Kilglass, Ballykilcine Graveyard Records, Co. Roscommon

I went to Kilglass Cemetery with Cassie when she was over, it was really to let her go round the cemetery looking for stones with names she wanted but when we waited for her, I went round photographing some stones.  I didn’t get too many, but I indexed them today and these are the names.  I have given each stone a name with the surnames that are on it, so I am leaving the stone name in this index. I hope it doesn’t turn out ‘confused’ looking if any line is too long for the page.

Additional: Kilglass Gravestone Photographs

Name Surname Date Year Age From Note Stone Name
Teresa Reynolds 01-Jul 1995 Moner nee Padian Reynolds 1 Padian
Matt McDonnell 12-Feb 1981 83 Ruane, Kilglass McDonnell 1 Lucas
Rose Ann McDonnell 20-Aug 1980 McDonnell 1 Lucas
Lily Luca e.s. McDonnell 1 Lucas
family Dempsey n.d. Dempsey 1
Thomas Gaffney 27-Oct 1971 Pilling, Lamkashire, England Very Rev., P.P. Gaffney 1
Thomas Gaffney 09-Feb 1948 Drumminmore Gaffney 2
Agnes Gaffney 09-May 1947 Gaffney 2
Mary Gaffney 23-Jan 1910 Gaffney 2
Michael Gaffney 22-Jul 2007 91 Gaffney 2
John McGuire March 1806 McGuire 1
John McGuire 07-Jun 1865 24 McGuire 1
James McGuire 03-Oct 1910 Ballyfeeny McGuire 1
John McGuire 16-Jun 1962 Ballyfeeny McGuire 2 Dillon
Sarah McGuire 12-Mar 1946 McGuire 2 Dillon
Mary Janes Dillon 02-Jan 1962 nee McGuire McGuire 2 Dillon
Ellie Kate McGuire 02-Jan 1967 McGuire 2 Dillon
William McGuire 14-Jun 1974 McGuire 2 Dillon
Patrick Healy 28-Apr 1964 Knockhall Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Katie Healy 16-Mar 1962 Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Thomas Healy n.d. Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Patrick Healy n.d. Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Catherine Healy n.d. Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Bernard Healy 28-Dec 1983 Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Maggie Rhatigan 27-May 2008 nee Healy Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Joe Rhatigan 03-Aug 2009 Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Patrick Jennings n.d. interred in U.K. Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Mary Ann Jennings n.d. Healy 1 Rhatigan Jennings
Jack McGuire 16-Oct 1981 Drumminmore McGuire 3a Maguire
Eliza Maguire 12-Mar 1890 47 Drumminmore McGuire 3a Maguire
Terence Maguire 09-Sep 1916 84 McGuire 3a Maguire
Mary Lizzy McGuire 01-May 1965 45 Augha McGuire 3a Maguire
Daniel Maguire e.s. Passage, N.J., U.S.A. McGuire 3a Maguire
Denis McGuire 21-Mar 1917 85 Augha McGuire 3b Maguire
Annie McGuire 21-Dec 1883 47 McGuire 3b Maguire
Pat McGuire 13-Dec 1996 84 stone erected 1921 McGuire 3b Maguire
Martin McNally 07-Dec 1893 72 Slatta McNally 1a Shelly
Anne McNally 23-Nov 1924 98 McNally 1a Shelly
John McNally 12-Jul 1946 79 McNally 1a Shelly
Kate McNally 05-May 1938 73 McNally 1a Shelly
Thomas McNally e.s. McNally 1a Shelly
Martin McNally e.s. McNally 1a Shelly
Marty McNally 16-Aug 1968 30 Lanesboro McNally 1b Shelly
Elaine McNally n.d. 4 months McNally 1b Shelly
Martin McNally 20-Dec 1960 53 McNally 1b Shelly
Ellen McNally 02-Jan 1992 83 McNally 1b Shelly
John McNally 26-Mar 1997 59 McNally 1b Shelly
Angela McNally 20-Apr 1998 McNally 1b Shelly
Margaret McNally e.s. McNally 1b Shelly
Hugh McGuire 01-Jan 1887 61 McGuire 4
Kate McGuire 20-Jun 1893 50 McGuire 4
Denis McGuire 28-Feb ?1940 McGuire 4
Kate McGuire 26-May ?1953 McGuire 4
Denis McGuire 18-Aug 1951 McGuire 4
Rose Ann McGuire May 1904 McGuire 4
Peter McGuire e.s. McGuire 4a
Denis McGuire e.s. McGuire 4a
Catherine Lane 12-Oct 1922 6?4 Lishee?a Lane 1
Patrick Lane e.s. Lane 1
Joseph Flanagan n.d. Flanagan 1
Ellen Flanagan n.d. Flanagan 1
Anne Dooner 17-Mar 1928 Slattamore Dooner 1
Cornelius Dooner 01-Mar 1968 Dooner 1
Patrick Dooner 04-May 1960 Dooner 1
Michael Dooner 03-Mar 1968 Dooner 1
Stephen Dooner 11-Mar 1971 Dooner 1
Patrick Dooner 07-Oct 1919 Dooner 1
Edward Dooner 06-Jul 1984 Dooner 1
Patrick Dooner 24-Jul 2009 70 Dooner 1
Kathleen Dooner 26-Jun 1933 91 Dooner 1a
Marie Dooner 28-Dec 1995 25 Dooner 1a
Edward Dooner 03-Sep 1997 31 Dooner 1a
Adam Dooner 18-Sep 2004 Dooner 1a
Patrick Kane 04-Apr 1977 Lagan, Kilglass Kane 1
Margaret Kane 30-Sep 1939 Kane 1
John Kane Jan 1935 Kane 1
Annie Kane March 1923 Kane 1