Where in Ireland Did My Ancestors Come From?

“Where in Ireland did my Ancestors come from?” A question I am asked again and again and again.

The following is a message I sent in to my Irish Genealogy Facebook page this morning – you see, as I was writing my reply to the man who wrote to me with the question, it dawned on me that I had only come to realise that a lot of Irish people in cemeteries in America all came from the same area of Ireland and I wondered, do ordinary people searching ever realise this? So now I’m putting this out as a message on from-ireland – in the last two hours, since I posted the message it has been viewed 438 times….

Someone wrote to me the other day and I was writing a reply a few minutes ago and I commented on something I noticed when I was over in the US on the launch of Janet’s Book.

Janet brought me to one or two graveyards/cemeteries and then Cassie brought me to other ones and the one thing that stood out to me in all those places was that the people fro Ireland all seemed to have emigrated from the same area of Ireland.

e.g. Cemtery 1: All the people who had a place name on their stone said that they came from Co. Kilkenny/Tipperary/Queen’s Co and around those counties.

Cemetery 2: All the people with placenames on their stones came from Roscommon/Mayo/Galway

This is something that no-body thinks of. They find a stone for their relative and all it says is Ireland. They never think to look at other stones of Irish people and see what part of Ireland those people came from and then those places are the places to begin researching.

I hope this is of benefit to some of you.