Attanagh Laois. Gravestone Name Index

Attanagh Gravestone Name index
Laois (Queen’s Co.)

An index to the names that I have seen on gravestones in this graveyard

These Attanagh photographs arenot online and this is simply an index to the names that I have read on these gravestones. 

Copies of original photographs can be purchased for a figure of 5 Euro per stone.

If you are interested in other places in Laois (aka Queen’s Co.) then please visit my Laois Genealogy page


JohnMurison1907DunmoreMurison 1
Margaret nobleGrant1903
Hariette MargaretLowry1890
James ArundelNixon1885
Dorcas henrietaNixon1896
MarthaRuddock194389Thorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
AnnaThorpe19199Thorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
CharlesThorpe190368Ballyragget & Borris, Co. CarlowThorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
CharlesThorpe194430interred Newcastle on TyneThorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
Charles WilliamThorpe1936Thorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
SamuelThorpe192752Thorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
SamuelThorpe194321Thorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
AmandaThorpe198293buried in BerkshireThorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
see ThorpeRollinsThorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
AnnaThorpe1919Ballyragget & Borris, Co. CarlowThorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
see ThorpeRuddock Thorpe 2 Ruddock Rollins
Percival BanksWills193672Wills 1
Mary ConstanceWills19?52?Wills 1
BeatriceMaxwellpre 1912Maxwell 1
Charles E.Maxwellpre 1912Maxwell 1
ElizabethMaxwellpre 191217Maxwell 1
David D.Maxwellpre 1912Maxwell 1
George S.M.Maxwell1912Maxwell 1
Samuel D.Maxwell1916Maxwell 1
William S.Maxwell1898Maxwell 1
MargaretCantwell19?06Cantwell 1a
JamesCantwellinterred in DurrowCantwell 1a
JosephCantwell19717?8?GrawnCantwell 1b
ElizabethCantwell198787Cantwell 1b
RobertCurry1898?38the Castle, DurrowCurry 1b
MaryDoonan1966DurrowDoonan 1
Henry NathanielDudley19?00?56DurrowDudley 1a
Mary ElizabethDudley19??Dudley 1b
Isabel MaryDudley1931Dudley 2
HenryDudleye.s.Dudley 2
MaryDudleye.s.Dudley 2
Ada ElizabethDudley1968Dudley 2
JohnEbbs1900Attanagh & DurrowEbbs 1
FrederickEnglish?1873?87English 1
?JaneEnglish??English 1
Henry RobertHarvey?18644 mosHarvey 1
JamesLancaster??Lancaster 1
James FrancisMorton19?32?72Morton 1
Sarah ElizabethMortonMorton 1
??MortonMorton 1
John S.Seale?1911?18Seale 1
AnnaSeale191861Seale 1
EvelynSeale19?16?31died in EnglandSeale 1
IsaacSeale192?16?9Seale 1
WilliamThorpe194262Finnan, BallyraggetThorpe 1 Craig Hopkinson
HannahThorpe196486Thorpe 1 Craig Hopkinson
Andrew (Andy)Thorpe197578Thorpe 1 Craig Hopkinson
FrancesThorpe199879Thorpe 1 Craig Hopkinson
JaneHopkinson195990Thorpe 1 Craig Hopkinson
Marianne EmilieWarren1909Warren 1
Edward LewisWarren189867Lodge Park, Freshford, Co. KilkennyWarren 1J.P., D.L.
"L.F.W"Warren?1837Warren 2
Ernest FrederickSmith189840Lodge Park, KilkennyWarren etc 1 SmithMajor Royal Army Medical Corps
?? Ronill Charlotte BessyButler???Warren etc 1 Smith
SeymourButler??Warren etc 1 Smith
Zoe AnneButler??Warren etc 1 Smith
Jessy AnneButlerWarren etc Butler 4 Smith
see WarrenButlerWarren etc 1 Smith
Edward George ShuldhamWarren189131Warren etc 1 Smith
see WarrenShuldhamWarren etc 1 Smith
WilliamWhiteford192164Mount Eland, BallyraggetWhiteford 1
ElizabethWhiteford195073Whiteford 1
AnneWhiteford195035Whiteford 1
Ernest Carter RobertWhiteford199384Whiteford 1
Percival BanksWillsWills 1