. The said defunct took to wife, Annistace, daughter of Thomas White of Waterford, by whom she had issue 4 sons and 4 daughters; viz, John, eldt; Anthony, 2d; Mathew, 3d; & James. Thomas and Edmond both died young. Margarett married to John Ronane of Yeoghell; EIizabth 2d ; Mary, 4th ; Katherin, 3d, not marrd. The truth of prem is tesfd by the subscripn of Annestice, Relict of the defunct, who hath return’d this Certife. into my office to be there recorded the 17th, of June 1636.

HORE, WALTER, 4th son of Edmond Hore of Harpersstowne, in the County of Wexford, Gent., who was Merchant or Waterford, departed this mortall life, My the 12th and was buried the same month. 1636. He had to wife Alson, daughter of Thomas Hore, of Waterford, Merchant, by whom he had issue 3 sons and 4 daughters; viz., Andrew Hore, Thomas and — Hore, Mary, Ann, Ellen, and -Hore. The truth of the premises is testified by the subscripn of William Hore of Harperstowne in the County of Waxford, Gent, Taken by me, Alban Leveret, Ath. off. to be recorded in the office of the King of Armes of Iteland.

LEONARD, STEPHEN, of the City of Waterford, Gent., 2d son, but by the death of his eldr brothr. heir of Alexander Leonard, Alderman of the same. The sd. Stephen mard. Cicely, datr. of James Levett, of the Citty afored., by whom he hath 4 sons and 3 datrs; viz., Alexander, eldt son; John, 2d.; James, 3d ; and Alexander, 4th, died an infant, and the rest as yett not mard. Anstace, eldt. datr.; Mary, 2d ; Ellen, 3d.; all young and not, mard. The first mentd. Stephen died in the sd. Citty the 14th of A– 1638 and was interred in ye Ladies Chappell the 16th of the same month. The truith of the pmss, is testd p. subscrptn of John Lee, brothr in Law of the Deft. who return’d this certift. into my office to be there recorded. Taken p. me Thomas Preston, Esq. Ulster King of Armes the 4th of December 1638.

MAYNE, THOMAS, of the Citty of Waterford, Sheriff, eldt. son of Henry Mayne, of the same, Merchant, died in May 1634 and was interet in St. Francis Abby in the said Citty, He mat’d. Ann, datr. of Thom~s N ele. of the said Citty, by whom he left issue, I son and 3 datrs.; viz., Henry, eldt son of the Deft.; Ellen, eldt. datr. ;’ mar’d to Geratt Lincolne of the same Citty ; Katherin, married to Laurence Denll ; and Beale as yett not marel. The truith 9£ the pmsti’s. is testd. p. subscripn, of Ann Mayne, relict o£-.1he said Thomas who returned this certificate into the office of Vlst’ King of Armes. Taken the 13th of June 1636.

SHERLOCK, JOHN, son and heir of Sr, George Sherlock of Letrim in the…County of Corke & Waterford, Knt. died the 19th of July 1629, He was burried in Christ Church in Waterford. Sir George (sic) had issue Anstace mard. to John Sherlock Fitz James, of Gracedue in Comm of ye Citty of Waterford, Gent. Jane mard. to Pierce Sherlock of Waterford Gent.

WALSH, HENRY, of Waterford, Mercht. died the 29th. of Decemr. 1603. He first mard. Elizabeth, datr. of …… by whom he had issue, Richd.- he died without issue. He 2dly mard. Anstace, datr of Roobert Walsh of Waterford, Esq. by whom he had issue, Patrick, Elizabeth and Mary. He 3dly. mard. Mary, daur. of Vincent –, by whom he had issue, Peter. He was burried in the Cathedll. Church of Christ Church in Waterford.

NATHANIEL FOY Alias De Foix by Divine Providence Late Lord Bishop of Waterford. He departed this life in Dublin January the 1st 1707 and was interred in Waterford with scocheons.”

Published in:
Journal of the Waterford Archaeological & Historical Society
Vol VI, Year 1900
Anon J.B., pp. 165-170